1. xXJeSTeRoSXx

    xXJeSTeRoSXx43 minuten geleden

    In Bahrain Romain decided to step it up a notch

  2. Terenze

    Terenze2 uur geleden

    2:37 i'm dying

  3. Semih Uzundal

    Semih Uzundal2 uur geleden

    who read the race week at 00:05 as rawe ceek like me

  4. Jesus Miguel Cruz Montiel

    Jesus Miguel Cruz Montiel2 uur geleden

    3:21 ¿song name?

  5. Rayen Jlassi

    Rayen Jlassi4 uur geleden

    waiting for the 2021 Imola gp

  6. OvoASTRO

    OvoASTRO4 uur geleden

    15:21 thank me later

  7. NeoNovastar

    NeoNovastar4 uur geleden

    Sorry had to come back and watch that excellent edit of Lando’s podium after the one yesterday haha

  8. Reazon

    Reazon5 uur geleden

    poor george

  9. Reazon

    Reazon5 uur geleden

    Your music taste still very good :D

  10. Sinie De Vries

    Sinie De Vries6 uur geleden

    Se🅱️astian Vettel Mazes🅱️in hAhah

  11. Mayaz Al Mahin

    Mayaz Al Mahin8 uur geleden

    Emilia romagna???

  12. yeee _ 51

    yeee _ 518 uur geleden

    39:28 me when there's a guy

  13. Lorenzo Manuel Lopez Flores

    Lorenzo Manuel Lopez Flores8 uur geleden

    Who here after the race of imola?

  14. Flint Lockwood

    Flint Lockwood9 uur geleden

    It’s like being in an open lobby in f1 2020

  15. aloncrak 8874

    aloncrak 88749 uur geleden

    groman owgean

  16. Zariff

    Zariff9 uur geleden

    the thumbnail: F1 PRETEME 2021 SEASON STING MES

  17. Eddy Bouh

    Eddy Bouh10 uur geleden

    you don't stay 10y in F1 if you are bad. as a matter of fact, he's now out of F1 after 2 bad seasons.... before that he did a good job, considering the cars he had and his results against his teammates. respect for his carrer.

  18. yeee _ 51

    yeee _ 5110 uur geleden

    You have to admit, His overtake on Leclerc is a masterpiece

  19. Stank Squad

    Stank Squad11 uur geleden

    I'm seeing a lot of mercedes hate lol

  20. Jasmijntje 33

    Jasmijntje 3311 uur geleden

    that LANDOO, CARLOOO part made me cry 😥 i really miss CARLANDO

  21. Reazon

    Reazon11 uur geleden

    Your music taste is very good

  22. Alvin Sacote

    Alvin Sacote16 uur geleden


  23. Toe Gobbler

    Toe Gobbler16 uur geleden

    At the end of the 2021 you will have to make a pt2

  24. F1 Motorsports

    F1 Motorsports17 uur geleden

    So: Mazespin has spent less race time racing(25 seconds) than Grosjean in his fire(27 seconds) Yeah he shit

  25. Edgar Hernandez

    Edgar Hernandez18 uur geleden

    Definitely a must after every race!, great videos kid

  26. 100MPH Selfies

    100MPH Selfies21 uur geleden

    the beat drop me: mazepin next?

  27. John Thompson

    John Thompson23 uur geleden

    S U K A K V Y A T

  28. ShadowUK

    ShadowUKDag geleden

    Better and more truthful than DTS

  29. Alexei Egorov

    Alexei EgorovDag geleden

    oh, looks like someone is russian hater

  30. Combat Play3r

    Combat Play3rDag geleden

    Rip claude😭😭😭

  31. Jerzy Zareba

    Jerzy ZarebaDag geleden

    Get ready for some super max from Emilia Romagna <3 <3 :D

  32. WolferU random y mas

    WolferU random y masDag geleden

    Seryio peres

  33. Arnaud 1404

    Arnaud 1404Dag geleden


  34. Максим Зорин

    Максим ЗоринDag geleden

    5:20 what music?

  35. muhmonsta

    muhmonstaDag geleden


  36. OfficerHotPocket

    OfficerHotPocketDag geleden

    I refuse to believe they don’t belt this song while Max does anything amazing

  37. Yoga The Iceman

    Yoga The IcemanDag geleden

    Formula1: I receive kvyat You get mazespin

  38. Gavin Hayes

    Gavin HayesDag geleden

    I wouldn’t be surprised if kvyat has his car filled up with vodka instead of gas

  39. spyrox

    spyroxDag geleden

    144p for true slav quality

  40. Wojlolpl

    WojlolplDag geleden

    6:47 RIP Cloude

  41. The amazing Luxray gamer

    The amazing Luxray gamerDag geleden

    Austria 2019 max verstappen has sent Holland into raptures Belgium 2019 and verstappen retires from his home gp yep Crofty makes perfect sense

  42. SkulpturFarn 186

    SkulpturFarn 186Dag geleden

    You got it correctly! Just blaming tyre every second race xD

  43. Brendan Donilon

    Brendan DonilonDag geleden

    I absolutely love the use of the Naruto and Fairy Tail tracks from my boy Yasuharu Takanashi at certain points in the vid. A man of culture. 😏👍

  44. Mikkel Clausen

    Mikkel Clausen2 dagen geleden

    6:21 (^:

  45. Alistair Helliwell

    Alistair Helliwell2 dagen geleden

    rawe ceek

  46. Marijn Bos

    Marijn Bos2 dagen geleden

    1:01 lap 69 nice

  47. H_ureak 145JR

    H_ureak 145JR2 dagen geleden

    2:09 link mod of that track please!!! good video, i laugh every time

  48. SkulpturFarn 186

    SkulpturFarn 1862 dagen geleden

    I think the green stickers on the Ferrari gave some extra hp xD

  49. Flu Rossi

    Flu Rossi2 dagen geleden

    2:37 what song?

  50. Дача 44

    Дача 442 dagen geleden

    Салям малейкум ё маё!:)

  51. dmcman1803

    dmcman18032 dagen geleden

    Another banger, I love these!

  52. Shudder

    Shudder2 dagen geleden

    holy shit im gonna miss the kvyat harbass this season

  53. Stick

    Stick2 dagen geleden

    I have watched this 10 times now. :)

  54. Irini Mpismpi

    Irini Mpismpi2 dagen geleden


  55. Ragoons GG

    Ragoons GG2 dagen geleden

    Better than Drive to Survive

  56. 19 17

    19 172 dagen geleden

    21:00 🥲

  57. Theo Maddison

    Theo Maddison2 dagen geleden


  58. ヘビR4F4

    ヘビR4F42 dagen geleden


  59. Trey Salas

    Trey Salas2 dagen geleden

    What’s that Russian techno song you always use?

  60. Gilbert, George and Lottie the cats

    Gilbert, George and Lottie the cats2 dagen geleden

    Why did 4:20 make me laugh so hard

  61. Zach_Attack I

    Zach_Attack I2 dagen geleden

    Hulkenburg got COCONUT MALLED

  62. Ramon Alvarez

    Ramon Alvarez2 dagen geleden

    HAAS F1 livery is beyond -9999¹⁰/10.

  63. Romulo Soares

    Romulo Soares2 dagen geleden

    Super max never gets old

  64. Ryan_Playz8103

    Ryan_Playz81032 dagen geleden

    Aston Martin: what a line up of drivers Sebastian Vettel 4 times world champion and Lance Stroll Me: 1 time pole sitter

  65. Wills Thomason

    Wills Thomason3 dagen geleden

    Please continue making amazing f1 videos. your editing is amazing!

  66. Dominik Gardulski

    Dominik Gardulski3 dagen geleden

    I know it was bad after his big crash but he always was guy who crashed and i am watching f1 14 years right know

  67. Wills Thomason

    Wills Thomason3 dagen geleden


  68. ART14

    ART143 dagen geleden


  69. ART14

    ART143 dagen geleden

    MAX MAX MAX SUPER MAX Me encanta esa canción

  70. Omer Rasul

    Omer Rasul3 dagen geleden

    Can someone send the background music from 1:44-1:58

  71. JsDs1020

    JsDs10203 dagen geleden

    I was literally screaming at my TV watching Mercedes fuck up George's race. Seeing Checo win made it sting a little less tho.

  72. Wolflexx

    Wolflexx3 dagen geleden

    He probably practiced on the simulator with instant flashback enabled

  73. Principe Diowel

    Principe Diowel3 dagen geleden

    5:53 Lewis Hamilton: something smells like bbq

  74. Principe Diowel

    Principe Diowel3 dagen geleden

    5:48 the marker button

  75. Bainy

    Bainy3 dagen geleden

    Gotta start using more da baby memes

  76. Deniz Uçar

    Deniz Uçar3 dagen geleden

    We need more race in turkey(rainy)

  77. Zessi Zybala

    Zessi Zybala3 dagen geleden

    the first two seconds gave me PTSD

  78. rob-vanasch 1

    rob-vanasch 13 dagen geleden

    Omggg ge kunt mega goe rijden

  79. KutaUbud

    KutaUbud3 dagen geleden

    2:19 😭😭 dommage que les anglophone ne comprennent pas ça

  80. sai

    sai3 dagen geleden

    What's the music name at 0:41?