Lil Yachty - Wock In Stock
Lil Yachty - Split/Whole Time
  1. Mix Payne

    Mix Payne13 minuten geleden

    Kodak Black hit that shit cold asf

  2. Sunset Mavericks

    Sunset Mavericks16 minuten geleden

    He gone be fat yak again you can see it Fat boi

  3. J C

    J C18 minuten geleden

    Got this shit on repeat

  4. World Traduções

    World Traduções22 minuten geleden


  5. lIEkua lI

    lIEkua lI22 minuten geleden

    Who here after wlr

  6. Big Mink

    Big Mink31 minuut geleden

    The atlanta bros😂

  7. K.G.F Hip-Hop

    K.G.F Hip-Hop34 minuten geleden

    No bars

  8. K.G.F Hip-Hop

    K.G.F Hip-Hop34 minuten geleden

    How tf is this #1 on trending shits str8 garbage

  9. Cire Cygielski

    Cire Cygielski40 minuten geleden

    This song should be "Kodak Featuring Lil Yachty" - Put Yachty's verse at the end. You already know Yachty is capitalizing off his release...

  10. Lord Way

    Lord Way42 minuten geleden

    Black is culture

  11. Licinio Grube

    Licinio Grube44 minuten geleden

    Is that Gucci Mane on the Back?

  12. Blacckoutt B

    Blacckoutt B51 minuut geleden

    This beat to hard for them 👎🏾

  13. Dr.narcotics 110

    Dr.narcotics 11052 minuten geleden

  14. TrollJuggies

    TrollJuggies52 minuten geleden

    beat sounds like a mario level song am i the only one 🤔

  15. Jeremy Richardson

    Jeremy Richardson54 minuten geleden

    Kodak fucking killed this man

  16. 1800 Productions

    1800 Productions54 minuten geleden

    yall takin bout old yachty lmao.. he just elevated his sound yall its called growth.

  17. Kenneth Dee

    Kenneth DeeUur geleden

    He took mumble rap to another level

  18. B C

    B CUur geleden

    mumble rap has entered the chat. XD


    777 FEARCAVALRYUur geleden

    GOD DAMNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!

  20. Nachos y Sombrero

    Nachos y SombreroUur geleden

    im sorry but i think this is the best track this year! and i dont even listen to yachty fuukk yeah

  21. Alanna Dickinson

    Alanna DickinsonUur geleden

    Kodak rlly let go w his hair😭😭


    RETURN TO BUNGER2 uur geleden

    My middle school teachers wanna hate, we can hit bout it

  23. GrandeSkies

    GrandeSkies2 uur geleden

    Who’s listening in 2021 🙌🏼

  24. Misa misa

    Misa misa2 uur geleden

    Lil yartchy has no talent

  25. Tvoja Mamka

    Tvoja Mamka2 uur geleden

    kodak is fucking whispering

  26. JoLoco

    JoLoco2 uur geleden

    Lil yatchy looks like Black Willy wonka

  27. Intangible

    Intangible2 uur geleden

    Wait why isn't Baylen Levine in this music video he should be in the background or sm

  28. IAmAChosenOne

    IAmAChosenOne2 uur geleden

    That don't even look like Kodak that's a straight clone

  29. Ignacio Matteoli

    Ignacio Matteoli2 uur geleden


  30. MelThePlug

    MelThePlug2 uur geleden

  31. tygur23

    tygur232 uur geleden


  32. Mr. MeatPax

    Mr. MeatPax2 uur geleden

    We”d canned hiht bou et

  33. Juliana Gamboa

    Juliana Gamboa2 uur geleden

  34. x Ms Kitty x

    x Ms Kitty x2 uur geleden

    These comments are disappointing. This is terrible LMAO

  35. Steve Watson

    Steve Watson2 uur geleden

    Love me some mumble rap.

  36. GetFreshStupidEnt

    GetFreshStupidEnt2 uur geleden


  37. Wheels Auto

    Wheels Auto3 uur geleden

    They know I make my wood work hop out wit a oak / haters poppin out the woodwork but they won’t approach 🔥🔥🔥

  38. Malachi Dunlap

    Malachi Dunlap3 uur geleden

    This needs t be on gta six

  39. Bri K

    Bri K3 uur geleden

    Someone added this to "New metal songs 2021". Metal has really changed.

  40. johannes mavura

    johannes mavura3 uur geleden

    im thinkin bout movin to africa an marry six wifes ....real shit

  41. lil pants

    lil pants3 uur geleden

    This is the worst song Kodak has

  42. P0Lo

    P0Lo3 uur geleden

    Song is mid but the music vid too good

  43. El. Clon

    El. Clon3 uur geleden

    "How you doin? Nice to meet you. Yachty."

  44. 90'Baby TREDA GANG

    90'Baby TREDA GANG3 uur geleden

    Yak and lil boat tapped out on this 💯🐺🐺

  45. Boosted SRT

    Boosted SRT4 uur geleden

    Kodak in his bag on this one🔥

  46. Giovanni .Q

    Giovanni .Q4 uur geleden


  47. Sota Slim AKA BURBZ

    Sota Slim AKA BURBZ4 uur geleden

    And y’all swear he the truth....damn 😂!

  48. This game Sucks

    This game Sucks4 uur geleden

    carti: me and lil boat will not simp they knew the e girls was coming

  49. Nikodemus Tounger

    Nikodemus Tounger4 uur geleden


  50. Josh Guitar

    Josh Guitar4 uur geleden

    Whoever subscribes to me: You and your fam will be MULTI-MILLIONAIRES in the future. Bless.

  51. Leezy Bandz

    Leezy Bandz4 uur geleden

    Yatchy with that mitten flow

  52. Lil Onya

    Lil Onya4 uur geleden

    The world just ain’t right if Kodak locked up. I’m glad he out 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. Asiyah Williams

    Asiyah Williams5 uur geleden


  54. n/a

    n/a5 uur geleden

    Who else only comes here for Kodak?

  55. Eshetu

    Eshetu5 uur geleden

    The lyrical crocodile ethnically harass because mosquito compatibly fear toward a savory current. bizarre, bizarre cry

  56. Aaliyah Vu

    Aaliyah Vu5 uur geleden

    Future not mumbling on this

  57. do you mind?

    do you mind?5 uur geleden

    Melanie: D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E Oliver: A-S-S-H-O-L-E

  58. Cashout Kobee

    Cashout Kobee5 uur geleden

    BIG W

  59. Will BleedEm

    Will BleedEm5 uur geleden

    Told yatchy Scoot over lemme drive the boat😂😂

  60. DieMen Gem

    DieMen Gem5 uur geleden

    Lil boat big hits

  61. Rafael Adame

    Rafael Adame5 uur geleden

    Were young thug

  62. Nolan Brothers

    Nolan Brothers5 uur geleden


  63. Jdynn Jones

    Jdynn Jones6 uur geleden

    Juice say throw a party like rolling loud🔥🔥🔥

  64. G G

    G G6 uur geleden🛹

  65. Shy’Undria AaQua

    Shy’Undria AaQua6 uur geleden

    This ain’t it

  66. Power100

    Power1006 uur geleden

    Glad to see Lil' Boat back.

  67. Rocky

    Rocky6 uur geleden

    Yachty lookin skrong n confident. Lil broward boi lookin healthy af. Keep killin the game the world need more boat 🚀

  68. Solomon Levy

    Solomon Levy6 uur geleden


  69. King Enow

    King Enow6 uur geleden 🐂

  70. SK Crunchiii

    SK Crunchiii7 uur geleden

    "im toting the SK for no reason all my ops are dead"

  71. Seshen

    Seshen7 uur geleden

    Oliver tree “vvyyy you such an arse hole”

  72. Curtis SoundScan

    Curtis SoundScan7 uur geleden

    This is a classic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  73. officialyungzoe

    officialyungzoe7 uur geleden


  74. Anas Sheikh Vlog

    Anas Sheikh Vlog7 uur geleden

  75. Riccardo Barbiero

    Riccardo Barbiero7 uur geleden

    Nigga the truth

  76. Mine Bomer

    Mine Bomer7 uur geleden

    Police:Alright where the drugs Yachty:In My Stussys

  77. nate brady 414

    nate brady 4148 uur geleden

    Best part 2:52 cause of Kodak's dance

  78. nate brady 414

    nate brady 4148 uur geleden

    Who noticed that they changed the thumbnail?

  79. Houser Jimster

    Houser Jimster8 uur geleden

    Drake: “ I hide in the cave like Osama did” The Audience: awwww so sweet

  80. Dramaloves The pain

    Dramaloves The pain8 uur geleden

    Lemme drive the boat