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  1. Juan Manuel

    Juan Manuel12 minuten geleden

    The coolest CEO ever, I wish I was there and the thing that you couldn't have shown.

  2. Dingle Berry

    Dingle Berry23 minuten geleden

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  3. Kirk Fisher

    Kirk Fisher29 minuten geleden

    How does this video have so few views. This may not be as flashy as a "super sonic anything" but it is important.

  4. Dwight Hostetter

    Dwight Hostetter31 minuut geleden

    Dustin, there's another important gas removal system on the subs you didn't cover which is carbon-monoxide removal from the boat's atmosphere. Also, we always described the amine smell as a very strong fish smell.

  5. Hoagie27

    Hoagie2733 minuten geleden

    I hope there's more coming in this series. It's totally fascinating

  6. eSSentialplays

    eSSentialplays33 minuten geleden

    A very interesting system. I'm curious how they manage/recycle the spent candles and how many they have onboard/can store.

  7. Chalol Meza

    Chalol Meza38 minuten geleden

    Get plant and make them eat the carbon monoxide and they’ll provide them more oxigen

  8. Oscar MDX

    Oscar MDX38 minuten geleden

    Why he keep saying boat if it's a Sub?

  9. Sreejit Nair

    Sreejit Nair43 minuten geleden

    Man, its 3 AM here in India and I loved watching this video. Amazing piece of information. Hats off to the people on board the submarine as well.

  10. potatochobit

    potatochobit51 minuut geleden

    in world war II they most certainly ran out of air.

  11. TheAnimeist

    TheAnimeist53 minuten geleden

    How fortunate that you ran into your own dog.

  12. Aira Weistart

    Aira Weistart54 minuten geleden

    4:12 sounds like thunder

  13. John Caling

    John Caling54 minuten geleden

    Connecticut, YAY, I have seen that base, it is many subs, scarry for CHina

  14. Jay holloway II

    Jay holloway II57 minuten geleden

    He is running his own kerbal space program lol 😆

  15. Nia Young

    Nia YoungUur geleden

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  16. AngryGamer 0503

    AngryGamer 0503Uur geleden

    So how was this done years ago before smart computers? Did they have to surface every now and then to pump in fresh air?

  17. TheEmeraldSword

    TheEmeraldSwordUur geleden

    4:06 the the angle dynamically shook with his hands, now that's detail.

  18. Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of RiviaUur geleden

    Genuinely very interesting. Thanks Destin.

  19. Branden Traynere

    Branden TraynereUur geleden

    I love this.

  20. Danny Chung

    Danny ChungUur geleden

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  21. Danny Chung

    Danny ChungUur geleden

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  22. Apricity

    ApricityUur geleden

    iranian navy watching and taking notes

  23. xxdinotrex7xx

    xxdinotrex7xxUur geleden

    i thought they just put a plant in there

  24. Lucio Castro

    Lucio CastroUur geleden


  25. Joey Flowers

    Joey FlowersUur geleden

    Wtf Dustin, you lit a fire on a submarine....

  26. anthony lakich

    anthony lakichUur geleden

    if you want a bike PAWN SHOP i see them there every time in the last year when looking for music gear... you don't have to go to a over priced bike shop or wal mart to find a bike...

  27. TheEmeraldSword

    TheEmeraldSwordUur geleden

    wonder what it's like to stand in front of the cannon when dry firing, probably would end up with you flying in a stretching cat pose.

  28. Matthias Trieb

    Matthias TriebUur geleden

    Why do you just have 10-15 sec left when you could also hold your breath for i.e. 60sec?

  29. Chip van meter

    Chip van meterUur geleden

    Awesome only thing is we call them ships not boats lol

  30. Zach Jackson

    Zach JacksonUur geleden

    4:56 the facial expression is amazing

  31. John Frigo

    John FrigoUur geleden

    no confined space entry permit required?

  32. Shivansh Singh

    Shivansh SinghUur geleden

    Can anybody tell me isn't hydrogen flammable so do they get rid of it after electrolysis 🤔

  33. Desh727

    Desh727Uur geleden

    Nato strap, I like your style 😎

  34. Mr. Nemesis

    Mr. NemesisUur geleden

    Have fun detecting against KelTec guns. Those things don’t look like guns. Also a piece of foil imbedded into clothing can completely block a gun detector

  35. Cameron Meyer

    Cameron MeyerUur geleden

    Okay so where's the navy barrel at? ;)

  36. Lakario Davis

    Lakario DavisUur geleden

    Yay the moon saved us. Well bought us some time to save ourselves lol. I wonder is there any mention in the books about how only the rich and powerful were able to escape while the poor had to stay and perish or be taken alone the rich as slaves.

  37. Mary Lagua

    Mary LaguaUur geleden

    You are dripping. Just like me for the last days..👍

  38. Uur geleden

    What lovely people. Really interesting.

  39. Omar Salih

    Omar SalihUur geleden

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  40. ReefXtreme

    ReefXtremeUur geleden

    Awesome. Learnt a lot! Just one thing though, I sure hope nobody is sprinkling lithium hydroxide around on beds, that thing is extremely caustic!

  41. Keith Kamps

    Keith KampsUur geleden

    Mind Blown.

  42. Joshy D

    Joshy DUur geleden

    italian fabrication 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  43. Not Me Not Me

    Not Me Not Me2 uur geleden

    When I was in the military, we would know when a VIP was visiting the unit as the food would get better for that day. I'm impressed they can make better food inside a submarine than what we got on land!

  44. Mickeyislowd

    Mickeyislowd2 uur geleden

    There was a British sub under the arctic doing Arctic Ice research when there was an accident with these candles. There was an explosion/fire almost killing everyone on board.

  45. P-45 Nokota 2019

    P-45 Nokota 20192 uur geleden

    9:40 Don’t most modern nuclear submarines have electrolysis? The ability to produce air from water so this air deprivation isn’t a significant problem?

  46. Валентин Костюк

    Валентин Костюк2 uur geleden

    That is how those ice caps on poles are capt. Simple: put cool guys into submarine, send them to the pole. Admire those people.

  47. Doug Sowell

    Doug Sowell2 uur geleden

    The underwater tube of SCIENCE!

  48. Bryan

    Bryan2 uur geleden

    That’s crazy. When your blood O2 gets into the 60s, you can have a sudden heart attack and die.

  49. Bat Barfalamule

    Bat Barfalamule2 uur geleden

    3.50 I can Help you ,,,, Sound is a wave that when under pressure from a fast moving body turn back on themselves hence forth the calendric air circuit in simpleton a water wave from a rock on water is cylindrical wave .. air is a fluid too AIR IS A FLUID DUMBASS

  50. LPVit

    LPVit2 uur geleden

    "why won't subs run of air?" 9.5M subs O_0

  51. King Meow500

    King Meow5002 uur geleden

    I would rather do this instead of studying

  52. k98killer

    k98killer2 uur geleden

    Kinda like solid rocket fuel in a way.

  53. TheEmeraldSword

    TheEmeraldSword2 uur geleden

    6:56 mmmouth.

  54. David Aubin

    David Aubin2 uur geleden

    I’m a submarine designer and found your videos fascinating, your questions were fantastic and you explanations even better. I’m glad I found your channel, and yes I subscribed and liked.

  55. Karen Hesna

    Karen Hesna2 uur geleden

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  56. Branden Traynere

    Branden Traynere2 uur geleden

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    Karen Hesna2 uur geleden

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  59. Feral Feline

    Feral Feline2 uur geleden

    Watching this series it should be used by boats for sub quals.

  60. No this is Patrick

    No this is Patrick2 uur geleden

    I be sippin that lean amine

  61. Brukujin Brokujin

    Brukujin Brokujin2 uur geleden

    Bro... Why dont google hire this as mechanical security expert. He clearly knows whats he doing

  62. Elon's Musk

    Elon's Musk2 uur geleden

    The preheater to the boiler stripper is nothing more than heat integration. Some waste heat from somewhere else on the ship is, I'm presuming, captured via a fluid and transferred there as a means to reduce the heating requirements of the boiler. Similar techniques are used in plants to offset utility costs. Here, probably done for safety reasons.

  63. Brett Moore

    Brett Moore2 uur geleden

    Hate to say it but admitting the air system in the middle is a risk during our 100plus yr war we have been in

  64. Marián Markovič

    Marián Markovič2 uur geleden

    one question unansvered, where hydrogen from Oxide production goes?

  65. Scully

    Scully2 uur geleden

    Ah CAMS I use to work on that they have the CAMs mk 2 i like it way better then the mark 1. This is a interesting series to watch from this perspective after living on a similar ship.

  66. Marc Z

    Marc Z2 uur geleden

    Dude, your excitement and fascination are infectious! I love your channel! I bet you could find a way to make paint drying fun and interesting!

  67. Aiwin Paul

    Aiwin Paul2 uur geleden

    Austin Evans works in submarine now

  68. Javier Kun

    Javier Kun2 uur geleden

    finding leak still manual in 2021 funny...

  69. Kiithnaras Ashaa

    Kiithnaras Ashaa2 uur geleden

    11:40 This is an excellent example of the pithy Maxim 7 of The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries: "If the food is good enough, the grunts will stop complaining about the incoming fire."

  70. speaktohand

    speaktohand2 uur geleden

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    Dane Nielsons2 uur geleden

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  72. Dizzle-Dog

    Dizzle-Dog2 uur geleden

    I’m from the southeast and have never heard that commercial lol

  73. tractor wars

    tractor wars2 uur geleden

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    Myles Willis2 uur geleden

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  77. Terry Brewer

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  79. rana t

    rana t2 uur geleden

    What utter garbage, burning candles to produce o2. DUSTBIN why are u such a fool or are you just fooling the gullible.

  80. ShiaLaBluff

    ShiaLaBluff2 uur geleden

    I wonder what the summed up costs are of running this steel tube filled with people and extremely dangerous stuff for a day. Must be insanely high.