DUSTY LOCANE - INTRO 2 ME, PT. 1 (Official Music Video)

DUSTY LOCANE - INTRO 2 ME, PT. 1 (Official Music Video)
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  1. Tyrone Spears

    Tyrone SpearsDag geleden

    Grip nina on my side I ain't treeshin it

  2. - BAGBOSS

    - BAGBOSSDag geleden

    Me waitin for the beat drop like 😶

  3. Amari Ross

    Amari RossDag geleden

    Ian Gone lie on GDN Brooklyn really dint fw the G's but my brothers Crips so I fw em and Pop Smoke and nobody can replace him but Dusty Locane definitely living his name on🗣

  4. Calais Roma

    Calais RomaDag geleden

    0:26 and 1:02 Is The Best Bar

  5. Unknown Plaxzy

    Unknown Plaxzy2 dagen geleden

    This is a W

  6. Ethan

    Ethan2 dagen geleden

    2 months later and the beat still hasn't dropped

  7. AAP

    AAP3 dagen geleden

    industry plant


    ZONE5 IKE4RMDUVAL4 dagen geleden

    Aye when they locked in over the whip and it hit from dark 2 night dat shit was tough🥶🥶

  9. Carl Monika

    Carl Monika4 dagen geleden

    Whose still watching this movie?

  10. Demarkus on datrack

    Demarkus on datrack4 dagen geleden

    ain't no dust without da smoke 🔴💨💨💨💫

  11. Quinxy

    Quinxy5 dagen geleden

    this song right here is a sheff g with pop smokes voice

  12. Dominic Ledet

    Dominic Ledet5 dagen geleden


  13. Todd Winthrop

    Todd Winthrop5 dagen geleden

    Be ya own man clown

  14. Choppa Demon

    Choppa Demon4 dagen geleden

    He is

  15. Ce Senatus

    Ce Senatus6 dagen geleden


  16. Dix Kara

    Dix Kara6 dagen geleden


  17. Gamaliel Banks

    Gamaliel Banks6 dagen geleden

    Thanks for that....@ least he can replace POP

  18. Ronaldo Freitas

    Ronaldo Freitas7 dagen geleden

    Pop Smoke se fecharmos os olhos 🇧🇷😔💫💫💫

  19. Avinash Kumar

    Avinash Kumar8 dagen geleden

    We can Do them We can Rock them

  20. Squeeze Gotti65

    Squeeze Gotti658 dagen geleden

    Haha look yeah blood

  21. •Itz Sshy•

    •Itz Sshy•9 dagen geleden

    Who else was anticipating for the beat to drop!!

  22. josef hussain

    josef hussain9 dagen geleden

    Is dusty part of the woo?

  23. Jessica Daugomah

    Jessica Daugomah9 dagen geleden

    I love you sm

  24. Micken's Seven's

    Micken's Seven's9 dagen geleden


  25. Brooklynsouth Greeneapplellc

    Brooklynsouth Greeneapplellc9 dagen geleden


  26. Joel East

    Joel East10 dagen geleden

    No your not the only one waiting for the beat drop

  27. Cliforde Joseph

    Cliforde Joseph10 dagen geleden


  28. Jean Jimmycleff

    Jean Jimmycleff10 dagen geleden

    🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 gang gang


    LAPORT FF11 dagen geleden



    HOLLYWOOD TRE11 dagen geleden

    His voice deep but that’s it and the more u listen the more u see he ain’t tryna sound like pop.

  31. MopeTheKidd

    MopeTheKidd11 dagen geleden

    Anyone else waiting for the beat to drop😂

  32. Renan Lemos

    Renan Lemos11 dagen geleden

    He's not the next pop smoke, he's the first dusty locane

  33. K Chatz

    K Chatz11 dagen geleden

    Wait a sec. With a single melody he made a whole track?

  34. RanMind YT

    RanMind YT11 dagen geleden

    Dusty is moving big

  35. El OrtegYT

    El OrtegYT12 dagen geleden

    Aye keep up man ignore these goofy ass comments of ppl hating, you know you going to blow up, your on your way there just keep up, love your songs

  36. Alieu Bah

    Alieu Bah12 dagen geleden

    I love u dusty

  37. Alieu Bah

    Alieu Bah12 dagen geleden

    For life

  38. MadJiggie

    MadJiggie12 dagen geleden

    OI DROP RUSTY NOW CUZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. YaBoyChris

    YaBoyChris13 dagen geleden

    Bro that " At All " adlib really sound like Pop Smome shit still give me chills

  40. Petar Tancevski

    Petar Tancevski13 dagen geleden


  41. Cke1

    Cke113 dagen geleden


  42. marceline lafleur

    marceline lafleur13 dagen geleden

    Let him introduce him he said!♿️💫

  43. optic devon

    optic devon13 dagen geleden

    This Nigga can sing🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  44. Z1RFT T.V

    Z1RFT T.V13 dagen geleden

    This is fire but I’m ngl I was waiting for that crazy beat drop but it didn’t happen still a valid song tho🤧👌🏿👌🏿

  45. DB-Tv

    DB-Tv13 dagen geleden

    Man the song is fire but if there were drums it would be a lot harder!!!🔥🔥🔥

  46. Edwin DeJesus

    Edwin DeJesus14 dagen geleden

    I said baby i won’t make a promise

  47. krip gad

    krip gad14 dagen geleden

    dusty reminds me of pop

  48. Hamza Hamri

    Hamza Hamri14 dagen geleden

    This guy will take over the US

  49. Sha Stud

    Sha Stud14 dagen geleden

    Nice work.. #KeepCreating🔥🔥🔥

  50. Lil jacky_king

    Lil jacky_king14 dagen geleden

    Good vibes drip🔥🔥🔥🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  51. zjuchi

    zjuchi14 dagen geleden

    When he goes to the psychiatrist, he asks if she's okay

  52. ASMR gaming

    ASMR gaming14 dagen geleden

    Mans the goat 🐐

  53. The Secret Infiniti

    The Secret Infiniti15 dagen geleden

    this not pop, this the real dusty locane, give him the respect

  54. Sameer Muhammad

    Sameer Muhammad15 dagen geleden

    Pop smoke wanna be That what your are.

  55. WUZE FF

    WUZE FF15 dagen geleden

    Só falto um grave

  56. Alan M

    Alan M15 dagen geleden

    Blood 🩸

  57. Reginald Harris

    Reginald Harris16 dagen geleden

    You can hear similarities between him and pop smoke but they got different sounds I can tell the difference.

  58. Alessandro Barella

    Alessandro Barella16 dagen geleden

    This is hard man. He does sound like Pop but Dusty is himself. Same voice but different sounds/vibes/energy

  59. F L Y H D

    F L Y H D16 dagen geleden


  60. Luke Hudson

    Luke Hudson16 dagen geleden

    better than dior

  61. Neba

    Neba16 dagen geleden

    Legends say we still wait for some drill beat on this..


    VICTORIOUS G16 dagen geleden

    Bro this one is hard asf

  63. YHN 9lock.38

    YHN 9lock.3816 dagen geleden

    idc if he sounds like pop he is getting noticed and im happy and i fw this simp music :)

  64. Benos Buenos Life

    Benos Buenos Life16 dagen geleden

    drop some heat on 808 beats 🔥🔥🔥

  65. Adil 101

    Adil 10117 dagen geleden

    notice how dusty hasn't released a bad song yet people be sleeping on dusty fr

  66. I M

    I M17 dagen geleden

    If people heard this from tiktok they gon be like got love for pop smoke!

  67. Tyler

    Tyler17 dagen geleden

    Drop more music goofy

  68. Dayvion Journiette

    Dayvion Journiette17 dagen geleden

    Carry the WOO dusty!!!

  69. Croûton INFO

    Croûton INFO17 dagen geleden


  70. iixploitsii

    iixploitsii17 dagen geleden

    Bruh he just copied the beat from drill tonight by young ap still tho the song is kinda fire

  71. Ferit

    Ferit17 dagen geleden

    I wait still for the beat drop

  72. doni99 xhokaj

    doni99 xhokaj18 dagen geleden

    Waiting for da bass drop 😂

  73. Manoucheka Joazard

    Manoucheka Joazard18 dagen geleden

    that guy has the same voice as pop smoke and he grabs everything just like popo smoke only he doesn't have my face  😎🙂😎

  74. Hjalmar Jansson

    Hjalmar Jansson18 dagen geleden

    Still waiting for the 808

  75. Real Domy Real Domy

    Real Domy Real Domy18 dagen geleden

    Real Domy 💕🇩🇴

  76. Odin

    Odin19 dagen geleden

    Na this 🔥

  77. JOHNNY S3

    JOHNNY S319 dagen geleden

    The beat gonna drop on intro to me PT 2

  78. Abdurrahman Çolakoğlu

    Abdurrahman Çolakoğlu19 dagen geleden


  79. Lord Gospel

    Lord Gospel19 dagen geleden

    Time for my fellow producers to remix this masterpiece!

  80. Wave - E

    Wave - E18 dagen geleden

    Plz but a fire beat under this

  81. Bhupinder77

    Bhupinder7719 dagen geleden

    that beat drop was insane

  82. Muckie

    Muckie20 dagen geleden

    Pop smoke V2

  83. likeurmemesg

    likeurmemesg20 dagen geleden

    Mans got our back more pop smoke!!

  84. Kesh Ke

    Kesh Ke20 dagen geleden


  85. Dominique Pascal Eyene meyo

    Dominique Pascal Eyene meyo20 dagen geleden


  86. Noelle Kodjo

    Noelle Kodjo20 dagen geleden

    I come here from tiktok

  87. zerxyclapz

    zerxyclapz20 dagen geleden

    We all know he's not pop but we have to admit they was heavily influenced by him

  88. Bacar Dabo

    Bacar Dabo20 dagen geleden

    Pop smoke 💨 The w💫💫 frvr 💨

  89. Lo Bz

    Lo Bz20 dagen geleden

    Hopefully he drops an album sometime in 2021

  90. Vinih OG

    Vinih OG20 dagen geleden

    This nigga just have to be careful to don’t build his on career like the “deep web pop smoke”


    MMAJU STEPHEN EKENE21 dag geleden

    Still waiting for the best to drop

  92. gus.

    gus.21 dag geleden

    Brazil here 🇧🇷🔥🤘👌

  93. Qualidade Controle Produtora

    Qualidade Controle Produtora21 dag geleden


  94. Ahmad Al-Mejalhem

    Ahmad Al-Mejalhem21 dag geleden

    @LOCANE, pt 2 must be just like pt 1 instrumental.. Just kick in the beats for vibe check.. Ur a beast! Love from Kuwait 🇰🇼

  95. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez21 dag geleden

    Stop trying to fake it alot people know

  96. Angel Gomez

    Angel Gomez21 dag geleden

    We know you pop smoke you came out of nowhere 4 months later after pop smoke death

  97. Big Dreams Rich Motives

    Big Dreams Rich Motives22 dagen geleden


  98. Straight Facts

    Straight Facts22 dagen geleden

    This nigga look OD Haitian lol

  99. Ang Dtb

    Ang Dtb22 dagen geleden

    So 2 minutes and 49 seconds of a beat that didn’t even drop with flat bars that didn’t even say shit ? Bruh you was doin good smh

  100. XiX End

    XiX End22 dagen geleden

    Nigga made it , you didn’t 😭

  101. XiX End

    XiX End22 dagen geleden

    Nigga shut up

  102. Sniper Smith

    Sniper Smith22 dagen geleden

    Badman Chune

  103. Clautez

    Clautez22 dagen geleden

    Next pop smoke on god

  104. David Adzovic

    David Adzovic22 dagen geleden

    I loev yoz

  105. David Adzovic

    David Adzovic22 dagen geleden

    Ar you a crip 🤔

  106. slick _2k

    slick _2k22 dagen geleden

    So he a crip

  107. slick _2k

    slick _2k22 dagen geleden

    He rolling 60’s