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  1. Chris Moore

    Chris Moore23 uur geleden

    Ugh. This happens ALL THE TIME. And has forever. Its just that these, were filmed. Think about it. If you think this is rare, than you are part of the problem. The fact that this is presented as a "rarity", is frankly very cynical. To many of us, this is the norm. But that doesn't sell on CNN.

  2. GGGlider

    GGGlider23 uur geleden

    8:50 Tash Rabat can be completed using Task Rabbit. LOL 😂

  3. Ryzen is jacob

    Ryzen is jacob23 uur geleden

    Call of duty mobile players joining the army be like *Slide jump shot* *Jump shots* *Stabs someone with a glowstick* *Grabs out a chopper* Enemy's be like: Wait wot-

  4. Kayla Hedges

    Kayla Hedges23 uur geleden

    1:16 She's 100?! These people are so kind ❤️

  5. sophia j.a

    sophia j.a23 uur geleden

    Awwww humans are just so nice i have faith Oh the tears

  6. GGGlider

    GGGlider23 uur geleden

    5:33 the exterior was used for James Bond meeting with the general in Quantum of Solace back in 2008.

  7. GGGlider

    GGGlider23 uur geleden

    3:30 there are only two ways in and they race each other every day.

  8. Jay Oyer

    Jay Oyer23 uur geleden

    It hump him

  9. Stephanie Northup

    Stephanie Northup23 uur geleden

    How do you get out by digging down

  10. FishingWithCam

    FishingWithCam23 uur geleden

    Not a mustang

  11. Godzilla_hunter97

    Godzilla_hunter9723 uur geleden

    3:38 imagine doing this then getting a “no”

  12. bean plays ark

    bean plays ark23 uur geleden

    Ok some of them i shed a couple tears but the last one had me sobbing for an hour straight

  13. Toni Thompson

    Toni Thompson23 uur geleden

    We had a house fire and the stranger who kicked in our front door doesn't know they saved a cat who was stuck in the house. I am forever thankful to that unknown man

  14. Hypnotunez

    Hypnotunez23 uur geleden

    The turtle one isn’t exactly right, if it was trapped in wire or a man made object was threatening its life I’d say yeah sure save it but that tiger shark is still a living animal and it’s still got just as much of a right to eat as the turtle. If it’s in a location where the shark was an invasive species sure but like there’s no confirmed location in the clip so who knows. Sharks gotta eat yo.

  15. Godzillanguns_2

    Godzillanguns_223 uur geleden

    Why are the thumb nails always related to a barber shop or salon?

  16. [AP-Student] Adrian Miguel Rafallo

    [AP-Student] Adrian Miguel Rafallo23 uur geleden

    Nice Mustang ya got there

  17. Kevin Khalil Krøyer Knudsen

    Kevin Khalil Krøyer Knudsen23 uur geleden

    Random act of weirdness 😂

  18. Nathan Noble

    Nathan Noble23 uur geleden

    Im sorry but when he said mustang😂😂 i died as a car person that hurt to watch

  19. Rodolfo Martinez

    Rodolfo Martinez23 uur geleden


  20. Julio Sierra

    Julio SierraDag geleden

    1 lookes like rebirth island

  21. Sean Bailey

    Sean BaileyDag geleden

    Lol that mustang is a challenger 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

  22. Jay and Alex

    Jay and AlexDag geleden

    did my guy rly just said mustang

  23. The Custom Channel

    The Custom ChannelDag geleden

    Wait guys that challenger identifys as a mustang

  24. dannysconspiracy's

    dannysconspiracy'sDag geleden

    Chihuahua should be illegal

  25. oskar gudjonsson

    oskar gudjonssonDag geleden

    A mustang lmfao this dude cant tell the difference between a ford and a dodge

  26. Jerome Taperman

    Jerome TapermanDag geleden

    Poor shark went hungry.

  27. KY Fishing Kid

    KY Fishing KidDag geleden

    btw youre outro was cut off

  28. The Rivals

    The RivalsDag geleden

    Random acts of kindness are something no one expects rewards from, yet one day someone returning the favour- Princess Diana.

  29. Genevieve Burtt

    Genevieve BurttDag geleden

    I’m about to cry, he said that old woman lived only three years after, and the poor cat was probably sad 😞

  30. Tuftsedge1

    Tuftsedge1Dag geleden


  31. AR Imran

    AR ImranDag geleden

    Awesome one

  32. Serge Sam

    Serge SamDag geleden

    1,8 K dislike ? Who are those stupid people with no heart..

  33. Αкαяι

    ΑкαяιDag geleden

    I am in Australia :>

  34. Sir Whitemeat

    Sir WhitemeatDag geleden

    make sure to...

  35. cp3lit

    cp3litDag geleden

    its a challernger not a mustang d

  36. William Hunt

    William HuntDag geleden

    Operation rules = rules of the road.

  37. Chloe Xie

    Chloe XieDag geleden

    Poor turtle :(

  38. Anabelle Ogonek

    Anabelle OgonekDag geleden

    does anyone else get scared from the person who is talking i do

  39. Lana

    LanaDag geleden

    'But taking the cases we told you about today in consideration, humans are able to slow down and even stop this process.' These individual humans are heroes. However, mankind as a species is a curse to the rest of the world. Some of these heroic actions would not have been necessary in the first place if mankind would not go around leaving rubbish, fishing nets, degraded soil, and greenhouse gases in their wake. It is very tempting to take heroes like the ones seen in this video, and say that because of them, mankind can be proud of itself. For that, the number of heroes is too small, and the damage done by industrialisation, capitalism, and carnism is waaaay too big. If we want to slow down and stop the process of this mass extinction, are going to need some really fundamental system changes real quick, and we are going to need not just some individuals, but rather every single human being (at least the ones that live in industrialised societies, because it is also them who contribute disproportionately to the decline of nature), their governments, and big corporations to do what they can.

  40. Mushy Peeps

    Mushy PeepsDag geleden

    6:45 yeah bro love the mustang. Definitely not a Dodge Challenger

  41. Felicia Bullington

    Felicia BullingtonDag geleden

    The thumbnail is a beak taped on

  42. Shan Rez

    Shan RezDag geleden

    Challenge try not to cry

  43. froladee

    froladeeDag geleden

    I didn't know it was possible to overdose on goosebumps and tears 😭🤗

  44. Red reaper Everland

    Red reaper EverlandDag geleden

    The dangerous no filter thing I have a one

  45. K Z

    K ZDag geleden

    He said a Mustang!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

  46. Christina Andujar

    Christina AndujarDag geleden

    this is like a ultimate try not to cry challenge

  47. Mike Epperson

    Mike EppersonDag geleden

    That’s one rectangular mustang 😂

  48. Max Crafter [Π]

    Max Crafter [Π]Dag geleden

    *8:29* This Is Fake...

  49. Nisa

    NisaDag geleden


  50. Jairus Hasta

    Jairus HastaDag geleden

    This video is making me think about switching to vegetarianism.

  51. Andrew Yacos

    Andrew YacosDag geleden

    God bless.

  52. Toufic Jammoul

    Toufic JammoulDag geleden

    Lol always comparing with big cats to give your video excitement, canceling out the weight difference, bite force, weapons arsenal, and most importantly attitude and life style. there's actually no dog can take down or even match or fight a lion or a tiger, the heaviest dog is around 110 kg, while the female lion which is weaker than the male, around 200kg rather the male which can weigh up to 370kg, rather than the tiger which can weigh up to 470kg, almost half a ton, which is x4 of the heaviest most powerful dog, rather than the agility, sharp claws and powerful muscles and hunting techniques, where this tiger or lion sees this dog as meal, if the lion was scared of the dog he would've been scared from hyenas which have much more powerful bite than the dog. please stop comparing canines to big cats... I'm sick of those videos..

  53. Hailey Richman

    Hailey RichmanDag geleden


  54. Faizon Shows

    Faizon ShowsDag geleden


  55. ganznoob

    ganznoobDag geleden

    Hey! You scrolling through the comments. Yeah! You. I don't know you and you don't know me but I just want you to know that you are loved. I don't need a like or anything like that. Just know you are loved. God bless you and have a nice day. :)

  56. Car z 101

    Car z 101Dag geleden

    8:25 is fake. Proof: 1: His reflection didn't show in the driver's window 2: The driver wasn't concerned at all and did not do anything weird.


    ANTHONY DIACODag geleden

    You probably wanted to see this on 6:02

  58. The Boneses

    The BonesesDag geleden




    Some ppl come here bc of the fxcking thumbnail

  60. Gerard Davis

    Gerard DavisDag geleden

    Great video, inspiring

  61. Imposter Gaming

    Imposter GamingDag geleden

    Parents: we got you a mustang Him: A mustang? Him: Thanks so much!!

  62. Dedra Ross

    Dedra RossDag geleden


  63. TEJ Jensen

    TEJ JensenDag geleden

    I've never been near that Hope diamond. How the hell can it hit me at such a great distance?

  64. David Thomas

    David ThomasDag geleden

    Cars that should be “banned” - whoever uploaded this video is an utter sissy.

  65. Cheyenne Kirksey

    Cheyenne KirkseyDag geleden

    I hope I'll always be lucky

  66. Rui Maretu

    Rui MaretuDag geleden

    That part when those men gave that grandma that cake almost teared me up huhuh😭😭

  67. ㄒ卄乇 乃ㄥ卂匚Ҝ 乇几ㄒ丨ㄒㄚ

    ㄒ卄乇 乃ㄥ卂匚Ҝ 乇几ㄒ丨ㄒㄚDag geleden

    save???, WYDM SAVE!!!! that guy just cut the wire then just threw cub??? nah nah nah that's not saving 3:22

  68. Paxus

    PaxusDag geleden

    9 years in prison for helping a deer out of the river!

  69. The Frat Twins Kenan and Zekai

    The Frat Twins Kenan and ZekaiDag geleden

    3:25 lol that throw

  70. Bitoyski Val

    Bitoyski ValDag geleden


  71. pat murphy

    pat murphyDag geleden

    the wolf just want as much food as possible

  72. The Wolf

    The WolfDag geleden

    When you realize the show wasn't about Elites it was about ads

  73. Tom Gray

    Tom GrayDag geleden

    There was a video of a koala going up to a guy with a bottle of water and begging a drink.

  74. The Wolf

    The WolfDag geleden

    Love how he said thanks for watching but forgot to mention thanks for watching all my ads

  75. Brain of Nothingness

    Brain of NothingnessDag geleden

    9:04 licking the hands of a MAN who became his new MOM

  76. The Wolf

    The WolfDag geleden

    I feel like I'm special Elite now since I watch all these ads woohoo special Elite Training ADS!!!!!****

  77. The Wolf

    The WolfDag geleden

    Bro really that many ads you need to stop

  78. Aclass

    AclassDag geleden

    nobody: me and the car people when he said he got a mustang even-though it is a doge challenger: you good bro?



    White people are soo kind

  80. Ishax Amry

    Ishax AmryDag geleden

    I gave ur child my flag then u must vote me then..