GFRIEND(여자친구), SANDEUL(산들), T1419, A.C.E ㅣ2021 온택트 G★KPOP CONCERT EP.1 ㅣ ENG SUB

GFRIEND(여자친구), SANDEUL(산들), T1419, A.C.E ㅣ2021 온택트 G★KPOP CONCERT EP.1 ㅣ ENG SUB

[2021 온택트 G★KPOP CONCERT]
5월 한 달간 매주 토요일 저녁 8시에 만나는 ‘2021 온택트 G★KPOP 콘서트’
1theK Originals 유튜브에서 총 12 팀의 K-POP 스타와 함께 릴레이 콘서트를 즐겨보세요!
👉공개일 : 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29 8PM (KST)
👉출연진 : MC 산들, 여자친구, T1419, A.C.E, 크래비티, 베리베리, 모모랜드, 이달의 소녀, 뉴키드, 위클리, 라붐, 빅톤, 싸이퍼

[2021 Ontact G★KPOP CONCERT]
2021 Ontact G★KPOP CONCERT" every Saturday at 8 p.m. for May.
Enjoy a relay concert with a total of 12 K-POP stars on 1theK Originals NLpush.
👉date : 5/8, 5/15, 5/22, 5/29 8PM (KST)
👉Artists : MC SANDEUL, GFRIEND, T1419, A.C.E, CRAVITY, VERIVERY, MOMOLAND, LOONA, Newkidd, Weeekly, Laboum, VICTON, Ciipher

K-POP Wonderland, 1theK

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  1. amji

    amji16 dagen geleden

    World's most classic KPop: GFriend. I miss you, please come back OT6.

  2. Olha Petrova

    Olha Petrova17 dagen geleden

    I got goosebumps when A.C.E sang stand by you, thank them for a great performance❤️

  3. Saskia Adya Mega

    Saskia Adya Mega22 dagen geleden

    Gfriend ucul bat

  4. J Zzz

    J Zzz22 dagen geleden

    Last gfriend stage 😭😭

  5. 이진욱

    이진욱24 dagen geleden

    이 콘서트가 여자친구의 마지막 콘서트네요.

  6. 정신들체리세요

    정신들체리세요24 dagen geleden

    이게 여친이들 마지막 무대가 되었네...

  7. NA MR

    NA MR24 dagen geleden

    Still can't believe this is their last stage performance as Gfriend 🤧🥲

  8. ilmatilan

    ilmatilan24 dagen geleden

    A.C.E gives me VIXX vibes here

  9. Babolandeu:,)

    Babolandeu:,)25 dagen geleden

    I'm so sad that gfriend disbanded😭😭😭but if its the best for the members i will support them

  10. Margaretha Riri

    Margaretha Riri25 dagen geleden

    GFRIEND last performance as GFRIEND 😭💔

  11. Rock, Paper, Scissors

    Rock, Paper, Scissors25 dagen geleden

    Who could ever imagine that this is their last performance as Gfriend 😭



    Still can’t believe this is their last performance as GFRIEND! :’)

  13. Yanny AA

    Yanny AA26 dagen geleden

    I didn't expect that this will be their last GFRIEND Stage performance. 😢💔

  14. mahmoud alajouz

    mahmoud alajouz27 dagen geleden

    Thank you GFRIEND 💔

  15. Av

    Av27 dagen geleden

    Gfriend last performance :(

  16. Yuju's forehead is brighter than your future

    Yuju's forehead is brighter than your future27 dagen geleden

    Their last stage as GFRIEND... I hope they redebut or rebrand

  17. Rafael Amasol

    Rafael Amasol27 dagen geleden

    So no one’s gonna talk about T1419??

  18. BigHit Labels

    BigHit Labels27 dagen geleden

    this is gfriend's last stage. you must be successful. love you gfriend❤❤❤

  19. 김태훈

    김태훈28 dagen geleden

    이게 마지막 공연이 될줄이야......너무 빠르다....

  20. Ankit 7

    Ankit 728 dagen geleden

    Never thought this would be there last stage as Gfriend. I was waiting for a comeback since I only came to know about them after Mago.

  21. Minh Hoang

    Minh Hoang28 dagen geleden

    Last stage performance of mago song

  22. 져쿠

    져쿠28 dagen geleden

    여자친구 마지막 무대인가.....

  23. Bandana Yadav

    Bandana Yadav28 dagen geleden


  24. Ayessa Maia

    Ayessa Maia28 dagen geleden

    My fave boys A.C.E!!

  25. Karmila Rahma Yuniasti

    Karmila Rahma Yuniasti28 dagen geleden

    I don't want this is the last if ot6 gfriend stage

  26. Alice Nogueira

    Alice Nogueira28 dagen geleden

    how dare A.C.E finish a concert with Stand by heart is weak

  27. 小泉 千秋

    小泉 千秋29 dagen geleden

    hope this is not last stage for GFRIEND...please 😭😭

  28. 기고기

    기고기29 dagen geleden

    이게 마지막 무대일줄은 몰랐지.. 여자친구 제발,,


    TO1 JEYOU OFFICIAL CHANNEL29 dagen geleden

    *A deep condolence for Gfriends,because they are disbanded* 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. 마이러버예린

    마이러버예린29 dagen geleden

    소원❤ 예린❤ 은하❤ 유주❤ 신비❤ 엄지❤ 각자의 앞길 항상 응원할께!

  31. 마이러버예린

    마이러버예린29 dagen geleden

    이게 마지막 콘서트일줄 누가 알았겠냐고ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  32. 나이스

    나이스29 dagen geleden

    여자친구 해체 안하면 안돼…진짜 너무 갑자기 해체 한다니깐 당황스럽고 정신없네…여자친구 해체 하지 말자

  33. Crimson Thorn

    Crimson Thorn29 dagen geleden

    Gfriend Best girls ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  34. 감귤

    감귤Maand geleden

    여친이 최고지!!!!언니들 더 세상에 알렺졌으면 좋겠다!!언니 나 초등학생이다??❤️❤️

  35. 나이스

    나이스29 dagen geleden

    해체하는 데 뭔 소용이야…

  36. Phạm Trương Diệu Quỳnh

    Phạm Trương Diệu QuỳnhMaand geleden


  37. Su Yee Sia

    Su Yee SiaMaand geleden

    Sandeul didn't say why day 1 was green.

  38. Su Yee Sia

    Su Yee SiaMaand geleden

    Why is day 1 green

  39. Kim Imera

    Kim ImeraMaand geleden

    stan t1419 stan art

  40. Javier Malpica

    Javier MalpicaMaand geleden

    Gfriend supremacy is real... yeo ja chin go are the best

  41. T1419 Kairi

    T1419 KairiMaand geleden


  42. Carat forever

    Carat foreverMaand geleden

    Cravity Victon Ciipher 🤍🤍

  43. ムロミ

    ムロミMaand geleden


  44. Isabel Valdez

    Isabel ValdezMaand geleden

    Vine aqui por mis ídolos bellos😍 t1419😊

  45. Lillian Autry Vlogs

    Lillian Autry VlogsMaand geleden

    Can someone please tell me who the host is???

  46. Faridah Abdullah

    Faridah AbdullahMaand geleden

    Episode bts??

  47. Jiminiiebias_

    Jiminiiebias_Maand geleden

    no bts here..

  48. nankook bangtanland

    nankook bangtanlandMaand geleden

    T1419 Love you

  49. la pam pam

    la pam pamMaand geleden

    buddy will always here for gfriend ♥

  50. easyteh4getperson

    easyteh4getpersonMaand geleden

    bruh i kinda miss a.c.e cuz at first wow wasnt in down and now bk isnt performing in this concert. but wow their perf is still killer

  51. tawan P95

    tawan P95Maand geleden

    I love Gfriend

  52. 국지호

    국지호Maand geleden


  53. cristofer reyes

    cristofer reyesMaand geleden

    Y donde esta momoland, loona ,weekly?

  54. Liz

    LizMaand geleden

    Gfriend 💜

  55. Un Hwa Chan

    Un Hwa ChanMaand geleden

    GFRIEND é tudo

  56. Tasneem Odwan

    Tasneem OdwanMaand geleden

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  57. Kira García Espinar

    Kira García EspinarMaand geleden

    T1419 are so amazing!!!!. 😍

  58. Sakatoya

    SakatoyaMaand geleden

    A.C.E 🧡🧡🧡

  59. Fighting Orange Clover

    Fighting Orange CloverMaand geleden


  60. Kéren forbin

    Kéren forbinMaand geleden

    Please repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your savior because Jesus is coming back soon. And don't forget , God loves you and he wants you to be save.

  61. Lucas heart

    Lucas heartMaand geleden

    T1419 super genial su actuación, gracias por invitarlos ^-^

  62. Observer

    ObserverMaand geleden

    I'm so proud of them 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ T1419

  63. 은깨비

    은깨비Maand geleden

    비활동기 인데 어떻게 더 예뻐😵 여자친구💕

  64. Ann Sol

    Ann SolMaand geleden

    Gracias 2021 por introducirme a las chicas de Gfriend, mis oídos han sido bendecidos.

  65. luis alberto ramirez cruz

    luis alberto ramirez cruzMaand geleden

    GFriend las mejores...

  66. Qiesee

    QieseeMaand geleden

    Why i didn't know thissss 😭😌

  67. Stephanie Malo

    Stephanie MaloMaand geleden

    A.c.e did amazing performance as always...fighting

  68. 七海哉太

    七海哉太Maand geleden

    I am a Choice, I love A.C.E so much, and my bias Sehyoon, you are doing very well, I am very touched and proud of you( I'm almost crying😭😭😍😍), I hope you can be healthy and happy all your life, don't worry, we will always stand by you and A.C.E. Hope Byeongkwan get better soon. Choice fighting!!

  69. Ania Lovegood

    Ania LovegoodMaand geleden

    Mi corazón BUDDY y CHOICE está muy agradecido... Increíbles todas las presentaciones

  70. Vianey Bravo

    Vianey BravoMaand geleden


  71. Ezaa

    EzaaMaand geleden

    Yerin so cute 😭

  72. Ezaa

    EzaaMaand geleden

    I love you GFRIEND ❤️❤️❤️

  73. Ezaa

    EzaaMaand geleden

    I wish her comeback all shorthair😂❤️🔥🔥

  74. Ceyda İmre

    Ceyda İmreMaand geleden

    I veryyy veryyy veryy love youuuu Wow(Sehyoon) 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️please be good🥺💖🌸Bk❤️Jun❤️Donghun❤️Chan❤️

  75. Selvi Ana

    Selvi AnaMaand geleden


  76. Siti Maryani

    Siti MaryaniMaand geleden

    Aku terpukau penampilan yerin terbaru 😍😍😍😘

  77. Hana rahma

    Hana rahmaMaand geleden

    I hope GFRIEND will be successful and can win the Billboard Award next year 🙂 keep fighting ❤ good luck Gfriend

  78. Mari Cruz

    Mari CruzMaand geleden

    I love you so much A.C.E ❤❤❤❤

  79. Indry Malliny

    Indry MallinyMaand geleden

    What do you think guys about uri gfriend ?

  80. Jiminiiebias_

    Jiminiiebias_Maand geleden

    They so daebak!💗

  81. Alexa Burn

    Alexa BurnMaand geleden

    Gfriend 😍🔥

  82. Princess Patilan

    Princess PatilanMaand geleden


  83. Galonnya Fenly UN1TY

    Galonnya Fenly UN1TYMaand geleden

    I Believe in GFRIEND

  84. Julius Lim

    Julius LimMaand geleden


  85. Christian Robiso

    Christian RobisoMaand geleden

    Kim Sojung! Jung Yerin! Jung Eunbi! Choi Yuna! Hwang Eunbi! Kim Yewon! Yeojachingu!

  86. cute smile

    cute smileMaand geleden

    GFRIEND 🔥🔥

  87. Pink Typewritter

    Pink TypewritterMaand geleden

    Silly yuchan ace when he playfully playing with his hanbok

  88. Pink Typewritter

    Pink TypewritterMaand geleden

    Bengong la yu chan when dia main baju dia hahhahahhahahahhaha

  89. Pink Typewritter

    Pink TypewritterMaand geleden

    Ace DARLINGGGGGGG !!!!!!!!

  90. Pragya Shrestha

    Pragya ShresthaMaand geleden

    Poor Yuchan..guess it was his turn for the wardrobe malfunction 😂

  91. Andrea Gomez

    Andrea GomezMaand geleden

    Them saying GFRIEND is just lipsinging. Meanwhile there's GFRIEND singing live even with that hard choreography. Literally no one can say that GFRIEND is lipsinging in this because you can hear their breathe. Well unless your deaf

  92. Indah Muslimawati

    Indah MuslimawatiMaand geleden

    Tik tok..mago..mago..yerin yuju ♡♡

  93. An Thái

    An TháiMaand geleden


  94. Naqib hadi

    Naqib hadiMaand geleden


  95. 김송현

    김송현Maand geleden

    예린언니 언제 머리 자른거야야야얌 왤케 잘 어울려ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  96. Ariqah Alindi

    Ariqah AlindiMaand geleden

    ini gabener bgt dah editornya, masa lagu sama mulutnya ga sinkron

  97. mica-ela

    mica-elaMaand geleden


  98. kiane_elize 22

    kiane_elize 22Maand geleden

    A.C.E never disappoints! Thank you so much for inviting A.C.E! ❤️

  99. saba

    sabaMaand geleden

    Gfriend 💞💞💞❤

  100. Sayna Nadhifa

    Sayna NadhifaMaand geleden

    여자친구 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  101. Melina Batallanos

    Melina BatallanosMaand geleden


  102. kim Vuong

    kim VuongMaand geleden

    Exo next time

  103. Faith Singson

    Faith SingsonMaand geleden

    see what gfriend did their?? their gone and the views went hella low

  104. Jiminiiebias_

    Jiminiiebias_Maand geleden

    Really? Wow