Bobby Shmurda - Hot N*gga (Official Music Video)

"Hot N*gga" by Bobby Shmurda
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And Truey on some hot nigga (Hot nigga)
Like I talk to Shyste when I shot niggas (What's good?)
Like you seen him twirl, then he drop, nigga (Seen him drop!)
And we keep them 9 millis on my block, nigga
And Monte keep it on him, he done dropped niggas
And Trigger, he be wilding, he some hot nigga
Tones known to get busy with them Glocks, nigga
Try to run down and you can catch a shot, nigga
Running through these checks 'til I pass out (Pass out)
And shorty give me neck 'til I pass out (Pass out)
I swear to God, all I do is cash out (All I do)
And if you ain't a ho, get up out my trap house!
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  1. Blake Carter

    Blake Carter19 minuten geleden

    2:20 that's me when i walk in class and the teacher ask for homework

  2. Mike Robichaud

    Mike Robichaud37 minuten geleden

    Home time


    THAPELO MONTI MASEHLA47 minuten geleden

    Was here a week ago.....

  4. World of Blitz

    World of BlitzUur geleden

    nice nigga

  5. Ibou Njaay

    Ibou NjaayUur geleden

    Kat sa ndy

  6. Someone

    Someone2 uur geleden

    Not gonna talk bout the camera quality

  7. shyann Mayers

    shyann MayersUur geleden

    Ohh ok the quality is kinda bad a little tho

  8. Someone

    SomeoneUur geleden

    @shyann Mayers I know, better than most of the quality back 6y ago

  9. shyann Mayers

    shyann MayersUur geleden

    Its good

  10. Hami Serine

    Hami Serine2 uur geleden

    القافله اثبتوا وجودكم🐫🐫🐫👇

  11. Nathali Martinez botello

    Nathali Martinez botello2 uur geleden

    That Bobby Shmurda😌😌😈🖕

  12. KS Email

    KS Email2 uur geleden

    Reported for racism.

  13. KS Email

    KS Email52 minuten geleden

    @BeLikeRiz alot of racist bigots here

  14. Daniel M.

    Daniel M.Uur geleden

    Reported for reporting this video

  15. shyann Mayers

    shyann MayersUur geleden

    @BeLikeRiz I don't know why people like to be racism for everything

  16. BeLikeRiz

    BeLikeRizUur geleden

    @shyann Mayers fr

  17. shyann Mayers

    shyann MayersUur geleden


  18. Kevin S

    Kevin S2 uur geleden


  19. Kyle Rittenstritch

    Kyle Rittenstritch3 uur geleden

    That hat probably landed on a bed. Drugstore Cowboys.

  20. Kyle Rittenstritch

    Kyle Rittenstritch3 uur geleden

    We kept this boy fed in lockup. $$$$

  21. Hustlers Corner

    Hustlers Corner3 uur geleden

    This video will get over a billion views

  22. Sabina Rosales

    Sabina Rosales3 uur geleden

    This is still bussin

  23. David Oruku

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  24. David Oruku

    David Oruku3 uur geleden


  25. Kuey_ v

    Kuey_ v3 uur geleden

    Here after the maino interview.... salute!

  26. Fernando Meneses

    Fernando Meneses3 uur geleden

    Medellín, Colombia 🇨🇴💪🎧🎤🎛️

  27. Alejandro Gallardo

    Alejandro Gallardo3 uur geleden

    2:16 Me and my friends when we eat chips

  28. TheGamerKing 34

    TheGamerKing 343 uur geleden

    went to africa a week ago

  29. Jeb Johnson

    Jeb Johnson4 uur geleden

    Ive been selling crack since the fifth house

  30. 1v1 lol king

    1v1 lol king5 uur geleden

    I bet I’m the only one still listening to this .. 💆🏽

  31. jay jay

    jay jay5 uur geleden

    April 2021 any one

  32. ra s

    ra s5 uur geleden

    You think you're a gangster, but you're nothing, gay.

  33. ra s

    ra s2 uur geleden

    @Hero Park Do you know you're talking to a cop?

  34. ra s

    ra s3 uur geleden

    @Hero Park Are you having something wrong because you keep barking?

  35. ra s

    ra s4 uur geleden

    @Hero Park Why is there an Arab response? Your response is extinct from 1700

  36. anday

    anday5 uur geleden

    "went to Africa a week ago"

  37. Mojack725

    Mojack7256 uur geleden

    listened to this song when i was four at a party in the hood everyone was lit

  38. I’mRllyHeem #2

    I’mRllyHeem #26 uur geleden

    If he’s still a knicks fan that’s crazy😂

  39. Guruprasad Pujari

    Guruprasad Pujari6 uur geleden

    Talk to hand homies

  40. lil oveRdose666

    lil oveRdose6666 uur geleden

    Nypd: we have years worth of investigation and evidence however we can't warrant their arrest until we have more solid evidence or a confession. Bobby: i got u fam

  41. Brady Fabila

    Brady Fabila6 uur geleden

    This will always and forever be the hardest music video ever.

  42. Josey Hartunian

    Josey Hartunian2 uur geleden

    No cap

  43. Ayo Olatunji

    Ayo Olatunji6 uur geleden

    wondering what people typed to get onto this song

  44. andrew_ btdx

    andrew_ btdx7 uur geleden

    It's impossible for this comment section to die

  45. Nomad

    Nomad7 uur geleden

    Went to Africa a week ago Killed a lion then akillagoat

  46. StitchOregon

    StitchOregon7 uur geleden

    Shmurda 💪🏾🔥

  47. Pita Roll

    Pita Roll7 uur geleden

    In NY our Hat of Choice was Yankee Fitted but the Knick Hat that bobby wore in this video is now the New Wave. Knick Fitted thats NY. BK swag salute

  48. C J

    C J7 uur geleden

    been listening this song for 5 years and still didn't get bored from it

  49. Rayan Bali

    Rayan Bali7 uur geleden

    Went to Africa a week ago **week ago** kill a lion den kill a goat

  50. Angel Galvez

    Angel Galvez7 uur geleden


  51. Kais

    Kais7 uur geleden

    ''Went to Africa a week ago Killed a lion and I killed a goat'' SHEEEEEESHH

  52. Lucas The Emperor

    Lucas The Emperor8 uur geleden

    Does anybody knows how much views it had before shmurda was relased? Because it sky-rocketed before i could even remember ..

  53. Lafty

    Lafty8 uur geleden

    bro funny thing that he said every name of his friends and where they live and they all went to jail lol

  54. Nikomausi LOL

    Nikomausi LOL8 uur geleden


  55. Marnelle Gaming

    Marnelle Gaming8 uur geleden

    He is free 😐

  56. Gray mir

    Gray mir9 uur geleden

    🐫 🐫 🐫 🐫

  57. Judah Waahkah

    Judah Waahkah9 uur geleden

    White kids singing to this song ........... they can’t

  58. Lil Christ x

    Lil Christ x9 uur geleden

    Why the middle part mute?

  59. smierdziel

    smierdziel9 uur geleden

    don't know anything vout this song but I saw 727 so I clicked hahahahahhahebahaha wysi ahhdhahahaaaa


    DARKSHYCLOUD9 uur geleden

    bruh bangerrrr

  61. Lyfe As SuggaMomma

    Lyfe As SuggaMomma9 uur geleden

    BOBBY BACK BABYYYY 😛😛😛😛🥳🥳💞💞💞

  62. Sacha Bloch

    Sacha Bloch10 uur geleden

    A white guy said the Nword bc of this music but wasn’t racist as I know and was catch by a black who didn’t know him

  63. wail amiour

    wail amiour10 uur geleden

    Rasha 98 years ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  64. Socotrv

    Socotrv10 uur geleden

    Legend says that hat still flying

  65. noclip

    noclip7 uur geleden

    Yep :D

  66. Henry Da zuera

    Henry Da zuera10 uur geleden

    1 bilhão nunca?

  67. Herwan Delacroix

    Herwan Delacroix10 uur geleden


  68. Nothing here

    Nothing here10 uur geleden

    2:16 your welcome

  69. Rewardson Bukuru

    Rewardson Bukuru11 uur geleden

    Lame musician u are a fool don said this .

  70. henry flash374

    henry flash37410 uur geleden


  71. Cobra Panther

    Cobra Panther11 uur geleden

    The relevancy in this song is real

  72. Cactus Logic

    Cactus Logic7 uur geleden

    Here before this comment blows up

  73. Ben Stoen

    Ben Stoen11 uur geleden

    this song gonna get people turnt the fuck up this summer

  74. Sam Eman

    Sam Eman11 uur geleden

    word on the street is he got outta jail just in time to catch his hat

  75. Timmy mack

    Timmy mack11 uur geleden

    Thanks for the support guys. Lil pablo Mack signing off. Brappppppppp!!! We littttt

  76. Mercier

    Mercier11 uur geleden

    about a week ago!!

  77. Lion Purpp

    Lion Purpp11 uur geleden

    Thank you god Bobby home safe! Got lit in the club the other night this went hard asf like it first came out

  78. L GANG

    L GANG12 uur geleden

    GS9 💙

  79. Fakhre Alam

    Fakhre Alam12 uur geleden

    I went to Africa. 💯

  80. NYC Levi

    NYC Levi12 uur geleden

    Wow it’s been 6 years. I was in 6th grade when this came out

  81. reflowz. fn

    reflowz. fn12 uur geleden

    This song is just legendary

  82. Christian

    Christian12 uur geleden

    Videotitle: NIGGA YT: well this is my money now...

  83. Amori Neng

    Amori Neng12 uur geleden

    Make a remix

  84. LawLess Gang Music

    LawLess Gang Music12 uur geleden

    We Balling Homie Back Welcome Back Bruv

  85. Richard Levey

    Richard Levey13 uur geleden

    Hip hip hrayy

  86. Iga Borowiecka

    Iga Borowiecka13 uur geleden

    sheeesh still lit

  87. Ze Bergz

    Ze Bergz13 uur geleden

    Booby schmurda

  88. Markell McFadden

    Markell McFadden13 uur geleden

    1 Billion views🤷🏾‍♂️ ??

  89. ali amer

    ali amer15 uur geleden

    مين جا من مقطع بارب تيوب😂😂

  90. ali amer

    ali amer4 uur geleden

    @itz raouf ما فهمت

  91. itz raouf

    itz raouf7 uur geleden

    @ali amer خخخ

  92. ali amer

    ali amer8 uur geleden

    ارحبوا اول مرة اجيب خمسة لايكات

  93. مغير المحتوى

    مغير المحتوى13 uur geleden

    حسبت انا الوحيد الي هنا 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️

  94. itz raouf

    itz raouf14 uur geleden


  95. Bi Evren Mizah

    Bi Evren Mizah15 uur geleden

    Criminal ✅


    LSD PHYSCHO15 uur geleden

    who knew the song from tiktok

  97. brandon fox

    brandon fox10 uur geleden

    Ur not a real fan if u did

  98. xStormy

    xStormy10 uur geleden

    Not me

  99. Rob Townsell

    Rob Townsell15 uur geleden

    Legend has it that radar picked that hat up somewhere over the Atlantic

  100. Sunny

    Sunny16 uur geleden

    Went to africa a week ago

  101. JjJj idiot But Handsome

    JjJj idiot But Handsome17 uur geleden

    After this song all of them went to jail🌝

  102. Cesare Borgia

    Cesare Borgia18 uur geleden

    Almost a billion baby

  103. גיא ברנס

    גיא ברנס18 uur geleden

    כושי לוהטטט

  104. Whittus Sussy

    Whittus Sussy19 uur geleden

    Went to Africa a week ago

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    e1ectronic19 uur geleden

    Went to Africa a week ago🔥🔥

  106. MontanaBlack

    MontanaBlack20 uur geleden

    Yo Homies Good Morning everybody, who's here on April 19, 2021 🔥

  107. BlackNight

    BlackNight20 uur geleden

    money : 0% girls : 0% gangs : 0 % gun's : 0 % dancing 100%

  108. Keith

    Keith20 uur geleden

    When keeping it real goes wrong.

  109. Praise Idemudia

    Praise Idemudia20 uur geleden

    Bobby's dance vs Orignal Pop smoke dance

  110. kh Lee

    kh Lee21 uur geleden

    被关六年 有够废

  111. kh Lee

    kh Lee21 uur geleden


  112. MATADOR evo

    MATADOR evo21 uur geleden

    if he does a remix it will take another 7 years.😅!!!

  113. cammy !

    cammy !22 uur geleden

    *went to Africa a week ago*

  114. كريبو وليفا

    كريبو وليفا22 uur geleden


  115. Mohamed BOUSSETTA

    Mohamed BOUSSETTA22 uur geleden

    مين جاي من عند باري القافلة

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    98 years😂😂😂😂

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    Y does this not have 1mil views

  120. Nathan Shebel

    Nathan ShebelDag geleden

    This comment section is more active than my love life.

  121. Ectical

    EcticalDag geleden

    This sounds like went to Africa a week ago

  122. Deziured 4x

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  123. Shadow Plays

    Shadow PlaysDag geleden

    XDDD did he seriously expose himself and the whole hood with him XD

  124. cordaro jackson

    cordaro jacksonDag geleden

    I’m here in 2021 still trying to find that damn hat