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  1. Mona Helen Nygård

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  3. Abhikya Sai

    Abhikya Sai12 uur geleden

    3:58 dude stop coping from jian hao tan make ur own vids dude

  4. Dashawnth Kandiah

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  5. Gible Wible

    Gible Wible12 uur geleden

    in the thumbnail if ur poor u dont have any type of FUCKING IPHONE

  6. Kundan Kumar

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  7. Rosa Marina Madruga

    Rosa Marina Madruga12 uur geleden

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  8. Josiah and jaaz videos

    Josiah and jaaz videos12 uur geleden

    😍❤️ Yes is so cool

  9. Josiah and jaaz videos

    Josiah and jaaz videos12 uur geleden

    Yes yes yes no i can do that

  10. Josiah and jaaz videos

    Josiah and jaaz videos12 uur geleden

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes now i can do that

  11. ramnghak hlela

    ramnghak hlela12 uur geleden

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    ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Erin Brown12 uur geleden

    My 2. Sisters live in Québec

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    Boys Are Better

  15. Erin Brown

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  16. saki sani

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    Ryan. 🍼 baby

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    Who hates, and WHY!?

  21. Frincess Erica Olaivar

    Frincess Erica Olaivar12 uur geleden

    Sow funny 😂😂

  22. Isabelle Lotwick

    Isabelle Lotwick12 uur geleden

    3:03 What happened to her eyes did they get stuck lol

  23. Ranska Dodgen

    Ranska Dodgen13 uur geleden

    😂😂😂🤣🤣 she's lying that wasn't me ❤️ stop crying but I love snacks make a baby with candy no candy but she have more candy she's eating who is the best baby you are you are I brought snacks pin pop pregnant no food aloud snacks down my pants

  24. Sakura's Stuff

    Sakura's Stuff13 uur geleden

    this is worse than troom troom-

  25. Brielle Duka

    Brielle Duka13 uur geleden

    Vicky Matt Amy Emma Kate Annie Jennifer lily Lana Sophia David Madison jake Brian David Olivia hely WHO'S MISSING

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  31. ilona Haapanen

    ilona Haapanen13 uur geleden

    Hey, could you do a new part of that high school you vs elementary school you and it could have your first periods though♥️♥️♥️ and I love your videos

  32. صابرين صابرين

    صابرين صابرين13 uur geleden

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  33. ItsLibby Rblx

    ItsLibby Rblx13 uur geleden

    i love how all the searieal falls on her :D

  34. ELDER_ Archer Bg

    ELDER_ Archer Bg13 uur geleden

    Ok trid video

  35. Autumn Kaufmann

    Autumn Kaufmann13 uur geleden

    I'm surprised that the cheerleader could not do the splits

  36. Yousaf Khan

    Yousaf Khan13 uur geleden

    U want

  37. 1E李穎琳

    1E李穎琳13 uur geleden

    That tummy is a pillow

  38. Ashvini Sakhare

    Ashvini Sakhare13 uur geleden

    I like this video so much

  39. Mary Anne Pillay

    Mary Anne Pillay13 uur geleden

    I love kate and Ava ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  40. Samarth Bakhru

    Samarth Bakhru14 uur geleden

    that shrug tho [5:01] im dead!!

  41. Amazing Alicia Playz

    Amazing Alicia Playz14 uur geleden

    um you know. if she wrote the answers on the cheat sheet quickly before the test. doesn't that mean she knows the answers?

  42. 1E李穎琳

    1E李穎琳14 uur geleden

    The hair look so pretty

  43. Jignesha Patel

    Jignesha Patel14 uur geleden

    Too good

  44. 1E李穎琳

    1E李穎琳14 uur geleden

    I don’t like monsters

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  48. 2-3 Даръяа.А

    2-3 Даръяа.А14 uur geleden

    I wish you could do a voice reveal

  49. lianxtfund

    lianxtfund14 uur geleden

    7:18 in 2th grade we learned that shi

  50. reema althomali

    reema althomali14 uur geleden

    She is kate

  51. Danijela Filiposka

    Danijela Filiposka14 uur geleden

    I love Annei

  52. Zahra PKXD

    Zahra PKXD14 uur geleden

    Pretty video

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    wow 123 go school

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  57. Josiah and jaaz videos

    Josiah and jaaz videos14 uur geleden

    Yes yes yes

  58. Tatenda Chidindi

    Tatenda Chidindi14 uur geleden

    Madison: ugh no I don’t want to give him my money Me: I will give him all my money 💰💵💶💸💎🪙🚗🦄🍪🌰🍿🍩🍬🍭🍮🍦🍬🫖🫖🍯🌰🥛🍫🍿🌰

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  60. Charisse Roxanne A. Austria BSCS

    Charisse Roxanne A. Austria BSCS14 uur geleden

    What the heck

  61. Swarna Kumari

    Swarna Kumari14 uur geleden

    (3.34) Kate is actually right highlighters are not toys 😑

  62. Nenad Mitrovic

    Nenad Mitrovic14 uur geleden

    123 go its noob