From Castle to Castle | Red Bull Racing take a Road Trip from the Czech Republic to Slovakia

David Coulthard discovers Czechia and Slovakia in a road trip like no other. It features, castles, culture, nature and a drag race with an inverted plane piloted by Air Race World Champion Martin Šonka.

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  1. luis galarza

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    Dj Nadja & New Sound Orchestra3 dagen geleden

    The best blonde in the formula is here →

  3. AerroC SiuL

    AerroC SiuL4 dagen geleden

    5:50 Great tribute to Senna!

  4. Patrik Zajac

    Patrik Zajac5 dagen geleden

    Rytmus ty kápo 🤣

  5. Fachrian Firzi

    Fachrian Firzi7 dagen geleden

    3:24 "selamat datang"

  6. Info Ra

    Info Ra8 dagen geleden

    Ugly pathos. For what? What life wise does it bring? Ugly sound This car sound and car signs spoil all the appearance of beauties of nature, people, traditions. It s not linkable!! Those cars are not worse even a leaf of a nature

  7. rash averak

    rash averak8 dagen geleden

    Neco podobne trapneho se jen tak nevidi, prekvapive jedine na co se dalo divat bylo Slovenske letiste s jejich velkohorami rozumne velikosti.


    KAPRAL13 dagen geleden

    hrdost a to se mi libí

  9. Jaroslav Vrtulník

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  10. Martin Tamáš

    Martin Tamáš14 dagen geleden

    Hi Murkus Krug, this footage is very nice, beautiful. But, it is probably not your thing, but nobody answered me from red bull. Calling two states with same constitucion, one with political name, the second one with short name is terribly wrong and incorrect. Big mistake! Slovakia is also a republik. Please learn - Czechia and Slovakia or Czech republic and Slovak republic. But for this ocasion of celebrating beauties of boath places is correct short nonpolitical name.Thank you

  11. Patrik Ruzicka

    Patrik Ruzicka14 dagen geleden

    Neuvěřitelný, ty záběry jsou naprostá masterclass

  12. Iam Muck

    Iam Muck14 dagen geleden

    Je smutné když soukromá nadnárodní společnost udělá ČR a SR lepší reklamu, než by zvládli s dvojnásobným rozpočtem vlády těchto zemí..... Paráda. Palec nahoru Martin je borec. Myslím si že třešnička na dortu by byla, kdyby tu prezentaci vedla nějaká známá osobnost z ČR :)

  13. Rastislav Ondrejka

    Rastislav Ondrejka15 dagen geleden

    🔝reklama pre CZ & SK 💣

  14. Hydrius The Panda

    Hydrius The Panda16 dagen geleden

    Did just one guy edit and do the effects on this? Whoa...

  15. Tomas Jindra

    Tomas Jindra16 dagen geleden

    Kolik asi Páťa zaplatil za tu svojí reklamu zo slovenska

  16. Lukáš Mihál

    Lukáš Mihál17 dagen geleden

    Česko a Slovensko, nemohlo mít hezčí reklamu! Tohle je sakra great job!

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  18. CafeCard

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    Other teams: These cars are the peak of engineering, very valuable and must be treated specifically delicate. Red Bull: Haha race car go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  20. ela mesa

    ela mesa21 dag geleden

    2007 reb Bull has a renault engine and not Honda as wrap shows😂

  21. BoneYard

    BoneYard21 dag geleden

    "WHICH WAY?" "That way" This is such a good video lol, and did not expect to see a Honda NSX! Ugh, the original NSX is so pretty! One of my fav cars. Nice number plate too. The quality of this video is so good!

  22. Poisel Jan

    Poisel Jan22 dagen geleden

    Pěkný po celé Praze mít stopy po gumách😂

  23. hayden jaftha

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    it’s like a movie

  24. Psycho Creep

    Psycho Creep22 dagen geleden

    I love the part where the sweet tooth does the Red Bull drivers voice and the woman's voice when asking a local for directions. It's the most fitting part of this dumb commercial.

  25. Zazy

    Zazy23 dagen geleden

    Wooooooooooooooow!!!!! Amazing! So proud! Thanks guys! And Žleby?! Wow!

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    Im slovak😁

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    I need to drink a redbull now

  28. Take the Clown Pill

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    Seriously, what other company, much less race team, has ever done anything near this? Beautiful! Unreal.

  29. Kryštof Bouzek

    Kryštof Bouzek26 dagen geleden

    I want to F1 starts to races in CZ

  30. Kryštof Bouzek

    Kryštof Bouzek26 dagen geleden

    I likeeeeeeee this💙

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    lan olm kıskandım İstanbul'dan iyi yapmışlar

  32. fliks pl

    fliks pl29 dagen geleden

    They were Germany Chech Republic and Sloviakia, so time for Poland

  33. opzz xsin

    opzz xsin29 dagen geleden

    Asi nejlepší reklama, již jsem kdy viděl. Pánové, respekt! 👏❤️ Pozdravuji do Fuschl am See! ❤️

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    Rytmus zabil. :-D

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  36. minij hooi

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    The Tatras mountain in Slovakia are so beautiful:)

  37. DeutschYSL

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    pánovéé, velký respekt Red Bull racing teamu.

  38. opzz xsin

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    He did the castel run in 40 parsecs

  39. ajc

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    DC is such a legend

  40. Fadhilatta Thariq

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    F1 drift

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    Forza Horizon 6 confirmed

  42. Štěpán Friedl

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    Jsem jedinej komu chybí F1 na D1?? Jinak fuuuu... místy jsem měl husí kůži. Hodně povedený😂😂

  43. Cosmic Gibber

    Cosmic GibberMaand geleden

    Will Max be ever breaking the world record for being the longest or will he end up being a Nigel Mansell to win a world championship in F1? Kimi won it after 6, Alonso /Hamilton/Vettel won after his 3rd. Unfortunately he is another Nigel.😩


    læk KLJASDJKLHASMaand geleden

    redbull is poison and not a single athlete in the world drinks it off camera.


    læk KLJASDJKLHASMaand geleden

    redbull is poison and not a single athlete in the world drinks it off camera.


    læk KLJASDJKLHASMaand geleden

    redbull is poison and not a single athlete in the world drinks it off camera.


    læk KLJASDJKLHASMaand geleden

    redbull is poison and not a single athlete in the world drinks it off camera.

  48. Concrete Head

    Concrete HeadMaand geleden

    Toxic Billion dollar energy lie . Looking at clinical trial data on Redbull and similar caffeine based drinks . Essentially it’s toxic and not at all advantageous for athletes.. potentially harmful in moderate to high consumption. My advice… don’t bye the lie . Hence there’s no way I can support an F1 team that pushes such products.

  49. Fabian Camargo

    Fabian CamargoMaand geleden

    What a video... Oh my Gosh!

  50. aswer huio

    aswer huioMaand geleden

    The only Castle he didn't visit is Mario's castle

  51. Petr Bambys

    Petr BambysMaand geleden

    cool video and all but most of all i apreciate the lines u left there on Karls Bridge

  52. bierdeelsnip

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    He did the castel run in 40 parsecs

  53. Bwill7285

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    tak nádherné. Letos nepoletím k moři, ale po dlouhé době projedeme s rodinou zase naši zem.

  55. Iskallt

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    I still think Red Bull should keep to soft drinks.. but this is good.. fml!


    JF THEGREATMaand geleden

    Mercedes: How tires work.

  57. Rastislav Piovarči

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    Just amazing thank you for making this :)

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    nice ad..

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    Haha wonderful

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    So what is our budget for the next Red Bull ad campaign? Red Bull: Yes

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    Nice plane

  63. Krystal Anna Williams-Polley

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    You say something about gorgeous I say g

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    Love how honda included a nsx na1

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    Hezky jsi to, Kelasi, sestříhal.

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    fuck..i love this video

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    Paťo už je i v Redbullu.. 😀👍 závist..

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    Magnificent just magnificent!!

  69. suraj rawat

    suraj rawatMaand geleden

    These guys are awesome. From flying planes upside down to beautiful castle climbing Red Bull f1 car.❤️❤️❤️❤️ Extraordinary. David Coulthard 🙌

  70. Eshki123

    Eshki123Maand geleden

    Gymkhana was better Travis/Ken put on a better show in drifty cars, F1cars are meant be a show of ultimate track performance not street driving they actually made David look slow

  71. Sunsailor

    SunsailorMaand geleden

    great "commercial" - only RB makes such cool films! Thank you David, thank you Mr. Didi M.

  72. Imane Mourady

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    Only in redbull is this possible

  73. LVC mtb

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  74. Soroganath

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    It needs more post-production tricks, so people won't recognize how painfully slow the driving was.

  75. Alt Account

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    If I drank energy drinks, it'd definitely be Red Bull JUST for this type of madness. Love it.

  76. Mützi Mieow

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    I guess, I'm second DDD

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    God bless that V8 sound, its a great loss :(

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    debilní svět

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    So its a gymkhana video but the rally car is changed against a formula one car and Monster Energy is changed to Red Bull?

  81. bodoti qwiu

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    "I've got goosebumps people!"

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    Una belleza

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    2:34 to 2:38 now that is a majestic shot of the car driving on the road.

  84. Squeaky Lynch

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    No halo. Love it.

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    تمھاری حکومت ظالم ہے عوام کےلئے زندگی حرام کر رکھی ہے ساری دنیا میں کار ایک اچھی پرانی کار تین سے پانچ سال پرانی ایک سے تین ہفتہ کی مزدور کی سیلری میں خریدی جا سکتی ہے حکومت پاکستان صرف دنیا بھر سے کہیں سے بھی استعمال شدہ کاریں کسٹم اور ڈیوٹی فری باہر کی کمائ بغیر پاکستانی روپیہ خرچ کئے لانے یا امپورٹ کو فری کردے تو یقین کریں پاکستان کی صنعت پنچ سے دس سال 5-10 سال آسمان پر پُہنچ جائے اور ہر طرف صنعتی انقلاب برپا ھوجائے مگر پاکستانی حکومت عوام کی خوشحالی کی راہ کی سب سے بڑی رکاوٹ اور عوام کے سُکھ کی دشمن ہے یہ لوگ بدمعاش ہیں اور عوامی ضرورت کی ہر چیز پر کسٹم اور امپورٹ ڈیوٹی سیلز ٹیکس کے نام پر پابندی کی حد تک مہنگی کی ہوئ ہیں اور ظالم لوگ زرا بھی عقل استعمال نہی کرتے کہ غریب عوام سے کمائ کرنا گدھے پر سامان لے جانا اور امیر و خوشحال عوام سے کمائ پوری ریل گاڑی پر سامان لے جانے کے برابر یعنی کار فری کرو ملک کے عوام کو خوشحال کر کے پھر ان خوشحال عوام سے پیسے کماؤ جو ساری امیر دنیا کر رہی ہے عمران خان آنکھ اور کان کھول فری کرو تمام ٹرانسپورٹ کی مشینری اور دیکھ عوامی کاری گری اور دولت کا کمانا

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  87. VIR BONE

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    Respect to Redbull for showing the NSX in the advertisement!

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    Wow!!! Saludos desde México!!!

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    I want to drive this car in the mountains near me

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    Je to excelentné! Nemá to chyby! WAU!

  92. Peter Olaoluwa

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    There's nothing as dirty and sexy as an F1 Car shifting, now adding audio effects with amazing visuals..... You know that's got to be RB&H.

  93. Mato Fero

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    I believe Partnering with REDBULL is best thing you can do Career wise!

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    Mommy I want this car

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    "🎶..selamat datang 🎶 ", the vineyard singing 😅

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    As a McLaren fan this was a nice advert.

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    This video is just lit🔥 keep making more video like this red bull

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    Respect to Redbull for showing the NSX in the advertisement!

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    Honestly, raw footage would be brilliant to see

  103. Joe Felony

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    Lol, I remember visiting that castle in the Czech Republic and teasing one of the guards there(I was like 9 years old). He didn’t respond and kept looking in front of him😅

  104. Alexandre Gendreau

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    This car does not respect the rules. No halo!