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  1. tina

    tinaMinuut geleden

    They were so wasted, Brandi was so right, shocker they didn't come back with all that coke in their noses one time

  2. bee

    bee15 minuten geleden

    jonathan really crying this much about having to fill out his name and email lmao

  3. Tiff Meek

    Tiff Meek18 minuten geleden

    Only have to look at that guys face to see he has no emotional involvement. That's one husband you could do without sweetheart.

  4. hello bye

    hello bye38 minuten geleden

    Drew should've tried to protect her name when she cheated with Derwin on Melanie.... yes I said it!

  5. A B

    A B43 minuten geleden

    Not this being suggested to us after they're getting a divorce, shady af 💀

  6. Celine Terra

    Celine Terra46 minuten geleden

    The ultimate slap in the face

  7. Minkss.

    Minkss.47 minuten geleden

    Can I be honest they just kicked out Rob like hw wasn't family I feel bad for him ......... For the first few seasons I didn't even know he was their brother:-(

  8. rnd322

    rnd32255 minuten geleden

    Drew attacking La Toya and saying “I swear to God”.

  9. sᴛɪxxᴀʟ

    sᴛɪxxᴀʟ55 minuten geleden

    1:14 This Is The Meme I Saw From A Video-

  10. T C

    T CUur geleden

    It's Latora for me "WHAT IS SHE WEARING" ... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  11. slman badr

    slman badrUur geleden


  12. E Stewart

    E StewartUur geleden

    She quits an hour before a charter and couldn’t even be bothered to pack her bag and the crew have to do it for her...

  13. Danny D

    Danny DUur geleden

    U know you dead wrong when Kandi call u out

  14. Crystal Sutherland

    Crystal SutherlandUur geleden

    She just didn't have confidance because she was beautiful with the weight still. Her mother didn't get to see her married; however, she blessed her with a granddaughter.

  15. Nkosi

    NkosiUur geleden

    wat is dis hunny?

  16. HD 143

    HD 143Uur geleden

    Kourtney is so beautiful. Does she not frickin age.

  17. Sumaya Akter

    Sumaya AkterUur geleden

    She needs a psychiatrist

  18. Edina Robinson

    Edina RobinsonUur geleden

    This is such a boring useless storyline.

  19. JuNiOrSuTeReO

    JuNiOrSuTeReOUur geleden

    This made me sad.

  20. Victoria Hirtz

    Victoria HirtzUur geleden

    if you don't feel like spending time with your siblings (probably because you've already spent most of your life with them) then you should be able to do so and people should respect your decision. imagine getting scolded just because you don't want to spend time with someone, that's so ridiculous.

  21. Rubie Burns

    Rubie BurnsUur geleden

    2:20 Kim be like 👁👅👁

  22. Shaz Shaz

    Shaz ShazUur geleden

    Had Tristan already cheated on Khloe before the baby was born ? Or did this happen after she was born?

  23. XOXO, Adeya Redzuan

    XOXO, Adeya RedzuanUur geleden

    they are doing drama This is scripted and acting

  24. Zaki Radjimi

    Zaki Radjimi2 uur geleden


  25. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith2 uur geleden

    Who knew SALADS can give you a fat big Kardashian butt lol 😆...lies lies all for a video

  26. Ritika Ritu

    Ritika Ritu2 uur geleden

    The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder to make Kim appealing

  27. Glo DivA

    Glo DivA2 uur geleden

    And now she's a Billonaire

  28. Jo P

    Jo P2 uur geleden

    Ok but no one is going to mention Khloe's hair?

  29. Ritika Ritu

    Ritika Ritu2 uur geleden

    Kim literally shows nothing about her private life but she puts a gun on Kourtney's head to share her personal affairs...

  30. Jessica Woodside

    Jessica Woodside2 uur geleden

    Kris' cackle

  31. Omars Laptop

    Omars Laptop2 uur geleden


  32. ingnan

    ingnan2 uur geleden

    Whatever outfit Kendall will wear, she will look a lot better and flawless than Kylie anyway

  33. Reinah Ruzz

    Reinah Ruzz2 uur geleden

    She looks like a transgender

  34. Dilly allday

    Dilly allday2 uur geleden

    Why are whe wearing A mask. Its not good for you

  35. zac brame

    zac brame2 uur geleden

    Khloè and scott

  36. Juliette B

    Juliette B2 uur geleden

    Pauvre petite fille riche

  37. Lester Balaba

    Lester Balaba3 uur geleden

    the fact that khloe just mentioned LESTER which happen to be my name is a big privilege already 🥺💛

  38. tiffany trowers

    tiffany trowers3 uur geleden

    Drew annoying....

  39. Racey_biatch _

    Racey_biatch _3 uur geleden

    5:16 ‘you got a nice ear on you kid... reminds me of my own’ Gotta love Scott

  40. 3teibi x

    3teibi x3 uur geleden

    i don’t understand why sexual jokes are so funny. it’s literally disgusting?

  41. cyberstar26

    cyberstar263 uur geleden

    Isn't this the same as being born a woman but identifying as a man? Why is this any different? Am i missing something?

  42. Kesha Lowe

    Kesha Lowe3 uur geleden

    Kris has been vindicated, there is no way she could have been as awful as he stated to then end up asking her for help .

  43. sam

    sam3 uur geleden

    1:27 I literally gasped... oh no...

  44. RobloxWithAmelia

    RobloxWithAmelia3 uur geleden

    Why who would have there own sister as their full name hahah

  45. Hello

    Hello3 uur geleden

    They all have their moments

  46. Demilade Oresegun

    Demilade Oresegun3 uur geleden

    The way kris and bruce look alike is shocking

  47. k

    k3 uur geleden

    *Wife sees ex husband and father of her children after successfully transitioning into a woman* "nice shoes"

  48. Anik Fine Art

    Anik Fine Art3 uur geleden

    As bad as the surgeries are, I gulped when I heard she got veneers at 18. Because 3 days ago I came across a video pf how veneers are done It's.... nope can't talk about it😱

  49. Samantha Smith

    Samantha Smith3 uur geleden

    Where's the guy? Did she leave him, I hope she did! Wow I'm shocked she lost so much weight

  50. Jessi Lee

    Jessi Lee3 uur geleden

    LOOOOOOOOL this is so funny cos Kim was literally coming for Kylie’s neck every episode on the clothes she gave to her and now Kylie is a billionaire she don’t need nobody’s clothes she can afford it herself

  51. Jessi Lee

    Jessi Lee3 uur geleden

    The only considerate one is Kourtney. She’s so chill, she doesn’t care for clothes lol she got bigger things to focus on. Just love her.

  52. Mike Kooyman

    Mike Kooyman3 uur geleden

    If you take a money to look at everyone throughout the scene they were trying not to laugh sooo hard😂🥴

  53. Jessi Lee

    Jessi Lee3 uur geleden

    They rich as fuck and they crying over their siblings wearing their clothes??? How tf do they even remember or even notice when they have loads of clothes

  54. Mastermind

    Mastermind3 uur geleden

    I miss these two bonding together 😂😂💔 Kourt is such a vibe when she's with Khloé

  55. Elis Fon

    Elis Fon4 uur geleden

    They’re so ungrateful tho

  56. Mohammed Suleman

    Mohammed Suleman4 uur geleden


  57. taro fali online baku _

    taro fali online baku _4 uur geleden

    Girls your buts look funny😂😂

  58. Laura Lisbeth Zarate

    Laura Lisbeth Zarate4 uur geleden

    I wish Caitlyn was more enthusiastic, maybe it's not her way, and that's okay, but I'm a bit shocked that she's so cold. I don't know, I would feel bad being Kris, me trying to be cute and kind and on the other side: 😐😐

  59. Maeisi YT

    Maeisi YT4 uur geleden

    I love Khloe that she is so helpful and talkative and positive

  60. It’s Maddie

    It’s Maddie4 uur geleden


  61. It’s Maddie

    It’s Maddie4 uur geleden


  62. Ellen Tarnapolsky

    Ellen Tarnapolsky4 uur geleden

    Anybody else watch these clips and think, "Just one more."

  63. Michaela Štěrbová

    Michaela Štěrbová4 uur geleden

    what a demon spawn and the mother,..

  64. Chqrxmelzio O

    Chqrxmelzio O4 uur geleden

    Wait bruse is a girl- wha

  65. asaf virin

    asaf virin4 uur geleden

    I’m glad I can write this video off as Spanish revision, thank you

  66. Marcepan541

    Marcepan5414 uur geleden

    Most ridiculous thing ever

  67. leen ismail

    leen ismail4 uur geleden

    Addison picked 7 minutes in heaven to make out with kourtney lol

  68. Daniela Carrera

    Daniela Carrera4 uur geleden

    I actually liked how Kim used to dress before. Colors look so nice on her!

  69. Barış seçil Özmen

    Barış seçil Özmen4 uur geleden

    she looks like she painted herselfffff she looks like a character wtf is thattttttttttttttttttttttttt

  70. Thanya Wells

    Thanya Wells4 uur geleden

    Scott is such a great addition!

  71. little puzzle

    little puzzle4 uur geleden

    aaah!!! kendall!!! you rock!!!

  72. Zikoraxzelda

    Zikoraxzelda4 uur geleden

    Kims face is funny 🤣🤣

  73. Mysterious Myth

    Mysterious Myth4 uur geleden

    Kim after being a billionaire: No need for a suite kris, I'm buying the whole freaking hotel

  74. Linah Ghostie

    Linah Ghostie4 uur geleden

    This was horrible

  75. Santiago So Vella

    Santiago So Vella4 uur geleden

    She doesn’t even look her age😕 Honestly ladies if y’all wanna do plastic surgery, go for it! But otherwise don’t spoil that beautiful face or body of yours , you might never know what goes wrong during the surgery or you might just never be happy afterwards, trust me my father is a high quality surgeon here in downtown L.A And most of his patients come back 4 months later saying they aren’t happy and they wanna do more ... your beautiful just remember that:)

  76. vergilio vallena

    vergilio vallena4 uur geleden

    confused twerking

  77. Sophie Frimpong

    Sophie Frimpong5 uur geleden

    Drew is ridiculous. There was nothing on that damn recording

  78. Gabriel 14

    Gabriel 145 uur geleden

    Why Kim said, that she is older?

  79. marh ramyh

    marh ramyh5 uur geleden

    Kenya is tooooo funnnny 😂😂😂😂 I would have done the samething ..take them champagnes and ✌🏾