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I Opened A FAKE Starbucks
I ARRESTED My Best Friend
I Opened A FAKE McDonalds

I Opened A FAKE McDonalds

7 maanden geleden

Fake Employee PRANK At McDonalds
  1. Iw 003

    Iw 0036 uur geleden

    "carphone .....ummmm schmucks " had me dead lmfao

  2. Liam Gorsden

    Liam Gorsden6 uur geleden

    6:08 that aged well

  3. Josiea

    Josiea6 uur geleden

    Nikko is a savageeee💀💀

  4. Nolan Walllace

    Nolan Walllace6 uur geleden

    Lol who’s watching on April 19th aka (today)

  5. Gamers RISING

    Gamers RISING6 uur geleden

    “We have won the battle but the struggle continues”-A communist

  6. Kyzerii

    Kyzerii6 uur geleden

    yeah man we need neeko for mayor

  7. Ahmad Jamal

    Ahmad Jamal6 uur geleden

    i hated callux for saying " love you NIKO". mans a snake

  8. Shinji Kido

    Shinji Kido6 uur geleden

    No One: Niko: *Wear Kid Glasses*

  9. Jamie Pincombe

    Jamie Pincombe6 uur geleden

    Was that even a real interview

  10. Izzy G

    Izzy G6 uur geleden

    Lol I love how are you tell Boris Johnson to shush

  11. Shaquille

    Shaquille6 uur geleden

    You legend you actually did it.

  12. Suckyourmom My guy

    Suckyourmom My guy6 uur geleden

    This guy is a genius

  13. Sarah B

    Sarah B6 uur geleden

    Incredibly stupid.

  14. KudzieM Nyoni

    KudzieM Nyoni6 uur geleden

    Guess what? I'm hungry right now

  15. Nova 789

    Nova 7896 uur geleden

    British KAREN

  16. O

    O6 uur geleden


  17. Vega 1872

    Vega 18726 uur geleden

    the girl in the thumbnail is a karen probably

  18. O

    O6 uur geleden


  19. WyattW! [OFFICIAL]

    WyattW! [OFFICIAL]6 uur geleden

    Imagine if one day, you need your car washed and when you go to this one, it gets turned into an elite fake Starbucks.

  20. Michael Scarn

    Michael Scarn6 uur geleden

    He’ll never get in I’m sorry as much as I’d like him to there’s just too many boomers who won’t vote for him

  21. Money Was Made Money Was Lost

    Money Was Made Money Was Lost6 uur geleden


  22. YesImKool

    YesImKool6 uur geleden

    such a wholesome video but funny

  23. DBG ! GBD

    DBG ! GBD6 uur geleden

    *1 like = 1 vote* According to my calculations u got 420k votes and damn is it funny

  24. Thomas Hobson

    Thomas Hobson6 uur geleden


  25. Umm

    Umm6 uur geleden

    I hate how he's acting he's like"OH FOR UR DAUGHTER"

  26. Penguin Tech

    Penguin Tech6 uur geleden

    yuripoosi 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 NOICE

  27. Nisarg Patel

    Nisarg Patel6 uur geleden

    Stands outside of bbc for hours for an interview...*that he hasnt prepared for*

  28. Patrick stars Best mate

    Patrick stars Best mate6 uur geleden

    Is all the media watching niko’s videos BBC LONDON HAVE COMMENTED AND NLpush THIS MAN WILL BE Mayor


    SADIP SATTAR6 uur geleden


  30. MystiKit

    MystiKit6 uur geleden

    no lie that same guy drew me my brother and my sister lol are u in the bronxx

  31. RJ Burke

    RJ Burke6 uur geleden


  32. Angel56 Aldas56

    Angel56 Aldas566 uur geleden

    Lessgo 420k likes

  33. The Guy

    The Guy6 uur geleden

    this man literally trolled london godamm🤯🤣

  34. Achiel

    Achiel6 uur geleden

    lets go 420k likes

  35. Itz Junior

    Itz Junior6 uur geleden

    “They all thought their bbc was bigger then mine” 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Puneet Pandeti

    Puneet Pandeti6 uur geleden

    Lad actually hit 1m likes

  37. Marcus Batak

    Marcus Batak6 uur geleden

    420.669 likes LET ME HEAR YOU SAY NICE!!!!!!!

  38. Jagoda Michalska

    Jagoda Michalska6 uur geleden

    5:47 the music killed me😭😭😭😭

  39. alshaairpro

    alshaairpro6 uur geleden

    Vote Niko!

  40. FlightReacts

    FlightReacts6 uur geleden

    1 million likes, damn

  41. Toxic Ben

    Toxic Ben6 uur geleden

    I was in y7 when he filmed this 😂 so relatable

  42. Sheluvs Julian

    Sheluvs Julian6 uur geleden

    he really hit 1m 😭

  43. Delta Designs

    Delta Designs6 uur geleden

    420 Thousand Likes!!?!?

  44. Yeti Z

    Yeti Z6 uur geleden

    Checking in at 42k

  45. Bear Gaming2030

    Bear Gaming20306 uur geleden

    That my mates mum at the end of the video wtf 😂

  46. ItsFaX

    ItsFaX6 uur geleden

    It’s one million now

  47. Ms Harmony

    Ms Harmony6 uur geleden

    ok now we are taking it seriously😁😎

  48. Beast

    Beast7 uur geleden


  49. Random Raul

    Random Raul7 uur geleden

    Wish I was old enough to vote

  50. liz M

    liz M7 uur geleden

    Y'all just love to mess shit up for people

  51. matthew almond

    matthew almond7 uur geleden

    We'll be at 420k likes soon boys. Let's give it another big push lads

  52. Universal Warlock

    Universal Warlock7 uur geleden


  53. Abdalla Mustafe

    Abdalla Mustafe7 uur geleden

    I just can't believe how much stories this man will be able to tell his grandchildren

  54. SycoLOL

    SycoLOL7 uur geleden

    Niko 2021: “ bojo shuuush”

  55. muffin cat

    muffin cat7 uur geleden

    plus Jimmy Donaldson ( aka mrbeast ) is more likely to be priministor than u

  56. Kasper Mn

    Kasper Mn7 uur geleden

    Now this is even better then MrBeast

  57. The Red Sparrow

    The Red Sparrow7 uur geleden


  58. Венцислав Славчев

    Венцислав Славчев7 uur geleden

    Lidle in the background

  59. Universal Warlock

    Universal Warlock7 uur geleden

    Imagine if he actually becomes mayor

  60. Mini Bonzo

    Mini Bonzo7 uur geleden

    Max fosh has better policies so he will probably get more votes but im worried that having utoobers in this will screw the results and mean that there wont be a fair result 😔 it is important who wins

  61. Jonathan Mankovsky Hult

    Jonathan Mankovsky Hult7 uur geleden

    Lmao it has 1 million like

  62. LUMiNOUS

    LUMiNOUS7 uur geleden

    Anyone gonna talk about count binface

  63. I Am Proto

    I Am Proto7 uur geleden

    ur gay

  64. I Am Proto

    I Am Proto7 uur geleden


  65. I Am Proto

    I Am Proto7 uur geleden


  66. R e v e n g e

    R e v e n g e7 uur geleden

    I love during the meeting with BBC he's says he was Knowledge, Strength and Integrity referreing to KSI

  67. I Am Proto

    I Am Proto7 uur geleden


  68. OM4DO

    OM4DO7 uur geleden

    8th on trending come on Niko

  69. muffin cat

    muffin cat7 uur geleden

    NDL backwards aint LDN its ˥ᗡN

  70. Interstellar

    Interstellar7 uur geleden

    Every one of us has sinned against God. We’ve lied, we’ve stolen, we’ve sinned sexually, and we’ve taken His name in vain; which makes us liars, thieves, fornicators and blasphemers ... Yet this is only four of our many transgressions . The problem is, we can never ‘outweigh’ our sin with good works because God is perfect in Holiness, meaning his standard is beyond our reach. He is also perfect in Justice, meaning, he will bring EVERY sin to light. The punishment for our sin is death, and Hell; a place of Eternal Fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth . Fortunately God is also perfect in Love, so 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ left his throne in heaven and came to this earth. While here, he lived a perfectly righteous life, only to take the punishment that We deserved; Our sinless creator became Our sin, and endured a gruesome death on a cross for our sake . Right before he died, he said ‘it is finished’ .. meaning, the debt for our sins has been paid in full. And on the third day, he defeated death and rose from the grave. So now, we can go free from the wrath of God’s judgement not by earning it, but rather, as a free gift of grace .. Except gifts can be either accepted or rejected. So this is what you must do in response ; Humbly admit to God that you have sinned against him. Then, confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, Your savior, and the ruler of your life from this moment forward ( Romans 10:9 ) . Do these things, and you will be saved . If you do so sincerely, God will grant you a new heart which no longer finds comfort in sin, but instead desires to read and obey his word. He will also grant you Eternal life in his presence; The greatest pleasure on earth doesn’t even come close to what God is preparing for believers in the afterlife . You’ve been informed ; Now the choice is yours. What you do with this information will determine where you will be for ETERNITY.. Meaning, this is the single most critical decision you will EVER make; And all of us here, whether believer or atheist, know deep down that every last word here is true . Jesus Christ awaits YOU this very moment. Do not put off surrendering your life to him, because your tomorrow isn’t guaranteed... and as it is written ( Hebrews 9 : 27 ) ; ‘It is appointed unto man ONCE to die, but after this, THE JUDGMENT’ .

  71. M

    M7 uur geleden

    these people are so dumb it’s scary😂😂😂

  72. ItsJust Ibby

    ItsJust Ibby7 uur geleden

    No one talking about Count Binface huh

  73. Weirdo Ha 2

    Weirdo Ha 27 uur geleden

    This is 8 on trending in my country and now im apart of the NDL, and I'm not complaining.

  74. Seb wilcox

    Seb wilcox7 uur geleden

    Count bin face?

  75. wisored d

    wisored d7 uur geleden

    LOL WACH 3:57

  76. Vidal Barnes

    Vidal Barnes7 uur geleden

    Vote for niko

  77. Omar Mohammd

    Omar Mohammd7 uur geleden

    Congrats bro, you have finally been picked up by the wave of the NLpush algorithm

  78. kubix

    kubix7 uur geleden

    “From one BBC to another”😂😂

  79. Dylbaner

    Dylbaner7 uur geleden

    6:08 we actually did it lol

  80. Gorg-Eman

    Gorg-Eman7 uur geleden

    Anyone notice how this was referencing "The waldo moment" from black mirror