Clarkson z'n Favoriete Rally Battle: 1983 Audi Quattro VS. Lancia 037 | Amazon Prime Video NL

Een van onze favoriete momenten uit seizoen 2 van de Grand Tour. Een blik op de epische strijd tussen de machtige Audi Quattro en de underdog Lancia 037 in het wereldkampioenschap Rally van 1983. Een strijd tussen 2WD versus 4WD. Abonneer nu op het NLpush kanaal ⇨
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  1. Amazon Prime Video Nederland

    Amazon Prime Video Nederland9 maanden geleden

    Ben jij het eens met Jeremy zijn favoriete rally?

  2. Cro Magnon

    Cro Magnon2 maanden geleden

    Audi heeft dan wel de regels veranderd maar zich er wel aan gehouden... Lancia moest vals spelen bij elke race om competitie te zijn....

  3. TheLogitech91

    TheLogitech913 maanden geleden

    @Small Ben7 Look at you thinking I give a shit about twitter

  4. Small Ben7

    Small Ben73 maanden geleden

    @TheLogitech91 Maybe you'll get more likes on twitter

  5. TheLogitech91

    TheLogitech913 maanden geleden

    @Cameron Soh Blyat Cyka

  6. Cameron Soh

    Cameron Soh3 maanden geleden

    Cyka Blyat?

  7. bala heno

    bala heno3 uur geleden

    Will those days ever return

  8. bala heno

    bala heno3 uur geleden

    Any day German technology beats anyone

  9. Umut İkizoğlu

    Umut İkizoğlu12 uur geleden

    This should be turned into a movie

  10. Erica Murphy

    Erica Murphy19 uur geleden

    The ugly clover undeniably program because packet singly interrupt vice a various quotation. near, juicy occupation

  11. Michele Longo

    Michele Longo19 uur geleden

    Tales from a far past.

  12. Duong Lien Huong

    Duong Lien HuongDag geleden

    The easy scorpio rapidly shiver because camel remarkably steer sans a tidy powder. cluttered, incompetent capricorn

  13. Gasper Gregor

    Gasper GregorDag geleden

    Clarkson: "... but said he didn't want to be world champion." Me: *uses google* "... But... He was twice before..."

  14. Marco Mastrantonio

    Marco MastrantonioDag geleden

    Grazie Clarkson!!!!

  15. alec blackson

    alec blacksonDag geleden

    Jeremy Clarkson is the king

  16. Vijay Krishna

    Vijay KrishnaDag geleden

    Rohrl is a talented idiot

  17. Le Viet Thanh

    Le Viet Thanh2 dagen geleden

    The second-hand gas cytogenetically perform because building substantively live afore a agonizing cheek. educated, voiceless station

  18. super Jenius11

    super Jenius112 dagen geleden

    TLDR; Audi: wins Lancia: pulls a lancia Audi: oh no Lancia: stops Audi: ...anyway Lancia: pulls several more lancias Audi: oh no Audi next year: anyway

  19. Mihidun Keerthisinghe

    Mihidun Keerthisinghe2 dagen geleden

    If you seeing a Lancia with a Martini livery on it.. You are done

  20. Evan Ouk

    Evan Ouk3 dagen geleden

    The loud headline intraorally wave because moon really repeat pace a lying weapon. calm, pricey handsaw

  21. EnterTheCarp

    EnterTheCarp3 dagen geleden

    Possibly the best “piece” ever for moi. Bueno

  22. Nic holas

    Nic holas3 dagen geleden

    7:33 Lancia Fulvia - sounds like lady bits

  23. Lance Vance Dance

    Lance Vance Dance4 dagen geleden

    Look at Lancia now. Lancia Thesis for example.

  24. 3XDI

    3XDI4 dagen geleden

    I love this man he's just gold

  25. vileCR999

    vileCR9995 dagen geleden

    "With our speed, it's just like Holiday..."

  26. Coffee Break

    Coffee Break5 dagen geleden

    Lancias are good, but they are all hit and moss cars. The three things they did well were: Looks, sound and speed.

  27. Abdur Rahman

    Abdur Rahman5 dagen geleden

    Man Pretty sure Lancia did something to cause the breakdown of all those Audis.

  28. Jaychun Mohit

    Jaychun Mohit5 dagen geleden

    The storyteller JC

  29. martelo

    martelo5 dagen geleden

    3:10 and 3:39 Soundtrack?

  30. RoninTXBR549

    RoninTXBR5496 dagen geleden

    The 037 was the sexiest of all rally cars. I also think Group B was the pinnacle of auto racing...

  31. K H

    K H6 dagen geleden

    Stig Blomqvist, legend

  32. fab harlock

    fab harlock6 dagen geleden

    Bisognerebbe farci un film, c'è di tutto, location fantastiche, macchine fantastiche, spionaggio, la donna pilota più forte di sempre, un pilota tedesco stralunato che sull'asfalto danzava, un team manager che poteva inventarsi di tutto pur di vincere, Alemanni incazzati, tifosi fuori di testa, e chi più ne ha più ne metta.... Ahahahahaah

  33. YTOnceAgain

    YTOnceAgain6 dagen geleden

    Never confuse grip with traction. But what can you expect from car enthusiasts that still, after all these years, don't know how to pronounce Lancia properly?

  34. Jack Gibbons

    Jack Gibbons6 dagen geleden

    So basically Lancia cheated and bent the rules?

  35. pooka 123

    pooka 1237 dagen geleden

    Does someone know the song at around 3:10?

  36. Mahmoud Yassen

    Mahmoud Yassen7 dagen geleden

    3:10 what is the name of the music

  37. Mahmoud Yassen

    Mahmoud Yassen7 dagen geleden

    From which series is this clip

  38. Supertr3mp

    Supertr3mp7 dagen geleden

    Probably one of the best videos of all time.

  39. Jahid Samed

    Jahid Samed7 dagen geleden

    Don't forget legend Mohammed bin Sulayem, he also a rally champion legend , love motor sport, not to forget legend Roland gumpert has his own cars out the gumpert apollo, legends

  40. Probe Raum

    Probe Raum8 dagen geleden

    Walter Röhrl, coole Sau! So sehen Sieger aus, Ihr Pfeifen!

  41. Galip İrice

    Galip İrice8 dagen geleden

    Simply the best documentary I have ever seen. Respect Lancia Respect Walter Respect Jeremy

  42. Playlists

    Playlists8 dagen geleden

    Why are 99% of these comments not in my language lol

  43. Dashy Allan

    Dashy Allan8 dagen geleden

    Got to love the Italians😂

  44. A Skeptical Human

    A Skeptical Human8 dagen geleden

    Wow rally car fans are complete retards, standing so close to the roads like that

  45. Neoptolemus

    Neoptolemus9 dagen geleden

    Nowadays they took off rally acropolis from the calendar because it’s tough

  46. Maumi Gaming

    Maumi Gaming9 dagen geleden

    Audi had the better car but Lancia was better at cheating...😂

  47. nerk23

    nerk2310 dagen geleden you taste the Italians Power...❤️😉. .

  48. Aidan Gordon

    Aidan Gordon10 dagen geleden

    Yes, 99% of the time, Clarkson is an insufferable oaf of a man too obsessed with power to get anything done. But for that magical 1% that's left... he's good. _Damn_ good.

  49. Giorgio Pongiluppi

    Giorgio Pongiluppi11 dagen geleden

    Masterpiece! Great Clarkson!!

  50. Jonathan Suhy

    Jonathan Suhy11 dagen geleden

    Walter is a pure, honest, humble man

  51. Sakis Psinakis

    Sakis Psinakis12 dagen geleden

    What someone should do is just open a paid station with car stuff. I would pay any amount to have high quality episodes like this!

  52. ev andersen

    ev andersen12 dagen geleden

    This film is so incredibly well fipmed and the story fantastic. Viva italia

  53. ev andersen

    ev andersen12 dagen geleden

    Lancia, molto bene

  54. roberto lusa

    roberto lusa11 dagen geleden

    unfortunately these days are gone

  55. Genisious Car

    Genisious Car12 dagen geleden

    This man is the god of cars!!! Never get tired off this man, legendary!!!!!

  56. Fallofmind

    Fallofmind13 dagen geleden

    So they didn't have VIN's? Lol

  57. Brian Smith

    Brian Smith14 dagen geleden

    3:07-3:30, What song does that come from?

  58. - Saarphire TTV -

    - Saarphire TTV -14 dagen geleden

    13:39 imagine people doing this nowadays.

  59. zeus mojo

    zeus mojo14 dagen geleden

    cheating is easy, winning is hard

  60. Ahmad ahmal

    Ahmad ahmal14 dagen geleden

    That Audi won 3 championship because it had a big advantage and thats 4x4. Then they got beaten by a 2 wheel drive Lancia... 🤣 Audi never won a single rally stage after that. Audi mechanical failure at corsica and Greece such a "reliable" car 🤣

  61. Cube 3710

    Cube 371014 dagen geleden

    You need to have a Lancia!

  62. J.D. Rockefeller

    J.D. Rockefeller14 dagen geleden

    Out of the box car, out of the box driver and yeah out of the box strategy..hail 2WD Lancia.

  63. Sunny Fernandes

    Sunny Fernandes14 dagen geleden

    Oh D

  64. Verum Absoluta

    Verum Absoluta15 dagen geleden

    Vilbrequin !!!!

  65. Regend Himself

    Regend Himself15 dagen geleden

    Straightforward germans vs. tricky italians. What a time was that!

  66. michael thompson

    michael thompson15 dagen geleden

    Best motorsport ever and best presenter. Ah my youth waiting in the clocaenog forest at night …… silent then the howl of these cars ans metro 6r4 and fast fords. The audi was utterly terrifying making hairs stand up. Men of steel. Jezza we miss u

  67. symbolresolution

    symbolresolution15 dagen geleden

    Theres a guy in the background wearing 3 shirts

  68. Lukasz Bat

    Lukasz Bat15 dagen geleden

    I have to say this! Every time James May says that he doesn't like old technology and he feels that we all should go with the future development, I feel like I'm about to drown half of my soul!

  69. Himeth Wijetunga

    Himeth Wijetunga16 dagen geleden

    3.39 what's the soundtrack

  70. Klaus Keller

    Klaus Keller16 dagen geleden

    6:55 CH. GEISTDÖRFER O W. RÖHRL A+ 0 and A+ means the blood group. They must have a nice sense of humour

  71. Yo am Lsotyh

    Yo am Lsotyh16 dagen geleden

    This makes me wanna watch actual episodes of top gear

  72. TheDddkkk

    TheDddkkk16 dagen geleden

    Just a Volkswagen Passat B2

  73. Captured By Smartphones

    Captured By Smartphones17 dagen geleden

    Hammond, May and Jeremy are all very good storytellers. This and their chemistry has made them legends in everything they did.

  74. Renato Dallarmi

    Renato Dallarmi17 dagen geleden

    I beoieve the ha to male 200, non 400

  75. Matt Edward

    Matt Edward17 dagen geleden

    Great story fk yes

  76. TheStathis1985

    TheStathis198518 dagen geleden

    what an amazing video.

  77. Brendan O'Brien

    Brendan O'Brien18 dagen geleden

    037 will kill it

  78. Gary Kenny

    Gary Kenny18 dagen geleden


  79. Andrew Last

    Andrew Last19 dagen geleden

    Jeremy Clarkson could sell ice to eskimos

  80. lost-Espandrillo

    lost-Espandrillo19 dagen geleden

    Röhrl said the same .. Audi .. Opel ... Porsche ... Lancia .. he said always Money and Chicks for free

  81. Riad Benkabba

    Riad Benkabba19 dagen geleden

    We'll never ever have such stories ever in the future ....

  82. eja narinn

    eja narinn20 dagen geleden

    Lancia strategy is sick tho

  83. E P

    E P20 dagen geleden

    6:05 what a loser. What kind of mentality... who doesn't want to win

  84. Ginge Jones

    Ginge Jones20 dagen geleden

    He’s not a proper rally driver I don’t like jumps. Go do swimming or something


    ALISTAIR THOMPSON20 dagen geleden

    That to me looks like if Ferrari made a rally car stunning car


    ALISTAIR THOMPSON20 dagen geleden

    The Quattro only won because of 4wd as soon as mid engined 4wd came along the audi struggled because it has big understeer


    ALISTAIR THOMPSON20 dagen geleden

    Walter rohrl is the daddy end of especially on tarmac in the beautiful lancia 037

  88. Gabriele De Angelis

    Gabriele De Angelis20 dagen geleden


  89. Arturro Wi

    Arturro Wi20 dagen geleden

    17:27 Walter is most complete driver in the world. I love you man. Greetings from POLAND!

  90. A competizione

    A competizione20 dagen geleden

    I owen three Lancias ( Fulvia, Fulvia Zagato 1972, Fulvia Zagato 1967 full aluminium body ) The next must be one of 037 or Delta S4. But now i have to find the money for that. :-)) Great history VIVA LANCIA for ever.

  91. Armah TADSESE

    Armah TADSESE20 dagen geleden

    RIP Hannu Mikkola

  92. Rolling Shutter

    Rolling Shutter20 dagen geleden

    Story Time: We used to go to a small Austrian hostel in the midst of the alps. The charming host and owner was quite an avid hiker and one day he went for an especially long hike, hoping to catch the last lift to get back down. Needless to say, he missed that one. With no other option and the snowfall starting to set in he started walking down the serpentine roads down the mountain. An hour in four Porsches rolled up to him, asking if he needs a ride down to the village. He was relieved and got in immediately. The ride lasted less than 5 minutes before he asked to be dropped off again to walk the rest of the journey. He didn´t care how cold and unpleasant the journey would be, he needed to get out of that car. The Porsche he got in was driven by nonother than Walter Röhrl and the group of Porsches were on a testing lap.

  93. Shan Hussain

    Shan Hussain14 dagen geleden

    Holy Snap!!! 😲

  94. Fiqih Dennis

    Fiqih Dennis21 dag geleden

    ...:If you went off, that is maybe the last accident you have.. Walter: I haven't planning to have accident..

  95. The Meditteranian

    The Meditteranian21 dag geleden

    I am 38 yrs old and I have never driven a lancia of all my adventures and accomplishments this is something I need to do more than anything else

  96. Quueexx

    Quueexx22 dagen geleden

    Jeremy clarkson is the Morgan Freeman of the car documentaries

  97. moonlite x

    moonlite x22 dagen geleden

    does walter come off as quite the diva to anyone else?

  98. Tom F

    Tom F22 dagen geleden

    My G O D (!!!!) That Lancia is a GORGEOUS piece of motor vehicle masterpiece! Absolutely perfect styling and looks ❤️❤️❤️

  99. xander macharis

    xander macharis22 dagen geleden

    is nobody gonna notice the little inside joke that jeremy is wearing a thick winter coat regardless of the weather just for consistency and so they dont need to bother what shirt he wore in the previous scene.

  100. aGuUU27

    aGuUU2722 dagen geleden

    Exept Röhrl didint win Sanremo.

  101. HolleJen

    HolleJen23 dagen geleden

    I found a mistake! They indicated that Audi's headquarters were in Ingolstadt, but they were in Neckarsulm until 1985.

  102. Falzeee

    Falzeee23 dagen geleden

    Italians are always involved in cheating!

  103. hahaPajn

    hahaPajn23 dagen geleden

    Fucking amazing

  104. mplenikowski

    mplenikowski23 dagen geleden

    What is the music played at 3:39? Anyone knows?

  105. ساهر الرفاعي

    ساهر الرفاعي24 dagen geleden

    Make Lancia great again

  106. Constantijn Xenakis

    Constantijn Xenakis24 dagen geleden

    Röhrl, the best driver in rally ever !

  107. CAYMAN987

    CAYMAN98724 dagen geleden

    Miss my beta montecarlo scorpion. 1976. Silver