Dopebwoy ft. D-Block Europe - Blem (Prod. SRNO) [Official Video]

Dopebwoy ft. D-Block Europe - Blem (Prod. SRNO) [Official Video]
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The official NLpush channel of Forever Lit Records. Forever Lit Records is a record label founded by Dopebwoy and Warner Music Benelux. Forever Lit Records is a reference to Dopebwoy his album Forever Lit, which reached No.1 in the official Dutch charts. Dopebwoy enjoyed international success with his hits “Cartier” and “Loco” (featuring Yung Felix). Dopebwoy has also recorded tracks with artists including Yxng Bane, France’s Aya Nakamura, MHD, Abou Debeing, DJ Skorp & Alrima and Mert and Majoe. 2020 saw the release of Dopebwoy’s latest album titled “Hoogseizoen” which features the singles “Christian Dior”, “Champagne Papi” and “Dansen Aan De Gracht”. Subscribe to the Forever Lit Records channel for the latest official music videos, official audio, lyric videos, albums, behind the scenes and live performances.
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  1. Hasna EB

    Hasna EBDag geleden

    Wat is blem?

  2. shazlfc ronaldo

    shazlfc ronaldo2 dagen geleden

    Carful young Adz Paris not a fan off Muslims !! Anyways banger off a song 💪🏽💪🏽

  3. Richard ware

    Richard ware3 dagen geleden

    Young adz hardest lyrically in the UK flow is on 10 word play 10 how he delivers 10 fucking brilliant

  4. Music Snippets

    Music SnippetsDag geleden

    Need to Adz with Dappy would be so wavy 🌊

  5. 9latinum Studioz

    9latinum Studioz3 dagen geleden

    Fvk Cucci 🤢

  6. Weliwayo Boyz

    Weliwayo Boyz8 dagen geleden

    Ayeeee yaaa yaaaaaa

  7. LocoP

    LocoP8 dagen geleden

    1:30 sounds like nafe smallz

  8. Hafiz and dayo

    Hafiz and dayo9 dagen geleden

    Young adz spun this

  9. Music Snippets

    Music Snippets2 dagen geleden

    Differently 💯

  10. hifvz

    hifvz10 dagen geleden

    Same with ‘Abloh’ if this was on grm daily views woulda banged differently

  11. Jm Uno

    Jm Uno11 dagen geleden

    Dopebwoy x NSG will slap 👋

  12. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue13 dagen geleden


  13. Jerry Michaud

    Jerry Michaud15 dagen geleden

    Jerry michaud boy 23

  14. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml15 dagen geleden

    Adz and his shirt on the mend again

  15. Alwxyss Music

    Alwxyss Music15 dagen geleden

    Drop pakistan

  16. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui16 dagen geleden

    Heard this a while back still a banger tho !!🔥

  17. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue13 dagen geleden

    summer vibes 🔥🔥

  18. Adan Aslam

    Adan Aslam16 dagen geleden

    Was this made during ramadan

  19. JustinHerchel

    JustinHerchel15 dagen geleden

    The song was made more than 6 months ago, the vid was likely made in the meantime

  20. Ryan Edwards

    Ryan Edwards16 dagen geleden

    Dbe to lit

  21. dcoog anml

    dcoog anml15 dagen geleden

    “Zij wil met me zijn ik ken der niet zo lang” 🥵

  22. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou16 dagen geleden

    So wavyyy

  23. Zain Habib

    Zain Habib17 dagen geleden

    “I’m spending so much money so she call me daddy”

  24. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui16 dagen geleden

    Adz and his shirt on the mend again

  25. Real Talk

    Real Talk18 dagen geleden

    Zomer pokoeeeeee 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. John Bentley

    John Bentley19 dagen geleden

    Heard this a while back still a banger tho !!🔥

  27. Kyauta Pengel

    Kyauta Pengel20 dagen geleden

    Lmao DBE freestyled these verses.

  28. asioe kiou

    asioe kiou16 dagen geleden

    Vibeyyyy 😎

  29. John Benzzo

    John Benzzo20 dagen geleden


  30. Pk Lacks

    Pk Lacks21 dag geleden

    Stel je dochter zat in deze clip 😭


    SIKKWORLDWIDE SIKK21 dag geleden

    This feature was immaculate 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵wowww DBE never disappoints !!!!! And dopewboy Maddd voice

  32. Franklin Rodriguez

    Franklin Rodriguez22 dagen geleden

    Damn this's fayaaaa 💛🧡🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  33. S3LIN DIR

    S3LIN DIR22 dagen geleden

    Came here for D block 🔥

  34. Music Snippets

    Music SnippetsDag geleden

    S3LIN DIR still wanna hear them , other two are like this DBE delivered 🌊

  35. Music Snippets

    Music Snippets2 dagen geleden

    S3LIN DIR what’s your @ on insta , I’m gonna send you the other two songs to you on there 😊 , cause some reason isn’t managing to send links here

  36. S3LIN DIR

    S3LIN DIR2 dagen geleden

    @Music Snippets yes 🙌 ! No way ,what isit called?

  37. Music Snippets

    Music Snippets2 dagen geleden

    Me too they always deliver on features 💯 have you heard the other ones they did two more 🥶

  38. S3LIN DIR

    S3LIN DIR12 dagen geleden

    @Emily Vela Emily your a hater darling

  39. The king John ninja

    The king John ninja22 dagen geleden

    Anybody know the girls @ at 0:35 asking for a friend👀

  40. shuhel miah

    shuhel miah22 dagen geleden

    summer vibes 🔥🔥

  41. Mr Barca

    Mr Barca22 dagen geleden

    Lekker zomerss

  42. Justin Sodiwirjo

    Justin Sodiwirjo23 dagen geleden

    “Zij wil met me zijn ik ken der niet zo lang” 🥵

  43. Reuben Tams

    Reuben Tams23 dagen geleden

    LB carried this hard

  44. Music Snippets

    Music Snippets2 dagen geleden

    His verse was a vibe ❄️

  45. JDtheGreat One

    JDtheGreat One24 dagen geleden

    Adz and his shirt on the mend again

  46. Gary babatunde

    Gary babatunde24 dagen geleden

    Adz do a track with hef

  47. Larry Wendt

    Larry Wendt25 dagen geleden

    Do somebody know where the tune is actually from?

  48. Sub B

    Sub B25 dagen geleden

    Vibeyyyy 😎

  49. TheFlyest Libra

    TheFlyest Libra25 dagen geleden


  50. Wilde Westenn

    Wilde Westenn25 dagen geleden

    Youngadz is to mad🔥🔥🔥

  51. Nordine Haddad

    Nordine Haddad25 dagen geleden


  52. Spow31 Lifestyle

    Spow31 Lifestyle26 dagen geleden


  53. Tizzy Tarantino.8

    Tizzy Tarantino.826 dagen geleden

    Fire 🔥

  54. Marouan Mghari

    Marouan Mghari26 dagen geleden

    Emshoema dopi

  55. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo26 dagen geleden

    Zit een raar geluid in die pokoe

  56. Mr Ayko

    Mr Ayko27 dagen geleden

    Deze moest alang millie knallen🏆🏆🏆


    MUSTISHOW27 dagen geleden

    Slechste refrein die ik ooit heb gehoord. So naar D-Block

  58. MysticDubz_NL_Network

    MysticDubz_NL_Network28 dagen geleden


  59. MysticDubz_NL_Network

    MysticDubz_NL_Network28 dagen geleden


  60. Toninio Pranaware

    Toninio Pranaware28 dagen geleden

    In Suriname zijn we niet zo ie zo blij met de weekend Total lockdown.

  61. Joerie Plandsoen

    Joerie Plandsoen28 dagen geleden

    Eey zwaar underrated man broer deze moest allang milli zijn

  62. Daniel

    Daniel19 dagen geleden

    Miss in de zomer gaat die ineens viral. Was ook met Vakantie

  63. sevil

    sevil28 dagen geleden

    only vinz missed on this tune

  64. Kumar Dhyan

    Kumar Dhyan28 dagen geleden

    t/m 1:25 Masterpiece

  65. We_All Bleed

    We_All Bleed28 dagen geleden

    Laatste guy is echt wack, zieke beat though

  66. Lorenzo

    Lorenzo28 dagen geleden

    In de weekend😂

  67. Yurriaan Van Duyn

    Yurriaan Van Duyn29 dagen geleden

    Ik dacht dat 't gedoe met "(prod. [NAAM])" in 2018 al harstikke uit was. Afijn, NL artiesten lopen altijd achter op de trend...

  68. Alex Tamp

    Alex TampMaand geleden

    Lekkere beat weer

  69. badkid LB

    badkid LBMaand geleden


  70. quinvalerio

    quinvalerioMaand geleden


  71. Bright Adjei

    Bright AdjeiMaand geleden

    For real I can't wait for the next D-BE album

  72. A

    AMaand geleden

    lb make a solo suprise the world king

  73. Rukahese bundy

    Rukahese bundyMaand geleden

    Vraag me af hoelang dopeboy er over heeft gedaan voor die refein

  74. harvey lourens

    harvey lourensMaand geleden


  75. Fab King

    Fab KingMaand geleden

    very nice song respect from germany europe take over

  76. Haz Lee 29

    Haz Lee 29Maand geleden

    Real ones no pretty little Nike air vibes

  77. Hamzah Q

    Hamzah QMaand geleden

    Which sunglasses is adz wearing ?

  78. Music Snippets

    Music Snippets2 dagen geleden

    It’s LV , it’s £600 😎

  79. AxpDz_786

    AxpDz_786Maand geleden

    when overseas dropping? like this to show we want overseas

  80. Hamiti Kamito

    Hamiti Kamito23 dagen geleden

    Overseas pounds dropping

  81. Zerno

    Zerno26 dagen geleden

    @HS ohhhh thankss dopebwoys one better alteady better tho🥵

  82. HS

    HS26 dagen geleden

    @Zerno pretty sure this guys on about young adz unreleased song ‘overseas’

  83. Zerno

    Zerno26 dagen geleden

  84. Zerno

    Zerno26 dagen geleden

    @HS it is on the "Forever Lit"album on dopebwoy's own channel or spotify

  85. followerswag

    followerswagMaand geleden

    What is blem?

  86. David Dordrecht

    David DordrechtMaand geleden


  87. Sagbi Mo

    Sagbi MoMaand geleden


  88. Arturo Williams

    Arturo WilliamsMaand geleden


  89. someone someone

    someone someoneMaand geleden

    ive heard diz somehwere be4

  90. Ronin 2K

    Ronin 2KMaand geleden


  91. John Kaasheuvel

    John KaasheuvelMaand geleden

    Dopebwoy ' Ik ben gaan rappen op me eigen beats omdat niemand anders het wilde doen en die beats niet hard vond '

  92. Thibo's Tube

    Thibo's Tube5 dagen geleden

    Ja maar hoezo dan produceert srno nu

  93. MILK

    MILKMaand geleden


  94. ria lau

    ria lauMaand geleden

    Dopebwoy = stabiele kwaliteit

  95. Antwerpen 2140

    Antwerpen 2140Maand geleden

    Te eng g

  96. Madxxg

    MadxxgMaand geleden

    D-Block is de reden dat ik hier ben

  97. Wemo

    WemoMaand geleden



    FAIR HAMMURABIMaand geleden

    🇳🇱 niet ready voor deze combi 🔥💫

  99. Blaka Bontoe

    Blaka BontoeMaand geleden


  100. Lilmonkey

    LilmonkeyMaand geleden

    So underrated...

  101. cade

    cadeMaand geleden

    This the dbe we all need

  102. Infinity Lai

    Infinity LaiMaand geleden

    Ik heb deze al kapot geluisterd van die album niks nieuws, wel lekkere pokkoe hoor

  103. Raul Dinca

    Raul DincaMaand geleden

    Oooo dopebwoyy long time ago

  104. Car Music

    Car MusicMaand geleden

    Ik ga sws blem in de weekend. Pfff was bij je tour man in dordt. 🥳

  105. Thijmun Bos

    Thijmun BosMaand geleden

    this is cancer trash wth stage 4 cancer in this bitch

  106. mijan haque

    mijan haqueMaand geleden

    Visuals are summa else 😎

  107. Chico Papa

    Chico PapaMaand geleden

    Vaker samen met ze werken dopey👌🏽💯

  108. Lucas FFF

    Lucas FFFMaand geleden

    sowieso blem in the weekend

  109. Lucas FFF

    Lucas FFFMaand geleden

    "I know some killers up in holland and I pay the price" wagwan yh UK X NL big upppp

  110. Suki Lotay

    Suki LotayMaand geleden

    Everyone is here for dbe

  111. Nyal

    NyalMaand geleden


  112. Tariq St.Patrick

    Tariq St.PatrickMaand geleden


  113. Tariq St.Patrick

    Tariq St.PatrickMaand geleden

    Gta stripclub vibes🔥


    GENTLEMANMaand geleden

    Sws BLEM in the Weekend🍾

  115. Sagbi Mo

    Sagbi Mo29 dagen geleden

    Blem betekent toch homofiel?

  116. Lavish Ks

    Lavish KsMaand geleden

    Dbe the best!!

  117. Princess Xx

    Princess XxMaand geleden

    COLDDDD 🎉👏🏻

  118. shadi

    shadiMaand geleden

    Zoiezo waveyyy 🔥🔥💫

  119. Ibs

    IbsMaand geleden


  120. John Benzzo

    John BenzzoMaand geleden

    Real ones know the Audio is out 5 moths ago

  121. Aiden Khadam

    Aiden Khadam28 dagen geleden

    Was on Spotify last year

  122. Lxm

    LxmMaand geleden


  123. Rico Hndrxx

    Rico HndrxxMaand geleden


  124. T. .M

    T. .MMaand geleden


  125. Erratic

    ErraticMaand geleden

    Big Tune!!!

  126. Wassim 0411

    Wassim 0411Maand geleden

    Jatochh dbe narsayyeee