Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'Odd Eye' MV

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  1. pInK LaMbOrGuNi

    pInK LaMbOrGuNi56 minuten geleden

    anyone else notice at the beginning Yoohyeon is sitting a chair that looks like the mask from scream era? maybe it means nothing but🤨


    INSOMN iAAHUur geleden

    Everyone go check out *new Ep 4 "Dreamcatcher mind" part 2 is out now!! :))


    INSOMN iAAHUur geleden

    Happy 1.14M subscribers!!! Love you deukae and Insomnias!!! Let's keep "fly high" er together! ;) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  4. glendoi

    glendoi2 uur geleden

    After finally finding Dreamcatcher all the other GGs I like sound like bubblegum princesses! Why have you done this?!

  5. Chloe B

    Chloe B58 minuten geleden

    Check pixy they are pretty cool Nature girls is dark as well

  6. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz2 uur geleden


  7. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz3 uur geleden


  8. Luxanna Gaming

    Luxanna Gaming3 uur geleden

    what is the easy way to remember their name by seeing their faces?

  9. Chloe B

    Chloe B59 minuten geleden

    @Salvius Otho tbh I got Yoo and Dongdong confuses in the mirror scene

  10. jiulicious •

    jiulicious •Uur geleden

    I recommend watching their reality show. Airs everyday Wednesday on this channel. It will help you become more familiar with their faces. Plus it’s funny and chaotic.

  11. Salvius Otho

    Salvius Otho2 uur geleden

    Sua: nose and v shaped chin. Siyeon: jaw line and fleshy lips. Gahyeon: cat shaped lips and facial expressions. Dami: she doesn't look like other girls in the group. Yoohyeon and Handong: this one is tricky because sometimes they look like twins...but perhaps Handong has a more oval face shape and pronounced cheek bones than Yoohyeon. Jiu: Hmmm...sometimes she looks like Handong and Yoohyeon...but i think she has wider lips than the other two.

  12. Sagar Nayak

    Sagar Nayak2 uur geleden

    Check out This is Series by insomnicsy. It will surely help. Welcome to the Dreamworld..

  13. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz4 uur geleden


  14. YASH

    YASH4 uur geleden

    It's Funny how we all don't know Eachother BUTT then also how we all talk like Best Friends!

  15. rockandminji

    rockandminji2 minuten geleden


  16. cindrella stewart

    cindrella stewart4 uur geleden

    Because we all have one thing in common : Our love for Dreamcatcher.

  17. dreamcatcher soty

    dreamcatcher soty5 uur geleden

    Let's str3am all dystopia songs not only boca i know their a lot Who like boca than odd eye But we can do it. and make odd eye reach 40 mill is not hard before one month

  18. Fira Husniyah

    Fira Husniyah5 uur geleden

    40m letz goooo

  19. Shreya

    Shreya5 uur geleden

    The lyrics are for you haters!

  20. Zeynep zeynep

    Zeynep zeynep5 uur geleden

    Odd eye ♡

  21. Daami Lee

    Daami Lee6 uur geleden

    Scream vote collect hearts on CHOEAEDOL Mubeat IDOLCHAMPPP whosfan STARPASS thekking somnias lets win

  22. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz7 uur geleden


  23. [AnimeCatcher]

    [AnimeCatcher]7 uur geleden

    Guys I recommend check out Onewe new comeback 'Rain to be'. You won't be disappointed! 🥰

  24. Jiyoo Deukae

    Jiyoo Deukae7 uur geleden

    40M legooooo, somnies! Please sCream dreamcatcher mind ep 04! Fighting somnies 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Chloe B

    Chloe B7 uur geleden

    How are ya somnirs

  26. Chloe B

    Chloe BUur geleden

    @INSOMN iAAH all good ! I was having dinner while watching Deukae's show !


    INSOMN iAAHUur geleden

    Good good! You?

  28. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz8 uur geleden


  29. Radha Rao

    Radha Rao8 uur geleden

    40 million hwaiting Dear insomias please make sure to visit mv at least once in a day, and daily stream on spotify and other music platforms With love A insomia...💜

  30. moonlight_lika blinka

    moonlight_lika blinka8 uur geleden

    🌌🌙🌌🌙🌌🌙🌌🌙🌌🌙🌌🌙 🌬🌬🌬 this girl group is dreamy 🦋 they catch us like a dream . Welcome to my dreamy world 🦋🌟 DREAMCATCHER DEJA VU ♥

  31. BlinkSomniaEXOL

    BlinkSomniaEXOL9 uur geleden

    Keep commenting for better YT algorithm but not SPAM guys! do not spam with the same words / numbers

  32. Dreamcatcher × Day6

    Dreamcatcher × Day69 uur geleden

    Not a masterpiece but a whole museum

  33. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz10 uur geleden


  34. Plamena G

    Plamena G10 uur geleden

    V0te for Dami on KingChoice for best rapper, guys!

  35. ceyda

    ceyda10 uur geleden

    39 M lets go

  36. 111000 111000

    111000 11100010 uur geleden

    Hey, okay so who wants to tell some dreamcatcher related jokes for fun?

  37. pooja somawar

    pooja somawar10 uur geleden

    Can anyone tell me who is who? Please...

  38. pooja somawar

    pooja somawar4 uur geleden

    @YASH ohh okkk thank you for telling me.

  39. YASH

    YASH4 uur geleden

    @pooja somawar haha our Fandom name is {INSOMNIA}

  40. pooja somawar

    pooja somawar4 uur geleden

    @YASH hey I don't have isomania what are u talking about??

  41. YASH

    YASH5 uur geleden

    @pooja somawar Hey Hii, Indian Insomnia!

  42. Chloe B

    Chloe B7 uur geleden

    Welcome to the dreamworld

  43. hyein_jeongin's

    hyein_jeongin's11 uur geleden

    Let's get that 40M, Insomnias!!! reply "Dreamcatcher Kings" for daily checkup

  44. Jk Jk

    Jk Jk11 uur geleden

    D'ami is the best

  45. SHOUQ somnia

    SHOUQ somnia13 uur geleden

    the best thing ever 😩🤍

  46. Eikabyar Moe

    Eikabyar Moe13 uur geleden

    That's a great song

  47. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz13 uur geleden


  48. Gua Vee

    Gua Vee14 uur geleden

    I know that the fandom has an ongoing joke about certain shows but I feel that sometimes, this jokes does not benefit us at all. I don't know if it's only me who noticed it but majority of the Somnias have that victim mentality when it comes to Dreamcatcher. This thinking is actually very toxic. Yes, DC needs more recognition but they also have plenty of notable achievements for a group from a small company. The victim mentality hinders others from seeing what DC has acieved and would always classify DC as a super nugu group that is always "mistreated".

  49. YASH

    YASH3 uur geleden

    @GLaw Somnia hahah, Nice One.

  50. YASH

    YASH3 uur geleden

    @Gua Vee I get it, get it what you say BUT you only say have you ever(EVER) seen a Group sorry, a Artist like {Dreamcatcher} cause I have never seen! I completely agree with you But a Hmm.....

  51. GLaw Somnia

    GLaw Somnia3 uur geleden

    @Gua Vee just stay away from twitter and you will be ok

  52. Gua Vee

    Gua Vee3 uur geleden

    @YASH Emotions are okay to a certain degree because there are times when I feel overwhelmed as well (like when they achieve somthing I feel really proud too). But too much of something is not good especially when people forget to use their reasoning just like how when DC lost during Odd Eye era and plenty of Somnias were unreasonably blaming the group who won. Everything should be in moderation.

  53. Gua Vee

    Gua Vee4 uur geleden

    @GLaw Somnia It's one of the reasons why I am starting to dread DC comebacks nowadays. The fandom is becoming toxic and it's not because of haters only but because of the real fans as well. Edit: The victim mentality of some fans is actually not a new trend. It's just more obvious now since our fandom has grown.


    LUIS OPARRON14 uur geleden

    Odd Eye


    LUIS OPARRON14 uur geleden



    LUIS OPARRON14 uur geleden

    38 667 086

  57. Elza M

    Elza M14 uur geleden

    Praying for Dreamcatcher's longevity in this harsh industry. Stream guys! Stream Odd Eye & other mv. We can show how much our love to DC by streaming this until we can get 100M views. Dont tell me the view is not important because nowadays it is important. Also dont forget to watch the first reality show, Dreamcatcher's Mind.

  58. Jiyoo Deukae

    Jiyoo Deukae14 uur geleden

    InSomnia, tolong bantu vote Dami di kingchoice.. fighting!! Dami #3 sekarang!

  59. tiara_young

    tiara_young14 uur geleden

    Please vote dami on king choice!

  60. MarzipanFish

    MarzipanFish14 uur geleden

    Don't mind me. Atiny dropping by to listen to these queens♡

  61. cindrella stewart

    cindrella stewart11 uur geleden

    Thank you!!

  62. V.I.PInSomnia Forever

    V.I.PInSomnia Forever15 uur geleden


  63. pandamiparadox

    pandamiparadox15 uur geleden

    So hear up hoomans. It is confirmed that Dreamcatcher are coming back within next 2 months. We gotta prepare ourselves cause even Red Velvet and BTS are coming back in this duration. Make sure to str3am whenever you can. It is not that you sit with your mobile entire day hearing to the music but at least hear to it twice a day if you like the song. Soon they are gonna comeback with a new concept, aside nightmare and dystopia. We should make sure we give them more success THAN odd eye. Remember RTU reached Melon's charts? Yeah we gotta go bigger. Dreamcatcher are growing, let's not stop yet. We have more to give the girls. Fighting!! Insomnia!!

  64. Siyeon Lee

    Siyeon Lee15 uur geleden

    Somnias Please collect hearts on CHOEAEDOL Mubeat IDOLCHAMPPP whosfan STARPASS thekking Theshow can't stop us We need to win this time Make multiple accounts Scream on korean platforms too please

  65. insomnia Dream love

    insomnia Dream love16 uur geleden


  66. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz16 uur geleden


  67. Pem Tse

    Pem Tse16 uur geleden

    All time favourite song ...don't know why I love all dreamcatcher songs

  68. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  69. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  70. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  71. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  72. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  73. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  74. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  75. Dreamcatcher Queen

    Dreamcatcher Queen17 uur geleden


  76. nana

    nana17 uur geleden

    rainhas do rock da coreia

  77. skylar is here

    skylar is here18 uur geleden

    Don't juz give up >_

  78. skylar is here

    skylar is here18 uur geleden


  79. skylar is here

    skylar is here18 uur geleden

    Another 300k+ to 39 million

  80. miyu jovie

    miyu jovie18 uur geleden

    Dreamcatcher forever

  81. miyu jovie

    miyu jovie18 uur geleden

    600k likes pls :)

  82. miyu jovie

    miyu jovie18 uur geleden

    Three eight 661; 957

  83. Lan Anh Nguyễn Thị

    Lan Anh Nguyễn Thị19 uur geleden

    I realized that i fell in love with Dreamcatcher now

  84. Lan Anh Nguyễn Thị

    Lan Anh Nguyễn Thị18 uur geleden

    @YES BABY YES thanks. I wish i knew Dc soonet 😭


    YES BABY YES 18 uur geleden

    welcome welcome welcome! We would be happy if you join our fandom to support them! Thank you for listening to them and not sleeping on them. Also you got good taste and high standard!

  86. Zky

    Zky19 uur geleden

    Forever and Somnie need to collaborate more and help each other out in voting or else. Considering Everglow and DreamCatcher are an amazing group but are equally neglected in Korea. We are not a big fandom, but if we fight together, we can make it big too. Note: Forget past voting disputes, it's not DC or EG's fault.

  87. Justine

    Justine4 uur geleden

    I know this sounds random but Everglow shortened to EG sounds really cute...

  88. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago12 uur geleden

    We have never said that it was everglows fault...we always say it was the shit show who manipulated it .... Yeah let's get together and help each other welcome to the dreamworld (^.^)

  89. Mommy Atiny

    Mommy Atiny20 uur geleden

    Here to see the queens ^^

  90. dreamcatcher soty

    dreamcatcher soty21 uur geleden

    Maybe after the CB dc will be more famous so let's ingore the haters and no matter what lets be an fans peaseful

  91. bersiyool

    bersiyool22 uur geleden

    Dami domination for next comeback... It's not imposible if woo jin young are success with happy birthday, let see how leez make surprise at the toward.

  92. ecaerisnim

    ecaerisnim22 uur geleden

    sen de artık 40 ol yeter be

  93. G.a 25

    G.a 2523 uur geleden

    The haters are really blind they cannot see how talented they are🙂

  94. Yeri Best Girl

    Yeri Best Girl23 uur geleden

    *Music shows temporarily changes its rules* Somnias: “ItS ComEbaCK TimE”

  95. Heidi Nethers

    Heidi Nethers23 uur geleden

    me 2 days ago: had one dreamcatcher song in my playlist me now: playlist filled with dreamcatcher songs

  96. King San UK

    King San UKDag geleden

    Atiny passing through

  97. Lady Dimitrescu La streamer

    Lady Dimitrescu La streamerDag geleden

    Dreamcatcher if he comeback in the summer?Someone answers the question please

  98. Cherryyoung

    CherryyoungDag geleden

    And it’s a fandom joke but whenever music shows like the show changes their voting rules. It means comeback is close.

  99. Cherryyoung

    CherryyoungDag geleden

    Handong said we are getting a summer comeback and they have a new plot line.

  100. Cherryyoung

    CherryyoungDag geleden

    Lol it’s happening again. The show is temporarily changing their voting rules...AGAIN. They must have heard dc are having a summer comeback.

  101. dreamcatcher soty

    dreamcatcher sotyDag geleden

    Lets forget about the show because is cleary they will do it like odd eye era Lets hope they can win in showchampion and ment lets create an new account and collect hearts in idolchamp and whosfan the CB is soon

  102. F.Z.- Gecemin_aydınlığı #ayışığım

    F.Z.- Gecemin_aydınlığı #ayışığımDag geleden

    Odd eye

  103. F.Z.- Gecemin_aydınlığı #ayışığım

    F.Z.- Gecemin_aydınlığı #ayışığımDag geleden

  104. F.Z.- Gecemin_aydınlığı #ayışığım

    F.Z.- Gecemin_aydınlığı #ayışığımDag geleden

    Gelmeyeli 3 gün olmuş puf ~

  105. Zeynep zeynep

    Zeynep zeynep23 uur geleden


  106. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghazDag geleden


  107. Bella

    BellaDag geleden

    So this has been the best song of 2021 and no can say different 🤷🏻‍♀️✊🏻✨

  108. Alexander 알랙산더 PM

    Alexander 알랙산더 PMDag geleden

    Yes Ollounder play that guitar 🎸!!!

  109. Nicolly Usagi

    Nicolly UsagiDag geleden

    the most unique group in k-pop

  110. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghazDag geleden


  111. YASH

    YASHDag geleden

    In My Life I have never waited for anything, I want now only(that's a different case I never get that thing TT) But then also I will wait for DC Comeback one more Month! And Once again 'THE SHOW' played with Insomnias!

  112. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years agoDag geleden

    @YASH oh I see

  113. YASH

    YASHDag geleden

    @soumya Rai • 100 years ago Hmm...Nah 'BOCA' was My 1st CB by DC. That's why BOCA is Special for Me!

  114. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years agoDag geleden

    Would this be your first comeback as a somnie ??

  115. stream Butter, 0dd eye by Dreamcatcher!

    stream Butter, 0dd eye by Dreamcatcher!Dag geleden

    38,643,three five six

  116. Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim

    Jisoo Turtle Rabbit KimDag geleden

    STARPASS announced they will be temporarily removing the ability to earn votes by watching ads. Making it hard for international fans to vote on music shows. This only means one thing: DREAMCATCHER COMEBACK SOON.

  117. Eilyn Kass

    Eilyn KassDag geleden

    hahahahahaha omg these people are to much

  118. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years agoDag geleden

    EGjactly , the shit show and its amaEGjing shits 🤡

  119. YASH

    YASHDag geleden

    Hahaha. Insomnias Best MEME!

  120. Koko Jojo

    Koko JojoDag geleden

    Collect hearts on CHOEAEDOL Mubeat IDOLCHAMPPP whosfan STARPASS thekking somnias LETS WIN Nobody CAN'T STOP US INSOMNIA FIGHTING

  121. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghazDag geleden


  122. Pri Diosquez

    Pri DiosquezDag geleden

    Soy el único comentario en español wuaaaa soy famosa ocno

  123. Alexander 알랙산더 PM

    Alexander 알랙산더 PMDag geleden

    Insomnia colombiano aquí

  124. Pri Diosquez

    Pri DiosquezDag geleden

    Cómo se supera esta canción ?! Que alguien me digaaaa

  125. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghazDag geleden


  126. Zeynep zeynep

    Zeynep zeynepDag geleden

    Kuzenim sua yı gucci nin mankenine benzetti :/

  127. Zeynep zeynep

    Zeynep zeynepDag geleden

    Ehe bilgisayarı az önce kırıldı nxöxjxö swn misin şimdi sua mıza çirkin diyen

  128. Uhm WHAT TO DO?

    Uhm WHAT TO DO?Dag geleden


  129. V.I.PInSomnia Forever

    V.I.PInSomnia ForeverDag geleden


  130. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghazDag geleden

    63k >>> 38/7m

  131. Istvan-Costel Beloklavek

    Istvan-Costel BeloklavekDag geleden


  132. ley dc

    ley dc23 uur geleden

    capslock and everything

  133. Raffaella Vitiello

    Raffaella VitielloDag geleden

    Hey friends, violence is never the solution ... this is what I would have said weeks ago, then after Jiu ... SMASHHH smash smash ... Ok ok I'll calm down ... .... SMASHHHH 😂🤣😂👍❤

  134. YASH

    YASHDag geleden

    @Yes Baby Yes WATTT! Haha Insomnias Clam down. I think everyone will say, it's OK it's it's her Opinion BUT here y'!all say Throw her, Adopt New Sis! Baby Insomnias have grown a lot! Haha.

  135. Yes Baby Yes

    Yes Baby YesDag geleden

    Hahaha.. calm down fam 🤘😂

  136. Uhm WHAT TO DO?

    Uhm WHAT TO DO?Dag geleden

    Throw her away and get another sis.



    Me encantaaa

  138. 𓇢 مَـريِـمَـةة -

    𓇢 مَـريِـمَـةة -Dag geleden

    *Insomnia please stream!!.*

  139. 𓇢 مَـريِـمَـةة -

    𓇢 مَـريِـمَـةة -Dag geleden


  140. 𓇢 مَـريِـمَـةة -

    𓇢 مَـريِـمَـةة -Dag geleden