Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora - First Look Trailer

Coming in 2022 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Stadia and Luna.

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Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora™ is a first person, action-adventure game developed by Massive Entertainment - a Ubisoft studio, in collaboration with Lightstorm Entertainment and Disney.

Built using the latest iteration of the Snowdrop engine, and developed exclusively for the new generation of consoles and PC, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora brings to life the alluring world of Pandora with all of its beauty and danger in an immersive, open world experience.

In this new, standalone story, play as a Na’vi and embark on a journey across the Western Frontier, a never-before-seen part of Pandora. Explore a living and reactive world inhabited by unique creatures and new characters, and push back the formidable RDA forces that threaten it.


  1. Gerald Matthews

    Gerald Matthews3 uur geleden

    Damn got to make this a complete set of the movie and the game,...

  2. Diego Rafael Silva Santana

    Diego Rafael Silva Santana4 uur geleden

    In this universe, will I be able to choose to be a native Na'vi, or a human that connects to an avatar and as I progress I can have the option to become native or just connected?

  3. MS InfoHub Kannada

    MS InfoHub Kannada5 uur geleden

    Man... You are awesome

  4. Tarya Su

    Tarya Su7 uur geleden


  5. Connor Valentine

    Connor Valentine9 uur geleden

    I will always be on the side fighting to protect nature no matter what planet there on

  6. iTS GA

    iTS GA10 uur geleden

    sir release as mobile game also

  7. Alexander Mendeyev

    Alexander Mendeyev14 uur geleden

    an Avatar game trailer appears Cool! "BUGGYSOFT" logo appears (PANIK) The game actually looks promising, the graphics look amazing (KALM) You remember is being developed by Buggysoft. (PANIK) but man, look at those graphics it almost look as good as the 2009 movie if not better... maybe if i preorder just for this ti... (Kalm...) Flashbacks of Assasins Creed 2 and 3 appear... (PANIK INTENSIFIES, ABANDON PRE ORDER SITE NOW!)

  8. Jeffrey Thunder

    Jeffrey Thunder19 uur geleden

    After Cyber-scam 2077 I lost my expectation from new games. I highly recommend Horizon Zero Dawn. This amazing game is almost same as the Avatar movie. The only difference is you'll see ancient gigantic A.I. creatures instead of alien creature

  9. Lucas

    LucasDag geleden

    Oh wrong avatar

  10. Harry Potter

    Harry PotterDag geleden


  11. LangFamilyFarmsLA

    LangFamilyFarmsLADag geleden

    Im sorry but I am NUMB to pretty cinematics for a game....as a side note I am also NUMB to the evil white oppressors as a BBEG...its all very basic at this point

  12. Devil-May-Care

    Devil-May-CareDag geleden

    They could have just shown the Avatar trailer itself.

  13. Shresth Raj

    Shresth RajDag geleden

    who thought that it was a genshin impact ad by the 16 logo 😂😂

  14. Dinamo

    DinamoDag geleden

    I hope this runs on my Gtx 1650.

  15. Ankit Kumar

    Ankit KumarDag geleden

    Please make prince of persia another part

  16. Batman

    BatmanDag geleden

    Its abandoned. They will never make new game.

  17. Tommyaka

    TommyakaDag geleden

    like where's the voices and original work, this looks like a bunch of downgraded clips out of the movie thrown together made to look like you have a game, looks like more bait & switch garbage that has been going around lately.

  18. Jared Matthews

    Jared MatthewsDag geleden

    Imagine creating your own character and it being a full open world experience. Could this be what I've been waiting for all this time?

  19. Drake Arvidsson

    Drake ArvidssonDag geleden

    Remember bro it's ubisoft no trust and no pre-orders

  20. Юрий Росляков

    Юрий РосляковDag geleden

    стелами против вердалёта? ну, круто! для шнурков самое то!

  21. Cungkring Kicau

    Cungkring KicauDag geleden

    Whaaat... Great graphics

  22. shifu terk

    shifu terkDag geleden

    It's gonna be one of those games where the first look is nice, but after playing it for 1hr you have seen everything.

  23. Rinzler

    Rinzler2 dagen geleden

    I hope This go all trow and make like a open world en dat u can animale and make choice that will be awsome

  24. First name last name

    First name last name2 dagen geleden

    Hopefully its better than the movie if not they should just scrap it now!

  25. Derrin Douglas

    Derrin Douglas2 dagen geleden

    I think this will be good against all odds.

  26. Vusarapu durga

    Vusarapu durga2 dagen geleden

    Wow mind blowing


    SRIKANTH ALAKUNTA2 dagen geleden

    Cartoon looking so bad it's not Avatar movie

  28. Kassh

    Kassh2 dagen geleden

    Im so glad I got my RTX ready...

  29. Jeff Dur

    Jeff Dur2 dagen geleden

    I wasted all my money on AC Valhalla, sorry not buying this.

  30. Ratel09

    Ratel092 dagen geleden

    LOVE IT! I cant wait to play it.

  31. ForsanOne

    ForsanOne2 dagen geleden

    1:54 EPIC!!!!

  32. Yaw Aboagye

    Yaw Aboagye2 dagen geleden

    please make it free on ps store

  33. Ayush Roy

    Ayush Roy2 dagen geleden

    Only 3d

  34. Random Guy

    Random Guy2 dagen geleden

    you can make like this game but you guys cant make a new pokemon game?

  35. Shlongus Dongus

    Shlongus Dongus2 dagen geleden

    The moment I watched the movie, I dreamed of someone making a game of it. One that really focused on the environment, exploration and the connection of life and unity the movie carried with such care. Didn't expect Obisoft to do it... Please don't botch this.

  36. Shlongus Dongus

    Shlongus DongusDag geleden

    @3adir I wouldn't have noticed back then. Is it any good?

  37. 3adir

    3adir2 dagen geleden

    Ubisoft already made a avatar game back in 2009

  38. Bambuno

    Bambuno2 dagen geleden

    Xbox ?

  39. putri sari❤️

    putri sari❤️2 dagen geleden


  40. assakey

    assakey3 dagen geleden

    can i run it on my core 2 duo / r7 250 rig?

  41. Samurai ☯

    Samurai ☯3 dagen geleden


  42. Eye Pleasure

    Eye Pleasure3 dagen geleden

    i want to side with humans and destroy the natives

  43. Caeli Cassidy

    Caeli Cassidy3 dagen geleden

    ONLY if it has character customization.

  44. Hans Specht

    Hans Specht3 dagen geleden

    ahhh good old avatar and the question that plagues us since humanity came to be would you betray your kind to clap some blue alien cheeks? I, myself, iam not sure how i would react and that scares me alot.


    ZUP MGA TROPA-PITZ3 dagen geleden


  46. NebulaNeptune

    NebulaNeptune3 dagen geleden

    This looks kind of like what a fish does outside of water.

  47. Shark Squad

    Shark Squad3 dagen geleden

    Guys one question : its FILM? Because the graphics is awesome!!!

  48. Stannis Baratheon

    Stannis Baratheon2 dagen geleden

    Dont let them fool you, Ubisoft are famous for making incredible trailers then downgrading everything for the actual game.

  49. jonatan valdez

    jonatan valdez3 dagen geleden

    just show gameplay vid no trailer please

  50. Gunateja Ponnaganti

    Gunateja Ponnaganti3 dagen geleden

    It's fake

  51. TrueBlood_JaxTeller

    TrueBlood_JaxTeller3 dagen geleden

    finally my childhood has returned well a little bit at least

  52. Drake Arvidsson

    Drake ArvidssonDag geleden

    Can't wait for it to be stripped away again

  53. pranay roy

    pranay roy3 dagen geleden

    Is it acartoon film?

  54. MONU

    MONU3 dagen geleden

    Now I can easily die.....

  55. Zero Trig

    Zero Trig3 dagen geleden

    if this is gonna turn out to be just another boring grind game i won't bother playiing but the mech gameplay will still get my attention i might just play it forthat but otherwise, i'll just watch the story from somewhere else.

  56. sathish kumar

    sathish kumar4 dagen geleden

    Graphics and visuals are next level💥💥🔥

  57. officialfabioj

    officialfabioj4 dagen geleden


  58. laatmetoe

    laatmetoe4 dagen geleden

    Anyone remembers playing the OG game where you could choose sides?

  59. point of games

    point of games4 dagen geleden

    Can i get some help In my channel pls

  60. Srinivasan

    Srinivasan4 dagen geleden

    Your 666 logo is very super

  61. Timtett

    Timtett4 dagen geleden

    1:17 that is the ugliest Na’vi I’ve ever seen

  62. The Watcher

    The Watcher4 dagen geleden

    Why?...the first movie was awful! At no point in it do you have to wonder what's going to happen next as its so predictable. Doubtless this game will be the same.

  63. Kross Over

    Kross Over4 dagen geleden

    Люди на самом деле такие говнюки.

  64. Anubhab Das

    Anubhab Das4 dagen geleden

    Remember Me guys, *!NEVER PRE-ORDER!*

  65. altaf khan pathan

    altaf khan pathan4 dagen geleden

    Iam waiting for over 11 years of Avatar 2

  66. Joseph Carr

    Joseph Carr4 dagen geleden

    Within 12 years... They can now make a game that looks pretty damn close to the live action Avatar. There is still something missing that makes it look as good as the movie.. but its damn close...

  67. Stannis Baratheon

    Stannis Baratheon2 dagen geleden

    WHY is everyone falling for the same trick Ubisoft pull everytime.

  68. Fiqllency

    Fiqllency4 dagen geleden

    Remember soldier, never trust a cinematic trailer. Godspeed

  69. UnknownStories

    UnknownStories4 dagen geleden

    Is this game available on Xbox and is this online multiplayer game 🎮


    SAURABH KASHYAP4 dagen geleden

    Britain made it to Pandora .


    VĂN TRÍ ĐẶNG4 dagen geleden

    wow, mong chờ từ rất lâu rồi ^^

  72. Justin Anderson

    Justin Anderson4 dagen geleden

    Can’t wait for this game 😆😆😆

  73. Skimt

    Skimt4 dagen geleden

    I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for the spyware, low graphics and microtransactions.

  74. Patricia García D.

    Patricia García D.5 dagen geleden

    Shame, one good film in a decade and they make sooo many more, each of them less and less good, until destroying even the first... money is all in their mind... shame 🤑🤮

  75. Dilan Condarco

    Dilan Condarco5 dagen geleden

    No se compara con la belleza de la Tierra

  76. Bruno Pulitika

    Bruno Pulitika5 dagen geleden

    Considering this is Ubisoft game ...end product is going to look more like Tetris than what you see in this trailer.

  77. Grimm Look

    Grimm Look5 dagen geleden

    Maybe a good Game "unfortunately" its by Ubisoft, and i remember things like "Might & Magic: Heroes VI" so even if its the best Game in the World JUST NO !

  78. Sandjaie R

    Sandjaie R5 dagen geleden

    Horizon x ARK Survival

  79. anil kumar

    anil kumar5 dagen geleden

    Launching for play station also??

  80. Prashant Bhalerao

    Prashant Bhalerao5 dagen geleden

    Amazing 😍👍

  81. Soma Chakraborty

    Soma Chakraborty5 dagen geleden

    Anyone know what is the meaning of avatar?

  82. Clench Boss

    Clench Boss5 dagen geleden

    The title is wrong. This is the return of the nephilim

  83. AFK_Lychee

    AFK_Lychee5 dagen geleden

    ubisoft, maybe you should just make avatar 2 instead

  84. Paisagem Parada

    Paisagem Parada5 dagen geleden

    JOGO NORMAL, nada demais. ♤ GTA 6 quando chegar vai ser tipo...(( Jesus humilha o Satanás...))) ouêêê

  85. Jacket

    Jacket5 dagen geleden

    i remember played avatar the game on the PS3, this game was bomb, definitly gonna buy this one

  86. Arttest01

    Arttest015 dagen geleden

    brace yourselves "downgrades" is coming

  87. Sahil Sehrawat

    Sahil Sehrawat5 dagen geleden

    This one's gonna steal the show

  88. ColonelHess

    ColonelHess5 dagen geleden

    Go human or go home

  89. English Idioms हिंदी

    English Idioms हिंदी5 dagen geleden

    Your all music... Reminds me, my last bit lost love💔, I remember her... Yes, I still love her.. ❤🌷

  90. ADIB ADI

    ADIB ADI5 dagen geleden

    resolution is not clear,

  91. Simple Strategy

    Simple Strategy5 dagen geleden

    If i cant play human conquering pandora i will not buy this for sure.

  92. JJ Classic

    JJ Classic5 dagen geleden

    Am trying to play as the humans and operate Those AMPS (Giant Machine Robot Suits) THAT WOULD BE AWESOME AND IF THERES A MULTIPLAYER AVATAR VS HUMANS!!!!!

  93. JJ Classic

    JJ Classic5 dagen geleden

    I hope you can customize your dragon with camouflage or tattoos or different colours and stripes!!!!

  94. Jayden Perez

    Jayden Perez5 dagen geleden

    imagine 2 different stories to this, like you get to choose to be a human or an avatar

  95. DBZ BT4 Mobile

    DBZ BT4 Mobile4 dagen geleden

    @Pizza Cuber fr tho

  96. Pizza Cuber

    Pizza Cuber4 dagen geleden

    Have you not played the first game? A lot of people are acting like this is the first Avatar game. I'm confused.

  97. Shardewg Bain

    Shardewg Bain5 dagen geleden


  98. Calista V.B.P

    Calista V.B.P5 dagen geleden


  99. Nazeer Jassir

    Nazeer Jassir5 dagen geleden

    Waiting 🖤

  100. Derek Zhou

    Derek Zhou5 dagen geleden

    Ok but don’t like the design of the avatar characters. Would like them to have bodies like kratos.

  101. p3u3g3 poultree

    p3u3g3 poultree5 dagen geleden

    no if only ubisoft stopped with user accounts on every game

  102. Piero Mauri

    Piero Mauri5 dagen geleden

    When it comes out, I'll live the life I've always wanted to live.

  103. Louis Wu

    Louis Wu2 dagen geleden

    be a salted fish?

  104. Random Bird

    Random Bird6 dagen geleden

    Will this be as broken as the first avatar ubisoft game? You guys just gave up towards the end with the massive plot holes everywhere.

  105. averagebuoy

    averagebuoy6 dagen geleden

    Bugatar: Frontiers of the Blue Death

  106. ItsShiroTime

    ItsShiroTime6 dagen geleden

    Please do not disappoint us ubisoft ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  107. MICOY TV

    MICOY TV6 dagen geleden

    would this be available for ps4?

  108. Erick Ricci

    Erick Ricci6 dagen geleden

    Is it not a second movie from avatar ?

  109. Xi Le

    Xi Le6 dagen geleden

    Why those humans in Avatar movies in the year 2150 travel to Pandora to get the 1 kg stone for $2 million dollars while no other interests in the beautiful Pandora?

  110. Xi Le

    Xi Le52 minuten geleden

    In the future, people have powerful laser weapons instead of bombs and guns.

  111. VYSHNAV

    VYSHNAV6 dagen geleden

    My 4gb Ram laptop just committed suimide