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You've already seen the hand soap which is literally in the shape of hand. But can you imagine the foot soap?😁
Try to make it at home and prank your friends!
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  1. Sunita Shivani

    Sunita Shivani7 minuten geleden

    Scary in nights

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    Keira :34 uur geleden

    POV you came here from infinite lists.

  7. Skeebas _

    Skeebas _5 uur geleden

    When the fuck would I ever need a big ass bar of soap in the shape of a foot. Just use regular soap bro.

  8. محمد غذى

    محمد غذى5 uur geleden

    بدها الرجل الاسمر

  9. naut

    naut6 uur geleden

    This shit got fake views

  10. Cod Convertible

    Cod Convertible6 uur geleden

    What the fuck ?

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    Azmath Bibi7 uur geleden

    Most veied video wow !!!!!!!

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    Rim Aitour7 uur geleden

    ._. Alíen vio él vídeo i intento hacerlo yo nopa

  13. Angelina Parks

    Angelina Parks7 uur geleden

    Foot soap

  14. Arjune  Raj

    Arjune Raj 7 uur geleden

    Tell me the name of that violet colored one

  15. Fluffy Watermelons

    Fluffy Watermelons7 uur geleden

    What is the purpose of this?

  16. Luci Roblox

    Luci Roblox8 uur geleden

    Empeze viendo tuto de la tarea de mates y termine aquí. .___.

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    Erika Fernández rios9 uur geleden

    Ddgfjss TT de la

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    Brown Layla9 uur geleden

    I swear NLpush gets dumber and dumber

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    Virge Redux10 uur geleden

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  23. Shyyy Princess

    Shyyy Princess12 uur geleden

    EW NO❤️ No hate srry I just don’t like feet or looking at other peoples feet or looking at teeth

  24. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoy9 uur geleden

    حلوه 💕

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    ねこなべ13 uur geleden


  26. Jude Fernandes

    Jude Fernandes13 uur geleden

    Others commenting on the soap Me: i wonder how satisfying that pink thing is

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    Sony Binu14 uur geleden



    PURV GAMER14 uur geleden

    What's funny in it I don't even got smile ....but I got head pain

  32. Sadu Ramarao

    Sadu Ramarao14 uur geleden


  33. Pramila Lama

    Pramila Lama14 uur geleden

    Can u imagine putting that in guest bathroom. They are basically rubbing your feet lol

  34. Huseyin Hasan

    Huseyin Hasan13 uur geleden


  35. sughi jesus

    sughi jesus15 uur geleden

    twist: she is washing soap with hands instead of hands with soap

  36. AYUSHMAN Dewangan

    AYUSHMAN Dewangan15 uur geleden

    PRO Baai

  37. Usha Sharma

    Usha Sharma15 uur geleden

    If i saw this at somebody's house i would check thier closet first

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  41. Lana chan

    Lana chan17 uur geleden

    First off, that’s a huge piece of soap, literally takes half of the counter sink, and second of all, who tf puts soap on the bare counter like that???? Am I the only one who was raised to put soap bars on a dish then on the sink? It’s a lot cleaner....

  42. Thuy Thu

    Thuy ThuUur geleden

    ³gl5l1ml9¾g⁵42l⁵l97 532h5254j5

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    Sandeep Kumbhar kolhapur20 uur geleden

    Can u tell me used both material inside jar and square pot

  53. B 公式

    B 公式14 uur geleden

    The pink is homemade slime and the blue is liquid

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