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  1. moon walker

    moon walker51 seconde geleden

    Ok elephant in the room I’ll be brave and say it , The music is weak sauce hope it’s not in the actual film 😬

  2. Danica Pearce

    Danica PearceMinuut geleden

    I think it's weird that we just learned "it was Agatha all along" and in the next episode we learn that Wanda created the Hex.

  3. SomeFamousDude

    SomeFamousDude2 minuten geleden

    I mean Kevin feige did say the Disney plus shows will tie directly into the movies so the way I see it if you don’t watch the shows and you miss something it’s your own fault 🤷🏼 😂😂 but I do agree they will make it all make at least some sense even without watching the Disney plus shows but I think to get the full experience of the MCU you will need to watch all the movies AND Disney plus series lol

  4. Luuk Joosten

    Luuk Joosten2 minuten geleden

    Wandavision is really awesome!

  5. Hylian Glitchmobber

    Hylian Glitchmobber3 minuten geleden

    Zack Snyder kind of has shit taste in music

  6. Sportske Parodije

    Sportske Parodije4 minuten geleden

    Why did you not mention the House of M reference when she is making the house????

  7. ivan kučinić

    ivan kučinić5 minuten geleden

    Mortal Kombat-1995 is real treasure.

  8. Dalon Moore

    Dalon Moore5 minuten geleden

    Bro..... why would you spoil what happens at the end of the show dawg 😐

  9. Matt Stevenson

    Matt Stevenson6 minuten geleden

    Look at the promotional poster for the film, the one where it is half Scorpion, half Sub-Zero. That Sub-Zero is not Joe Taslim - but it does look a lot like Lewis Tan. Joe Taslim has bushy eyebrows and a mole under his left eye (which you can see on SZ's face in the trailer). Poster doesn't have that.

  10. SirAndacar

    SirAndacar8 minuten geleden


  11. Scarecrow7

    Scarecrow712 minuten geleden

    Love Snyder's movies, but his choices for some of the music he uses in trailers is questionable.(don't know if he chose this one)

  12. Alex Corona

    Alex Corona13 minuten geleden

    Can’t wait to see the movie excited to see what was supposed to be 😎

  13. Gustavo Poznanovic

    Gustavo Poznanovic15 minuten geleden

    Amazing! Only a JERK would not continues with the Snyderverse!!!

  14. Raúl Palomino Berrocal

    Raúl Palomino Berrocal15 minuten geleden

    Oh, wow, more religious symbolism for the sake of pretentious provocation.

  15. The mighty eagle

    The mighty eagle16 minuten geleden

    1:11 friendly German scientist

  16. NeXxHype

    NeXxHype18 minuten geleden

    What a shame. Snyder is about to possibly revitalize this franchise for the sake of the fans, and all of a sudden WB is shuffling the board of directors producers and actors. How To F-up A Franchise 101.

  17. TheOracle8191

    TheOracle819119 minuten geleden

    What the hell was that?

  18. joffrey reillers

    joffrey reillers19 minuten geleden

    Really enjoy these thank you. Its not long grass though, its corn. Rich in symbolism in religious sense in many cultures. It generally denotes spiritual goodness.

  19. Jorge Carbajal

    Jorge Carbajal20 minuten geleden

    Honestly, I think this was the only decent thing to come out of CCXP.

  20. AntiFeeling

    AntiFeeling21 minuut geleden

    So the first Justice League movie was a test run getting Whedon to finish the film was a perfect plan for a scapegoat.

  21. Eduardo B.Silva

    Eduardo B.Silva22 minuten geleden

    Caralho...mais que bosta.

  22. Robert Sole

    Robert Sole25 minuten geleden

    Was that Morpheus’s helm they showed??

  23. DragonRoyZ

    DragonRoyZ25 minuten geleden

    Feels like a farewell to this trilogy.

  24. Luke Hardman

    Luke Hardman27 minuten geleden

    The new Soulja boy console looking hot

  25. Christopher Fergo Jr

    Christopher Fergo Jr28 minuten geleden

    Goodnight Mortal Kombat trailer, I'll see you tomorrow morning.

  26. Nerv1n

    Nerv1n28 minuten geleden

    Amazing!! 🎬🔥

  27. Theslayercometh_

    Theslayercometh_28 minuten geleden

    I'm confused, kano is a good guy in this? And since when was lu kang one of sonya's teammates? I didn't think they met until right before the tournament?

  28. D Washy

    D Washy29 minuten geleden

    4 hr. Movie I want a 20 min trailer.

  29. Matt Kluge

    Matt Kluge30 minuten geleden

    so excited for the finale

  30. Sarah Sutherland

    Sarah Sutherland30 minuten geleden

    Side note: that lair or whatever in the basement was very clearly old. I don't think Agatha would have created it and (then make it look old?), and because she didn't actually live there. Obviously she realized she'd need to get the information out of her a different way, and so pretended to be just her kooky neighbor, god knows what happened to the people who _actuality_ lived there. So its pointless for Agatha to have made an underground lair made to look old,, but she _did_ say that she could sense the magic that had been preformed there. Which means that lair was there and in use before all Wanda ever showed up. ....the _fuck_ was going on with the neighbors? I feel like we're really glossing over the lair here. Because literally the only explanation that makes sense is that it was already there. why was it already there? why did these people have a magic witch lair under their house? what were they _doing_

  31. joesaiditstrue

    joesaiditstrue31 minuut geleden

    I always say "K'thōne", ch pronounced the same as the word chaos

  32. Nad 13

    Nad 1334 minuten geleden

    Most of the actors don't really look like the characters they're meant to be. Just having them wear the costumes is not enough, Liu Kang looks much more rubbish than the old MK films for example.

  33. Cathie Watson

    Cathie Watson34 minuten geleden

    At first I thought the actress playing Agatha was terrible when it came to the opening scene of this episode. Then it quickly became apparent noooo she's playing with those witches and just pretending to be worried. Really well done. Very different from seeing her wax people in bad mom's 😂

  34. Ayrius Ores

    Ayrius Ores35 minuten geleden

    Im confused but its making me sad

  35. rogerm4a1

    rogerm4a136 minuten geleden

    You still making videos about the “Snyder Cut” when you trashed Snyder. The thirst for views is real. I haven’t forgotten and neither have many. Clot chaser.

  36. Life as We Know It

    Life as We Know It38 minuten geleden

    Brought to you by 3D printing 😂 The end of the actors playing it. Only flash will remember. That’s why WM is set in the past. She won’t remember the timeline.

  37. Odis dimond

    Odis dimond39 minuten geleden

    Can i wait ?! No I can’t 🤤

  38. Mal P

    Mal P47 minuten geleden

    well the rumour of Mecha-godzilla are true as you see him in the 1st of the feature clips 01:00 mark...you can see a massive size difference between the real normal Godzilla & that one! so we also get to see kong has been captured & put into a CGI reality suit, keeping him captured/isolated

  39. Daniel Fernando Cajica C.

    Daniel Fernando Cajica C.48 minuten geleden

    its going to be so epic than we would have to ask for more and more and more snyderverse, as I've hear it would end with a F** Cliffhanger

  40. lukecharlton

    lukecharlton51 minuut geleden

    This trailer did the absolute opposite of what its meant to do 😄 this made me realise we should not be expecting it to be much better then the joss/Snyder shnit first released

  41. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce Wayne52 minuten geleden

    YAWN - bring on the damn movie or some new clips.

  42. Jure Tratnik

    Jure Tratnik54 minuten geleden

    you are a profit

  43. The Madmom

    The Madmom57 minuten geleden

    I like to pronounce Chthon like Ka-thon simply because my first name starts with a CH too but is pronounced w/ a K sound. like Christopher, Christ, Christmas, etc. that's my argument for Ka-thon

  44. Lost Pawn

    Lost Pawn58 minuten geleden

    Motherbox and Codex looking like distant cousins

  45. TheNextKingOfGames95

    TheNextKingOfGames95Uur geleden

    Evan Peters will be the NEW & PRIMARY MCU Quicksilver Just watch He’s a Q.S from another Earth 🌎 OR he’s just some normal citizen guy in the MCU who’s name is Peter but Agnes dragged him in the Hex World Wanda Created and as he was plugged in their he developed The Same Speed powers AoU Q.S. Did & he was or still being manipulated & possibly still controlled by Agnes

  46. Minecrat Silent Build

    Minecrat Silent BuildUur geleden

    this might push dark night off the number 1 spot for best dc movie

  47. HJL JR

    HJL JRUur geleden

    Zack Snyder the blasphemy

  48. Katie Carlson

    Katie CarlsonUur geleden

    I’m excited to see this now. I’m typically not a DC fan.

  49. Ernesto Arauza

    Ernesto ArauzaUur geleden

    The name drop was a good way to end the finally. I do think white vision will fight hex since in the promo they both fly off to defend their home

  50. #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNING

    #Here's Your TRIGGERWARNINGUur geleden

    These depressing ass songs for these dark ass trailers and Aquaman sitting at the bottom of the ocean in work boots. Took me out of it.

  51. Dr3wTheGiant

    Dr3wTheGiantUur geleden

    Got chills watching this knowing what it means to Zack and probably his family too ♥️

  52. Neo62003 ‘

    Neo62003 ‘Uur geleden

    Here I am watching your video waiting for new rockstars it’s like a weekly ritual

  53. J Papa

    J PapaUur geleden

    thats some heavy duty reverse hype right there wow

  54. Nevets

    NevetsUur geleden

    Looks a little like Apokolips War

  55. Archimedes'sHorologyMirror STARRYSILVERMORNING

    Archimedes'sHorologyMirror STARRYSILVERMORNINGUur geleden

    Monoliths of Fire and Ice:. A Recluse Saga Galapagos hath no fury or flavors. Good cannot overcome evil even though some evil has no skills. One wolf must feed off the other. If evil is overcome we will be doomed to create monoliths of a steady danger built into the walls. Slow starter. 😂

  56. MrMbutube

    MrMbutubeUur geleden

    is Jesus going to be in this movie or what the hell is going on?

  57. Franco Cari

    Franco CariUur geleden

    Grande keyblade 😎👍

  58. Citizen Z

    Citizen ZUur geleden

    They can just go ahead and scratch this show from canon and call it a what if series because it's a joke

  59. Lupe Guillen

    Lupe GuillenUur geleden

    Man snyders going all out for this directors cut/special edition dvd of justice league.

  60. Hayden Hanna

    Hayden HannaUur geleden

    Ben joke wasn't that funny

  61. Mister Melo

    Mister MeloUur geleden

    @heavyspoilers No one is talking about the fact that Agatha ends the episode primed to siphon Wanda’s powers, just as she did with her coven in the beginning. She let Wanda out of her basement prison on purpose.

  62. The Negative One

    The Negative OneUur geleden

    Nobody is talking about Robin ?

  63. Mojo Jojo

    Mojo JojoUur geleden

    Wait did it show Cyborg.. like off the animated movie justice league dark apokolips war? An they said the Age of Hero’s would never come

  64. AnonBunny

    AnonBunnyUur geleden

    How this song called?

  65. Jacob DQ

    Jacob DQUur geleden

    You have my respect Zack!

  66. the flosh

    the floshUur geleden

    Does anyone out there know the name of the song and artist?

  67. J DOT EASY

    J DOT EASYUur geleden

    Featuring Jax Teller

  68. ObfuscateMoon

    ObfuscateMoonUur geleden

    Reeks of self-importance.

  69. Бахтияр Бакитов

    Бахтияр БакитовUur geleden

    Omg their going to ruin all of this

  70. Simone Alexy

    Simone AlexyUur geleden

    definitely not watching your vids to scratch an itch because ep. 9 is taking too long...

  71. Role Player

    Role PlayerUur geleden

    It was a bit of a disappointing episode.

  72. Sham Serg

    Sham SergUur geleden

    библейские блять отсылки

  73. Mohanicus

    MohanicusUur geleden

    absolutely deadly

  74. luma li

    luma liUur geleden

    I cried. So beautiful.

  75. luversroc

    luversrocUur geleden

    Really cool thank you for the breakdown, I needed it at several points. I’m going to look for that band now.


    ASHEN ONEUur geleden

    So cool

  77. themode00

    themode00Uur geleden

    Wow, he’s telling us Justice League is in the DNA of the mother boxes!!! Or am I cra cra 🤪


    STANNED UP for NERDSUur geleden

    Reallyyy don’t think Bettany is the cameo.

  79. Ryan Brossette

    Ryan BrossetteUur geleden

    Lol. "Hello Google, what is the song that sounds most like Cohen's Hallelujah but isn't overused in my trailers yet?"

  80. Toxin

    ToxinUur geleden

    Imagine this movie is a masterpeice that we all wanted and deserved but then after this DC is like, "were just gonna recast and reboot superman anyways and never follow up with the snyder stuff"