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  1. Beanta De silva

    Beanta De silva21 uur geleden

    Redbull River runes

  2. james mac

    james mac21 uur geleden

    Ive got a bone in my foot

  3. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon22 uur geleden

    you can't go around a corner it the pressure is lifted of of the front wheels.. anyway good fun..

  4. Freddy Stokes

    Freddy Stokes22 uur geleden

    Is it fair to use the aerodynamic assist in this world record? It seems like a significant advantage that deviates from normal speed skating equipment

  5. Nico

    Nico22 uur geleden

    *Casually takes a sip of Redbull*

  6. miguel Altamirano

    miguel Altamirano22 uur geleden

    Kamaz hello argentina


    DANIL DANILOV22 uur geleden

    can you imagine you have cycle for money in New York for money? Awesome!!!

  8. dark

    dark23 uur geleden

    What he is speaking is trying to sound German And it is annoying me

  9. RC Ritter FPV

    RC Ritter FPV23 uur geleden

    Gloves... how are these people not wearing gloves?

  10. Harju Markus

    Harju Markus23 uur geleden

    And the one time when the rope goes "SNAP" and there u go...

  11. Harry Blox

    Harry Blox23 uur geleden

    I don't know which one was crazier. Both have screws loose.

  12. dasPedal27

    dasPedal2723 uur geleden

    all the cringe shitty and really lame delivery service jokes! gay! and boring! i got a really good one but you just copy it and get credits for it. haha fail!

  13. Danny Dolan

    Danny Dolan23 uur geleden

    This is the perfect antidote to quarantine blues

  14. Vijay Kumar Sharma

    Vijay Kumar Sharma23 uur geleden

    Awesome bro

  15. Kirollos Ghaly

    Kirollos Ghaly23 uur geleden

    She passed the ball to her opponent😂 1:01

  16. Sufyan Farid

    Sufyan FaridDag geleden

    Lol dakar in Urdu means burp (belch). To me this truck name is kamaz T4 burp truck.

  17. cua

    cuaDag geleden

    equal pay, equal play

  18. Hity Design

    Hity DesignDag geleden

    Wow 😂😂😂👍👍👍

  19. Pickarius

    PickariusDag geleden

    I love that they do comedy rather than Winning...for me they won by being funny...

  20. Sebastian müller

    Sebastian müllerDag geleden

    Alter ihr habt nicht wirklich einem F1 Wagen Schneeketten verprasst???? LOOOOLLL

  21. Mologna

    MolognaDag geleden


  22. DENIS cruz

    DENIS cruzDag geleden


  23. Wei-Jhih Huang

    Wei-Jhih HuangDag geleden

    5:07 is awesome !!

  24. Pickarius

    PickariusDag geleden

    Engineering MARVEL! ahhaahh I love this Comedy🤣😂😂😂

  25. Pickarius

    PickariusDag geleden

    I seriously love the Commentry "Its splits in Two ,But can they keep it Together?"🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂 look at t he cart lol


    JAYA SUDHADag geleden

    What cricket stocks

  27. Abdulrahman Alalawi

    Abdulrahman AlalawiDag geleden

    Wow, creativity in you.

  28. Audit Smiths

    Audit SmithsDag geleden

    An alternate title Jesper playing Shredsauce

  29. Ian Crasta

    Ian CrastaDag geleden

    Massive respect

  30. Vodka Man

    Vodka ManDag geleden

    As expected from engineers 🤣🤣they got suspension setup🤣🤣🤣

  31. Cristhian javier Honores romero

    Cristhian javier Honores romeroDag geleden

    Hahahahahaha brasilian

  32. Mercy Shaver

    Mercy ShaverDag geleden

    What a great tribe.

  33. Derail07

    Derail07Dag geleden

    I don't think you put enough ads on this video....

  34. Martin Angelo Estrada

    Martin Angelo EstradaDag geleden


  35. TheDevon80

    TheDevon80Dag geleden

    @4:42 WTF! i can't imagine to cut loose completely with so much air beneath!

  36. TheDevon80

    TheDevon80Dag geleden

    Janja is just out of this world!

  37. TurPauk

    TurPaukDag geleden

    To me the majority is a success not a disaster. People are entertained and that's the main point.

  38. Paulo

    PauloDag geleden

    Felix is alright, but his record was broken by a Google vice president in his late 50s who was bored with life lol

  39. Kate Doran

    Kate DoranDag geleden

    what is the point

  40. Romarciney Torres

    Romarciney TorresDag geleden

    Esta corrida é da hora.

  41. Yunkai Cui

    Yunkai CuiDag geleden

    Wow, he just look like alexandra daddario

  42. Travel TV

    Travel TVDag geleden

    Россия - вперёд!

  43. Mark Qball

    Mark QballDag geleden

    Clifton hill Niagara falls ontario. Do an event there !

  44. Heidi Emanuel

    Heidi EmanuelDag geleden


  45. Dark Hunter

    Dark HunterDag geleden

    name of the second scorer

  46. raha1277

    raha1277Dag geleden

    awesome but you couldn’t put MPH also for context



    2 true bad asses.. I've never seen anything like this.. I'm not scared of heights.. But I'd be puking after about 30 ft on the side of this thing.. no way !!!! would stroked out !!!!

  48. Ray Channel

    Ray ChannelDag geleden

    How do these people not understand they need to test their soapbox?

  49. Saad Bhatti

    Saad BhattiDag geleden


  50. Fredkn 3345

    Fredkn 3345Dag geleden

    The iconic ‘aaaaahhhhh he’s gone’

  51. Woodard Hale

    Woodard HaleDag geleden

    Very happy 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  52. Sans The Skeleton

    Sans The SkeletonDag geleden

    im here, just waiting for another livestream soapbox race.

  53. BighomieJ5x -

    BighomieJ5x -Dag geleden

    So what's the speed record without that front shield 🤷🏾‍♂️

  54. Sparka J

    Sparka JDag geleden

    How stupid. Thats the same thing as "pay2win" Records should only be set when its fair to all. I cant get all those advantages, so you stole the record from me. There should be an * beside that

  55. Samuel Sanchith

    Samuel SanchithDag geleden

    explain the checo joke

  56. chupakus

    chupakusDag geleden

    this should be an international, multi-stages event across different countries. I'm sure there are quite a few +300m decommissioned chimneys (at least in Europe...)

  57. mr giraffe

    mr giraffeDag geleden

    Mr giraffe the king of America approves this video

  58. Mr Lowe

    Mr LoweDag geleden

    Takes Weeks To Build, Seconds To Break 🤣 I love it 😍

  59. James Bruce

    James BruceDag geleden


  60. Clinton Halunajan

    Clinton HalunajanDag geleden

    Next Video: Best and "INNOVATIVE" SOAPBOX CAR Design

  61. Clinton Halunajan

    Clinton HalunajanDag geleden

    Youll never needed Until they Showed this

  62. Freddie Goodberry

    Freddie GoodberryDag geleden

    please may i have a shoutout

  63. Lambo Gang

    Lambo GangDag geleden

    Nice trucks are there

  64. 박현정

    박현정Dag geleden


  65. OneEighth Irish

    OneEighth IrishDag geleden

    Its true I didnt know I needed this

  66. Number 9

    Number 9Dag geleden

    Waar was de auto voor? Voor de slipstream ofzo? Where was the car for? For the slipstream or something?

  67. Number 9

    Number 9Dag geleden


  68. DeezNutsInYourMouth

    DeezNutsInYourMouthDag geleden

    😍 wow, skilled, beautiful, succesful and still humble. What a cool cat.

  69. RaixuPokemon PikaPika

    RaixuPokemon PikaPikaDag geleden

    that's how redbull known for the platform for all hidden athletes in the world✌✌✌✌

  70. Yakamura Chen Abacar

    Yakamura Chen AbacarDag geleden

    Red Bull Makes You Fly(saying it before I watch it)

  71. mutherfocker

    mutherfockerDag geleden

    Такую ебанутую жесть можно сотворить только на территории России

  72. My Goals

    My GoalsDag geleden

    My goals

  73. Tyler Bream

    Tyler BreamDag geleden

    Doesn’t the wind tunnel created by the vehicle pull him along? Just like drafting? Still impressive but could he go that fast without a vehicle “pulling” him along

  74. •_

    •_Dag geleden

    If you enjoyed this check out an old bloke named Fred Dibnah. His career was spent climbing chimneys to repair or demolish. He did it all without safety gear. Would even have a brew or two during the workday. A real chap that guy.