BMW X5 45e 10,000 mile review. Why PHEV beats EV for our family car

This BMW X5 45e arrived at HG 6 months ago and we've now done nearly 10k miles in it. This video explains what we've learnt about running a plugin hybrid after living with a pure electric car during the previous 12 months.
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  1. Scott Scottsdale

    Scott Scottsdale7 uur geleden

    “Best car we make”. One might think that. But for $45k one can purchase a 2 GC that does 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. Think about that! I mean honestly.

  2. Andrew Larner

    Andrew Larner3 dagen geleden

    Found the EV and PHEV videos really helpful thanks. Really practical commentary. Please, do you have plans to do the Mercedes GLE de PHEV?

  3. 1Drummer

    1Drummer4 dagen geleden

    Thank you; this is well presented information that is very useful for my upcoming car buying decision.👍

  4. jd rancho

    jd rancho6 dagen geleden

    02:20 Thank you, thank you, thank you. That is exactly the reason I gave up on the Ford Fivehundred. The edge of the sill was so creased, it was actually painful when I swung my legs around and hit it with the back of my legs every time I exited the car. That is not my fault for failing to remember to keep my legs away. That is simply bad design, and I am not willing to spend money for this kind of aggravation. Aggravation I can get for free.

  5. jd rancho

    jd rancho6 dagen geleden

    'Looks seem to be a bit marmite on this thing ...' meaning what exactly? M-W has no adjective definition, you linguistic show-off.

  6. bbbf09

    bbbf098 dagen geleden

    To get less than 2miles per kwh is really bad efficiency...even for that sized car. Any other equivalent EV you might expect to get between 3 to 4 miles for 1 kwh. When you factor in a night time electric tariff of 5p/kwh you end up with an equivalent mpg for electric vehiclrs more than 400mpg as a better guide. Thats why they win.

  7. Steven Michael

    Steven Michael11 dagen geleden

    Excellent review Harry. Could you please do a review on the BMW X1 hybrid. Thanks

  8. MrKeefrichards

    MrKeefrichards14 dagen geleden

    love x5, never bought anything else since buying one, this suv really suits harry.

  9. James Harper

    James Harper16 dagen geleden

    All that money (for something brand new) for 50mpg? Which you have to faff around charging (which you pay for)? And which must get through a tonne of fuel (which you pay for) otherwise it'd be much higher mpg? It literally uses an OBSCENE amount of resources to own and run this car - and purchasers smugly think they're saving the world? Utter f**king MORONS. Do the world a favour and keep your current car for 5 years. Buy less sh**.

  10. Jeff R

    Jeff R21 dag geleden

    Any chance you'll put a Mercedes GLE 350de through the same test?

  11. Matt Dunn

    Matt Dunn25 dagen geleden

    Great video as always Harry. Where do you get the CTEK double charger from? Can’t find on their site.

  12. Georgia Fan

    Georgia Fan26 dagen geleden

    The large batteries are very heavy 700-800 lbs. My bro in law has this vehicle and he said he can feel it leaning in turns but it’s not objectionable. He’s connected it to high output power, so charging takes less time. The mpg is as discussed, very good. I drove it and acceleration is brisk, not V8 - like but not slow. There are many gadgets to acclimate with but once you do, it’s easy. I wanted the big diesel but BMW has discontinued it.

  13. CA Driver

    CA Driver27 dagen geleden

    Completely agree about iDrive. It’s so much easier than the competition.

  14. Alix Pennycuick

    Alix Pennycuick28 dagen geleden

    been watching the 45e closely - totally agree re EV vs PVHE after many test drives and loaners came to same conclusion so finally ordered one

  15. Sebastian Mørk Sveinung

    Sebastian Mørk Sveinung28 dagen geleden

    You can spec it without the sideskirts Im pretty sure :)

  16. Ion Perpegel

    Ion Perpegel29 dagen geleden

    Bought one of these due to your reviews and I am happy. Thanks.

  17. Gerry The Car guy

    Gerry The Car guy29 dagen geleden

    How much was the car ?

  18. Barti's

    Barti's29 dagen geleden

    I was hearing him speak but I could not be focused. He has a good voice for background noise. :)

  19. Mark's Cars

    Mark's CarsMaand geleden

    I had the same mechanical sympathy concerns with my Panamera hybrid. How these engines will age when they’re suddenly called into action at 70mph and spin up to 3k in an instant. It can’t be good for them.

  20. Abc Xyz

    Abc XyzMaand geleden

    ...And still on a car this size they cannot fit 7 seats.... Whats the point - just buy an X3 phev.... Why bother with a PHEV this size if its only a 5 seater - the *whole point* of these vehicles is that they have occasional 7 seats, isnt it? Stupid.

  21. stephenburns1982

    stephenburns1982Maand geleden

    Interesting to see the mpg on the longer runs. I’ve got a Mercedes GLC300DE on order so hoping for similarly excellent economy with it being a phev but with a diesel engine

  22. arrowmouse

    arrowmouseMaand geleden

    Get the range rover PHEV? You can get it with a 2.0L 4cyl.

  23. Laurentiu Trifan

    Laurentiu TrifanMaand geleden

    Good review. 👍

  24. faisalleeds

    faisalleedsMaand geleden

    So the cost to fully charge the battery is approx 35p if my maths is correct? Assuming it is about 37 miles range. Seems pretty good if you can constantly keep it topped up.

  25. Emanuele Polimeni

    Emanuele PolimeniMaand geleden

    Would you be interested in testing the new Jeep Wrangler PHEV? Maybe that’d be a good compromise for both on road capability and farm vehicle

  26. Mark Edwards Photography

    Mark Edwards PhotographyMaand geleden

    ELECTRIC will never be successful. I drive a BMW i3S Range Extender 94 REX, and have owned 2 since 2015. I’ve experienced Full Electric will never work for many reasons: The electric infrastructure has NOT improved since 2015, in fact it’s just getting worse with broken chargers all over the country. The initial grants for fitting the units. are funded by government but the local councils don’t have money to repair them when their broken. That’s a fact. On top of this can you honestly say petroleum stations has 6-12 pumps and in some cases more, but the discrimination of EV users are limited to one or 2 fast (20 min) chargers in most cities. In towns there’s often none only “pathetic trickle-charge” 12 hour chargers found at supermarkets who know now one will sit there 4-12 hours charging their car. Unless you drive a Tesla you haven’t a Hope to charge easily. PHEV and BMW Rex are the clear winners and success stories here and will continue into the future. The BMW Rex is increasing in value each day, it can be re fuelled with petroleum and continue 100-1,000 miles without trouble (petrol refill required every 100 miles & EV battery power carries on another 160-210 miles on top of that. Dual fuel cars will always the be future. If cars arrive with bigger batteries then they require longer charge times and big queues at chargers because there will never be 500-1000 rapid chargers needed . Will the electric grid cope with 50,000 - 100,000 Gw being required at any one time ?

  27. Chris Nic

    Chris NicMaand geleden

    I’m not clever to work it out but what does the “actual” cost per mile/mpg work out to be e.g when combining petrol and electricity costs? The 50mpg obviously isn’t comparable to a petrol only 50mpg when considering costs as it’s costing circa 8p in electricity per mile when it’s electric only mode.

  28. M Z

    M ZMaand geleden

    Harry, best car I ever bought. Totally agree with your review. Don’t forget although slow to charge, whilst engine is running and whenever you brake there is battery charging going on - albeit slow. BMW NAV & Infotainment paired with I-drive is simply in a class of its own. Pure refinement and a perfect long distance car for the family. Also experienced remote BMW support which was excellent in helping problem solve so I could continue my journey without having to go to a dealer. Highly highly addictive.

  29. panamadg2

    panamadg2Maand geleden

    How about 745e Xdrive? Im looking from a perspective of 1-2 y.o. old buy as a private. They depreciate so much quicker and worth about 1/2 right now. My concern is that X5 will depreciate at much higher rate in few years when demand is saturated.

  30. Michael Englund

    Michael EnglundMaand geleden

    You old man have your priorities wrong.

  31. Kieran Horner

    Kieran HornerMaand geleden

    It probably makes sense for the owner of a farm, but it by far does not make sense for the majority of the people who will buy it and take up valuable space on the roads.

  32. James A Vickers

    James A VickersMaand geleden

    Excellent information and interesting thank you so much harry

  33. The Gram

    The GramMaand geleden

    And how about the electrical bill ? It's not like electricity is free. Also unicorns don't exist , Greta.

  34. goguhu

    goguhuMaand geleden

    You should have had 2 of the keys, then you can register one person per key, and it will setup the car based on the driver. I think the idea with the LCD key is that it allow you to use the self-park if you have a narrow garage/spot, as your phone will have too long delay to control the car through. The other stuff I 100% with you, it's just as good to use your phone, so you don't need that huge key (but if you have a tight parking spot the parking without being in the car is nice).

  35. fmonk

    fmonkMaand geleden

    All good except for the distastefully large kidneys.

  36. Leroy Brown

    Leroy BrownMaand geleden

    Mr. Metcalfe, I understand that this channel primarily promotes European manufactured vehicles, however, considering this overpriced SUV's performance, perhaps the Lincoln Aviator Hybrid would be an ideal alternative for a long-term ownership test. 🤔😏😁

  37. Andrew Byrne

    Andrew ByrneMaand geleden

    Great review; I, too am in that 1% who 4-wheels regularly with performance vehicles; early 2000's range rovers and Merc ML430's have been my fare but am always looking for the next evolution; cybertruck looks interesting; easy to repair the bodywork...

  38. Landed Zentry

    Landed ZentryMaand geleden

    Would never own a BMW. The steering is defective they drift into the middle of country lanes, the brakes are poor they never slow down and the indicators don't work.

  39. James M

    James MMaand geleden

    I have this car, Harry have you had the battery recall stating that the car can not be charged? It’s the same age etc?

  40. AW

    AWMaand geleden

    oho harry i just love petrol hydrogen is the way if we have to use electric

  41. variovent

    varioventMaand geleden

    So it's practical and economical only on electric, but you can't really use it on electric, because you need a full day to charge it. Oh, yeas, a lovely way to spent $100.000

  42. Domi Cos

    Domi CosMaand geleden

    Great video, I have my 45e for one year now, 15k km, average 7.9L/100km. Did about 5k km on electric the rest on highways so not bad at all for such a big thing. Concur with Harry's on the charging time being the main downside. Other than that, a great SUV

  43. Max Flight

    Max FlightMaand geleden

    The cabin is so much nicer than any Tesla offering.

  44. nineoneten

    nineonetenMaand geleden

    Good review as always from Harry but as more people are made aware of climate change and polution issues surely a 'normal' family car should be the main talking point. The Nissan Primera has been around for ages but still, after all the years, pollutes less than the 2021 X5. The BMW may suit Harry with the farm but how long before all the school runs in cities are being done with cars that are totally over-designed. I dread to think what it will be like in the future when all the late night boy ( and men ) racers get hold of these. Keep up the good work Harry - always the best but get something ordinary to test that doesn't need to be plugged in every night.

  45. Ge Gwen

    Ge GwenMaand geleden

    Very refined ................ @ 80k it bloody well should be !

  46. John Burnham

    John BurnhamMaand geleden

    This: " 'H' -- I don't know where we're going -- but that sort of thing." Love it!

  47. 5ebra1

    5ebra1Maand geleden

    Great review. Your reviews are great regardless of the car you review.

  48. stuart smith

    stuart smithMaand geleden

    my next car won't be chosen based on exterior, interior, reliability, performance, mpg, value after 3 years. Above everything, i will choose a car based on having separate buttons and switches, for aircon, radio, etc. I don't want to enter swipe screen menus. Buttons now come first in my life, when buying cars.

  49. L M

    L MMaand geleden

    I purchased X5 XDrive45e in October I love it!! I chose over the I-Pace because of the infotainment system, I still think the Jag is the best looking EV out, I’m sure the 2022 will have the upgraded infotainment system the they’ve been getting

  50. badusername4

    badusername4Maand geleden

    Guinea pigs comes to mind with these cars . I’m sure after warranty that cold non lubricated petrol won’t be cheap to replace .. capitalism at its best

  51. KingslayerSrb

    KingslayerSrbMaand geleden

    70k? How the hell can you people afford this? Genuine question, I'm from Eastern Europe and it just sounds insane to me, could buy a two-bedroom flat here for that price. Looking at numbeo right now, it says that average monthly net salary in London is 3k. I earn more than that, and no way I could afford to throw 70k on transportation alone. Do you guys go into debt for a car, or what? Just seems that many British people drive expensive cars, and I don't get it how that works

  52. Onidax

    OnidaxMaand geleden

    My second hand 2016 VW Polo averages 54mpg... strange to think in years to come, less efficient hybrids will not have to pay to go in 'low emission' zones, whilst I will. Great way to keep the poor from driving in our bigger towns and cities 👍

  53. David Gilbert

    David GilbertMaand geleden

    Enjoyed that - thanks!

  54. Ninja 12 Lawbreaker

    Ninja 12 LawbreakerMaand geleden

    I nearly bought an X5 once, petrol 4.5 litre obvs. electric is unfit for purpose, When are they bringing out the hydrogen version?

  55. Gary Steven

    Gary StevenMaand geleden

    Footballers will love these

  56. Adam Gentil

    Adam GentilMaand geleden

    So it’s 25mpg as the other half was done on electric!!! No very good on fuel then 😀

  57. Gary Brown

    Gary BrownMaand geleden

    Harry man. Tapping the top of the idrive 😂😂😂 when was that EVER an idrive feature , not surprised you get full stops added !

  58. Philip Kennard

    Philip KennardMaand geleden

    Agree with your point on muddy trousers Harry, but on the other side, when I borrowed a Range Rover sport and parked it on a road in London with a large crown in the road the bottom of the door scrapes the pavement. I guess the BMW was built for more urban environments?

  59. MrKlaw

    MrKlawMaand geleden

    I agree with Harry it could have had a smaller/more efficient engine. Yes 37MPG isn’t bad for a motorway trip but its also not great. EV for short trips is great obviously, and the engine is there as backup for longer trips. But I don’t know if the EV part should be used as a crutch for poor ICE efficiency. If you regularly travel longer distances this seems a good ‘nicotine patch’ to help you transition or know whether you’d suit a full EV

  60. always lucky

    always luckyMaand geleden

    This car the x5 45e is one of the cheapest luxury suv in malaysia

  61. Jon Jon

    Jon JonMaand geleden

    "ACE" how old are you, 12??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  62. pj Clark

    pj ClarkMaand geleden

    Excellent review, as always, thank you. Well done BMW, I'm sure a lower power petrol is coming when the need to lower the co2 kicks in, until then, power rules with the big M.

  63. Paul M

    Paul MMaand geleden

    Why get such a complex hybrid? It still wastes Earth’s resources and trashes environment. Either get a normal gas car or Tesla. Hybrids are stupid

  64. Paul M

    Paul MMaand geleden

    I take a Jeep Grand Cherokee over X5 any day

  65. Paul M

    Paul MMaand geleden

    In America we really think of this vehicle as mid-size. Best BMW for sale is X5. Good trim. They should get rid of run flat tires though

  66. Mohammed Haq

    Mohammed HaqMaand geleden

    Lovely real world review. BTW, those are actual laser lights and not just matrix LEDs... another good video on YT shows a comparison of these different lights and found the VW group matrix LED to be brighter.

  67. PeterS

    PeterSMaand geleden

    No one, including you Harry, seems to account for the inevitable UK fuel duty levy on electricity that must surely come in some form or other for on road vehicle usage.

  68. VFR 1200

    VFR 1200Maand geleden

    You are right about that. They need to pay to upgrade and repair the infrastructure that electric vehicles are currently using for free. As more and more EV hit the streets and the Vehicle Tax lowers from lack of petrol/diesel cars, you will either see toll roads everywhere or road tax on all vehicles. My guess is they will look at road tolls. As the demand for the grid becomes to great, they will want to lessen the amount of charging that needs to be done.

  69. The Cav

    The CavMaand geleden

    Don't if this hybrid setup makes sense, either go all electric or a highly efficient petrol/diesel unit. My G class easily does 33/35 MPG on the highway.

  70. TheJoeMB

    TheJoeMBMaand geleden

    So.many people say iDrive gets better when you live with it. Also the spec with gloss black kidney grill for me looks great.

  71. Pgjermstad

    PgjermstadMaand geleden

    Great review! Can´t wait to collect my 45e this summer. I have the 40e now and have 3 disklikes: range, engine and charge rate. The 45e solves the first two.The charge rate is not that big of an issue for me, but it would be nice to have at least 7KW. Sorry to see your 45e go since you´ve had the best NLpush reviews on this car.

  72. Chris Pollard

    Chris PollardMaand geleden

    Sorry but it still generates CO2 - 50.2 mpg still sucks. My Bolt never goes that low. As you say - it's a big car - you don't need it.

  73. EnhancedNightmare

    EnhancedNightmareMaand geleden

    Damn its ugly with those ungainly proportions

  74. Bill Hicks

    Bill HicksMaand geleden

    Farm truck? How about a Ford F150, crew cab, 4x4 with Ecoboost.

  75. VFR 1200

    VFR 1200Maand geleden

    First vehicle you always see in the ditch when it snows.

  76. Legendus

    LegendusMaand geleden

    This car is so ugly

  77. Colin Poyzer

    Colin PoyzerMaand geleden

    Excellent review. Looking at one of these to replace my 330e. In your review (sound the 13min mark), you mention about the engine kicking in and being cold whilst mid drive. I am like you and very mechanically minded so was worried about this with my 330e. What you will notice is that the battery level will still drop for a couple of miles after switching as it assists the engine to help protect it. Once it is sufficiently warmed, the engine will then help regen some power into the batteries. I think this is also the reason why you can’t deplete the battery (on full EV) below 8%.

  78. Shaun

    ShaunMaand geleden

    You are a super cool guy. Great video 👍

  79. reviews and repairs

    reviews and repairsMaand geleden

    controls same as the 2020 116 d

  80. arezourose1

    arezourose1Maand geleden

    We have just had ours delivered to our house. We absolutely love it

  81. Dom von Hutch

    Dom von HutchMaand geleden

    You'd be mad to choose BMW over LEXUS...especially if you wanted a hybrid lol.

  82. Stephen clay

    Stephen clayMaand geleden

    I do agree with this car instead of a diesel

  83. dwftube

    dwftubeMaand geleden

    11:53 - can anyone verify this? It sounds like BS if ever I heard it.

  84. m. steffen

    m. steffenMaand geleden

    So i mean BMW might have said it but even then its BS

  85. m. steffen

    m. steffenMaand geleden

    BS you even get subsidized by the gov. for installing a wallbox in your garage for charging at high rate.



    Great for first and second buyer, but such a cost liability for 3rd or 4th buyer.

  87. T k

    T kMaand geleden

    Thank you, you gave all the right information regarding a long term review

  88. Greg S

    Greg SMaand geleden

    The 45e is 800 lbs heavier than the 40i, way too much of a penalty IMO. With that issue and the SLOW charge rate I’ll stick with the 40i gas thank you.

  89. Alan Reynolds

    Alan ReynoldsMaand geleden

    Sorry but I don't care, it looks so ugly +++ Kerplungern

  90. David Whittaker

    David WhittakerMaand geleden

    Great video as always, thanks! Sounds like you need a Defender P400e! 20kW battery, 7kW charge rate and farmer friendly! And not much more expensive than the bimmer!

  91. M B

    M BMaand geleden

    Excellent review of the X5 hybrid. Keep this going Harry. I want to know what kind of issues you will encounter after 40000 miles. I have an X5 like this and after 40000, the plastic parts started to fail one by one. I am interested to know if you encounter similar problems. The metal parts in the X5 however is Sherman Tank. The fundamental components are very reliable - diff, gear box, drivetrain, block.

  92. Phil

    PhilMaand geleden

    Harry great videos always look forward to the next one. I have one question for you, What is the life span of the battery's and how many charges can they take before having to be changed. This doesn't seem to be mentioned by anyone who does a review on these hybrid vehicles.

  93. steffydog1

    steffydog1Maand geleden

    Always a fantastic watch, thanks.

  94. colinbarber1957

    colinbarber1957Maand geleden

    Great video Harry. I’m on my second Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, it would benefit from a bigger battery 16 miles realistically going up and down Pennines hills. Having said that, I sometimes (in spring /summer/autumn go 3 months without filling up (costs about £43:00 to fill) Using all the heated gizmos in winter screen/wheel/seats/rear screen/electric pre heater hammers the battery as you would expect. Having said that, 5 hours to charge on a 3 pin plug at home, or on the rare time I charge it at a fast charger, it’s got a fast charge socket. It’s a great car for working locally, but as a repmobile, buy diesel. I’m with you Harry, PHEV for the foreseeable. P.S. if everything is going to be electric cars, where is the generating power going to come from?

  95. wotrulke

    wotrulkeMaand geleden

    Brilliant review id be tempted if I had 70 grand to splash out on a new car 🚙

  96. CRAPO2011

    CRAPO2011Maand geleden

    From behind these current X5s look like a KIA to me

  97. Dom von Hutch

    Dom von HutchMaand geleden

    @CRAPO2011 I think looking like a Kia is no bad thing these days

  98. CRAPO2011

    CRAPO2011Maand geleden

    @Dom von Hutch i think hes still at kia

  99. Dom von Hutch

    Dom von HutchMaand geleden

    Isn't Schreyer the head of design at KIA...after leaving Audi?

  100. Rick N

    Rick NMaand geleden

    Great Review - comprehensive, straight forward, honest - plus as always, entertaining!

  101. Alex Paterson

    Alex PatersonMaand geleden

    No shit, your numbers don't add up! You are telling people this car is better than a diesel version because it does 50MPG. However, you forgot to mention it costs £90,000. The diesel version would cost £50,000 plus an extra £50 a month to run. So £600 a year in fuel / £40,000 (the extra cost of the hybrid) is 66.6. In other words, it will take you 66.7 years to save money over the diesel version. So Harry, as much you say its the better choice, that can only be accurate if you live to be 132 years old.

  102. Richard Smith

    Richard SmithMaand geleden

    The 45e is only about £5k more expensive than the diesel. As most X5’s are bought as company cars the 45e makes massive sense. Company car tax on the 30d for a 40% tax payer is £9,300.00 pa, whereas the car tax on the 45e is £1,956.00 pa. 45e wins every time when it comes to finances.

  103. Clash City Rocker

    Clash City RockerMaand geleden

    Talking about the heads up display. Do any of them have the indicators on them? In a Bentley the amount of times I drive along with indicators on , because with the stereo on you can’t here the noise and looking at the heads up you don’t notice the light flashing on the dashboard during the day.

  104. Robin O'Connor

    Robin O'ConnorMaand geleden

    You mentioned the petrol engine power, in the 45e its in a lower tune than other cars using the same engine. The 440i has 326 BHP. I really like the 45e, but doubt I could buy one, the digital instruments are so awful, its a car not a computer game.

  105. ShaftDrive

    ShaftDriveMaand geleden

    I’m running the 2015 X5d. This would be a great upgrade. I hope BMW reliably gets better. My Diesel Particulate Filter just failed. $7000 for the part without installation. So I’m getting it deleted .The EGR, SCR , DPF removal with remapping . Great vehicles though overall.

  106. Mohamed .Kanoo

    Mohamed .KanooMaand geleden

    Now we know where BMW's priority lies. Very interesting nonetheless.

  107. Ayrton Mutagaana

    Ayrton MutagaanaMaand geleden

    Funny BMW still offer that display key in the UK, it was dropped in the US starting in the 2020 model year because, as you said it's cumbersome and useless. Interestingly, in the US, BMW included the display key in addition to the two conventional keyfobs you typically get, rather than to replace one.

  108. aaron todd

    aaron toddMaand geleden

    Cant take my eyes off the mark on the rear seat over Harrys left shoulder.

  109. Luke Hutchinson

    Luke HutchinsonMaand geleden

    The Matt leather finish shows up spots of oil/grease, I’d have to get it cleaned off