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Fear Pong Blind Date Marathon!
  1. wVw weekend Video watch 2021

    wVw weekend Video watch 202144 minuten geleden

    I imagine that after we die it's nothingness. no more body, organs, nerves, heart or mind to feel anymore pain. It also seems like wealthy people are living in heaven everyday... and that wealthy people most likely invented our fantsay heaven for us poor people to keep us all happy without the need for $$$ and many wars are to protect the wealthy elite and their assets. usually its the most powerful we serve to protect. life can really suck when the horrible people get away with inflicting suffering on others.

  2. negao360

    negao36046 minuten geleden

    I bought everybody I know one for xmas and literally feel sad when I use a toilet that doesn't have one. Changed my life, and spared my underwear much sorrow.

  3. iSpellKatt

    iSpellKatt48 minuten geleden

    imagine calling up all your hookups for this 😂

  4. beowyrt

    beowyrt49 minuten geleden

    that girl who said she was projecting her own insecurities, i think she's insecure of being asian & considers it unattractive. she put asians at the bottom even when they were stunning af to everyone else, she said she likes white boys, and rated all the asians weirdly

  5. Jasmin Meraz

    Jasmin Meraz50 minuten geleden

    Are you sure is a real but

  6. Giulia Baleiro

    Giulia Baleiro54 minuten geleden

    One day I’ll be as intelligent as her:)

  7. misheel dolguun

    misheel dolguun54 minuten geleden

    she's adorable

  8. Anderson Borges

    Anderson Borges56 minuten geleden

    This video is a masterpiece!

  9. Sizzle Mhm

    Sizzle Mhm58 minuten geleden

    I need more of them

  10. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad UsmanUur geleden

    Islam not allowed to married with same sex .. The Muslims in the video not representing Islamic perspectives.....

  11. M L

    M LUur geleden

    The girl from the Congo is hot af

  12. hi lol

    hi lolUur geleden

    the kid with the “chill” shirt is so adorable

  13. bebebear

    bebebearUur geleden

    aww theyre cute

  14. maddie maryanne

    maddie maryanneUur geleden

    I'm so happy you got skinny, medium an chubby all in one video .soooo beautiful 🥰🖤

  15. Mouad Chaiabi

    Mouad ChaiabiUur geleden

    All countries: sex, respect your elders, bodily functions and fluids Malaysia: DoNt EaT aNtS!

  16. Victor 504

    Victor 504Uur geleden

    George Harrison is that you mate?

  17. Aryeana Renteria

    Aryeana RenteriaUur geleden

    Can’t tell you how happy I am to be seeing these videos again. :)

  18. Piķächůcųte 1996

    Piķächůcųte 1996Uur geleden

    This is more like hearing 100 people say MWAH

  19. Sara

    SaraUur geleden


  20. Julian Flores

    Julian FloresUur geleden

    garantizar la seguridad colectiva, asegurar la cooperación funcional y ejecutar los mandatos de los tratados de paz.

  21. acuriousravenclaw

    acuriousravenclawUur geleden

    the little blonde girl in the purple shirt was genuinely enjoying this. btw, why do most of these kids look 5 years old??

  22. GLO Dizzyy

    GLO DizzyyUur geleden

    Not me simping over ilah every single cut video she’s in

  23. Garrison Fjord

    Garrison FjordUur geleden

    Party pooper! I fucking love it.

  24. Lima Bean

    Lima BeanUur geleden

    They r so cute together omgggg I hope it works out. The other video was a disaster glad this actually worked out 😂

  25. Midari

    MidariUur geleden

    The kissing atuff makes my so uncomfy XD

  26. meagan noelle

    meagan noelleUur geleden

    i’m gunna say something that may seem controversial but i think it’s important to say. not everyone is equally tall, but society accepts that’s statement because we haven’t put value in height. not everyone is equally skinny or fat, but people accept that statement because value doesn’t come from that. but if anyone were to say that not everyone is equally beautiful, our culture would be appalled at that statement because somehow, over time value has been placed into beauty. that’s why we feel the need to say things like “everyone is equally beautiful just the way they are” when we see someone who maybe doesn’t look like a runway model. i’m gunna say this but hear me out, i believe that not everyone is equally beautiful but that is not what matters. what matters is our value and no matter how beautiful or ugly someone is, they share the same value. madison beer is just as valuable as someone who may not have the perfect snatched nose and hourglass form. i think beauty is so talked about nowadays as what value is but that’s not the reality. you may not be as pretty as kendal jenner BUT THATS OKAY!! cuz newsflash!!! that doesn’t matter!!! what matters is your value and no matter what, you will always be just as valuable as kendal jenner. no matter how many awards she’s won (idrk), you still share the same value i hope someone can see where i’m coming from with this!! edit: i feel like a small step we can take to change this if people agree is telling people their value. bc people say it’s not on the outside that matters, but if we’re all equally beautiful then why say that? i just think our value is unchangeable and we should focus on that more.

  27. Maria Palacios

    Maria PalaciosUur geleden

    if yall make a how teens spend 100 COUNT ME IN:)HAHAH

  28. stavibag

    stavibagUur geleden

    11:07 ur not are skopje but whatever....i will just pass


    MAYA GUADARRAMAUur geleden

    They look so adorable together!

  30. MysMiranda M.

    MysMiranda M.Uur geleden

    I want more of this

  31. Ayse kalem

    Ayse kalemUur geleden

    3:14 i cried man- it hit a little deeper than i wanted it to

  32. Christian Robles

    Christian RoblesUur geleden

    I cant believe they are now getting married!!

  33. cassie vest

    cassie vestUur geleden

    I heard “ I didn’t get out of pelican bay” and my heart stopped because that’s in my home town

  34. Dolly Yams

    Dolly YamsUur geleden

    Carter is such a vibe

  35. HyperPanzer

    HyperPanzerUur geleden

    Hot Take: preferred pronouns are stupid. People who but them in bios are stupid.

  36. manav40181

    manav40181Uur geleden

    Yall need some new people. How many more videos are going to feature Ilah? Love Carter! Neat video overall.

  37. Angie Baptiste

    Angie BaptisteUur geleden

    Did you hear how ready she was when it came to the nose ring comment? She was ready to jump down his throat.

  38. Haddon James

    Haddon JamesUur geleden

    Lol let’s be honest they obviously remove stuff they REALLY don’t want the other person seeing before this all goes down and gets filmed...

  39. Melanie Vazquez

    Melanie VazquezUur geleden

    “I look like a mom 6”

  40. Angie Baptiste

    Angie BaptisteUur geleden

    They violated sending those text messages!! 😂😂

  41. Broken Crayon

    Broken CrayonUur geleden

    Please I love her laugh so much

  42. Hannah Cockcroft

    Hannah CockcroftUur geleden

    I've got b.i.i phobia ahaggahnnnj I'm scared of everything

  43. bubblyrobi

    bubblyrobiUur geleden

    lmfaooo I got second hand embarrassment for purple pants, he handled that terribly...

  44. J Janceski

    J JanceskiUur geleden

    She clearly had a issue w her top.

  45. Victor Camargo

    Victor CamargoUur geleden

    The black girl sounds like Meegan from key and peels 😭😭

  46. Taraneh Bazyari

    Taraneh BazyariUur geleden

    the literal opposites

  47. Tommy Kai

    Tommy KaiUur geleden

    Just saying....I agree with the lesbian sex comment 😇

  48. Figge Berglund

    Figge BerglundUur geleden

    ”married to a transgender” 🤔 He doesn’t look like a far left activist.

  49. Illyanna Atkins

    Illyanna AtkinsUur geleden

    Two minutes in and I loveeeeee this video

  50. The Gaming Cat

    The Gaming CatUur geleden

    I have globophobia(fear of balloons) and Acrophobia(fear of heights)

  51. Eamon Giles-McCreary

    Eamon Giles-McCrearyUur geleden

    omg their child would be so beautiful

  52. Evita Khach

    Evita KhachUur geleden

    Omg Im so shy I would NOT have the guts to do this. All three people so beautiful and brave ❤️

  53. Fio Ehrismann

    Fio EhrismannUur geleden

    BRO THEY ARE SO CUTE. best one of these yet

  54. YungMan

    YungManUur geleden

    Racism Exists Shut up and Deal with it.

  55. D. Sebastián Núñez

    D. Sebastián NúñezUur geleden

    Both of them like Esperanza Spalding, thats so cool, in a world where all young people seem to only like trap and reggeton. Cool that he goes first for the music, I'd do the same, it is a very important thing.


    JAZLEEN SUur geleden

    The picture at the end my heart 🥺

  57. YungMan

    YungManUur geleden

    Solution to Racism: *don’t bring up racism*

  58. Micha Marcantel

    Micha MarcantelUur geleden

    I identify with Carter so much. Especially when they said that when they stated losing weight, they felt they were also "losing" a part of them. I've always been the "fat girl". That's always been the first thing people notice about me. Like they said, how could they not? When you're the biggest person in the room, it's hard to not want to hide. When I started losing a lot of weight, I actually felt worse than I did before. Because it literally felt like I just didn't know who I was anymore. I already had a hard enough time recognizing myself in the mirror, and then it felt like I was trying to be someone I wasn't. Ik this is a long comment, but it feels good to hear someone speak the same things I've been thinking for years. This video was really needed. Thanks Cut. More sensitive/personal content like this please.

  59. Ellie B.

    Ellie B.Uur geleden


  60. Azalia Salas

    Azalia SalasUur geleden

    sorry but the women on the seat were just rude to the lady in the pink. like appliances okay I understand but vacation? you chose to have kids the woman with no bottom teeth didn't choose that???

  61. Adrianna R

    Adrianna RUur geleden

    shes soooo charming

  62. Adreus Grace

    Adreus GraceUur geleden

    is the boy gay

  63. Lucia Isdale

    Lucia IsdaleUur geleden

    LOL Kyle gives himself 50 bucks Girl gets stuff on amazon

  64. YdaPhuck __ YouLyin?

    YdaPhuck __ YouLyin?Uur geleden

    Ohh I could never

  65. Emilia

    EmiliaUur geleden

    "Well, i'm for immigration, my boyfriend is an immigrant so" Damn ok

  66. Marius Malus

    Marius Malus2 uur geleden

    Loved this. It was a beautiful train wreck.

  67. Panda Sunflower

    Panda Sunflower2 uur geleden

    That little girl black girl sounded like the Sims language

  68. Kai Wesley

    Kai Wesley2 uur geleden

    Dangggg carter looks so different, and in an amazing way

  69. Shelby Roe

    Shelby Roe2 uur geleden

    The cat-squid thing I'm pretty sure its an "octopussy"

  70. AJ Styles

    AJ Styles2 uur geleden

    That brace teeth woman proved people can lie lol

  71. * yindragon *

    * yindragon *2 uur geleden

    This is so beautiful!! I love seeing people love themselves <333

  72. Jenna Thornton

    Jenna Thornton2 uur geleden

    Carter!!!! So glad to see them in a video again!

  73. Jumica

    Jumica2 uur geleden

    People who said they didn't wanna change anything gave me a little confidence boost :)

  74. StonesAndSand

    StonesAndSand2 uur geleden

    I think Tommy Chong should have been the host.

  75. Woahdanijah

    Woahdanijah2 uur geleden

    I wanna go on a blind date now .. 😭

  76. CarsClub

    CarsClub2 uur geleden

    Palestine 😍

  77. StonesAndSand

    StonesAndSand2 uur geleden

    July 10, 2020...this 54 year-old grandpa smoked his first J. Believe me, this video is the honest truth!

  78. hiram zambrana

    hiram zambrana2 uur geleden

    You should bring OLD CELEBRITIES who never show up on tv! BIG GAME

  79. 20key

    20key2 uur geleden

    5:00 Who's gonna tell her?

  80. Gabrielle Lynch

    Gabrielle Lynch2 uur geleden

    They look so cute together 😢😻💕💖