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The Truth About Pumped Hydro
The Missing Link in Renewables
How Big Can Wind Turbines Get?
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The Truth About 5G

The Truth About 5G

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The Real Flying Saucer
  1. ER B

    ER B15 uur geleden

    The problem with vinyl is that horrible noise that comes after you play the record several times, the record plays very well only for the first times and then there’s no more pleasure in it. I’m 60 years old and I Was raised listening those vinyl records and I can assure you that digital music is much better and those who like vinyl it is only a fashion wave.

  2. koki秘

    koki秘16 uur geleden

    Imagine if it is code for rickroll link, i would love NASA

  3. pepsea_scroll

    pepsea_scroll16 uur geleden

    Are you doing a bit of nanotubin'? Are you doing a bit of a nanotubin your are. That's mighty!

  4. australiansurvival

    australiansurvival17 uur geleden

    Exhaust powered = turbocharger, not supercharger right? Am I missing something

  5. Parth Sharma

    Parth Sharma17 uur geleden

    The sponser couldn't have been smother!

  6. Jithin Jose

    Jithin Jose17 uur geleden


  7. Çağan Gürdal

    Çağan Gürdal18 uur geleden

    Great video but some of your links won't work.And you show some textbook page in your video.What is the name of that book?

  8. Mark Rowland

    Mark Rowland18 uur geleden

    Normandy is close to the south coast of Britten but the western coast is where the most active ports were, right up to Scotland and Northen Ireland. Ships from northen, East Coast ports too could pass to the north and down to Normedy but not directly south, so safely, as sea mines were deterring German craft.

  9. Peace

    Peace18 uur geleden

    Elon Musk NEVER created Neuralink. Please do some RUDAMENTERY fact check. In fact the ORIGINAL creators and PATENT holders disagree with what Elon Musk claims what Neuralink is... PLEASE DO YOUR FACT CHECK BETTER!

  10. zombieman81

    zombieman8119 uur geleden

    I was waiting for "but sometimes..." While these days imperial measurements are defined by metric systems they used to be based on physical objects and subdivisions designed to fairly useful (pint of beer please Mr Landlord). Metric? As hinted at in the video, a kilogram was a physical thing. All that has been happening is taking a "prototype" based system, working out how many "things" make up any given prototype, and then changing the definition.

  11. W Griffith

    W Griffith19 uur geleden

    So if I understood you correctly, while digital can match analog, because of industry standards, it doesn’t?

  12. Scott Rose

    Scott Rose19 uur geleden


  13. BattousaiHBr

    BattousaiHBr20 uur geleden

    2:12 imagine something jumpscares you and you lift your head on reflex.

  14. Ollie Caldwell

    Ollie Caldwell20 uur geleden

    The interesting attic arthroscopically trouble because cockroach extremely coil by a light utensil. cute, abortive shadow

  15. Matthew Huling

    Matthew Huling20 uur geleden

    This video sucks, hey Einstein not everyone uses kilometers and millimeters. I don’t care if you’re from Europe, not everyone uses your measurement system.

  16. Dietitian Daddy

    Dietitian Daddy20 uur geleden

    Anyone else get the impression this is actually a Mitsubishi Mirage tribute/Memorial film?

  17. clark_kent2019

    clark_kent201921 uur geleden

    There's also the point, that most vinyls have more dynamic mastering. That's a whole chapter of history though - the mastering war starting with the CD.

  18. nice guy

    nice guy21 uur geleden

    It's a fireworks company. It's completely fake.

  19. Torin Morris

    Torin Morris22 uur geleden

    Their teaching outdated ideas about election orbits

  20. Steven Lonien

    Steven Lonien22 uur geleden

    Speach less is correct. not a corporation is good thing now.still I pray. It is a bejesus wind mill after all.

  21. Steven Lonien

    Steven Lonien22 uur geleden

    OK YOU CAN USE MINE YOU GET 20 ft. stainless a4 3 ft diameter shafts cross bored for 1 ft shafts for opposing flat thin heavy blades with trust electronicaly controled magnetic bearings and pair of what size best for mass weight main shaft.ends machined down for frictionless heavy duty magnetic pillow block issues considered paramount light speed possible both ultra careful.please its easy to viod betz impossible claims 4 times + rpm + ? Just needs funded.and electrical transfer dealt with.full consideration. Of unlimited spin being added to mass in centrifical and angular momentums. .

  22. Memnor SM

    Memnor SM23 uur geleden

    I like the fact that the Americans bought the bulk of their Titanium, though shell companies, from Russia. Russia unwittingly sold America the ingredients for their super-plane that was going to spy on them. That's beautiful. :)

  23. Aureus Knighstar

    Aureus Knighstar23 uur geleden

    "Ace Combat 7's Lighthouse, anyone?"

  24. ResidentRumDrinker

    ResidentRumDrinker23 uur geleden

    While I dont disagree in the statement that metric is simply superior, the bridge example was pretty damn poor lol. it works out at 1 bolt per yard, 1760 yards in a mile, 1760 bolts...

  25. Oyster Mornay

    Oyster Mornay23 uur geleden

    Green energy + Blocking the sun = Mass murder

  26. Gregory Pollack

    Gregory Pollack23 uur geleden

    I agree with you the p-47 was underrated. They were a beast with massive firepower and killing ability which showed up in the statistics.

  27. Harsh

    HarshDag geleden

    Wow that's cool

  28. Satsang Patel

    Satsang PatelDag geleden

    the only thing we use metric for is guns

  29. Marc

    MarcDag geleden

    "people who learn their history from video games will bash the P47 for it's slight disadvantage in dogfighting" Me in War thunder when i see a P47's gonna Boom and Zoom me : *OH SH*T OH SH*IT*

  30. francis bilodeau

    francis bilodeauDag geleden

    Soon there will be so much debris that it will bloc the sun. 🤷‍♂️

  31. Vinicius Gonçalves Ramalho

    Vinicius Gonçalves RamalhoDag geleden

    This video is awesome! I used it in my Finite Elements Analysis thesis.

  32. Ziyad S

    Ziyad SDag geleden

    First use nuclear to get near a planet. Then use gravity assist from the planet and finally ion propulsion.

  33. inund8

    inund8Dag geleden

    Safer roads not safer cars.

  34. John Henry

    John HenryDag geleden

    The idea that we should "go to Mars" while ignoring the extinction-level events taking place on Earth right now is ABSURD. If Earth's biosphere dies, there will be NO survival on Mars. Fix Earth first.

  35. Rich C

    Rich CDag geleden

    Actually it's "Administration" not "Association"

  36. eldridge fitser

    eldridge fitserDag geleden

    The amused beret proportionally radiate because plain immediately tap down a far magic. mindless, careful machine

  37. Mandalorian 6976

    Mandalorian 6976Dag geleden

    I am surprised you did not mention the Kv-1 tank

  38. Robert Maybeth

    Robert MaybethDag geleden

    The P-47 had a sure-fire escape from German fighters so long as they were at altitude, roll into a dive! Nothing could catch it probably not even an Me-262. And certainly not a 109, the most likely fighter they'd meet at high altitude (the Fw-190 was a great fighter but its good performance went away at high altitudes, until they came out the the TA152... and this was one of several reasons the 109 was kept in production until war's end).

  39. ziggy 2shus

    ziggy 2shusDag geleden

    Drivers are the real danger.

  40. Carl Klopfenstine

    Carl KlopfenstineDag geleden

    Can nanotubes be used as motor windings?

  41. Lapa

    LapaDag geleden


  42. john evans

    john evansDag geleden

    I got a bit confused because inadvertently you showed party balloons otherwise I obviously understood everything. Thanks. 🤔

  43. Arne Lidmark

    Arne LidmarkDag geleden

    The exhaust gas is pure co2 and water, which dissolves in the water. No storage. The new Swedish subs is even more powerful and even quieter. Some countries make battery or fuel cells generate the electric power. It's as good, but diesel fuel is present where there is military troups. Different energy sources create a logistic nightmare for the commanders, which the enemy can exploit. Oxygen is needed though and it can be extracted from the air.

  44. Richard Manginelli

    Richard ManginelliDag geleden


  45. Domyras

    DomyrasDag geleden

    "the largest machine. the US power grid" I'm sorry, is the pan European power grid not larger? How 'bout Russia's? how 'bout the internet's wires?

  46. Kyle Alexander

    Kyle AlexanderDag geleden

    Didnt know about the rear landing gear. These planes r cool af. Ive seen 2 near boise that were level or maybe slight climb and then did at least 110° bank turn in unison til they were both below where the hill between us was. Super cool planes

  47. Kyle Alexander

    Kyle AlexanderDag geleden

    Gau-8 is an amazing weapon. The scene in transformers with the scorpion really makes the a10 and ac130 gunship look cool af

  48. Judith Mirville

    Judith MirvilleDag geleden

    They could modify the imperial units very slightly so as for them to be metric but just less decimal : an inch should be exactly 2.5 cm ; a foot exactly 30 cm. A mile should be 1.6 km and a furlong 200m. In most metric countries pounds are still talked about and they weigh half a kilogram. An acre should be 0.4 hectare exactly. This would allow most trades which still use inches and feet to keep them. A pint should be made half a liter, a cup 1/4 and an ounce 1/32 of it.

  49. chialeux514

    chialeux514Dag geleden

    Both sides of the Moon receive an equal amount of sunlight ( 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off ). It's not called the dark side of the Moon - that's a Pink Floyd record - it's the FAR side of the Moon ! Might as well call it "Abba's Greatest Hits"

  50. Leo N

    Leo NDag geleden

    Build big, steel industry did it.

  51. J. Ray V

    J. Ray VDag geleden

    The Jug was an absolute BEAST...

  52. eric bunce

    eric bunceDag geleden

    An ad for digital, that completely misses telling you how a digital device ruins the mix, and is not complete in its playback. mp3, and windows audio are very poor quality in their playback. I don't know anyone using WAV for playback, unless they DJ digitally. How many digital formats have come and gone? It's a way for anybody, regardless of talent, to record and playback to the masses. PS. I KNOW when a monkey is dropping tracks on their I pad, or Phone. Many bedroom djs Never hear their collection on a proper rig to A/B them. Because good gear will deliver great sound. A great mix with poor quality hasnt really happened as far as I know

  53. numuves

    numuvesDag geleden

    That dude's analysis at the end was so trash. "China spent 40 years and billions of dollars just to signal to the world that there's a alternative to Western hegemony"... ok bruh

  54. Tyrus Madsden

    Tyrus MadsdenDag geleden


  55. IsoInsignia

    IsoInsigniaDag geleden

    Error at 10:45 Should be graphene, not graphite

  56. Neves

    NevesDag geleden

    "uhhhhhhhh Centrifugal force is not real" who asked you? *Wernher von Braun intensifies*

  57. soiung toiue

    soiung toiueDag geleden

    That's why dolphins 🐬 laugh so much around humans... They are confusing their human pets, just like we do with cats.

  58. Yasir Irshad

    Yasir IrshadDag geleden

    I never truly understood the orbital model from my chem class. Until today. Thanks for this!

  59. Yesuf Abdulhakim

    Yesuf AbdulhakimDag geleden

    The Vikings!

  60. jerry calvert

    jerry calvertDag geleden

    The Hydra-Kinetic Motor by far is one of the most world changing inventions ever created by mankind.

  61. Clyde Revilee

    Clyde RevileeDag geleden

    Already solved, use thorium.

  62. Boltrixx

    BoltrixxDag geleden

    dem 9,693,666 views

  63. Shubhankar

    ShubhankarDag geleden

    at 8:42 , look at the pdts of that thermal decomposition ... I think there is an error . It shoud be CaO+CO2 I guess

  64. Mad T scientist

    Mad T scientistDag geleden

    Just popped in my head Just use high voltage DC in Castor oil So available automatically create strings

  65. Mad T scientist

    Mad T scientistDag geleden

    How come we do not Carbon nanotubes and or carbon in are Motherboards Andorra smalle electronics. That's where there gonna reach the most amount of people in the market And/or batteries why don't we make an anode android cathode with carbon For semiconductors or something A civilization we keep on wanting to build jinora miss things when in reality we know the smaller weaken build the more energy we will get out of it as we make it larger build smalle but grow big

  66. Claire M

    Claire MDag geleden

    Suddenly I understand why the inefficiency of hydrogen makes the fossil fuel tycoons drool. If we switch massively to hydrogen, fossil fuel demand doesn’t decline if you use it to produce hydrogen.

  67. John Bui

    John BuiDag geleden

    So we are sprinkling Uranium around the world?

  68. William Gibb

    William GibbDag geleden

    A supercharger is mechanically driven where a turbocharger is driven by exhaust!

  69. Sean Flynn

    Sean FlynnDag geleden

    My thoughts on the matter: the system seems flawed, if the powder won't stay and cooling causes voids as you move the laser about, then hold the powder in place, and use multiple lasers. Now to be more helpful, acoustic levitation used creatively could move powder cleanly and possibly even concentrate a stream of said powder into the lasers track to keep an even flow of metal. Possibly going as far as making it possible to adopt more traditional 3d printing print paths since it's akin to a weld bead. As for the multiple lasers, the thought is to have lower strength lasers as well as multiple high temp "print" lasers, it would heat and weld multiple tracks while lower powered lasers immediately followed to reduce the speed at which the metal cools, That should reduce overall voids.

  70. Wayne Thomas

    Wayne ThomasDag geleden


  71. Wayne Thomas

    Wayne ThomasDag geleden

    Too much talkie talkie. Not enough about how the metric system is the tool of the devil and communists.


    DYLAN KITTLEDag geleden

    0:11 that one didn’t age well 🤣🤣🤣

  73. The Original Chefboyoboy

    The Original ChefboyoboyDag geleden

    to me, the appeal about vinyl is partly the ritual, but mostly the reverence for the music you are listening too. with vinyl, there's intention. with digital, it's too much short attention span theater - switch from this to that to another with just a click. with vinyl, you look for the LP to play through your stack, take it out of the sleeve, clean it, put the needle on the record and then, most importantly, listen. you just sit back and listen, you pay attention, you give it concentration. When I think back to all the late nights listening to my old rock LPs each session was a transformative experience - one became absorbed in the music, in the artist, in the moment.

  74. Satan Official

    Satan OfficialDag geleden

    Proponents of the nuclear power industry seem to... forget... about the 100% inevitable CME/carrington events. Like the sun magically isn't really there. Even though it very extremely obviously is.

  75. Erick Protz

    Erick ProtzDag geleden

    Great video! Just a little mistake when you said that a microphone can turn air pressure to a digital signal. Microphones always convert air pressure to an electrical analog signal. There are no air pressure to digital converters yet.

  76. Satan Official

    Satan OfficialDag geleden

    Everyone is just marking time until the 100% inevitable next CME/carrington event that's coming down the pike. And then... major bigtime EMP. And then... eventual nuclear meltdowns galore of all the reactors and spent fuel pools. The planet will be radiation sterilized from pole to pole.

  77. Wakul Mole

    Wakul MoleDag geleden

    if brilliant is so good why do they advertise on youtube just saying every other item tubers shill for is usually garbage

  78. Gary Harvey

    Gary HarveyDag geleden

    Not much reality in Real Engineering overly optimistic assessments and overly pessimistic Climate bias

  79. William Hughes-Games

    William Hughes-GamesDag geleden

  80. Eh Whatever

    Eh WhateverDag geleden

    People should really watch Common Sense Skeptic's video on Neuralink