Crazy rope trick!!! #shorts

Crazy rope trick


  1. KEN'DY

    KEN'DY13 uur geleden

    Your fingers

  2. Bohra Yogesh

    Bohra Yogesh14 uur geleden


  3. Manish Tawde

    Manish Tawde17 uur geleden

    Jaa be chutiye old trick cycle chain

  4. D K

    D K21 uur geleden

    You all are the type of guys who just can't STFU👌👌👌

  5. crush Gamingyt

    crush GamingytDag geleden

    Fingers twist ki hai

  6. Rahim_Khilji_98

    Rahim_Khilji_98Dag geleden

    Private hamen chhutiyan samajh raha hai kya yah to Jadu wali rassi hai ismein 5 saal ka tha jab bhi dekh Li thi aur tum abhi bata raha hun

  7. Jagrit Jain

    Jagrit JainDag geleden

    Emiway to him - abe bachkane yae sb na mae chauthi me krta tha 😂😂😂

  8. PTJnetwork

    PTJnetworkDag geleden

    Coin for what?

  9. Tanmoy Dutta

    Tanmoy DuttaDag geleden

    Kaya hay bay ullu bana rahi hai

  10. Vtas

    VtasDag geleden

    He’s the type of guy to go in to the fridge with his phone to watch cool movie


    MAYANK MAITYDag geleden

    He's the kind of guy to watch explicit content like cartoon..😂😂

  12. E

    EDag geleden

    I'm tired of "he's the type of guy" jokes, it doesn't funny anymore

  13. News18 Virals plus ✓

    News18 Virals plus ✓Dag geleden

  14. V Lokesh

    V LokeshDag geleden

    Beggar felo

  15. Rudraprasad Banerjee

    Rudraprasad BanerjeeDag geleden


  16. Flord Magdael

    Flord MagdaelDag geleden

    That's Very Real.😰😰😰😰😰

  17. Milkman

    Milkman2 dagen geleden

    These "he's the type of guy" comments are getting pretty annoying have some feelings like ik at the beginning it was funny but come on he's changed just to adjust to the comments but yall STILL GO ON AT HIM

  18. Ryan Xu

    Ryan Xu2 dagen geleden

    Why are there so many hes the kind of guy comments this was sick

  19. Nathaneil Hall

    Nathaneil Hall3 dagen geleden


  20. Fazgamer

    Fazgamer3 dagen geleden

    What was the point spraying the money

  21. Tahir Tahir

    Tahir Tahir3 dagen geleden

    Fdbdvz DVD CSX's JFK's CCTV go dB

  22. ジョンソン

    ジョンソン3 dagen geleden


  23. Coulton plays Coulton’s redneck Chanel all so

    Coulton plays Coulton’s redneck Chanel all so3 dagen geleden

    I love ur videos keep it up

  24. Agileee

    Agileee3 dagen geleden

    He’s a big noob he overreacts so much

  25. Ryan Xu

    Ryan Xu2 dagen geleden

    Its called content omg


    BG SHAH EXTRA CHANNEL3 dagen geleden

    itu magic sungguh

  27. Debjyoti Das

    Debjyoti Das3 dagen geleden

    Bal ....uska undar ak rod hay jo sirf ak taraf e murta hay..😂

  28. EDAGT

    EDAGT3 dagen geleden

    Tbh the comment section is cringe

  29. CherryBerryYT

    CherryBerryYT3 dagen geleden

    Me: science Why: it was black and then white?!

  30. Miranda Young

    Miranda Young4 dagen geleden

    I have a question what’s this song called

  31. Sarah Diggs

    Sarah Diggs4 dagen geleden

    when she does she does when i she does

  32. moto R.A.D.E

    moto R.A.D.E4 dagen geleden

    Its nothing to get 2m likes without any reason...all the people who liked this video,-go get a life.

  33. RAKESH S

    RAKESH S4 dagen geleden

    He is the type of guy who don't flush after use.

  34. Uzaifa fatima

    Uzaifa fatima4 dagen geleden

    Omg finally he is not said ( okk let's do this ) I literally hate that Sentence who else

  35. princess elsa

    princess elsa4 dagen geleden

    I know this trick. I have this one

  36. purushoth lee

    purushoth lee4 dagen geleden

    Nice bro

  37. Team 32 X

    Team 32 X4 dagen geleden

    No One : Every one in the comment : tells which kind of the guy is he ?

  38. Ghost x xO123

    Ghost x xO1234 dagen geleden

    Song name ?

  39. Samin Mallik

    Samin Mallik4 dagen geleden

    চুদিরভাই তোর ধনের জাদুধন এই রাখে লাথি মেরে বের করে দিতে

  40. Gaurav Bharti

    Gaurav Bharti4 dagen geleden

    I know the magic trick

  41. Aryaprayudhi

    Aryaprayudhi4 dagen geleden

    Mmm the song copyright dababy :l

  42. Mehul Chauhan

    Mehul Chauhan4 dagen geleden

    What is that spray?

  43. Pawan Kumar

    Pawan Kumar4 dagen geleden

    Bro you are superb

  44. Fisya Emilza

    Fisya Emilza4 dagen geleden

    tf does the coins do

  45. 白髪大鷲Akio.K 《No1闘鷲》

    白髪大鷲Akio.K 《No1闘鷲》5 dagen geleden


  46. SOCIAL media

    SOCIAL media5 dagen geleden

    Who are you????

  47. Multi gamer

    Multi gamer5 dagen geleden


  48. Multi gamer

    Multi gamer5 dagen geleden


  49. Athouba Senjam

    Athouba Senjam5 dagen geleden

    Ohhhh! So many "he's the type of guy" what is this it's utterly ridiculous 😀😁😂

  50. SuperSunilreddy

    SuperSunilreddy5 dagen geleden


  51. Raysen soren

    Raysen soren5 dagen geleden

    Your theth is varry danger west

  52. king devil gaming

    king devil gaming5 dagen geleden


  53. king devil gaming

    king devil gaming5 dagen geleden


  54. KASHIF Pathan

    KASHIF Pathan5 dagen geleden

    Abe chotiye 🥱

  55. Saad Ansari

    Saad Ansari5 dagen geleden

    Chutiya banaye tumko

  56. Ragavan.k Ragavan.k

    Ragavan.k Ragavan.k5 dagen geleden

    Poda loosu evanuku Vera velailla Pola loosu maaroi seiran

  57. Vijay Bargaje

    Vijay Bargaje5 dagen geleden

    Cycle chain

  58. Sheri Sravani

    Sheri Sravani5 dagen geleden


  59. krishna rai

    krishna rai5 dagen geleden

    Vo coins ka Kya use kiya??

  60. Mohd Rabbani

    Mohd Rabbani5 dagen geleden


  61. رسماء الحارثى

    رسماء الحارثى5 dagen geleden

    افلام هنديه

  62. Jhuleydi Padilla zenteno

    Jhuleydi Padilla zenteno6 dagen geleden

    No me interesa

  63. sharda prakash

    sharda prakash6 dagen geleden


  64. Hernan Durán

    Hernan Durán6 dagen geleden

    Hasta yo no sé qué hizo

  65. Tasmim Fariha

    Tasmim Fariha6 dagen geleden

    He forgot to tell here we go today 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but nice magic

  66. Sara Syed

    Sara Syed6 dagen geleden



    ŃÊØŇ GÁMÌŇG6 dagen geleden

    Just turn of the comments bro

  68. Rieny Suryanti

    Rieny Suryanti6 dagen geleden


  69. CuP CAkE

    CuP CAkE6 dagen geleden

    What does he wanna do??I didn't understand.

  70. School gamer99

    School gamer996 dagen geleden

    He is that guy who go in school in Sunday and say why no one come school closed 🔐😂😂

  71. Khadija Khatun

    Khadija Khatun6 dagen geleden

    এটা তো সবাই পারে

  72. shankhjit pyne

    shankhjit pyne6 dagen geleden

    Wow it's nice magic trick you are the best

  73. ᴍʀ ʀᴀᴍᴇsʜ

    ᴍʀ ʀᴀᴍᴇsʜ7 dagen geleden

    Ea Ra yerri puka 😈

  74. Final scene

    Final scene7 dagen geleden

    What the fuck is going on here

  75. Sarita Pandey

    Sarita Pandey7 dagen geleden

    Hai bekar

  76. Valeria Luciana Gómez Ulloa

    Valeria Luciana Gómez Ulloa7 dagen geleden


  77. Ali Murtaza

    Ali Murtaza7 dagen geleden

    Totally fake

  78. Liwon Khan

    Liwon Khan7 dagen geleden

    Pagol naki

  79. Łukasz Pieńkosz

    Łukasz Pieńkosz8 dagen geleden


  80. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson8 dagen geleden

    He is the type of guy that has 2 friends the 2 that held the rope with string

  81. Logan Johnson

    Logan Johnson8 dagen geleden

    He is the type of guy that likes stupid magic

  82. mr no .

    mr no .8 dagen geleden

    Atlast I found that subway surf game real character in this short😂

  83. Chuhar vally Ki shan

    Chuhar vally Ki shan8 dagen geleden


  84. Sheela Paul

    Sheela Paul8 dagen geleden

    What sprae

  85. Abhishek

    Abhishek8 dagen geleden

    He's a lawdya type

  86. Sambhu Giri

    Sambhu Giri8 dagen geleden


  87. Ayshan Rudin

    Ayshan Rudin8 dagen geleden


  88. Ayshan Rudin

    Ayshan Rudin8 dagen geleden

    Good morning Babu uuummmaa I am intereshow to my ted to hear what the world of God was

  89. Chandrashekhar Gaikwad

    Chandrashekhar Gaikwad9 dagen geleden

    I don't know why all are talking about his type or quality😕

  90. pratik mj

    pratik mj9 dagen geleden

    Are m tya coins ch ky

  91. Keyza Angelica

    Keyza Angelica9 dagen geleden

    Hei you

  92. Nolan cOuLoMbE

    Nolan cOuLoMbE9 dagen geleden

    Why tf is everyone saying “he’s the type of guy to... BLA BLA BLA BLA BLAAAA” Like just shut tf up bruh

  93. Sarita Agarwal

    Sarita Agarwal9 dagen geleden

    What is the name of spray

  94. da dog wit da big nose

    da dog wit da big nose10 dagen geleden

    hes the type of guy to help a disabled person cross the road

  95. Bilal Bali

    Bilal Bali10 dagen geleden

    I love you


    JOSEPH DEJEU10 dagen geleden

    Bruh he looks like he doesn’t have teeth

  97. Fatih Karakaş

    Fatih Karakaş10 dagen geleden


  98. LEGEND GAMER 916

    LEGEND GAMER 91610 dagen geleden

    Actually I am really confused that how he did that

  99. Gamer_Central

    Gamer_Central10 dagen geleden


  100. Aidan

    Aidan11 dagen geleden

    He looks like Karl from Mr beast