Fredo - Burner On Deck Ft. Pop Smoke & Young Adz (audio)

'Burner On Deck’ is from the new album ‘Money Can’t Buy Happiness,’ out now.
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  1. Actually Freaks

    Actually FreaksDag geleden


  2. Ben Walker

    Ben Walker5 dagen geleden

    Best song out of 2021 so far

  3. joshua o7

    joshua o76 dagen geleden

    Pop smoke was so open minded with who he collared with he collages with burna boy as well something that not many rappers do so said he’s gone😞

  4. S A

    S A7 dagen geleden

    RIP Pop Smoke 🙏✨

  5. Fois

    Fois8 dagen geleden

    Fred couldve done better on this track, he can rap better then this.. Sounds like it took him 5 minutes to write the lyrics down on iPhone notes

  6. Bilaal Ashraf

    Bilaal Ashraf9 dagen geleden

    grabbage on deck

  7. Faris Bashir977

    Faris Bashir9779 dagen geleden

    This is such a catchy song

  8. Unknown_Unfound

    Unknown_Unfound11 dagen geleden

    Man had Pop but damn it was too late

  9. Ῡⵠ2S

    Ῡⵠ2S13 dagen geleden

    WOOOOOO ✊🏽🇲🇦

  10. Jakob Telzerow

    Jakob Telzerow14 dagen geleden

    Young adz goated this one

  11. Jackie

    Jackie8 dagen geleden

    He gotta calm down with that accent

  12. IIScopeZII

    IIScopeZII21 dag geleden

    Never saw this collab ngl

  13. GambleXIII

    GambleXIII21 dag geleden

    this bangz end of.

  14. Mo A

    Mo A22 dagen geleden


  15. Special World

    Special World24 dagen geleden


  16. i o

    i o26 dagen geleden

    just put blonde dye in my hair feel like goku FIREE

  17. 〔Kayden Clayton〕

    〔Kayden Clayton〕26 dagen geleden

    Yk it's gunna be good with pop smoke and fredo

  18. Jim Jones

    Jim Jones27 dagen geleden

    Damn rip pop smoke. He said he dont play wit his enemies cuz they tryin get rid of him. Crazy

  19. Zain Ulhasasan

    Zain Ulhasasan28 dagen geleden

    Hi brother

  20. james samuels

    james samuels28 dagen geleden


  21. james samuels

    james samuels28 dagen geleden


  22. Zarxy

    Zarxy29 dagen geleden


  23. Charlie Duell

    Charlie Duell29 dagen geleden

    I’ve heard a lot from each of des rappers but this hit on another level Fr king of 💙NYC💙

  24. FSD YUSY

    FSD YUSYMaand geleden

    When he says i just left w yo gurl i feel u😂😂😂😂

  25. SuperMinatoLP

    SuperMinatoLPMaand geleden

    The Last piano chorus Hits so different no cap


    FARCADEMaand geleden

    The piano just made me cry rip pop and the smokeee

  27. zachary bennett

    zachary bennettMaand geleden

    Really wish him and pop had more music

  28. T TAY

    T TAYMaand geleden

    Young adz 🤤🤤

  29. T TAY

    T TAYMaand geleden

    Young adz upcoming to be da best

  30. T TAY

    T TAYMaand geleden

    He killed it

  31. T TAY

    T TAYMaand geleden

    On top

  32. T TAY

    T TAYMaand geleden

    Fr he smashed bro

  33. T TAY

    T TAYMaand geleden


  34. WhiTeeY 96

    WhiTeeY 96Maand geleden

    Fredo's deffo the best in the uk👌🔥

  35. Irrelavant Beaner

    Irrelavant BeanerMaand geleden

    0:34-0:35 is my favorite part

  36. Kyo

    KyoMaand geleden

    be hittin different

  37. Kyo

    KyoMaand geleden

    lit song

  38. Rumi Koeva

    Rumi KoevaMaand geleden

    Mn qka pesen

  39. The Gereral

    The GereralMaand geleden

    Schoolin these youts, im a boffin.

  40. Certii Z

    Certii ZMaand geleden

    derserves way more views🔥🔥

  41. JONAS EA.

    JONAS EA.Maand geleden

    We need a music video for this

  42. The random side

    The random sideMaand geleden


  43. RSComps

    RSCompsMaand geleden

    Burner on deckk

  44. Big Lk

    Big LkMaand geleden

    RIP to pop smoke 🔥🔥

  45. Say No More

    Say No MoreMaand geleden

    Young adz is just too cold idc 🐐🐐

  46. TD Beatz

    TD BeatzMaand geleden

    Is it just me who doesn’t rate that piano at the end

  47. SUFIYAN 123

    SUFIYAN 123Maand geleden

    If popsmoke is dead why is he in this song

  48. Zain Hussain

    Zain Hussain27 dagen geleden

    @SUFIYAN 123 u tapped guy this was recorded before he died

  49. SUFIYAN 123

    SUFIYAN 123Maand geleden

    @Abdiqafar Hassan ye I am

  50. Abdiqafar Hassan

    Abdiqafar HassanMaand geleden

    Are you serious ?

  51. D10n1510 :0

    D10n1510 :0Maand geleden

    Wow ur lost

  52. AP Shotgun Specialist

    AP Shotgun SpecialistMaand geleden

    they shuda made a vid

  53. _ Yourniggabn

    _ YourniggabnMaand geleden

    R.I.P POP SMOKE this verse is too cold

  54. bcc gangster

    bcc gangsterMaand geleden

    Rip the woo🤟 we love you pop smoke 💫💫

  55. z.1_trapp y

    z.1_trapp yMaand geleden

    R.I.P W💫💫

  56. Ibzinoo 1

    Ibzinoo 1Maand geleden

    Why do I have a feeling pop smoke still alive. 🤔🤔🤔

  57. }{

    }{Maand geleden

    This was made early 2020 when pop smoke went to England he has another song coming out with m24 that he made the same time aswell

  58. robert cordova

    robert cordovaMaand geleden

    Got that blunt in my hand

  59. mc hussain

    mc hussainMaand geleden

    brraaap big up Newcastle

  60. Maksim Odžić

    Maksim OdžićMaand geleden

    Rip Pop Smoke

  61. uk whufc

    uk whufcMaand geleden

    Fredo bangs on autotune 🔥

  62. Power100

    Power100Maand geleden

    Rap Life sent me here!!!

  63. Misaku monu

    Misaku monuMaand geleden


  64. Loss Gang

    Loss GangMaand geleden

    Pop smoke always killing it LLPS 💫💨

  65. B W

    B WMaand geleden


  66. Free SJ

    Free SJMaand geleden


  67. Hubert Iradukunda

    Hubert IradukundaMaand geleden

    Pop Smoke's verse is fireeeeee

  68. Aaron White

    Aaron WhiteMaand geleden

    This 1 should of had a video

  69. Hamza najmi

    Hamza najmiMaand geleden

    Producer messed up by putting the piano at the end.

  70. elite shadow

    elite shadowMaand geleden

    This is a fire song rip pop smoke legend bruh he was a nother level ♥️😍

  71. Jameel Hussain

    Jameel HussainMaand geleden

    Rip pop smoke WOOOOOOOOO

  72. YxNg IBZz

    YxNg IBZzMaand geleden

    2:16 "smoking a opp got me coughing" too jokes :)

  73. Abdullah Saddique

    Abdullah SaddiqueMaand geleden


  74. wooliana _

    wooliana _Maand geleden

    Ugh pop why youu

  75. deep kumar

    deep kumarMaand geleden

    POP SMOKE : I do not play with no enemy beacuse they tryna get rid of me POP SMOKE : Got rid of by an enemy

  76. kiran khan

    kiran khanMaand geleden

    Why man why so young so talented 😠😠. RIP POP

  77. Abdullah Alameddine

    Abdullah AlameddineMaand geleden


  78. Stefania Birse

    Stefania BirseMaand geleden

    Young Adz man💯🤘

  79. Dillon Pollard

    Dillon PollardMaand geleden

    Fire on deck 🔥

  80. Feras Jaffer

    Feras JafferMaand geleden

    Pop smoke could have been the GOAT easily

  81. Mustafa Ali

    Mustafa AliMaand geleden


  82. Mahmoud Khaled

    Mahmoud KhaledMaand geleden

    Loved from egypt 🇪🇬 ♥️

  83. Becky b

    Becky bMaand geleden

    RIP pop smoke. Love this getting me threw lockdown

  84. Persian 215

    Persian 215Maand geleden

    Yardies up in the world now eh 🤪🇯🇲

  85. Katarina HD

    Katarina HDMaand geleden


  86. Asif Hanif

    Asif HanifMaand geleden


  87. Romario Dev Barman 9007

    Romario Dev Barman 9007Maand geleden


  88. belkacem zidour

    belkacem zidourMaand geleden

    سمعتها عند محرز جيت نسمعها هنا 🙄

  89. jozef Bambuch

    jozef BambuchMaand geleden


  90. jozef Bambuch

    jozef BambuchMaand geleden


  91. jozef Bambuch

    jozef BambuchMaand geleden

    Best singers

  92. jozef Bambuch

    jozef BambuchMaand geleden

    Pop smoke and fredo and young ads

  93. CallMeDad

    CallMeDadMaand geleden


  94. CallMeDad

    CallMeDadMaand geleden

    @Jz certi hes dead

  95. CallMeDad

    CallMeDadMaand geleden

    @Jz certi hes muslim

  96. enzyx

    enzyxMaand geleden

    @Jz certi stfu

  97. Jz certi

    Jz certiMaand geleden

    @enzyx in luminati

  98. enzyx

    enzyxMaand geleden

    @Jz certi proof?

  99. Denis Redz9

    Denis Redz9Maand geleden

    Been a Whole Year today since Pop Smoke died 💙💫 RIP POP SMOKE 👑

  100. Joseph james

    Joseph jamesMaand geleden

    Shame pop smoke is gone he has alot of tunes with so many UK artists 💯

  101. JSfromda5th

    JSfromda5th19 dagen geleden

    @Elliot: I ching bare man init he had like 3 songs with skepta, he made a song with m24, and he had this song with 2 more uk artists he probably even had more before he died. He showed more love to us than any other rapper except for ASAP Rocky who’s also from ny.

  102. Elliot: I ching bare man init

    Elliot: I ching bare man init19 dagen geleden

    @JSfromda5th who are they?

  103. JSfromda5th

    JSfromda5th19 dagen geleden

    @Elliot: I ching bare man init no he had 6 or more collabs with Uk artists and he was only really popping for about 1 and a half years that is a lot for an American rapper.

  104. Elliot: I ching bare man init

    Elliot: I ching bare man initMaand geleden

    Calm down it’s only with 3 UK artist which is not a lot

  105. Huncho X

    Huncho XMaand geleden

    Such a sick song but Fredo ruins it with his ugly voice what a shit artist 🤦🏻‍♂️

  106. Miqdad Bakare

    Miqdad BakareMaand geleden

    A music video would have been lit 🔥

  107. Jamie Peterson

    Jamie PetersonMaand geleden

    Why am I only finding out now pop smoke had a song with FREDO and YOUNG ADZ wow

  108. mort

    mortMaand geleden

    dead tune

  109. chickenadam :0

    chickenadam :0Maand geleden

    20 second pop smoke verse tf?

  110. kamal arif

    kamal arifMaand geleden

    This is the last pop smoke song n he colabed wiv the uk

  111. kevin rivas

    kevin rivasMaand geleden

    @}{ OMG

  112. }{

    }{Maand geleden

    He has another coming out with m24 that was made the same time as this

  113. kevin rivas

    kevin rivasMaand geleden

    man it can't be, this is so sad.

  114. MULA MIGZ

    MULA MIGZMaand geleden

    🗽 here !!!! Lets goo ! LONG LIVE THE BIG WOO POP SMOKE 🥶💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

  115. Saram Ahmed

    Saram AhmedMaand geleden

    3 SJ

  116. N S

    N SMaand geleden


  117. CEO Dinero

    CEO DineroMaand geleden

    Who else is here for Pop smoke💙

  118. Arihia Peakman

    Arihia PeakmanMaand geleden

    1:53 Miss u Poppa 💙💙💙

  119. AndrewZ

    AndrewZMaand geleden

    Wtf is this

  120. Atmo

    AtmoMaand geleden

    🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄🔄 ×100000000000

  121. zadoel

    zadoel2 maanden geleden

    0:34 this part has me everytime bruh

  122. Darko Novcic

    Darko Novcic2 maanden geleden

    Can someone explain me what Hakkasan or Nobu mean?

  123. Ellis Smith

    Ellis SmithMaand geleden

    They are very expensive restaurants

  124. Zi aR Bi

    Zi aR Bi2 maanden geleden

    Idono this song is mad crazy

  125. just another person

    just another person2 maanden geleden

    banger this needs a video

  126. Chief L'a

    Chief L'a2 maanden geleden

    3 headed goat

  127. Paras Ali

    Paras Ali2 maanden geleden

    rip pop smoke He so certy