Customizing a Rubik's Cube

Hey guys! today I am doing a project that many of you have been DEMANDING! literally, hundreds and hundreds of comments about this have been going on for months at this point. It has taken me a while to get this video out because I've had to take about a month just to get the artwork done. but yeaaaaah, you guys wanted to see me paint every square of a Rubik's cube with a different original character of mine. It's a tall order for sure. I had to alter this idea a little bit to make it ya know. POSSIBLE 😂 But I think you will still like it, wait till the end to see! I'm still completely customizing a Rubik's cube with my characters, sooooo hopefully this works for you guys. This was definitely one of the most unique items I've every customized!
My Mom's Crochet Patterns:
*NOTE* Most of these are digital downloads, so they are basically written instructions for HOW to make the crochet animals. She does sell the animals themselves occasionally, but they take many hours to make, so only a handful of them sell.
I'm doing the artwork for this digitally on my Ipad. If you wanted to know the app I am using to create my digital illustrations, it's called procreate.
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    grapey the grapeyUur geleden

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    Taylor FudgeUur geleden

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    After a request or aggressive demand, let’s start another: “who wants her to be well rested because she provides content to us every week and deserve basic human respect “

  51. Rylee Hamilton

    Rylee HamiltonDag geleden

    After a request or aggressive demand, let’s start another: “who wants her to be well rested because she provides content to us every week and deserve basic human respect “

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