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Lil Tjay - Move On (Trailer)
Lil Tjay x Einer Bankz

Lil Tjay x Einer Bankz

3 maanden geleden

Lil Tjay - Forever Pop
  1. Six !

    Six !6 minuten geleden

    Yo this song not getting the support it deserves!!!

  2. suju TRG

    suju TRG10 minuten geleden

    . •_•'

  3. Melissa Dillinger

    Melissa Dillinger11 minuten geleden

    This low key the best song💗💘💕🦋

  4. Adrian Niknam

    Adrian Niknam12 minuten geleden

    ❤❤❤ uk

  5. Minibeast_ jordan

    Minibeast_ jordan17 minuten geleden


  6. Cristian Gonzalez

    Cristian Gonzalez17 minuten geleden

    0:31 when patrick is making squidward hold the jellyfishing net

  7. Daddy Cakes

    Daddy Cakes34 minuten geleden

    I love this song so much

  8. Jonathan Stevens

    Jonathan Stevens35 minuten geleden

    What’s her at the chubby one in the jeans

  9. Youtuber Rozonexkt

    Youtuber Rozonexkt37 minuten geleden

    6LACK is back at it agaim

  10. jacob may

    jacob may44 minuten geleden

    You're a goat you should be on the list for the best rapper in the world is it true that goats pin let's see

  11. Sebskills

    Sebskills47 minuten geleden

    Naaaaaaaaaa😎....I just love this song wit a passion ☝️🐈‍⬛

  12. Smasha Day&Night

    Smasha Day&Night49 minuten geleden

    f^kin nice

  13. harold harris

    harold harris55 minuten geleden

    I'm old and I even like this!!🤔🧢

  14. Raydeen

    RaydeenUur geleden

    I dedicate this song to my long childhood best friend... JULY I Kno we wasn't really Best Friends. But I do and I will always consider you as one. We basically have been best friends for a long time now 😇 I love ma and I need you home now! I can't get you out of ma mind 😭 and I need to hear you doing better and coming home. #prayers for you little one 😚🙏🏼

  15. Ayman 17

    Ayman 17Uur geleden

    who is in 2026??

  16. Brandie Lynch

    Brandie LynchUur geleden

    You the best

  17. mikkel vang-pedersen

    mikkel vang-pedersenUur geleden

    everyone protekt lil tjay we cant lose more champs😔

  18. Blessing Nyakanda

    Blessing NyakandaUur geleden

    "Big bag and everything wavey"

  19. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomUur geleden

    The part when it says”I can u get u off my mind”hits hard😔

  20. kimani lee

    kimani leeUur geleden

    Lil 🐐

  21. Choupmask28

    Choupmask28Uur geleden


  22. Ralph Sampson

    Ralph SampsonUur geleden

    Still his best song

  23. Domonkos Takács

    Domonkos TakácsUur geleden

    Why this song so underrated?

  24. Elijah Bailey

    Elijah BaileyUur geleden

    2021 vibes

  25. Zeke

    Zeke2 uur geleden

    The best part of the song 2:06

  26. Ayanda Mda

    Ayanda Mda2 uur geleden

    😁 You guys are awesome so awesome Fuck shit

  27. Jayla

    Jayla2 uur geleden

    This hard😈💜

  28. Ayanda Mda

    Ayanda Mda2 uur geleden

    What the fuck calling my phone

  29. Silas Scutt

    Silas Scutt2 uur geleden

    Tjay deserve number 1 no question ask.

  30. Paul Giraldo

    Paul Giraldo2 uur geleden

    Lil tjay

  31. DTL'S Alex

    DTL'S Alex2 uur geleden

    If u dislike this song u are weird

  32. Targeted Victim

    Targeted Victim2 uur geleden

    The dutch government and dutch media, and an enormous amount of youtubers have been scattering my personal information over the internet for 3 years. They torture me and gangstalk me on a daily basis. They intimidate me with police cars. I want my privacy and human rights back now! asasas

  33. tiana feliciano

    tiana feliciano2 uur geleden

    this song his harddd...

  34. andrea

    andrea2 uur geleden ..

  35. Ben Shank

    Ben Shank2 uur geleden

    he CANT make a bad song

  36. Joѕeι & Hαĸιroυх

    Joѕeι & Hαĸιroυх2 uur geleden

    Sortez moi de là svp

  37. Lil Racks

    Lil Racks2 uur geleden

    I can't get you off my mind now

  38. BlessedMurkie Murkie

    BlessedMurkie Murkie3 uur geleden

    Bro this song hard

  39. Derick FYF

    Derick FYF3 uur geleden

    Tjay popped off on thissssss

  40. LilTjay Uploads

    LilTjay Uploads3 uur geleden


  41. Zephania Nthiga

    Zephania Nthiga3 uur geleden

    I can’t get this song off my mind

  42. n00 dles

    n00 dles3 uur geleden

    Shits so fuckin fire

  43. Richelle Campbell

    Richelle Campbell3 uur geleden

    this songgggg is so fireeeeee🥰

  44. Mahad F

    Mahad F3 uur geleden

    Me : listening to this song. Dad : enters the room. Dad : pause the song. Me : why? Dad : I have bigger speakers

  45. Adrián Andino Coca

    Adrián Andino Coca3 uur geleden



    ZH THE CITY DE NIGGA4 uur geleden

    This song still hard asf💨💨🔥. Listening on February 2021

  47. Kiki Samko

    Kiki Samko4 uur geleden

    Call me 5

  48. seeni gzty

    seeni gzty4 uur geleden

    Who else has the bad habit of scrolling down the comments while listening to the song.. Be Honest🙄🤷🏽‍ ⬇️

  49. Mukelwe Bhembe

    Mukelwe Bhembe4 uur geleden

    #crip only zone

  50. Jesus Christ

    Jesus Christ4 uur geleden

    Utter shite

  51. Jay Woo

    Jay Woo4 uur geleden

    i wasn’t patient for dis😭

  52. John smith

    John smith4 uur geleden

    Song of the year


    JAYLEN JONES4 uur geleden

    Hold dat🔥🔥🔥

  54. daniel corral ruiz

    daniel corral ruiz4 uur geleden

    El puto amoo

  55. Adrian Morales

    Adrian Morales4 uur geleden

    What the fuck makes DIXNINE think he's better than this🥱king of New York my ass

  56. It’s ur girl Gian

    It’s ur girl Gian4 uur geleden

    Me and my cousin love this song I made a Snapchat if the song.

  57. YoxFN

    YoxFN4 uur geleden

    What my recent video

  58. Rafael Perez

    Rafael Perez4 uur geleden


  59. Elijah Shade

    Elijah Shade4 uur geleden

    Lil tjay a goat I fuk wit all the music

  60. ShelShellySheldon

    ShelShellySheldon4 uur geleden

    6LACK bodied this shit!! Good work Lil Tjay, keep making heat 😤😤

  61. Adam shine

    Adam shine4 uur geleden

    DROP THAT SHIT TJAY ✅❣️❤️❤️❤️

  62. hassannoor abukar

    hassannoor abukar5 uur geleden


  63. boyi tRipPiE

    boyi tRipPiE5 uur geleden

    Famous song in France ❤️

  64. Encrpyt

    Encrpyt5 uur geleden

    u can get me off your mind (:

  65. since 1998

    since 19985 uur geleden

    this song hit my feeling so hard at this move on

  66. Mathiasdb -

    Mathiasdb -5 uur geleden

    This song boutta get ripped by tiktok

  67. Jadiel Matos

    Jadiel Matos5 uur geleden

    Best song


    TENISOR XXXTEN 705 uur geleden

    Love your songs

  69. BabyGurl Cole

    BabyGurl Cole5 uur geleden

    Shit hits different...

  70. khairol6 khairolkid

    khairol6 khairolkid5 uur geleden

    Justin Bieber be like:😱😱hahahah

  71. gamer playz

    gamer playz5 uur geleden

    Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video] shit go hard ong

  72. Tyler Lamp

    Tyler Lamp5 uur geleden

    City got corona

  73. Petagaye Reid

    Petagaye Reid5 uur geleden


  74. gabriel

    gabriel5 uur geleden


  75. Marilyn Green

    Marilyn Green6 uur geleden

    This nigga say you think I am stupid . Bt hey do you now pop smoke.

  76. Enock Official

    Enock Official6 uur geleden

    I listen 🎧to this song almost everyday

  77. Artena la bicrav _

    Artena la bicrav _6 uur geleden

    Im french this song have 2 yo and i listen him that prouf its great song

  78. Princess Novaya

    Princess Novaya6 uur geleden

    Don’t you guys just like how lil Tjay look happy

  79. Royal Wetness

    Royal Wetness6 uur geleden

    Mississippi bumping w y’all ☝🏻

  80. anmOl Kumar

    anmOl Kumar6 uur geleden

    I can't get "I can't get you out of my mind" Out of my mind