FIFA 21 | Chelsea Vs Manchester City | Final | UEFA Champions League 2020/21

FIFA 21 | Chelsea Vs Manchester City | Final | UEFA Champions League 2020/21

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  1. Dimas DwiPutera

    Dimas DwiPutera3 dagen geleden

    No for Real life wkwkw

  2. Ariq CFC

    Ariq CFC13 dagen geleden

    Lolllll we won

  3. trogogaming

    trogogaming15 dagen geleden


  4. Iker Emilio Robles Bermúdez

    Iker Emilio Robles Bermúdez17 dagen geleden

    Y vamos ganó el Chelsea 🏆🏆 dos

  5. Farhan Tanvir Abid

    Farhan Tanvir Abid17 dagen geleden

    This video give me some Peace 😑😑

  6. Samanya Mukabwe

    Samanya Mukabwe17 dagen geleden

    I had to re-watch this after yesterday

  7. Timchilli

    Timchilli17 dagen geleden

    Haha were the Kings of football

  8. FIFA Plays

    FIFA Plays17 dagen geleden

    But look who really one

  9. BraqGaming 97

    BraqGaming 9717 dagen geleden

    😂😂😂 Chelsea 1-0 man city

  10. Atinuke Jaiyesimi

    Atinuke Jaiyesimi17 dagen geleden

    Who is here after Chelsea won the final

  11. Arthur Rosu

    Arthur Rosu17 dagen geleden

    whos here after chelsea won already

  12. Covaci Petru

    Covaci Petru11 dagen geleden

    Me lol

  13. Joshua Octo

    Joshua Octo16 dagen geleden

    Me dude

  14. Wachirab Muchori

    Wachirab Muchori17 dagen geleden


  15. Timchilli

    Timchilli17 dagen geleden


  16. Fla_ BR ツ

    Fla_ BR ツ17 dagen geleden

    Fifa predict: city win 100% chance of win Real life : chelsea win with 100% of his lucky

  17. simphiwe mhlongo

    simphiwe mhlongo17 dagen geleden

    Well this aged well

  18. Freddie Mcintyre

    Freddie Mcintyre17 dagen geleden

    This is not correct it was 1-0 to a team that deserved it

  19. Matheus B.

    Matheus B.17 dagen geleden

    NO LOL

  20. Trazop

    Trazop17 dagen geleden

    Chelsea Winners

  21. deeqo Munye

    deeqo Munye18 dagen geleden

    who thinks Manchester city will really win the final in real life

  22. Zammar Shah

    Zammar Shah17 dagen geleden

    @Elqxir ok zaddy

  23. Devil Anse

    Devil Anse17 dagen geleden

    💙Chelsea 🏆💙

  24. Krivix

    Krivix17 dagen geleden

    well they didnt lol

  25. thealbacan

    thealbacan17 dagen geleden

    @Elqxir XD

  26. Boss

    Boss17 dagen geleden


  27. Sopheap Horm

    Sopheap Horm18 dagen geleden

    Hello Admin

  28. Mark Kimani

    Mark Kimani18 dagen geleden


  29. 8B37 Sabareesh A

    8B37 Sabareesh A18 dagen geleden

    Chelsea will win it 2-0

  30. Sushi

    Sushi18 dagen geleden


  31. damianox

    damianox19 dagen geleden

    CHELSEA!!! I hope we'll win

  32. damianox

    damianox17 dagen geleden

    @The Cat with a Bear Cap yeah, i'm very excited

  33. damianox

    damianox17 dagen geleden

    @Clantic thx

  34. Clantic

    Clantic17 dagen geleden


  35. Ibrahim Suraj

    Ibrahim Suraj18 dagen geleden

    They are both blues

  36. Chelsea Highlight

    Chelsea Highlight19 dagen geleden

    Chelsea 🏆

  37. Patrick GDM

    Patrick GDM19 dagen geleden


  38. Games and Sports

    Games and Sports19 dagen geleden

    Follow me on instagram satabdasarkar

  39. kismat theeng

    kismat theeng19 dagen geleden

    Is it me just me or everyone ??? Fifa 19/21 commentor Derek Rey is shit... There are lot more commentetators which voice suits the cl.... I don't like the way he speak

  40. LLok TA

    LLok TA19 dagen geleden

    So coozzzz fri Great video

  41. Петър Велики

    Петър Велики19 dagen geleden


  42. Zuko

    Zuko20 dagen geleden

    No, that won't happen

  43. Eduardo Silva

    Eduardo Silva20 dagen geleden

    Oh man city champions

  44. User Hamburg

    User Hamburg20 dagen geleden

    Good game!

  45. ThebossVEGETA

    ThebossVEGETA20 dagen geleden

    Finally someone uploaded autoplay game well done i was annoyed when player plays a team and uploads video

  46. Sopheap Horm

    Sopheap Horm18 dagen geleden


  47. Santiago Peralta Trejo

    Santiago Peralta Trejo20 dagen geleden

    tenia que haber ganado Chelsea

  48. FreestyleGuitar

    FreestyleGuitar20 dagen geleden

    Ai so bad

  49. ACE Reviews

    ACE Reviews20 dagen geleden


  50. FIFAGamerSS

    FIFAGamerSS20 dagen geleden


  51. Remziye Saruca

    Remziye Saruca20 dagen geleden

    Excelent work bro

  52. Ivan Black

    Ivan Black20 dagen geleden


  53. Izhy9

    Izhy920 dagen geleden

    PES > FIFA

  54. COW RangerZ

    COW RangerZ20 dagen geleden


  55. HASSAN

    HASSAN17 dagen geleden

    @The Cat with a Bear Cap Yep ... Pain congrats to chelsea maybe city will try next season

  56. Akid

    Akid19 dagen geleden

    Sorry man ! For disrespect city 🙏

  57. HASSAN

    HASSAN19 dagen geleden

    @Akid what does oil have to do with them wining you're stupid or what city is shit without pep and without kdb and Mahrez and foden

  58. Y H

    Y H20 dagen geleden

    Chelsea will obliterate Manchester City only if they can hit the ball in the back of the net CHELSEA FOR LIF!!

  59. HASSAN

    HASSAN20 dagen geleden

    Mahrez and de bruyne will destroye chelsea just wait and you'll see

  60. Yangper J

    Yangper J20 dagen geleden

    Worst gameplay ever

  61. Zipboy46

    Zipboy4620 dagen geleden

    It’s fifa ofc they’ll make us lose to city they have like star rating and we have like a 4 and half star

  62. Med Guenfoud

    Med Guenfoud20 dagen geleden

    sterling if the goalkeeper is empty. he does not score

  63. M.syahran _05

    M.syahran _0521 dag geleden

    Aduh telat satu minggu ni 😄

  64. M.syahran _05

    M.syahran _0519 dagen geleden

    Makasih udah suka komentar aku

  65. M.syahran _05

    M.syahran _0519 dagen geleden

    Thank you gaes

  66. Surya Thalib

    Surya Thalib21 dag geleden

    Chelsea 🔵🔵

  67. Xeno Jr

    Xeno Jr21 dag geleden

    I like chelsea but I think man city will win the champions league

  68. Tk Narayanan

    Tk Narayanan21 dag geleden

    Chelsea ✨

  69. TNT Baocucu

    TNT Baocucu21 dag geleden

    MC win

  70. Thắng Nguyễn ngọc

    Thắng Nguyễn ngọc21 dag geleden


  71. Ariq CFC

    Ariq CFC13 dagen geleden


  72. Trang Nguyễn Quỳnh

    Trang Nguyễn Quỳnh21 dag geleden

    Mendy from chelsea looks terrible :)))

  73. Clush Delga

    Clush Delga17 dagen geleden

    terrible enough to win the UCL eh?

  74. Cư sĩ Minh Hiếu _93

    Cư sĩ Minh Hiếu _9321 dag geleden

    wow city win - city vô địch


    CHELSEA21 dag geleden

    That’s bull chelsea is gonna win

  76. Elisa Rijkaard

    Elisa Rijkaard21 dag geleden

    Man city will win

  77. Jorge & An Yu Are Good Of The Planet YooHoo TV 2.0

    Jorge & An Yu Are Good Of The Planet YooHoo TV 2.018 dagen geleden

    I Wonder Is Final Today

  78. Aymène_54

    Aymène_5418 dagen geleden


  79. Sopheap Horm

    Sopheap Horm18 dagen geleden


  80. Didi Didi

    Didi Didi21 dag geleden

    Seeing how players move in pes and comparing to fifa, I don't know why people even play this game. It doesn't make any sense. The only reason I can think of is EA being owned by Americans while konami is owned by Asians

  81. Asassin088

    Asassin08820 dagen geleden

    In the u.k, at release fifa is usually top of the charts, and outsell pes

  82. Oscar Gutierrez Hans

    Oscar Gutierrez Hans21 dag geleden

    EA is owned by a mixture of Americans and Canadians. EA also has a headquarters in Vancouver.

  83. peixotoista.

    peixotoista.22 dagen geleden

    Lets Go blues 💙💙💙💙

  84. Omar Abo Halima

    Omar Abo Halima22 dagen geleden

    ما اسم اللعبه

  85. Tik-Tok Sénégal Officiel1994

    Tik-Tok Sénégal Officiel199422 dagen geleden

    Man City 4-0 Chelsea 🏆🏆🏆

  86. peixotoista.

    peixotoista.17 dagen geleden

    💙Kai havertz 💙

  87. peixotoista.

    peixotoista.17 dagen geleden


  88. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what an idiot

  89. peixotoista.

    peixotoista.22 dagen geleden


  90. kayra duran

    kayra duran22 dagen geleden

    Manchester City players and Pep Guardiola: We are Manchester City!!!! There is the winning on the champions league finaly!🏆

  91. kayra duran

    kayra duran17 dagen geleden

    @Clush Delga yea....

  92. Clush Delga

    Clush Delga17 dagen geleden

    lmao get 1-0 lol, CHELSEA 2021 UEFA LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 💙💙💙💙💙💙

  93. Fode Yans

    Fode Yans22 dagen geleden

    Chelsea remporte

  94. Ali Maatouk

    Ali Maatouk22 dagen geleden

    Citi win champion

  95. Charles Richard Kwaku Tachie - Menson Junior

    Charles Richard Kwaku Tachie - Menson Junior22 dagen geleden


  96. kings of epicness

    kings of epicness22 dagen geleden

    I love how chelsea think they have a chance against city😂.ima united fan but I'll tell you for free that city will crash chealsea😊

  97. Clush Delga

    Clush Delga17 dagen geleden

    u must be feeling a bit wonky with this statement

  98. Leandre Lopez Fadrigalan

    Leandre Lopez Fadrigalan22 dagen geleden


  99. Achelouz

    Achelouz22 dagen geleden

    5:22 LMAO has he ever done that in real life? Jesus!

  100. 블랙팬서

    블랙팬서22 dagen geleden

    맨시티 우승 예상 막상막하의 경기 예상

  101. Tafara Dube

    Tafara Dube22 dagen geleden

    The most scripted FIFA match i have seen in my life.....lmao, he didn't make pass the ball when they reach CIty's box. How many crosses did he ignore when Chelsea was 3 v 2. Miserable City fan lmao

  102. Ansel Tazeh

    Ansel Tazeh21 dag geleden

    Can you not see that the AI is playing?

  103. Chizurum Okere-Olujie

    Chizurum Okere-Olujie22 dagen geleden

    Manchester city is home not away

  104. MàrO uane Mçf

    MàrO uane Mçf22 dagen geleden


  105. Ghost GamerMKD

    Ghost GamerMKD22 dagen geleden


  106. Clush Delga

    Clush Delga17 dagen geleden

    @Confessions Of A Movie Freak U were wrong Man Wussy fan

  107. Confessions Of A Movie Freak

    Confessions Of A Movie Freak18 dagen geleden


  108. Adam Harith

    Adam Harith21 dag geleden


  109. Adam Harith

    Adam Harith21 dag geleden


  110. Adam Harith

    Adam Harith21 dag geleden


  111. George Leo

    George Leo22 dagen geleden

    I reject it IJN 🙏🏻

  112. azariah chris

    azariah chris22 dagen geleden


  113. Harish Jagannath

    Harish Jagannath22 dagen geleden

    Tbh it was actually a bad game coz there were many situations were he could have played a through ball and didn’t

  114. Hruday Neerukonda

    Hruday Neerukonda19 dagen geleden

    @Dajay Lavish nah it was auto played

  115. Dajay Lavish

    Dajay Lavish19 dagen geleden

    Match was rigged from the beginning

  116. Brad Asbury

    Brad Asbury22 dagen geleden

    There's even kickoff glitch in a AI game too lmao. Trash game

  117. Sittee Sadien

    Sittee Sadien22 dagen geleden

    Pulisic can t be captain

  118. Isra345

    Isra34522 dagen geleden

    That's Azpilicueta

  119. Wojtek Kowalski

    Wojtek Kowalski22 dagen geleden

    Chelsea 💙⚽

  120. Ali Bayindir

    Ali Bayindir22 dagen geleden

    bu arkadaşın oynadığı fıfa 21 ücretli olanmı ?

  121. PaPan FIlem

    PaPan FIlem22 dagen geleden

    Essien from persib bandung indonesia

  122. apip aja

    apip aja20 dagen geleden

    bruh, essien overrated di persib anjir

  123. Remruata Bunghai

    Remruata Bunghai22 dagen geleden

    Fake..chelsea will win..

  124. Sebastianus Naga

    Sebastianus Naga22 dagen geleden

    YES man city winner UCL 20/21🙏🙏🙏👍🎉🎉🎉

  125. Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club

    Brighton & Hove Albion Football Club23 dagen geleden

    El city juega con camiseta azul

  126. Bajaur khkula

    Bajaur khkula23 dagen geleden

    Pc version

  127. Ladislous Govere

    Ladislous Govere23 dagen geleden

    is this next gen version of the game

  128. Abu sufian Sejan

    Abu sufian Sejan23 dagen geleden

    You guys have to wait few years to lift the trophy for the first time 🤣🤣.. coz chelsea gone a win

  129. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @luis vargas .....🔵💪🏾

  130. luis vargas

    luis vargas22 dagen geleden

    And the when man city win you be like fucking why now FIRST RONALDO IN 2008 NOW THIS

  131. Shorts

    Shorts23 dagen geleden

    Chelsea is win lol

  132. Shorts

    Shorts23 dagen geleden


  133. Imko Hacker

    Imko Hacker23 dagen geleden


  134. Patrick Olwoc

    Patrick Olwoc23 dagen geleden

    i hope chelsea beat the life out of man city

  135. Ismail and saad

    Ismail and saad23 dagen geleden

    This is gonna happen

  136. King Kanish

    King Kanish23 dagen geleden

    win it for kun

  137. Dylan Christie

    Dylan Christie22 dagen geleden


  138. Duncan Jarm

    Duncan Jarm23 dagen geleden

    mendy and kante are questionable irl

  139. Clush Delga

    Clush Delga17 dagen geleden

    nope completely understandable irl

  140. Zacuery

    Zacuery22 dagen geleden

    Kante can probably, Mendy tho is questionable

  141. Le-Roy Cletto

    Le-Roy Cletto24 dagen geleden

    Spoiler alert

  142. Chowds

    Chowds24 dagen geleden

    I want Chelsea to win but I think Man C will take the W :/

  143. Clush Delga

    Clush Delga17 dagen geleden

    Chelsea won, u got ur wish

  144. Onyx Core

    Onyx Core24 dagen geleden

    He's obviously a Chelsea fan , he loves penalties

  145. Mohammed Al Farsi

    Mohammed Al Farsi21 dag geleden

    @Nickolas Yang You are very dumb... This is CPU vs CPU sO yAH

  146. Nickolas Yang

    Nickolas Yang22 dagen geleden

    he let city win, so yah....

  147. Onyx Core

    Onyx Core24 dagen geleden

    Sterling , are you kidding me 😂😂😂 , Rodri , Mendy , dude , what's wrong with you

  148. Donit Berkolli

    Donit Berkolli18 dagen geleden

    Well he was using the lineups that got those teams to the final

  149. tukang komen

    tukang komen22 dagen geleden

    @alaric saltzman I was wondering ²

  150. Abdirahman Tahlil

    Abdirahman Tahlil23 dagen geleden

    Yh I was wondering ²

  151. Onyx Core

    Onyx Core24 dagen geleden

    Chelsea can't even Score 😂😂😂😂😂

  152. MrSam GGs

    MrSam GGs24 dagen geleden

    Chelsea fans should know that our UCL lineup and EPL lineup are not same

  153. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    And we still beat both

  154. Reza Nazari

    Reza Nazari22 dagen geleden

    Neither is ours!!

  155. CR Flamengo

    CR Flamengo23 dagen geleden👈🏾🙏🏾

  156. M _2vm

    M _2vm24 dagen geleden


  157. Saswata Chatterjee

    Saswata Chatterjee24 dagen geleden

    And also that we are superior to leicester

  158. 꾸야

    꾸야24 dagen geleden

    FIFA's player movements really do suck

  159. Pinn Ooof

    Pinn Ooof18 dagen geleden

    @LMB so?

  160. LMB

    LMB18 dagen geleden

    @Pinn Ooof imagine having no freinds

  161. Sopheap Horm

    Sopheap Horm18 dagen geleden


  162. Danyl-Ivan oben

    Danyl-Ivan oben19 dagen geleden

    yes and no

  163. RNG-Bananaツ

    RNG-Bananaツ21 dag geleden


  164. Ranveer Singh Chopra

    Ranveer Singh Chopra24 dagen geleden

    chelsea will surely win

  165. ClickonYT 04

    ClickonYT 0417 dagen geleden

    @Renzo 2 cups for me 1 for you

  166. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @ClickonYT 04 u got outclassed u clown🤡🤡🤡

  167. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @ClickonYT 04 I dont give a flying fuck

  168. ClickonYT 04

    ClickonYT 0417 dagen geleden

    @Renzo did you not see that was 4 days ago

  169. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @ClickonYT 04 we ain't won shit this season.....r u sure?

  170. Ranveer Singh Chopra

    Ranveer Singh Chopra24 dagen geleden

    i hope this is not how match goes

  171. Titus Tilton

    Titus Tilton24 dagen geleden

    Thieves 😅😅neva

  172. Nathanael Farand Lushanda

    Nathanael Farand Lushanda24 dagen geleden


  173. Baloon Soccer

    Baloon Soccer24 dagen geleden

    I hope this is not how d match goes

  174. Swastik Barua

    Swastik Barua22 dagen geleden

    @Ødegaard 21 it may happen until tue penalties but in penalty shootout Chelsea are definitely not as bad as City

  175. Swastik Barua

    Swastik Barua22 dagen geleden

    @Onyx Core and then get whacked by Chelsea they always do

  176. Ødegaard 21

    Ødegaard 2123 dagen geleden

    It will happen oo lol

  177. Onyx Core

    Onyx Core24 dagen geleden

    That's won't happen , ManC will wreak havoc and destruction

  178. Рауль Беридзе

    Рауль Беридзе25 dagen geleden

    Good game. We are Chelsea!!! Come on Chelsea!!!

  179. Aidan O'Malley

    Aidan O'Malley17 dagen geleden

    @JSK where'd you go?

  180. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @Erolate so what happened today?

  181. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @AllDrip stfu

  182. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @Onyx Core yes, and we did

  183. Aidan O'Malley

    Aidan O'Malley23 dagen geleden

    @JSK breh chelsea had their b tec lineup in too. You got scored on by Alonslow and Ziyech while Kepa kept a clean sheet on ur asses lmaoooo. that says enough right there.

  184. Joshua mota jesus Jesus

    Joshua mota jesus Jesus25 dagen geleden

    CITY Is Champion

  185. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @Joshua mota jesus Jesus not today

  186. Joshua mota jesus Jesus

    Joshua mota jesus Jesus24 dagen geleden

    City is Best

  187. MrSam GGs

    MrSam GGs24 dagen geleden

    @M _2vm Actually, no one knows man

  188. M _2vm

    M _2vm24 dagen geleden

    @MrSam GGs no

  189. MrSam GGs

    MrSam GGs24 dagen geleden


  190. DZ:TAHER YT

    DZ:TAHER YT26 dagen geleden


  191. GappleKing_

    GappleKing_26 dagen geleden

    Dude chelsea fans think chelsea is gonna win, obviously man city is gonna smash chelsea mark my words

  192. Erolate

    Erolate17 dagen geleden

    @Renzo something really bad

  193. GappleKing_

    GappleKing_17 dagen geleden

    @Renzo shut up dude guardiola sucks he needs to leave

  194. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @GappleKing_ mark ur words🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣what happened today

  195. Renzo

    Renzo17 dagen geleden

    @Erolate so what happened today then

  196. Dark Lord

    Dark Lord22 dagen geleden

    @Erolate oh i see