Official NLpush channel of the video podcast Views co-hosted by sexy 24 year-old millionaire David Dobrik and 47 year-old divorced dad Jason Nash.

  1. dookie girl

    dookie girl6 minuten geleden

    terrible people 0/10

  2. Sunset Flicks

    Sunset Flicks6 minuten geleden

    Yooo theyre sooo sweet/kind!! I think im a fan of the d’amelios

  3. Lee lee

    Lee lee7 minuten geleden

    God commands everyone to repent and trust in jesus God loves

  4. Erlend Strand

    Erlend Strand10 minuten geleden

    David: Taylor isnt stressed *Taylor bursts out laughing*

  5. Tweason Videos

    Tweason Videos11 minuten geleden

    13:20 when David talks about her liking nerdy guys. So cute lol

  6. Dan Dutton

    Dan Dutton14 minuten geleden

    Great pod cast!

  7. Tweason Videos

    Tweason Videos14 minuten geleden

    "No I do madison look at me" Aweee

  8. Landry Rugira

    Landry Rugira18 minuten geleden

    Bro he def smashed that night after the fma

  9. Kyle Jamieson

    Kyle Jamieson20 minuten geleden

    Man puts 15 ads on each podcast, literally swimming in dosh

  10. AAA Curlzzz

    AAA Curlzzz20 minuten geleden

    How does he have sponsors??,,,

  11. amr naguib

    amr naguib22 minuten geleden

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  12. Jayden Board

    Jayden Board24 minuten geleden

    You should put Alex Warren on the podcast

  13. Tweason Videos

    Tweason Videos25 minuten geleden

    At first I was like they would never look cute together but right when they started talking they have a cute relationship

  14. Mar Arte

    Mar Arte26 minuten geleden

    The fruit punch fountain reminds me of 🩸 in 🚿

  15. Patrick Howard

    Patrick Howard28 minuten geleden

    Hahaha support the work there putting in I'll be back to you soon enjoy

  16. Bianca Rojo

    Bianca Rojo30 minuten geleden

    Justice for S.E.T.H

  17. jenny person

    jenny person31 minuut geleden

    When u said January 4th I was like that’s my birthday 😂😂 I love you guys

  18. Spencer Ochshorn

    Spencer Ochshorn32 minuten geleden

    "What a blue balling experience" by far a top Jason Nash quote

  19. Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman33 minuten geleden

    I don’t understand.

  20. Michael

    Michael33 minuten geleden

    Crazy how boring these girls are this podcast has gone to such shit now terrible

  21. Ashley Lewandowski

    Ashley Lewandowski34 minuten geleden


  22. MJZ FAM

    MJZ FAM35 minuten geleden

    I didn’t know Charlie curses I don’t know is it just me

  23. Elaina Klein

    Elaina Klein36 minuten geleden


  24. Brian

    Brian36 minuten geleden

    At least they admit they're tik tokers

  25. Spencer Ochshorn

    Spencer Ochshorn38 minuten geleden

    David would date Madison, but he knows it wouldn't last with her. Like he clearly wants to date to marry, where he knows if he dated Madison, he'd be too worried about always having to be perfect cause she's going to be called perfect for the rest of her life regardless of who she is with.

  26. Bella & Ängla

    Bella & Ängla42 minuten geleden

    Love the Charli sticker in hos laptop

  27. trash youtuber

    trash youtuber45 minuten geleden

    Is this why in davids main channel its 4:20 minutes is it cause this "4 20 what ya smoken" is that why david

  28. Rosemary Flutur

    Rosemary Flutur45 minuten geleden


  29. Πέτρος Ρενιαρης

    Πέτρος Ρενιαρης46 minuten geleden

    Madison is so attractive😍

  30. Aidan Bleau

    Aidan Bleau48 minuten geleden

    Love the podcast but look at the camera more it feels weird

  31. alexis mcgill

    alexis mcgill52 minuten geleden

    Please stop putting Jason in these I would love to watch I’m just sick and tired of seeing him

  32. Jordan Stevens

    Jordan Stevens52 minuten geleden

    Anyone else not a fan of the new format?

  33. Fox

    Fox56 minuten geleden

    The two guys force straight men to kiss other men

  34. Fox

    Fox57 minuten geleden

    Imagine if they tricked a girl into kissing some creepy old man she hadnt consented to kissing...

  35. Danny P P

    Danny P P58 minuten geleden

    These people are famous?

  36. Fox

    Fox59 minuten geleden

    Remember when Jason Nash trying to force himself on 18 year old Tana? Gross ...

  37. Kate Reid

    Kate Reid59 minuten geleden

    I’m sorry this was so boring

  38. Fox

    FoxUur geleden

    These guys force straight men to kiss other men.

  39. Aya Zaza

    Aya ZazaUur geleden

    What did u here when david said he got money for something stupid that is your fan bday and u think it is stupid huh?????

  40. luis r

    luis rUur geleden

    Dixie looks anorexic as hell

  41. Coach Veve

    Coach VeveUur geleden

    I clicked off when Charli and Dixie weren’t there

  42. gdudbd bekfhf

    gdudbd bekfhfUur geleden

    I never thought it is possible to literally have no personality at all

  43. Brianna

    BriannaUur geleden

    Y’all gotta get rid of these awkward microphones! 😂 Poor guests have to hold it the whole time.

  44. Daryl Boich

    Daryl BoichUur geleden

    Didn’t anyone notice Charli say the F bomb😂 it was pretty funny lol

  45. GH0STFX

    GH0STFXUur geleden

    Go to hell! O fresh

  46. Beorn Hartwig

    Beorn HartwigUur geleden

    Can we have more Jason please

  47. Nina Ku

    Nina KuUur geleden

    They really look like twins👯

  48. Gamer Boy

    Gamer BoyUur geleden

    Imagine going on a date and the girl asks you what you do for a living and you have to say horse seamen collector 😂😂😂😂😂

  49. zc addiction

    zc addictionUur geleden


  50. Sunil Lall

    Sunil LallUur geleden

    Why does David have a ring on tho

  51. Excellent rose15

    Excellent rose15Uur geleden

    I’m sorry David but we all do that I’m 17 and we all do that

  52. Destiny Sancen

    Destiny SancenUur geleden


  53. Michael Murphy

    Michael MurphyUur geleden

    David is a shameless abuser and user

  54. Jameslee D.

    Jameslee D.Uur geleden

    Snog seth

  55. SpeKtr0 W

    SpeKtr0 WUur geleden

    OH CMON DUDE 3 FUCKING SPONSORS AHAHA Also this is the first time i see your podcast, came just cause they mention it on impaulsive

  56. toijg avnnr

    toijg avnnrUur geleden

    U seriously need to make Jason have a desk as an official co host he’s basically a guest cmon😂

  57. Justin Travis

    Justin Travis2 uur geleden

    David Dobrik

  58. josi lulu

    josi lulu2 uur geleden

    Kissing without permission IS NOT ok

  59. callia shay

    callia shay2 uur geleden

    quit filtering your comments

  60. Vapor_x_ Fire

    Vapor_x_ Fire2 uur geleden

    The two deadest personalities😂, but when they got famous from dancing in front of kids online, what did I expect?

  61. Don Crispens

    Don Crispens2 uur geleden

    gotta boost the gain on the mics my dude. you guys sound too low in certain spots. The hand mics my be the cause of this.

  62. quacktitty

    quacktitty2 uur geleden

    poor noah

  63. dieter rosswag

    dieter rosswag2 uur geleden

    Can she even open her eyes

  64. Juan Patino

    Juan Patino2 uur geleden

    It got annoying when he said “OMG DIXIEEEE” bruh didn’t u make them try it💀 wht u on about

  65. retro_paradox 69

    retro_paradox 692 uur geleden

    How is david so cool that he can put maddison beers in the friend zone

  66. Nick Dietsch

    Nick Dietsch2 uur geleden

    Bro he completely ratted his brother out. Much less everyone else on zoom

  67. Sunil Lall

    Sunil Lall2 uur geleden

    TikTokers do script who lied to him

  68. Emmy Murphy

    Emmy Murphy2 uur geleden

    honestly jason is creepy so they probably just felt uncomfortable i wouldn’t stress it

  69. gigi

    gigi2 uur geleden

    Tf is everyone mad for-

  70. gigi

    gigi2 uur geleden

    What is everyone talking abt-

  71. Riley Dicaire

    Riley Dicaire2 uur geleden

    Filtering comments that critique you, very mature

  72. Emilee and Chase

    Emilee and Chase2 uur geleden

    f word f word all i remember

  73. Drizzy.

    Drizzy.2 uur geleden

    Oh thsts madisons friend ammy

  74. Atziry Loria

    Atziry Loria2 uur geleden

    dont tell charli she cant be a backup dancer you just broke her dream...

  75. Jeffery Estrada

    Jeffery Estrada2 uur geleden


  76. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin2 uur geleden

    "I can't hear shit I'm 50." -Jason Nash, 2021

  77. heeydani16

    heeydani162 uur geleden

    Are you ever gonna take responsibility for what you did??

  78. Charli and Dixie Fan

    Charli and Dixie Fan2 uur geleden


  79. Charli and Dixie Fan

    Charli and Dixie Fan2 uur geleden

    I haven’t hear Charlie or Dixie say the bad words

  80. Stoney Bolownee

    Stoney Bolownee2 uur geleden

    David, you’re trying so hard to be a host. You’re not really good at it..