Beast Reacts
Beast Reacts
Beast Reacts

Chris and the MrBeast crew roast and review the internet's favorite life hacks and experiments.

  1. GrootGamer _HD

    GrootGamer _HD11 uur geleden

    The Editors forget soooo much and‘s

  2. MiloTheFriend

    MiloTheFriend11 uur geleden

    Does anyone know the name of that song that played at the very beginning of the video?

  3. Brandon King

    Brandon King11 uur geleden

    Spotify: I'm putting that on spotify that's amazing Chris: heck yea 🤣🤣🤣

  4. Brayden Hodges

    Brayden Hodges11 uur geleden

    3:12 Karl: where he even come from!? Me: from the gulag

  5. Anna Javier

    Anna Javier11 uur geleden

    Who can just named it Mrreact

  6. Anna Javier

    Anna Javier11 uur geleden

    Why did you named the name beast reats

  7. Akkad The Roblox Guy

    Akkad The Roblox Guy11 uur geleden

    he is my favorite creater

  8. just an average pigeon

    just an average pigeon11 uur geleden


  9. Kacper Iwanicki

    Kacper Iwanicki11 uur geleden

    Samsung is better than iphone

  10. Meme

    Meme11 uur geleden

    I also cry when i look at some colors..

  11. Hi Whaddup

    Hi Whaddup11 uur geleden

    At the end: umm...

  12. Lucky Time [Gacha]

    Lucky Time [Gacha]11 uur geleden

    7:47 Chris is like WRONG LEVERRRRR

  13. Lucky Time [Gacha]

    Lucky Time [Gacha]11 uur geleden

    Hey Jimmy -> Video idea Create the worlds biggest water slide

  14. Nico Lackner

    Nico Lackner11 uur geleden

    He still wonders

  15. stephen andrei manalo

    stephen andrei manalo12 uur geleden

    sorry chris im a fortnite gamer

  16. Nikos charalampidis

    Nikos charalampidis12 uur geleden

    0:49 no euro is in afrika

  17. Bane

    Bane12 uur geleden

    I wonder what he said

  18. marceliho gaming

    marceliho gaming12 uur geleden


  19. Donaven Jason

    Donaven Jason12 uur geleden

    i refer go for jumping down the plane thats hw u get much fun

  20. Lilibeth Sevilla

    Lilibeth Sevilla12 uur geleden


  21. Silje Roblox girl

    Silje Roblox girl12 uur geleden


  22. Hydro Leo

    Hydro Leo12 uur geleden

    Did u say pubg my favourite game

  23. God Of Legos

    God Of Legos12 uur geleden

    The cabbage is the vegetable and the lettuce is the leaf

  24. HappyGirl 3000

    HappyGirl 300012 uur geleden

    I’ve never eaten Doritos with Salza weeeellll ive never eaten Doritos at all 🤨😂

  25. MadJamYT

    MadJamYT12 uur geleden

    1:43 This slide sure is crazy because a boy got decapitated there in the early 2010s.

  26. InsaneNebula 551

    InsaneNebula 55112 uur geleden



    ZHUAN YI GUEK12 uur geleden

    “ISIS good” -Chris

  28. MadJamYT

    MadJamYT12 uur geleden

    0:03 a boy once got decapitated on that slide so.............

  29. Vhon Antonio

    Vhon Antonio12 uur geleden

    9:04 and


    REX ROBINSON12 uur geleden

    Their reaction had me dying🤣! 6:18

  31. David Blackwell

    David Blackwell12 uur geleden


  32. Zainab Sarbast

    Zainab Sarbast12 uur geleden


  33. DinoPlays

    DinoPlays12 uur geleden

    Well I left a comment...

  34. Frost chaos

    Frost chaos12 uur geleden

    My dad has a nunchucks and a katana

  35. Karyle Noel Avenido

    Karyle Noel Avenido12 uur geleden

    There was a cake I think it was my birthday there was a spider man in the top i thought it was candy kept eating till I noticed it was a toy

  36. chandrika sanjeewani Patapilige

    chandrika sanjeewani Patapilige12 uur geleden

    they just go crazy lol 0.42

  37. Hunter Cashion

    Hunter Cashion12 uur geleden

    Bro the car with saw blades is five-o nine’s channel that dude is dope that video was sick to

  38. BINGO127

    BINGO12712 uur geleden

    Please play the new map

  39. Divya D

    Divya D12 uur geleden

    Who loves me beast

  40. Matthias Buysse

    Matthias Buysse12 uur geleden

    we never got to here what chris wanted to say on the end of the video.

  41. Raymundo Ruelas

    Raymundo Ruelas12 uur geleden

    Baley: it has to start with a u for sure Chris: uranass

  42. Lilibeth Sevilla

    Lilibeth Sevilla12 uur geleden


  43. Lucy Millar

    Lucy Millar12 uur geleden


  44. pdiddy09

    pdiddy0912 uur geleden

    Who Is steve??


    CASCADE GAMING13 uur geleden


  46. A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro

    A Fabulous Skylanders Spyro13 uur geleden

    What I wanna know is how they got Thor’s hammer from him, pretty sure man cuddles it like a teddy every night

  47. Jack Young

    Jack Young13 uur geleden

    I know we should switch to Metric

  48. Jet Jet

    Jet Jet13 uur geleden

    Oh God I Miss Jake the Viking

  49. Alex Awesome

    Alex Awesome13 uur geleden

    5:03 I went on that water slide when I was 9

  50. Jett Golfs

    Jett Golfs13 uur geleden

    I have th ps2 game Chris was talking about

  51. Gonslayer gamingyt

    Gonslayer gamingyt13 uur geleden


  52. adrian mendoza

    adrian mendoza13 uur geleden


  53. Seth Bartrop

    Seth Bartrop13 uur geleden

    Yoooo the one we’re the floor drops that’s around the corner to my house 😂😂

  54. TheSteelEagle123

    TheSteelEagle12313 uur geleden

    There drunk 🥴

  55. neon09 _ king09

    neon09 _ king0913 uur geleden

    2:03 ay look is the guy who win the 100k dollar is unspeakable

  56. Oliver Barabad

    Oliver Barabad13 uur geleden

    He’s made of spongy bob

  57. Coshe e

    Coshe e13 uur geleden

    Dream be like: my names clay and I like cat shit and to piss the bed

  58. Kazuma Saito

    Kazuma Saito13 uur geleden

    Imagine casually gaming then "Mr Beast Donated $5,000" xD

  59. Leo

    Leo13 uur geleden

    **Aokiji wants to know your location**

  60. Bodegrandyt9 creations And yoyosofa10 he’s friend

    Bodegrandyt9 creations And yoyosofa10 he’s friend13 uur geleden

    What is that

  61. TaLaL15 Nasser

    TaLaL15 Nasser13 uur geleden

    roof guy has that spongey bones and is built different sheesh 🥶🥶🥶 ...Read more

  62. V1vi0n

    V1vi0n13 uur geleden

    Im a box.

  63. GamoniQ Shorts

    GamoniQ Shorts13 uur geleden

    Subscribe to GamoniQ shorts

  64. Rishikesh Hindi Gaming

    Rishikesh Hindi Gaming13 uur geleden

    Who else got notification after 1year😂 watching the video after 1 year 😂

  65. shamsa malik

    shamsa malik13 uur geleden

    Why is Chris in every reaction

  66. Rasuli Rosli

    Rasuli Rosli14 uur geleden

    Is no one noticing that Chris just said Re Zero Season 2 coming out

  67. Elijah Ainslie

    Elijah Ainslie14 uur geleden

    me still waiting 2 yrs later for the Chandler breadstick vid

  68. Damarcus Thomas

    Damarcus Thomas14 uur geleden

    Who else.keep hearing ultra instinct music at some parts

  69. Be amazed Cat

    Be amazed Cat14 uur geleden

    1:21 its a car from czech

  70. Gabriel Padriga

    Gabriel Padriga14 uur geleden

    I wonder what Chris would say

  71. Ethan McDuffie

    Ethan McDuffie14 uur geleden

    Your watching airack in the start

  72. Bull_plaz

    Bull_plaz14 uur geleden

    mr beast watch unspeakable video

  73. Ella And Devin

    Ella And Devin14 uur geleden

    The New York cops are, especially there accents bro

  74. Adeel Ahmed

    Adeel Ahmed14 uur geleden


  75. Dim Gumera

    Dim Gumera14 uur geleden

    Who uses a high-pressured water hose to a cake!??!

  76. Ella And Devin

    Ella And Devin14 uur geleden

    I’m a cod gamer

  77. A Weird Thing

    A Weird Thing14 uur geleden

    Where do I get that 'love urself' shirt, I love it!

  78. Kaleb Zomchek

    Kaleb Zomchek14 uur geleden

    40 minutes in the red ring is from a Cap gun


    GAMING WITH NUHMAN15 uur geleden

    Yes i et a middle of a pineapple

  80. Jaxyn Lloyd

    Jaxyn Lloyd15 uur geleden

    Oh Ryan the bane my existence