Real CJ
Real CJ
Real CJ

CJ -  Real One

CJ - Real One

7 dagen geleden

CJ - Set

CJ - Set

7 dagen geleden

CJ - Outro (Blessings)

CJ - Outro (Blessings)

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Real CJ Live Performance
CJ - Understood

CJ - Understood

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  1. Kathiana Monestime

    Kathiana Monestime14 minuten geleden

    This is heat !!!

  2. Briant Benjamin

    Briant Benjamin21 minuut geleden

    The song chage

  3. EA A

    EA A31 minuut geleden

    Why they change the sound of the song

  4. حسن king

    حسن king32 minuten geleden

    wwwwwoooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙂🔥🇮🇶

  5. Get Money

    Get Money37 minuten geleden

    This my shit rite here 🔥 💯

  6. duckbot

    duckbot40 minuten geleden

    the red bandanas as a debut reminds me of 6ix9ine's strategy lol

  7. duckbot

    duckbot41 minuut geleden

    bruh, stop pointing at me you're making me nervous

  8. kahina Kahina

    kahina Kahina54 minuten geleden

    Ils parlent flics aille like Woopthy

  9. Robs0n _1310

    Robs0n _131056 minuten geleden

    0:29 hits hard doooooooooooooooooo

  10. Jayra Tacuri

    Jayra Tacuri57 minuten geleden

    hi cj

  11. Carena Smith

    Carena SmithUur geleden

    I’m sorry but when I first heard this song I thought bull was Liberian 😂😂😂😂😂 he sound jeh lek a Liberian rapping

  12. Michelle loves

    Michelle lovesUur geleden

    They doing pop smoke dance

  13. Prolific M

    Prolific MUur geleden

    Who is here at 200MIL views

  14. Mila Bailey

    Mila BaileyUur geleden

    gang this my boy like purrrrr

  15. carley

    carleyUur geleden


  16. S H A D O W

    S H A D O WUur geleden

    Dislikes from tha crips

  17. Adrian Garica

    Adrian GaricaUur geleden

    This hit 200M LETS GO

  18. Mack Pittman

    Mack PittmanUur geleden


  19. Chelvon Thomas

    Chelvon ThomasUur geleden

    This song hard af to me

  20. Maca Paca

    Maca PacaUur geleden

    How many times did he change from a singlet and shirtless

  21. biggatap

    biggatapUur geleden

    Latino is not a race he a black man

  22. tvtime2121

    tvtime2121Uur geleden

    This song and “Clover Cage - Lost Then Found” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you..❤️

  23. Chubbiest.Chubbster

    Chubbiest.ChubbsterUur geleden

    best song

  24. Byron Pain

    Byron PainUur geleden

    Use as button of: "Here before TikTok makes a trend with this song"

  25. Finn. K

    Finn. KUur geleden

    When you buy 22Gz on wish

  26. Lio Me

    Lio MeUur geleden

    The song is really nice but has some know the tune is from an Indian song . If any Indian copies any international song their whole thing gets mess by comments n all ( which should done cuze they copied it ) but here ...I mean.....I kinda feel sad for arijit singh

  27. anemoiz

    anemoizUur geleden

    Türk yok mu lan

  28. Nigel Olande

    Nigel OlandeUur geleden

    they say people have different opinions but if you ever feel useless just remeber cjs videos have a dislike button

  29. IX Leo

    IX LeoUur geleden

    Damn went from 61M views to 200M

  30. GM Wizard

    GM WizardUur geleden

    I searched blue cheese to get here i was not disappointed

  31. Saima Mohammad

    Saima MohammadUur geleden

    Sanam Re song

  32. GM Wizard

    GM WizardUur geleden

    Hey panini don't you be a meanie

  33. Nigel Olande

    Nigel OlandeUur geleden

    this is just pure drill if you like cjs music dislike this comment

  34. KJ MAC

    KJ MACUur geleden

    Ripped Pop Smoke and he's a fake gang member. What a joke this guy is. Lmao

  35. Mohan Raj

    Mohan RajUur geleden

    Sanam re copy

  36. gttx9997

    gttx9997Uur geleden

    His favorite words Zaza Mata Whoopty Addicted to blue cheese

  37. Miss Tinsley 39 Tinsley

    Miss Tinsley 39 TinsleyUur geleden

    For Ferrari and lamborghini your Tesla

  38. Nivole Parker

    Nivole ParkerUur geleden


  39. Mert Sabri

    Mert Sabri2 uur geleden

    Grand theft auto san andreas cj

  40. Calin Albright

    Calin Albright2 uur geleden

    Mans voice is better than with auto tune

  41. Abeni Nelson

    Abeni Nelson2 uur geleden

    See i have respect because he aint say nigga once .......

  42. Elvin Xəlilzadə

    Elvin Xəlilzadə2 uur geleden

    Imm nıce 🥱

  43. Alissa ellie

    Alissa ellie2 uur geleden

    He having a kid cry for him 🤣🤣🤣

  44. 6ix9ine6969

    6ix9ine69692 uur geleden

    tai de la merd

  45. Deon Ambrose

    Deon Ambrose2 uur geleden

    "This is from Tik-" Me: Shut up

  46. Riley Sturm-kief

    Riley Sturm-kief2 uur geleden

    ok ok ion mess wit bloods like det but this f fineee

  47. Tine Kabore

    Tine Kabore2 uur geleden

    Cj tu es fort 🥰

  48. Loay capitano

    Loay capitano2 uur geleden

    2020 vs 2021 🤔

  49. iiShyne

    iiShyne2 uur geleden

    This just reminds me of that lawyer on tiktok

  50. Ebony Watson

    Ebony Watson2 uur geleden

    I like this here

  51. Jay Swervo

    Jay Swervo2 uur geleden


  52. Tehh Haus

    Tehh Haus2 uur geleden


  53. عرفان علیدادی3

    عرفان علیدادی32 uur geleden


  54. Jai Raturi

    Jai Raturi2 uur geleden

    more addictive than drugs

  55. Dreamville Romeo

    Dreamville Romeo2 uur geleden


  56. Princess Johnson

    Princess Johnson2 uur geleden

    I love ❤️ u

  57. M M

    M M2 uur geleden

    This a crazyyy beat bro *EDIT* NVM this the Exposing Me beat....this nigga finessed the game 🤣

  58. Rony Anderson

    Rony Anderson2 uur geleden

    anuel :0

  59. Mabell

    Mabell2 uur geleden

    Blue cheese I swear im addicted to blue cheese. That verse is always in my head🤪

  60. Mabell

    Mabell2 uur geleden

    Blue cheese i swear im addicted to blue cheese. That verse is always in my head🤪

  61. Almighty khai242

    Almighty khai2422 uur geleden

    Wow 200 million already damn he's really blowing up😱

  62. J BO

    J BO2 uur geleden

    Stealing pops style - him and dusty - big frauds

  63. kurdi music show

    kurdi music show2 uur geleden

    french monatana remix

  64. Mohamed Sobhy

    Mohamed Sobhy2 uur geleden


  65. Riley Packer

    Riley Packer2 uur geleden

    Think I might be addicted to blue cheese

  66. Najir Owens

    Najir Owens2 uur geleden


  67. Mani 1

    Mani 12 uur geleden

    money i swear im addicted to money

  68. 27. Subhradeep Dutta

    27. Subhradeep Dutta2 uur geleden

    "Sanam re" music copy..... bloody cheaters!😡


    DAWG GVNG3 uur geleden

    Fell off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Momo dz 48

    Momo dz 483 uur geleden

    Dz 🇩🇿💪

  71. Fatima cherif

    Fatima cherif3 uur geleden

    Like si te français

  72. N B

    N B3 uur geleden

    These guys look scared. The dog is like get a close up.

  73. 100k-TIPGamePlay

    100k-TIPGamePlay3 uur geleden

    0:4 dissrespect

  74. Mizael Perez

    Mizael Perez3 uur geleden

    Lil Boat ⛵️

  75. andrea

    andrea3 uur geleden .

  76. Shelby

    Shelby3 uur geleden

    El mejor rapasumadreeee

  77. Big Glo

    Big Glo3 uur geleden


  78. tae loc 321

    tae loc 3213 uur geleden

    I cant take new York rappers seriously this the next snitch 9 bangin in all then tell crazy loccc no capp

  79. Shivu Nair

    Shivu Nair3 uur geleden

    I thought this fusion of Hindi and English song. Two minutes of silence for me

  80. my-nam-is-jeff06 Elr

    my-nam-is-jeff06 Elr3 uur geleden

    The beat is stolen search :vergeet de buurt nooit by lijpe