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    MONROE15 uur geleden


  2. Aaron Palms

    Aaron Palms15 uur geleden


  3. Fred

    Fred15 uur geleden


  4. Christian Dior

    Christian Dior15 uur geleden

    Bugzy is the best in London 🐐 Love from Brooklyn 💫

  5. Dwight Semple

    Dwight Semple15 uur geleden


  6. Corey Campbell

    Corey Campbell15 uur geleden

    Just me or is this a very drill visual? I know the beat is drill but it's not a typical Bugzy visual...

  7. Thekop 1994

    Thekop 199415 uur geleden



    CLEZZA15 uur geleden

    Nobody does it better

  9. Fresh Air

    Fresh Air15 uur geleden


  10. Dwight Semple

    Dwight Semple15 uur geleden

    These guys are cold 🥶 I would love to pay and watch them live 👊🏾👊🏾🔥🔥

  11. Kane Davenport

    Kane Davenport16 uur geleden

    Tell me I'm wrong but Bugzy is top of the game.

  12. Giannis Potsis

    Giannis Potsis16 uur geleden


  13. ton-v montana

    ton-v montana16 uur geleden

    voici le commentaire français que personne ne recherche

  14. SkeletHero

    SkeletHero16 uur geleden

    everytime ko drops 01:44

  15. lesedi tlake

    lesedi tlake16 uur geleden


  16. Admir Kurtovic

    Admir Kurtovic16 uur geleden

    Is that Cas on 0:41?

  17. Ali Vural

    Ali Vural16 uur geleden


  18. Ali Vural

    Ali Vural16 uur geleden


  19. MSSIAH

    MSSIAH16 uur geleden

    Bugzy got a class many man in this game lack, fair play again !


    AHAPALOK IAROK16 uur geleden

    Real ppoowweerr💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥Respect from Russia Guys🔥🔥🔥 That beat is insane, and i want to rec intro on it, if you can give me it... Sorry for my english

  21. northerner 710

    northerner 71016 uur geleden

    I thought Bugz fell off a while ago. But this is RAWWW.

  22. Ollie Golli

    Ollie Golli16 uur geleden

    Sorry but


    МИХАИЛ СЕДЫХ16 uur geleden


  24. p4u! _

    p4u! _16 uur geleden

    Yo hes lit


    HOSSEIN RAEESI16 uur geleden

    Just c1🤙🖖

  26. Nikhil Rokade

    Nikhil Rokade16 uur geleden

    Broooooo 🔥

  27. SM M

    SM M16 uur geleden

    It's beyond me on how this ain't even near the Mil views

  28. Janove Oduor

    Janove Oduor16 uur geleden


  29. Star J

    Star J16 uur geleden

    No cap. She’s the Hardest in the fuckn uk female rap game. Anyone who disagrees is lying to themselves.

  30. Starting from Scratch

    Starting from Scratch16 uur geleden

    Time fliеs , 95 cut those ties, got a mate who works in thе bakers, pull out the mash and I’ll make you a pie 😂


    RASHID SERVICE CENTER16 uur geleden

    ❤Nice video❤ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. howlingspace333 gaming

    howlingspace333 gaming16 uur geleden

    Forever a banger turn off the auto tune let hear how u really rap

  33. mariam shahzad

    mariam shahzad16 uur geleden


  34. Josh Seymour

    Josh Seymour16 uur geleden


  35. Josh Seymour

    Josh Seymour16 uur geleden

    Very Mad tune

  36. Tony Walsh

    Tony Walsh16 uur geleden

    Yup yup yup boys love this song fuckpolice makevalley Jordan macann is the best go on boys

  37. Tommy Crossley

    Tommy Crossley16 uur geleden


  38. Callum Fitzgerald

    Callum Fitzgerald16 uur geleden

    What’s brands his jacket?

  39. SYPHEN G

    SYPHEN G17 uur geleden

    What is this 🤣

  40. naomi

    naomi17 uur geleden

    I can't believe how many times i done played this song it is just so hard... And that transition was clean af

  41. MrNigeriaboy

    MrNigeriaboy17 uur geleden

    Here for the Pete and Baz reply🤣🤣

  42. Thomas Gore

    Thomas Gore17 uur geleden


  43. SYPHEN G

    SYPHEN G17 uur geleden


  44. matthew marsh

    matthew marsh17 uur geleden


  45. Its Moyzehh

    Its Moyzehh17 uur geleden

    Cold this

  46. IMKZ !

    IMKZ !17 uur geleden

    0:28 when the franky family hits ussop and the mugiwara comes to bang them

  47. Josh Grainger

    Josh Grainger17 uur geleden

    Ç CV

  48. Bran Law

    Bran Law17 uur geleden

    Still bangs

  49. Deacon Nikolajevic

    Deacon Nikolajevic17 uur geleden


  50. Bacon Eater

    Bacon Eater17 uur geleden

    Your dad is 44

  51. YT Munyanyo

    YT Munyanyo17 uur geleden

    Fire bro

  52. Agar Jakendu

    Agar Jakendu17 uur geleden

    Here from an ad. Impressive

  53. Swigz

    Swigz17 uur geleden


  54. Grafter Jay

    Grafter Jay17 uur geleden


  55. Callum Coyne

    Callum Coyne17 uur geleden

    Hes good but his new song isn't i thought he was going to blow he needs the right people in his group and he will get there as he is amazing imagine him and aitch togther

  56. Arishah Gill

    Arishah Gill17 uur geleden

    Not gonna lie dutchaveli is a bit going down no cap

  57. Arief Maulana

    Arief Maulana17 uur geleden

    Mampir ke sini gara2 tiktok. Wkwkwk

  58. paris e

    paris e17 uur geleden

    miss these times sigh

  59. RaphaCool Johnson

    RaphaCool Johnson17 uur geleden


  60. Robert Gilder

    Robert Gilder17 uur geleden

    Bro this is hard! Best guy about💯🔥👌🏻

  61. Ray Jay

    Ray Jay17 uur geleden

    The remix has e1,Darko,ardee,buni,bugzy malone

  62. Yakudza San

    Yakudza San18 uur geleden

    Где русские?🥶😬

  63. Pride Bullyz

    Pride Bullyz18 uur geleden


  64. Greatest Gg

    Greatest Gg18 uur geleden

    King of the north 💯

  65. Tracey Handcharm

    Tracey Handcharm18 uur geleden

    The guy that turned homegrown music into gay

  66. Chris Eating

    Chris Eating18 uur geleden


  67. DattBoiiAj

    DattBoiiAj18 uur geleden


  68. Mike Bipping

    Mike Bipping18 uur geleden

    HE DOESN'T MISSS 🥶🙅🏽‍♂️🧊❄️

  69. D

    D18 uur geleden

    HARD 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  70. Central_Mystic1014 Life

    Central_Mystic1014 Life18 uur geleden

    Free asco always 💔

  71. the don

    the don18 uur geleden

    2M rest easy Bis 🍪 🕊

  72. Asu Kabeh

    Asu Kabeh18 uur geleden

    Turn of the OH OH CHEWN💀

  73. Trademarkblud

    Trademarkblud18 uur geleden


  74. Cloakv_v

    Cloakv_v18 uur geleden


  75. Baller On A Budget

    Baller On A Budget18 uur geleden

    aye yo this tune is levitating!!

  76. R14M 1p

    R14M 1p18 uur geleden

    M24 is hardddd

  77. Chris Harper

    Chris Harper18 uur geleden

    "Belief is powerful, member i told u that" proving that mantra on the daily. Love it cuz 🔥

  78. Owen Parry

    Owen Parry18 uur geleden

    That Kevin Wendell Crumb bar is absolutely insane

  79. Tyler Echardt

    Tyler Echardt18 uur geleden