Hot glue fix dents? #Shorts

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  1. Megan Martiness

    Megan Martiness16 minuten geleden

    Be safe

  2. Yama mama

    Yama mama55 minuten geleden

    Use a plunger

  3. Dai Hong

    Dai HongUur geleden

    Because he's that type of guy, he knows how to get everyone to watch his videos and make comments like these... HE'S INTELLIGENT ENOUGH TO KNOW WHAT DRIVES VIEWERS #smartdude

  4. T Wavy

    T WavyUur geleden

    Maybe use common sense and let the glue harden

  5. MaskedUpp

    MaskedUppUur geleden

    I used a plunger

  6. midhunkrishna vt

    midhunkrishna vt7 uur geleden

    ഈ ചെക്കന് തിന്നിട്ട് എല്ലിന്റെ എടേൽ കേറീട്ടാണ്........

  7. 💚💭𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶💭💚

    💚💭𝓓𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓶💭💚8 uur geleden

    Use boiling water put the boiling water on a dent then take a plunger put the plunger on the dent where the boiling water and Use boiling water put the boiling water on a dent then take a plunger put the plunger on the dent where the boiling water is and pull

  8. Rez kenneth Laurente

    Rez kenneth Laurente9 uur geleden

    Wait for it to stick in the dent and pull it i think you pull it faster i think thats why it didnt work... But its just my advise ok

  9. Ashton Varghese

    Ashton Varghese11 uur geleden

    You don't give to stick proply

  10. Ashton Varghese

    Ashton Varghese11 uur geleden

    You don't have to stick proplu

  11. Nathy Ribeiro

    Nathy Ribeiro13 uur geleden

    Pour hot water in it then use your hand, or if you can't use your hand, pour cold water first then the hot water. Or try a plumber

  12. Wesley Ortiz

    Wesley Ortiz13 uur geleden

    Me seeing there was a cut soo maybe the glue sticked more because they cutted of the drying part

  13. Deelep Khan

    Deelep Khan13 uur geleden

    I am try same result

  14. speak English or die

    speak English or die13 uur geleden

    I used to think nobody actually followed 5 min crafts, boy was I wrong

  15. Big

    Big13 uur geleden

    Idiot left it for some minute

  16. Agiel Kncn

    Agiel Kncn14 uur geleden

    His stupidity is too painful to watch..

  17. GREEN Gaming

    GREEN Gaming14 uur geleden

    wait for the glue to dry, dude

  18. Liza is Love

    Liza is Love14 uur geleden

    Hot water it’s good

  19. July-Liany

    July-Liany14 uur geleden

    What a pointless video!

  20. Edison Ten

    Edison Ten15 uur geleden

    He says 5 minutes

  21. Nate08tv

    Nate08tv15 uur geleden

    What your doing is wrong

  22. BlurryCluds

    BlurryCluds16 uur geleden

    This is the type of guy who bought playstation without having a tv

  23. XGachaCottoncandygurlX

    XGachaCottoncandygurlX16 uur geleden

    Oh forgot to tell every one that 123 go 5 minute crafts and troom troom ar the worst

  24. ZOMBIEcLoWn45

    ZOMBIEcLoWn4518 uur geleden

    I’m glad everyone sees the stupidity in the video at the end he looks like the type of guy that would eat glue

  25. Boy Saiful

    Boy Saiful19 uur geleden

    Bro it's not cap, you have to let the glue dry on it, then open it, like let it sit there for 5 minutes

  26. Tristan 0857M

    Tristan 0857M19 uur geleden

    Your dad not angry😨😨

  27. chandhan gowda

    chandhan gowda20 uur geleden

    I think that car was made in china So he did it

  28. Cade Estes

    Cade Estes23 uur geleden

    I mean the glue wasn’t dry all the way 🤦🏻‍♂️

  29. Dreama Laughlin

    Dreama LaughlinDag geleden

    I smell CAP!!!

  30. kwispyboi13

    kwispyboi13Dag geleden

    Use a plunger

  31. Jessie Mather

    Jessie MatherDag geleden

    You're supposed to heat up the metal and then do the hot glue 6 or otherwise it's not just not going to work

  32. Oliver K

    Oliver KDag geleden

    Just hammer the inside of the car frame.

  33. Drake Moua

    Drake MouaDag geleden

    Let the hot glue dry and then pull

  34. DirtPoorFarmer

    DirtPoorFarmerDag geleden

    Bro wait until the metal is warmer or get a heat gun and warm it up before trying the glue stix


    PHOENIX GAMINGDag geleden

    What did it cost?


    REXTER ZAFIRODag geleden

    You give me the cabin of the car if it does not work for you, I want to do a project g

  37. Pham Loan

    Pham LoanDag geleden

    Let it dry frist then do that, I think it will work

  38. yram Eonni

    yram EonniDag geleden

    Use a boiling hot water and a plumber 🤺🤺

  39. Carli Orr

    Carli OrrDag geleden

    You gotta wait for the glue to dry so it can pull it up

  40. Petah Griff

    Petah GriffDag geleden

    Why wouldn't you just use a plunger?

  41. Sticky Water

    Sticky WaterDag geleden

    Why would you ever listen to a 5 minute crafts video.

  42. Favlessium

    Favlessium2 dagen geleden

    imagine using the glue trick to fix the dent on a cybertruck

  43. Pratik Halder

    Pratik Halder2 dagen geleden

    He is that kid who says I don't need to understand it I will memorise it all.....

  44. • • •

    • • •2 dagen geleden

    This the type of guy to save his fish from drowning

  45. Korey Suzuchi

    Korey Suzuchi2 dagen geleden

    In short it didnt work

  46. The3ChockyMilk E

    The3ChockyMilk E2 dagen geleden

    Your life is cap 🧢 maybe let it dry buddy

  47. FluffRed 2.0

    FluffRed 2.02 dagen geleden

    If he open a hospital it would be empty because he has no patience

  48. Tamok Nguyen

    Tamok Nguyen17 uur geleden

    Underrated as feq

  49. • • •

    • • •2 dagen geleden


  50. Tommy Wiseau

    Tommy Wiseau2 dagen geleden

    Get a plunger to give it super suck

  51. Dripsy

    Dripsy2 dagen geleden

    Mske the glue dry for God sake

  52. Jason hacker

    Jason hacker2 dagen geleden

    You are wrong wait 1 minute

  53. Carla Souto

    Carla Souto2 dagen geleden

    Tem que esperar secar maninho

  54. Kaden Langley

    Kaden Langley2 dagen geleden

    He needs stronger glue

  55. chuck thomas

    chuck thomas2 dagen geleden

    Wash the spot then wipe with alcohol

  56. The Content

    The Content2 dagen geleden

    It needs to dry-

  57. steppinwolf_007

    steppinwolf_0072 dagen geleden

    Wait till it dries

  58. Ava Hall

    Ava Hall2 dagen geleden

    You should try a plunger

  59. Tushar Burman

    Tushar Burman2 dagen geleden

    5min crafts use Chinese made car that's why it's easy for them

  60. Manilyn Cruz

    Manilyn Cruz2 dagen geleden

    Bro you need to leave it like 30 or 5 hours? Or leave it for a while so and maybe pool it out it will work??

  61. Tri Hermanto

    Tri Hermanto2 dagen geleden

    The trick is for cars with a slightly thin body material

  62. Moroczy Zz

    Moroczy Zz2 dagen geleden

    Dildos work I’ve seen people do that and the dent comes out

  63. Clark Hans Ligalig

    Clark Hans Ligalig2 dagen geleden


  64. Elaine estep

    Elaine estep2 dagen geleden

    Let it dry

  65. Carlos Aragon

    Carlos Aragon2 dagen geleden

    Es con huevos compa

  66. Monsterbug

    Monsterbug3 dagen geleden

    Bruh istg people ate getting dumber and dumber every day

  67. Mystery Gamer

    Mystery Gamer3 dagen geleden

    He's to dumb he have to wait until the glue dry

  68. tuấn nguyễn

    tuấn nguyễn3 dagen geleden


  69. Anuschka

    Anuschka3 dagen geleden

    Pleeeeeease try the hot water and plunger trick i need to know!


    RAMMSTEIN3 dagen geleden

    Uhhh... I think they let it dry first

  71. ken.

    ken.3 dagen geleden

    Bro they use *edit cut videos* you don't know?

  72. 0900McShizzle

    0900McShizzle3 dagen geleden

    You need to put hot water on the dent to make the metal flexible enough to retract easily when pulled by the glue stick. A suction cup is better option to the glue sticks

  73. #SATRIA#

    #SATRIA#4 dagen geleden

    Need wait the glue

  74. Ett Skjd

    Ett Skjd4 dagen geleden

    And he knew at this momenthe ucked up


    HUNTER GAMER4 dagen geleden

    U need to let it dry

  76. JoeyCman

    JoeyCman4 dagen geleden

    Wet plunger

  77. TheRealSpicymonkey

    TheRealSpicymonkey4 dagen geleden

    I feel like five minute craft is basically one big troll of the Internet to make it waste millions of dollars on clothing and other items just for views

  78. 민녈

    민녈5 dagen geleden

    The guy:failed and failed i tried a small punch and also failed The car:why me?what is my fault?

  79. Akshay

    Akshay5 dagen geleden

    glue sticks come in different types each type is built for different bond and material

  80. Dinero Supreme

    Dinero Supreme5 dagen geleden

    This is indeed Cap 😂

  81. Sheila Krimmel

    Sheila Krimmel5 dagen geleden

    Everyone saying this is the kind of kid.... shut the hell up you’re annoying.

  82. Kajal Bansal

    Kajal Bansal5 dagen geleden

    They tell them to use it on ant 🐜 but they will try it on an elephant 🐘 Big brain guys 🤯🤯

  83. Turtle

    Turtle5 dagen geleden

    Pro tip: get a plumber stick(or however tf it's called), a kettle and water. Boil the water in the kettle. Pour the water onto the dent and stick the plumber stick on. Then pull it


    SIREN HEAD5 dagen geleden


  85. Austin Jones

    Austin Jones6 dagen geleden

    Try melting more then putting more over the top of it then let it sit until cold and hard then Do it

  86. we do nothing nothing

    we do nothing nothing6 dagen geleden

    Let it dry

  87. Tristan liones

    Tristan liones6 dagen geleden

    Why did u damage my dream truck

  88. Eric R

    Eric R6 dagen geleden

    This is type of guy Twitter was thinking about when they banned Trump.

  89. Nick Green

    Nick Green6 dagen geleden

    Gotta clean the surface first or glue will never stick to that crust bucket. Theirs a professional version of this called a glue puller.

  90. Aidan Lagaly

    Aidan Lagaly6 dagen geleden

    Maybe he should wait for the glue to dry

  91. richard gutierrez

    richard gutierrez6 dagen geleden

    That is my dream car

  92. Lower Five

    Lower Five6 dagen geleden

    this is the guy that will tell you that he forgot what he wants to say.

  93. scarysorrow

    scarysorrow6 dagen geleden

    wait for the hot glue to dry. then pull them off

  94. Dog Ear’s

    Dog Ear’s6 dagen geleden

    Try a plunger in think


    INVISIBLE GAMEING6 dagen geleden

    They dent bro not that you have f out the car

  96. King Awesome3452

    King Awesome34526 dagen geleden

    Well wait for it to dry first

  97. Little Ricer

    Little Ricer6 dagen geleden

    It not cap the car you are using is a much older model which at that time they were 100% Metal bodypart.The car he used is about 60% metal some the parts are made out of hard plastic that why it able to tick,

  98. MB_Rxactor

    MB_Rxactor6 dagen geleden

    Let it dry

  99. Tech360

    Tech3607 dagen geleden


  100. SkullCrusher 6025

    SkullCrusher 60257 dagen geleden

    Well tbh the guy did tug on it quickly rather than just trying to pull it.

  101. Alex_ Moonrose

    Alex_ Moonrose7 dagen geleden

    He's The type of guy that would go to an store and buy nothing

  102. JoeyKnowsNoBounds

    JoeyKnowsNoBounds3 dagen geleden

    Lost of people buy nothing at the store.

  103. Jase Ward

    Jase Ward7 dagen geleden

    Gota let the glue dry before you pull it