Forza Horizon 5 Official Announce Trailer

Your ultimate Horizon adventure awaits! Explore the vibrant and ever-evolving open world landscapes of Mexico with limitless, fun driving action in hundreds of the world’s greatest cars.

Play Forza Horizon 5 day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10 PC, and Steam.​

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  1. DKmaxx21

    DKmaxx212 uur geleden

    The views are so high and it's obvious why

  2. user

    user3 uur geleden

    imagine they added super eurobeat station this edition

  3. Ricardo Hauatss

    Ricardo Hauatss3 uur geleden


  4. icedoutdickies

    icedoutdickies3 uur geleden

    good job

  5. icedoutdickies

    icedoutdickies3 uur geleden

    so sick

  6. Numberblocks Fan2

    Numberblocks Fan24 uur geleden

    Rate the game E10+ or pegi 7

  7. MiniKilla Gaming

    MiniKilla Gaming5 uur geleden

    How do you get your cars bake in forza horizon 5

  8. Anthony Sutton

    Anthony Sutton6 uur geleden

    : 0

  9. n5m

    n5m8 uur geleden

    I got finessed. At 1:25, I thought that I saw the steering wheel turn more than 90 degrees, but I played it in slow motion, it did not.


    BT SIMULATION10 uur geleden

    Still not set in Tokyo

  11. Ram Ninja

    Ram Ninja10 uur geleden

    I love my xbox 360

  12. Said Alakbarli

    Said Alakbarli10 uur geleden

    I got an Xbox series x just for this, please don’t disappoint

  13. savage cat

    savage cat13 uur geleden

    Let's hope forza horizon 6 will be in some state or india 🙏🙏🇮🇳

  14. Ayush Pandey

    Ayush Pandey11 uur geleden

    Lmao. It wont.

  15. Vidya Kaur

    Vidya Kaur13 uur geleden

    It should be

  16. india sucks usa bestt

    india sucks usa bestt13 uur geleden

    @i love cats forza horizon 6 sould be in California so I can find my house

  17. i love cats

    i love cats13 uur geleden

    @savage cat usa. State : California

  18. savage cat

    savage cat13 uur geleden

    @i love cats where you from

  19. Ronan Clancy

    Ronan Clancy21 uur geleden


  20. WOOPE WOOSH_320

    WOOPE WOOSH_32021 uur geleden

    bro this isnt forza its irl like soooo clickbait

  21. Dave T

    Dave T21 uur geleden

    Want VR

  22. Óscar Cerón

    Óscar Cerón23 uur geleden

    The final boss

  23. IDK

    IDKDag geleden


  24. Villager

    VillagerDag geleden

    I bet my computers gonna explode playin that game

  25. Zayan

    ZayanDag geleden

    Look so real !

  26. Faithful Legacy

    Faithful LegacyDag geleden

    Well rip my computer

  27. Кан Канович

    Кан КановичDag geleden

    Fast and furious 10

  28. Dahrz

    DahrzDag geleden

    Can y’all pls add Spotify in the game so I don’t have to mess with sounds of the game while listing to music lol

  29. VeRyEdito Y

    VeRyEdito YDag geleden

    Can not wait! this game will be amazing

  30. Xbox

    XboxDag geleden

    Hold on to your excitement, it gets better!

  31. Tavi Adams

    Tavi AdamsDag geleden

    Anybody else see the oasis at 1:16

  32. ZB零哥zerobrother

    ZB零哥zerobrotherDag geleden

    Forza do toyko map pla

  33. Akhdan Alkahar

    Akhdan AlkaharDag geleden

    Nov 9?? I can get it in birthday!!🥳🥳🥳

  34. Jinnawat Suphalakorn

    Jinnawat SuphalakornDag geleden

    Trafficking mission needed.

  35. DS_555

    DS_555Dag geleden

    Me: Let's play Forza Horizon 5 on PC! My PC:*Dies*

  36. Yugen

    Yugen2 dagen geleden

    WHY NOT JAPAN??????????????????????

  37. Edith GarridoArias

    Edith GarridoArias22 uur geleden

    Otaku 🤮🤮🤮

  38. Spencer M

    Spencer MDag geleden

    Silence weeb

  39. Alan Carthy

    Alan Carthy2 dagen geleden

    I've been waiting for this can't wait

  40. Xbox

    Xbox2 dagen geleden

    We can't wait to see everyone out there racing!


    FLO GAMER2 dagen geleden


  42. Xbox

    Xbox2 dagen geleden


  43. roblox123man

    roblox123man2 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: On Xbox if you buy the xbox ultimate game pass you can download fh5 for free

  44. Carlos Mendoza

    Carlos Mendoza2 dagen geleden

    I already pre ordered it for 4 on my Xbox because I already have gamepass ultimate

  45. Andre Silva

    Andre Silva2 dagen geleden

    I have my xbox since 2018 wish me luck guys

  46. •Exotic Fnaf•

    •Exotic Fnaf•2 dagen geleden

    This has become the number 1 most realistic car games in the world.

  47. All American Outdoors

    All American Outdoors2 dagen geleden

    Caught in 4k

  48. Fiwitoyyy

    Fiwitoyyy2 dagen geleden

    Can't wait to play this game on 4k while drinking 4k 120FPS soda from Xbox fridge

  49. vanoss juice

    vanoss juice2 dagen geleden

    It's so high quality

  50. Mr Humor

    Mr Humor2 dagen geleden

    My friend said BeamNG Drive was "potentially" going to have support for higher graphical fidelity than FH5 after Beta, i laughed at him

  51. Twinks

    Twinks2 dagen geleden

    Papapa ❤️❤️


    ALBERT ŞTEFAN OALA2 dagen geleden

    Te ador

  53. Tommy Day

    Tommy Day2 dagen geleden

    Can we I just play it because I pre-download forza horizon 5

  54. Obama reloads69

    Obama reloads692 dagen geleden

    Why can’t we have FORZA on PlayStation…I have generally gotten sick of playing gran trismo

  55. Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

    Lamborghini Sesto Elemento2 dagen geleden

    We got HAJAWALA

  56. Human

    Human2 dagen geleden

    Textures are soo smooth

  57. Gaming Machine

    Gaming Machine2 dagen geleden

    There needs to be 2 STEP please put it in Xbox and playground games

  58. DaSportsFan 212

    DaSportsFan 2123 dagen geleden

    Cant wait for “the Goliath” on this map

  59. KGEE

    KGEE3 dagen geleden

    Are you ready for Horzion 5? Will be smashing out designs when it’s released!

  60. duplissi

    duplissi3 dagen geleden

    Please support VR on PC!!

  61. rocky john

    rocky john3 dagen geleden

    Me: this gonna be epic My bank balance: 💸💸💸 My PC : ⚰️

  62. Барис Критик

    Барис Критик3 dagen geleden


  63. Jannatul Ferdose Mynni

    Jannatul Ferdose Mynni3 dagen geleden

    OMGGGGGGG👍🙂😁😋🙃😀😃 good evening news XBOX

  64. Jonas Oviedo

    Jonas Oviedo3 dagen geleden

    Am I the only one who isn't amazed by the trailer? Seems like the same game from 5 years ago

  65. Jonas Oviedo

    Jonas Oviedo2 dagen geleden

    @DaSportsFan 212 I'm sure I'm not the ONLY one but okay.

  66. Jonas Oviedo

    Jonas Oviedo2 dagen geleden

    @Dmitri LegovickisYes. Are you?

  67. Jonas Oviedo

    Jonas Oviedo2 dagen geleden

    @GAME OVER Who was? Me? I'm just stating my opinion.

  68. Dmitri Legovickis

    Dmitri Legovickis2 dagen geleden

    You ok?

  69. DaSportsFan 212

    DaSportsFan 2122 dagen geleden

    @GAME OVER lol

  70. ok

    ok3 dagen geleden

    When the graphics are better than real life

  71. DaSportsFan 212

    DaSportsFan 2123 dagen geleden

    When the games graphics are bette than my eyes graphics(I do have glasses so it’s kinda true 😂)

  72. Dorath

    Dorath3 dagen geleden

    What we see : realistic driving experience What playground games see : monee 💰

  73. Bingus

    Bingus3 dagen geleden


  74. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar3 dagen geleden


  75. Lawy 313

    Lawy 3133 dagen geleden

    I Like How the Dislike Button says 4K, because it's on 4K

  76. THE DONATO 350

    THE DONATO 3503 dagen geleden

    Forza horizon 6 argentina

  77. Riyan Shaikh

    Riyan Shaikh3 dagen geleden

    Most awaited game!!!!!! ❤️😘😘😘

  78. Dmitri Legovickis

    Dmitri Legovickis2 dagen geleden

    @Xbox since the other guy didn't answer, I'll do it for him, YES ABSOLUTELY PLEASE YES

  79. Riyan Shaikh

    Riyan Shaikh3 dagen geleden

    @Xbox I have already commented above please read. Forza horizon 5 should improve their cars sounds and main thing "Physics"... If that old things remains same and only graphics are improved then... God knows what will happen 😖😩😣

  80. Xbox

    Xbox3 dagen geleden

    We're ready, are you? 😎

  81. bourtchai amine

    bourtchai amine4 dagen geleden

    When do you release play ?

  82. Austin Jennings

    Austin Jennings4 dagen geleden

    I'm so stoked it's on game pass

  83. Xbox

    Xbox3 dagen geleden

    We can't wait to share this excitement with everyone!

  84. Bálint

    Bálint4 dagen geleden

    ilyen lett: szar

  85. sherril walter

    sherril walter4 dagen geleden

    Can't wait

  86. S_ M_D

    S_ M_D4 dagen geleden

    Nobody in the cities...

  87. Home living

    Home living3 dagen geleden

    It's an early build, maybe they will include that feature in final build.

  88. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel4 dagen geleden

    Hola. Me gustaría saber si este juego tiene modo multijugador online. Gracias de antemano

  89. Miguel Angel

    Miguel Angel3 dagen geleden

    @MB TZ22 Gracias. 🤙

  90. MB TZ22

    MB TZ223 dagen geleden

    Creo que sí porque desde el primero tienen

  91. Corey C.

    Corey C.4 dagen geleden

    Give us Japan

  92. Mcpe Tvserver

    Mcpe Tvserver4 dagen geleden

    Forza Horizon 5:"You can get it.. " Gamers: YES!! WE WILL SURELY GET IT!!

  93. Xbox

    Xbox3 dagen geleden

    You will surely get it.

  94. derobotlab

    derobotlab4 dagen geleden

    People in 2020: 2021 can't get any better huh... Xbox: Yes it can.

  95. Florian P.

    Florian P.4 dagen geleden

    Only 1 month yeeeeeees!!!!!

  96. Jorge Garcia

    Jorge Garcia5 dagen geleden

    I have the preowned just waiting for it now looks better then 4

  97. CallumG_01

    CallumG_015 dagen geleden

    Have you added Cartels to the game? And do they try to steal your car?

  98. Mokhlisse Mohamed amin

    Mokhlisse Mohamed amin5 dagen geleden

    In xbox live chat just skip skip skip 😡😠😠

  99. fedard29

    fedard295 dagen geleden

    where can i buy an Xbox series X plz ?

  100. Jim Lagos

    Jim Lagos5 dagen geleden

    i need this in my life nowwwwwwww

  101. Emmanuel Cartagena

    Emmanuel Cartagena5 dagen geleden

    wow its so like real life

  102. iMMortster

    iMMortster5 dagen geleden


  103. Noggin

    Noggin5 dagen geleden

    Coming back on the regular just to watch this beautiful game

  104. AF MEDIA

    AF MEDIA5 dagen geleden

    Can't live without the Nissan Tsuru

  105. Sk4`

    Sk4`5 dagen geleden

    Encore un jeu de Rally

  106. Henry kennell

    Henry kennell5 dagen geleden

    looks so good

  107. Chaïma El Amouri

    Chaïma El Amouri5 dagen geleden

    Il y aura un GEAR OF WARS sur xbox série x

  108. Alexander Velez

    Alexander Velez5 dagen geleden

    Like of game realistc sorprendió of game

  109. Fire Nation

    Fire Nation5 dagen geleden

    Me Having FH3: I Want FH4. Me When i Have FH4: I Want FH5

  110. Fire Nation

    Fire Nation2 dagen geleden

    @aleksey an yes

  111. aleksey an

    aleksey an2 dagen geleden

    U When U Have FH5: I Want FH6

  112. ez cash

    ez cash6 dagen geleden

    Better be as good as fh3

  113. JNTheLegend17 2008

    JNTheLegend17 20086 dagen geleden

    its good but it didnt have cops...our favorite think in the worlddd!!!!

  114. soryyimoutofideas

    soryyimoutofideas6 dagen geleden

    What’s the name of the song u used!!!!???

  115. SlickSupra1600

    SlickSupra16005 dagen geleden

    You can get it!

  116. Razam Ahmed

    Razam Ahmed6 dagen geleden

    I want this now

  117. platryk_dack

    platryk_dack6 dagen geleden

    I love my Xbox one

  118. AnKo361

    AnKo3616 dagen geleden

    Trailer sehr flop

  119. Fareed Davis

    Fareed Davis6 dagen geleden

    Please add the new bmw 2021 BMW M3 Competition And the BMW m3 f80.

  120. lexisidkokayjeez2

    lexisidkokayjeez26 dagen geleden

    all the dislikes are those grand tourismo fans

  121. Keystoneranger 7

    Keystoneranger 76 dagen geleden

    Me hoping this game has good force feedback

  122. Mav W

    Mav W6 dagen geleden

    Ill watch this every day until release

  123. Mav W

    Mav W8 uur geleden

    @Xbox 90 + 5 = days until forza comes out

  124. Mav W

    Mav WDag geleden

    @Xbox 96 Days left ... i wish it was 96 hours

  125. Dmitri Legovickis

    Dmitri Legovickis2 dagen geleden

    @Mav W :D

  126. Mav W

    Mav W2 dagen geleden

    @Dmitri Legovickis yesssss only 97 days left

  127. Dmitri Legovickis

    Dmitri Legovickis2 dagen geleden

    @Mav W 97 days

  128. GameRusher

    GameRusher6 dagen geleden

    I don't know if my pc will run this or not

  129. Xbox

    Xbox6 dagen geleden

    You can find the minimum requirements for Forza Horizon 5's PC version on the game page in the Microsoft Store:

  130. Bimo Narendro

    Bimo Narendro6 dagen geleden

    i just remember "cars" movie 😳

  131. SUPERDINO 2275

    SUPERDINO 22756 dagen geleden

    It did look like crabs rave island in the first part

  132. Røxy the Wølfy

    Røxy the Wølfy6 dagen geleden


  133. Røxy the Wølfy

    Røxy the Wølfy5 dagen geleden

    @Xbox okay

  134. Xbox

    Xbox6 dagen geleden

    Hang on to your seats!

  135. carlo

    carlo6 dagen geleden

    i wanted japan so bad but this’ll do just fine

  136. Sparky

    Sparky6 dagen geleden

    Hype level 1000