Dodie - I Kissed Someone (It Wasn't You)

Music video by Dodie performing I Kissed Someone (It Wasn't You). (C) 2021 doddleoddle


  1. Olivia

    OliviaDag geleden

    Gays: I kissed a boy. Lesbians: I kissed a girl. Bisexuals: I kissed a boy and a girl. Pansexuals: I kissed everyone. Asexuals: I kissed myself.

  2. Ruth Moore

    Ruth Moore11 dagen geleden

    this song is so gorgeous

  3. T. S

    T. S11 dagen geleden

    Who’s here after 4 tequilas Down?

  4. Mark Nelson

    Mark Nelson11 dagen geleden

    Cool song. The strings give it an Agnes Obel vibe.

  5. Millie Oliveira

    Millie Oliveira13 dagen geleden

    this is so good UGH

  6. AW01

    AW0113 dagen geleden

    She sounds like she has a cold, or a blocked nose, her voice doesn’t sound right

  7. yashvi

    yashvi18 dagen geleden

    this song is way too good

  8. Elena Diamond

    Elena Diamond18 dagen geleden

    I kissed someone and it wasn't you Danial. But it just made me miss you more.

  9. Alejandro Serrano

    Alejandro Serrano18 dagen geleden


  10. Alejandro Serrano

    Alejandro Serrano18 dagen geleden


  11. Alejandro Serrano

    Alejandro Serrano18 dagen geleden


  12. KBOB

    KBOB19 dagen geleden

    2nd fret Verse: 5 7 7 x x x 9 8 9 x x x 10 9 0 x x x 10 8 0 x x x repeat a whole bunch Chorus 1 0 0 2 x x 0 2 0 1 x x 5 3 0 0 x x 3 3 0 0 x x 2 3 0 2 x x

  13. Cami Filasieno

    Cami Filasieno20 dagen geleden

    this with earphones hits different

  14. Cottage Dweller

    Cottage Dweller22 dagen geleden

    OMG the end was so sad

  15. Shanice Jo-ann

    Shanice Jo-ann23 dagen geleden

    I can totally relate to this song.

  16. - melanie -

    - melanie -24 dagen geleden

    this song is so comforting because now i know im not alone in this feeling

  17. - melanie -

    - melanie -24 dagen geleden

    i feel so seen by this song

  18. lorelei stair

    lorelei stair25 dagen geleden

    Here’s your “I was here before it’s popular” ticket 🎟

  19. Dorien Broenink

    Dorien Broenink25 dagen geleden

    I kissed someone, it wasn't you ✨WHAT THAT MOUTH DO?✨

  20. F Reiders

    F Reiders25 dagen geleden

    absolutely icon behaviour. You love to see it.

  21. Rachael Young

    Rachael Young25 dagen geleden

    Holy shit this is incredible and hit me in my core uggghhhh

  22. Jen

    Jen26 dagen geleden

    Me: *Is replaying this over and over*

  23. Daniil Dimitrov

    Daniil Dimitrov26 dagen geleden

    Ohh i just got cancer from this.

  24. Willamina B

    Willamina B26 dagen geleden

    This song feels like something I can't explain, goddam amazing

  25. Maria Vitória

    Maria Vitória27 dagen geleden

    mulhe você é perfeita

  26. pippinhart

    pippinhart27 dagen geleden

    this is !!!! unfathomably good

  27. Constanza Oportus Reyes

    Constanza Oportus Reyes27 dagen geleden

    bitch, I wanna cry. How dare. I've got cravings now. Human touch. Love. Connection. STAP.

  28. ɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛ.

    ɴᴜɢɢᴇᴛ.27 dagen geleden

    Her voice is so relaxing and cute, i love her

  29. Chelsea

    Chelsea27 dagen geleden

    That was beautiful. It really captured the pain, sadness and betrayel you feel within a relationship. It's so amazing to see Dodie embracing her emotions and sexuality in this video!

  30. amor macayan

    amor macayan27 dagen geleden


  31. Rachael Rachael

    Rachael Rachael27 dagen geleden

    i was on a train the first time i heard this. on my way back from seeing someone special. had my headphones on loud so i could hear it over the sound of the air conditioning/engine/other people. i was really caught up in the lyrics; holding onto every word. "it just made me miss you more" caught me totally by surprise and my god i burst into tears

  32. Michael No

    Michael No27 dagen geleden

    this gives me secrets for the mad vibes 😌

  33. est ar

    est ar27 dagen geleden

    ok but that BASS at 1.13 KILLED ME

  34. lune

    lune27 dagen geleden

    Everytime I visit Dodie's music it hits me harder. When my girlfriend and I were having a hard time and broke up, someone manipulated me into going out with them , kissing them, etc. and told me not to tell her because 'she'd find me gross and never love me again'. I kept thinking about how I wanted to go back to her, but she'd already broken up with me at that point. I felt so gross and as if I'd thrown myself into the arms of anyone who'd love me, and I remember one huge thing about our relationship was that we'd be eachother's first kiss and stuff (we're ldr, the person that manipulated me is one of my irls) I remember just sitting in the bath that afternoon and dissociating, after I climbed out the bath, I passed out on my bed wrapped in my damp towel and woke up crying realizing what happened to me. Every lyric in this song rings true to what happened to me during that time, so I guess it just hits too close to home?

  35. lune

    lune27 dagen geleden

    for anyone wondering, we got back together, me and my girlfriend, we're 2 years strong now :] the main issue was lack of communication, but we got the hang of it now and are happier than ever

  36. Lancebear

    Lancebear27 dagen geleden

    Who was the girl u kissed

  37. Ted Samuels

    Ted Samuels27 dagen geleden

    This song makes you feel like hugging someone up close and kiss them and using these words.....WHAT WAS YOU SAYING ? LOL 😆

  38. Melon

    Melon27 dagen geleden


  39. jahz

    jahz27 dagen geleden

    okay, it's time for me to start listening to dodie

  40. Orchid CapitalofItaly

    Orchid CapitalofItaly28 dagen geleden

    I fell in love with this song. I can’t stop listening it on repeat 💖

  41. SRA

    SRA28 dagen geleden

    1:12 - 1:19 gets me every time, I love it

  42. mj G

    mj G28 dagen geleden

    Oh my god dodie I’m speechless, this is bewitching.

  43. Bela Fistric

    Bela Fistric28 dagen geleden

    this kinda gives me James Bond vibes in the best way possible

  44. pandaarya

    pandaarya28 dagen geleden

    I would love a guitalele tutorial of this one


    AE AQUINO28 dagen geleden


  46. Leananix Moonspell

    Leananix Moonspell28 dagen geleden

    I’ve never heard her before..I like her voice

  47. Sherry Mayce

    Sherry Mayce28 dagen geleden

    Welp now I need to go back to therapy

  48. Pumpkin The poet

    Pumpkin The poet28 dagen geleden

    HEYYYY this came out on my birthday!!!

  49. Winter Bird

    Winter Bird28 dagen geleden

    This is so sad and beautiful at the same time

  50. Jacqueline Cruz

    Jacqueline Cruz28 dagen geleden

    The feeling I got while listening to this... i can’t even describe it. Incredible song. The lyrics, instrumental, melody all together give this certain feeling

  51. Frosting Frog

    Frosting Frog29 dagen geleden

    Istg I’ve watched 7 Dodie songs 2day And I also watched the EarCandy She thing And I also watched If I’m Being Honest music video with Arrows and that rlly cool as well 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  52. Alice B

    Alice B29 dagen geleden

    well that was beautiful.

  53. Zara

    Zara29 dagen geleden

    I saw this in my notifs and screamed

  54. Katie Belle

    Katie Belle29 dagen geleden

    When it goes “ I know” with those harmonies my brain goes burrr

  55. ambika

    ambika29 dagen geleden

    This with headphones on

  56. Jackson Foraker

    Jackson Foraker29 dagen geleden

    fucking earn your crescendo damnit

  57. may

    may29 dagen geleden


  58. Gina The Wolf

    Gina The Wolf29 dagen geleden

    Ooof this got me

  59. Johanna Plöckl

    Johanna Plöckl29 dagen geleden

    Lemme tell you that I LOVE how the comment section always tells us how they feel about a certain song from dodie.

  60. Johanna Plöckl

    Johanna Plöckl29 dagen geleden

    Since it came out, it's the only song I have on repeat

  61. Mo

    Mo29 dagen geleden

    I love this thank you

  62. Maddie L

    Maddie L29 dagen geleden

    This feels like I’m going through their emotions with them. I LOVE THIS GOD DAMN SONG.

  63. Baka Kokoro

    Baka Kokoro29 dagen geleden

    Dodie: I kiss someone, it wasn't you Me: Ouch !_!

  64. konstantin sovit

    konstantin sovit29 dagen geleden

    comments be like: this song feels like in the middle to have this feeling when you feel so much

  65. Via

    Via29 dagen geleden

    my mind is just so blown by the production on every single song for this album. the way the sound EXPANDED and DEEPENED on that first chorus, and then the deep, deep base in the second verse good LORD dodie fuck me UPPPP

  66. Tessa Flynn

    Tessa Flynn29 dagen geleden

    “This was what I’d waited for, but it just made me miss you more.” That’s heartbreaking

  67. Tessa Flynn

    Tessa Flynn28 dagen geleden

    @Bob the Builder Day6 Leader toooo close to home

  68. Bob the Builder Day6 Leader

    Bob the Builder Day6 Leader28 dagen geleden

    Oh, this line.

  69. coloredglass

    coloredglassMaand geleden

    ugh dodie SO good

  70. Rachel

    RachelMaand geleden

    this feels like sitting in the back of a taxi after a night out, exhausted and drained

  71. I Love You

    I Love YouMaand geleden


  72. Emily Coleman

    Emily ColemanMaand geleden

    this seems a little too accurate to my situation rn dodie.

  73. L

    LMaand geleden


  74. L

    LMaand geleden

    Jamming rn

  75. Donannlena

    DonannlenaMaand geleden

    This song just HURTS

  76. Moose Cannibal

    Moose CannibalMaand geleden

    I'm cryin :(

  77. Small dragon in a tophat

    Small dragon in a tophatMaand geleden

    I lost in Scrabble to someone, it wasn’t you I told her my secrets, it wasn’t you I hugged her in the corridor, it wasn’t us I laugh with them. It’s not the same They sit with me at lunch, it’s still not you Maybe in seven years it’ll feel the same. Then maybe she’ll stop caring too We have our in jokes, they’re not the same She calls me by a different name I tell her about you. It still hurts I wonder who you sit with now Do you miss what we used to have?!? I guess you don’t. You never text Your other friends still get replies. You must have new friends. I hope they are what I was not. She’s waves at me. it’s different now She shows me new music. you wouldn’t like it. She laughs at my jokes. you never did she gets the references you never would but still it stings when you leave me on read

  78. Amir Hedayah

    Amir HedayahMaand geleden

    Beautifully uncomfortable :)

  79. Emma Leigh Johnson

    Emma Leigh JohnsonMaand geleden


  80. Anikiu

    AnikiuMaand geleden

    i want this album soo baaad :')

  81. harmony

    harmonyMaand geleden

    I love that sub bass 👀

  82. Mayo Sauce

    Mayo SauceMaand geleden

    0:57 my favourite part 💕 I love this song so much

  83. Lizzie H

    Lizzie HMaand geleden

    This feels like being the quiet one at a party when everything is dying down

  84. katie c

    katie cMaand geleden

    i just love this song so much it’s so :( the different sounds in the background, the voices, everything- it’s just such a gorgeous song, the only thing i can think of is wanting to experience this live :( 💖

  85. gumi

    gumiMaand geleden


  86. Bella Brink

    Bella BrinkMaand geleden

    Someone realise a karaoke iekskdososkske

  87. Juz

    JuzMaand geleden

    When you're too embarrassed and hurt to even ask any louder than a whisper if they kissed someone else too

  88. Kashalakasha

    KashalakashaMaand geleden

    This has like,,looking outside a hotel window all alone after having a crushing realization at some fancy party vibes

  89. Aaron Eamer

    Aaron EamerMaand geleden

    I feel like this would be a track on an album titled; Songs To Fall Asleep To

  90. Lincoln

    LincolnMaand geleden

    This song making me feel like I'm still hung up on my ex

  91. random girl_online

    random girl_onlineMaand geleden

    "Put me in the bath, I'll forget... you're gone" this hits too close to home I go to the bathtub to cry 🥺

  92. Reagan

    ReaganMaand geleden

    i cannot stop listening to this dodie tysm for this absolutely *angelic* sounding song

  93. Evelyn Cooper

    Evelyn CooperMaand geleden

    You can pick out Hazel's voice in the end bit

  94. raymond

    raymondMaand geleden


  95. John Hankins

    John HankinsMaand geleden


  96. No Cancel

    No CancelMaand geleden

    Fine, you kissed someone that wasn’t me. Okay

  97. T. S

    T. S29 dagen geleden


  98. Bri Fabian

    Bri FabianMaand geleden

    Anybody else get Minthe from Lore Olympus vibes from this one? It's so good!!

  99. hyacinth they-them

    hyacinth they-themMaand geleden

    this feels the same as sitting on the front porch in the rain and crying. it’s a unique experience and can’t wait to listen to this song next time 👍

  100. Bl00dy8utterf1y

    Bl00dy8utterf1yMaand geleden

    You’re right dodie, I should probably go to bed now...

  101. kash

    kashMaand geleden

    ouch this is why i waited to listen to this *dodie literally narrating my life story and me bawling in a corner*

  102. watermalone

    watermaloneMaand geleden

    she really just has the power to make me cry to somethign i absolutely cannot relate to wow

  103. Vee

    VeeMaand geleden


  104. finnghoul

    finnghoulMaand geleden

    gosh wow. wowowowow.