Bryson Tiller - Sorrows (Official Video)

Music video by Bryson Tiller performing Sorrows (Official Video). (C) 2021 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment


  1. Alvare

    Alvare2 dagen geleden

    This song is so slept on :/ could've been a major hit !!

  2. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler3 dagen geleden

    Ain’t no hope for future don’t put that shit on my head I call my animal spirit

  3. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler3 dagen geleden

    I wonder how I really feel🤔🤨

  4. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler3 dagen geleden


  5. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler3 dagen geleden

    The kid in me cry for the concept of this video Golden child Eddie Murphy

  6. Cornelia Briggs

    Cornelia Briggs3 dagen geleden


  7. Monik Nice

    Monik Nice5 dagen geleden

    This is another level in the game, beat everything fits together.. masterpiece, Thank you, love you Bryson

  8. Lexi Candy

    Lexi Candy6 dagen geleden

    Man this is something different for sure

  9. Aylin Yldrm

    Aylin Yldrm7 dagen geleden

    Im thinking always about you Selçuk

  10. D&L Legacy

    D&L Legacy7 dagen geleden

    For those of you wondering what the clocks floating is representing eternity and the hour glass is the world we live in, the world is ending and the whole world will be judged by GOD! and we either go to heaven or hell forever. We are all sinners! Thats why JESUS CHRIST came to clean our sins if we confess so we could go to heaven!

  11. Cordell Roland

    Cordell Roland8 dagen geleden


  12. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler9 dagen geleden

    2015 forest park community MS ebony Owe me Owls at work lick love me Know what sayin

  13. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler9 dagen geleden

    Lil Keith kiki lil Kiki jontae Paul black hole Muslim Christ or all the same instrumental But I'm stupid Fuck the debliss

  14. Lakeith Hibler

    Lakeith Hibler9 dagen geleden

    He in desert in the woods👣🗣***

  15. Darren Tang

    Darren Tang9 dagen geleden

    man i have this song on repeat for the whole day lmao

  16. SiemprePalante77

    SiemprePalante7710 dagen geleden

    This dude keeps coming with heat. He's the DMX of RnB. Long live Tiller Killer.

  17. Blimp BoyzTv

    Blimp BoyzTv10 dagen geleden

    Have you heard it slowed down?

  18. Mr. Ade

    Mr. Ade10 dagen geleden

    Trim the mustache bro

  19. Mr. Ade

    Mr. Ade10 dagen geleden

    Best joint on the album

  20. Champion RD

    Champion RD11 dagen geleden

    First time listening to Bryson Tiller tho

  21. Marcelo Ribeiro

    Marcelo Ribeiro11 dagen geleden


  22. ZERK Music

    ZERK Music11 dagen geleden

    wtf bruh

  23. eric davis

    eric davis12 dagen geleden

    A lotta folks sleep on this tape 😴😴

  24. Richard Harrington

    Richard Harrington12 dagen geleden

    tune is straight 🔥

  25. Christopher Acevedo

    Christopher Acevedo13 dagen geleden


  26. yuphirr

    yuphirr13 dagen geleden

    water bender

  27. jorginho skl

    jorginho skl13 dagen geleden

    Coração do quebrada não aguenta assim bryson

  28. Blaque Almighty

    Blaque Almighty14 dagen geleden

    *Bryson Tiller vs. Jeremih* 🤔🤔🤔

  29. Nasir Ponder

    Nasir Ponder14 dagen geleden

    My boy hit the drake on em 🪐 1:18

  30. Ayo Fr3sh!

    Ayo Fr3sh!14 dagen geleden

  31. victoria

    victoria14 dagen geleden

    1:45 the best part ommmgggggggg i cant stop replaying

  32. Arteest1

    Arteest115 dagen geleden

    I enjoy the song, but it sounds too overproduced. It's like they filtered his voice. Smh

  33. TreyGoCrazy

    TreyGoCrazy16 dagen geleden

    bro i ain’t even gonna lie.. bryson is that nîgga 😂😂he’s been someone who has been so consistent since he dropped Dont , this man can’t miss .. i think Let em know might still be my favorite just cuz i feel you bro we so toxic and i love it

  34. MizzQUEENInfinite88 Asiactic

    MizzQUEENInfinite88 Asiactic16 dagen geleden


  35. Jonam Chhetri

    Jonam Chhetri17 dagen geleden

    Songs like this are underrated

  36. Vincent Millner

    Vincent Millner19 dagen geleden


  37. Lmkhd

    Lmkhd19 dagen geleden

    This video built like an intense beyblade or yugioh anime battle

  38. Aylin Yldrm

    Aylin Yldrm20 dagen geleden

    I still love you Selcuk!

  39. nabeela musa

    nabeela musa21 dag geleden

    Ur music of replay even the old ones

  40. Max Valentine

    Max Valentine21 dag geleden

    There’s a clock in every video from Anniversay. What’s the significance?

  41. The AngryHypebeast

    The AngryHypebeast18 dagen geleden

    Time is everything

  42. Non Ofyourbusiness

    Non Ofyourbusiness22 dagen geleden

    these visuals are so on point. Wondered what Bryson had been up to.

  43. truthcuzii

    truthcuzii22 dagen geleden

    This is so underrated and deserves more views

  44. Nhlakanipho Mthiyane

    Nhlakanipho Mthiyane22 dagen geleden

    This dope is insane I love his music

  45. Brandon Hamilton

    Brandon Hamilton23 dagen geleden

    What a track. Had me speechless!! Some of my favourite visuals I've ever seen in a music video too. So much creativity from everyone involved in this.

  46. HYDRA

    HYDRA23 dagen geleden

    A lot of references here......

  47. God be the glory

    God be the glory23 dagen geleden

    This video did something to my soul like forreal

  48. cece gonzalez

    cece gonzalez23 dagen geleden

    Should have more likes underrated

  49. R&B Black Music

    R&B Black Music23 dagen geleden

    Nice Song and Video

  50. Odwayne Williams

    Odwayne Williams24 dagen geleden

    Great song , good video. The makers of the movie dune consider this as bryson tiller's audition tape

  51. Stormchild 17

    Stormchild 1724 dagen geleden

    Dope video 📹

  52. Ko Komo

    Ko Komo25 dagen geleden

    No more writers block. Fucking floodgates with this shit. 🔥.

  53. Woke Beshas

    Woke Beshas26 dagen geleden

    Nonhle is fave😍🤲🏼

  54. KatzCeo

    KatzCeo27 dagen geleden

    90s throwback on that 112 vibe💯

  55. Mati onetrap

    Mati onetrap27 dagen geleden

    aguante el bryson tiller shushetumaare

  56. whovibe

    whovibe27 dagen geleden


  57. whovibe

    whovibe27 dagen geleden

    this recent

  58. Samuel Jackson

    Samuel Jackson28 dagen geleden

    This visual is amazing. The skies. Colours. Concept. It’s great

  59. CR Smith

    CR Smith28 dagen geleden

    Nope. Not calling my ex from this

  60. #441

    #44128 dagen geleden

    that's right, stay strong 😅😅

  61. Alhaji Daniel

    Alhaji Daniel29 dagen geleden

    Wow Bryson just blasting 🔥 videos this year. Production team did an excellent job. The song itself has such a deep connection and meaningful lyrics. Don't even get me started on the beat.... phenomenal!!! and such a unique video concept.

  62. #441

    #441Maand geleden

    Wow, can't believe I've watched this video over 1,671,112 times. 😅😅

  63. Mani McCaine

    Mani McCaineMaand geleden

    its unhealthy how many times ive listened to this in just a day. hurts to say, I can relate.

  64. David Navega

    David NavegaMaand geleden

    This video is like a visual motion of Dali's "The Persistence of Memory".

  65. De’Leon Music

    De’Leon MusicMaand geleden

    I still feel like this man is underrated!!!!! HE NEEDS WAS MORE CLOUT 🥺👏🏾

  66. MDDVVM Cassette

    MDDVVM CassetteMaand geleden

    I really love it ! now you see alot of comments of people really enjoy your Music ! nice track ! and good Instrumental ! From #Dubai to #USA ! peace dawg !

  67. andgzn

    andgznMaand geleden

    Most played song of 2020 aha

  68. Pa'lela Walker

    Pa'lela WalkerMaand geleden

    god is good u beautiful ur worth it ur vibe is beautiful dont change it pray about it u will make it

  69. ryan m

    ryan mMaand geleden

    I’m listening to this alone 3 in the morning

  70. Telesto1

    Telesto127 dagen geleden

    Me too

  71. Pyro

    PyroMaand geleden

    1 am for me.

  72. #441

    #441Maand geleden

    hittin different

  73. Aobakwe Tau

    Aobakwe TauMaand geleden

    This's my favourite tune! 😪❤

  74. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    دايما وابدا

  75. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    اه لك دايما الضوء الاخضر

  76. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    توك الونق تيل يو سي رايت

  77. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden


  78. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    برايسون لفيو خلني احضر لك كونسرت

  79. رز ان

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  80. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    يو تولد مي ذيرز نو وي

  81. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    اغرق في احزاني

  82. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    baby if u need it show it then

  83. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    قيرل يو يوزد تو بي ما هومي

  84. رز ان

    رز انMaand geleden

    احبك موت

  85. Aline Porto

    Aline PortoMaand geleden

    How to turn off it ? IMPOSSIBLE ! MY FAVORITE

  86. red rose

    red roseMaand geleden

    Watching you since last 8 years and you one of the most underrated Star ever whereas, Snoop Doggy Dogg with all the rubbish he presents, he got all spot!!!!

  87. Daughter of the Most High

    Daughter of the Most HighMaand geleden


  88. Yoshireallyizbadd Clark

    Yoshireallyizbadd ClarkMaand geleden

    1:53 is my favorite part

  89. Blame Who

    Blame WhoMaand geleden

    I was really wondering if someone else saw the meaning of this song on a deeper level and caught a few comments regarding so. Time is almost up for this world. “Sorrows” sorrows from the wicked. Time clocks everywhere: running out of time until judgement and Christ’s return. The hand reaching for the hour glass: stop time, turn it upside down, loop it ... but they can’t stop. It is written, and God does not break his word.

  90. Dennis A

    Dennis AMaand geleden

    What is the name of the ''clothe'' on his forehead? 0:18

  91. GrayArea

    GrayAreaMaand geleden


  92. Joshua Watson

    Joshua WatsonMaand geleden

    He makes the best Complicated relationship songs. Our birthday is on the same day January 2 and capricorn always get a bad reputation for not having feelings. His music is proof that we do. Thanks for sharing your feelings through songs Bryson.

  93. Coreyagraphy Ellis

    Coreyagraphy EllisMaand geleden

    abstract addict .... flame


    R&B URBAN CLUB MUSICMaand geleden

    Favorite Song 🔥🔥🔥

  95. Victorious Empress

    Victorious EmpressMaand geleden

    He's a Emperor that put his needs before his Empress n how he lost her cause he put others first. Spirituality

  96. sznkii

    sznkiiMaand geleden


  97. Akizzzy

    AkizzzyMaand geleden

    I need more of his songs to be like THIS!

  98. Mr Hitz

    Mr HitzMaand geleden

    The # are still climbing. Lets get the boy Pen to Mill. Who else still playing this 1?

  99. DavineLy

    DavineLyMaand geleden

    Watch how TikTok take this song

  100. Brittany Tatum

    Brittany TatumMaand geleden

    Bryson tiller is my real god cuz he is great singer

  101. Brittany Tatum

    Brittany TatumMaand geleden

    He is my cousin real

  102. Queen of R&B 👑

    Queen of R&B 👑Maand geleden

    I can't stop listen to this song. Help.

  103. Mr Hitz

    Mr HitzMaand geleden

    This 1 is crack

  104. Walter Tucker

    Walter TuckerMaand geleden

    Wow. This dude is so slept on. Can't wait for the virtual concert

  105. Zentruth

    ZentruthMaand geleden

    this song slaps fr

  106. DavineLy

    DavineLyMaand geleden

    Let me stop simping Cause I’ve been listening to this for 10 hours straight

  107. robby lebotha

    robby lebothaMaand geleden

    You miss her don't you 😂 sipping on that simpin

  108. Ig Kreme_betweens

    Ig Kreme_betweensMaand geleden

    Been listening to him since highschool😩🔥

  109. Ig Kreme_betweens

    Ig Kreme_betweensMaand geleden

    @robby lebotha bryson wasnt even making music in 1999...

  110. robby lebotha

    robby lebothaMaand geleden

    You do realise that that doesn't really mean anything to us here. I mean, highschool for you could be 1999 or 2018, we have no clue. But aight tho

  111. Lupita LV

    Lupita LVMaand geleden


  112. Cortia Croft

    Cortia CroftMaand geleden

    Bryson Tiller makes that “driving on the highway at night” music 🎶 🔥❤️mood