How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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    Antigravity- Otis Carr, car on hydrogen from water, teleportation, Lagiewka bumper and his Perpetum Mobile. PLANdemic.

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    S R B It was magnetically pulling /micron level magnet/ to the gates / but nitrogen freezing it first

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    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S I was just working on logic gates/ / from the space craft (that had only kilobytes)// //

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    @The Goldey Family - aka the democrats

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    Clinker is commonly used in the north of England to describe the was lumps from a coal fire which look like small bits of that large waste 'clinker.'

  10. Stephen Nelson

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    Hey could the purpose of the pre heating of the MEA be to keep the temperature of the boiler from dropping to low. This allowing them to separate the MEA and CO2 faster.

  11. Stephen Nelson

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    I love all your videos you can never learn to much in life I say.

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    That is a lot of gas dumped into the ocean. Doesn't it leave some kind of trail that a potential enemy could follow ? Nice video as always.


    JACKTHEREAPER1025 uur geleden

    a lot of info

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    ‪All war is the genocide of the working class for the profit & pleasure of the rich ‬

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    i have learn so much on your channel , you should be teacher

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    My understanding was we called them clinkers because they make a clink sound when you drop them in the canister, (my boat didn't have the nice side loading cans) so they would slide in and "clink" same with removing the burned one, you kinda had to bang them out, and that sucks when you're trying to be quiet.

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    You have been posting stuff from a sub for many weeks many days you were actually under for, Justin??!!!this stuff is amazing!

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    There isn't one of your productions I don't enjoy - but this series is outstanding...thank you..

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    Nuclear energy makes the steam engine look like sticks and stones

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    Super stoked the sub series is back with more! I started to get attached to the crew 🥺 4:56 🤣

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    Cool video. Love the series :) Thank you.

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    I’m a senior undergrad chemical engineer and was nerding out at your beautiful animation and explanation. Top tier video as always Destin!!

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    Does anybody have any tips on growing subscribers. I'm trying to hit 100 so I can have my own link.

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    "You are the creator of oxygen." That kind of ego boost would turn me into a malevolent God so quickly.

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    How does method one sometimes produce enough oxygen but sometimes lack

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    He is one of the few good people from Alabama

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    The measuring device(4:50) is called gas chromatograph. It has a capillary collum that separates a mixture of gas into its individual components. Then at the end of the collum, there are different types of sensors depending upon the type of gas and its concentration. These analytical instruments are like a miniaturized automatic laboratory. .Design, installation and commissioning of this kind of measuring instrument was a part of my former job.

  28. Shredxcam22

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    I'll have to check this series out. I work with a bunch of ex navy nukes from the sub world.

  29. Dan Severns

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    About 45 years ago I bought a little SolidOx welding rig to make a metal sculpture. It worked the same way as these candles.

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    This is cool and everything but you basically told 1 million people how to cheaply and easily manufacture chlorine gas at home

  31. Jp

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    I mean I had wondered why chemistry teachers used some acid or NaOH to make water conductive instead of salt but now I know xD

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    It will make a beppy sound

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    Put a couple Oxygen Diffusers and then later an Electrolyzer and put some slicksters on the bottom to convert CO2 to crude oil. Oh wait nevermind, that's a different game.

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    Former a-ganger 1976-82 . Things are slightly different. That's good.

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    Antigravity- Otis Carr, car on hydrogen from water, teleportation, Lagiewka bumper and his Perpetum Mobile. PLANdemic.

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    Princess Boopersnoot is objectively the correct name for that dog.

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    2:50 makes me feel like playing Fallout, looking on my Pip-Boy haha.

  41. Kodiak

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    whenever i read Lithium (in this case LiOH) and water in one sentence i get shivers. So lets say, you have a hull breach and Oxygen gets low, you use the LiOH canisters, and if this stuff touches water, wont it immediatly burn all the oxygens and kill everyone? like it happened with Kursk? wasnt that the stuff that killed the remaining Sailors?

  42. JTRulzzz

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    Considering how little space and costly it is, it’s interesting to know every system on board has a redundancy

  43. Libesh Balakrishnan

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    Question, can LiOH be rich or lean...??

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    Hey i think ive seen you before

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    I'm not 100% sure but that "preheater" that the guy talked about is probably a heat exchanger (to not waste much energy while heating and you would then need to cool the air afterwards so..) ;) Best regards Stefan (HTL-Mödling Lower Austria)

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    Salvation is a completely free gift. Jesus Christ died for our past, present and future sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day and because of this you are saved and not because of anything good you’ve done. Believing is enough.♥️

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    Hey Destin, quick question. It looked as though the candles just pump out oxygen in the room they are burning in. At the start of the video you showed how every compartment has its own atmospheric monitoring. So if the bunk room is low on oxygen and the electrolysis machine is down, how do they disperse the oxygen from the candle to the rooms that need oxygen the most?

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    Not austin evan

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    Wonder how many of those chlorate candles they store? Sounds like they are going through almost 50 per day at the rater they were saying.

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    Kclo3 in the presence of mno2

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    This was verry interesting. They know their stuff pretty well.

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    What do they do with the extra hydrogen from electrolysis?

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    best video from SED!

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    28:38 I strive to be as nice as Destin is with everyone I fell like I'm not only getting smarter every day but also kinder. Thank you Destin, for everything

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    Mhh? Like on the space station :D ?

  57. The Creator

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    If you don't use an electrolyte can't you still perform electrolysis on pure water it just takes more energy?

  58. Skip6235

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    the main takeaway of this video is that you have a 2-level redundancy for both creating O2 and scrubbing CO2, one active and one passive. That way if the active method, which is primary because it is essentially infinite as long as you have power, fails the passive backup can be used, but only for a limited time because it will be used up. Very cool.

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    I love that you are still making great content and not getting preachy about nonsense..keep up the great work!

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    I appreciate what you're doing in general. But, does it ever come up that you might be glorifying oppressive Empire's. Like you might not be so excited to "science" if you were on the other side of those weapons systems based on the country you were born in. You should tour an Iranian sub or a Venezuelan military base just to keep things balanced.

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    called klinkers in reference to the bad coal at the bottom of a forge, meaning the coal that has used up all its fuel and can no longer burn. edit: words left off after hitting enter by accident.

  62. Werner Beroux

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    OMG my house has a way better air quality sensor and dashboard than US submarine (at least the one shown). This never seemed to evolve since the 1990.

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    28:04 "Please Consider SUBscribing" I see what you did there... Now I have to to go back and check the other videos to see if you put this pun in them as well.

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    Great knowledge bomb!!! Thanx!!!

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    i saw the thumbnail and came here to say that i do run out of air, that's a lie.

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    Whats the equivalent size to a candle taken up by compressed oxygen?

  67. Waldemar

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    Imagine this: every small town has a Small Modular Reactor providing power, the grid is now super hardened against losing large power generators and you can make desalinated water with each one of them...with no emissions or particulate pollution to speak of.

  68. nilamotk

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    I am a heating refrigeration technician and glad to know that I use the same refrigerant sniffer a nuclear submarine ha

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    This video is useful for Flint

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    Or they colud just bring some plants and use the elecricity to light them and the purified water to feed them. Bam, infinite oxygen.

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    I love their faces when he immediately understands the complex systems they explain

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    I feel like SmarterEveryDay is first school I ever went to and enjoy it way too much too!

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    Would the preheating element in the MEA system be in place to reduce temperature differences and the damage that would be caused by repeated heating and cooling by ensuring a minimum temp before entry into the tank? Also, what would the contingency be for high tension alert situations when increased heart-rate and breathing would increase oxygen consumption? Burn more candles?

  76. ToughAncientSpark

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    @18:15 And, I would hope that the candle dust residue is cleaned up. And, how exactly? Central vacuum?

  77. Jon S

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    Electrolysis is simple but reverse osmosis is too complicated? You just wanted to go back to the sub footage

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    Bruh I love how he reacts lol 4:55

  79. Diesel Tech Tv

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    You should do a deep dive on refineries. I work on a sulfur unit in a refinery and we use a lot of amine units. It's methyldiethanolamine though and we scrub hydrogen sulfide instead of co2. We do absorb some co2, but we move our nozzle up and down the tower to stop co2 absorption and maximize h2s absorption.


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    Pandemic: **exists** Submarine Crew: "hold my candle"

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    Thanks Destin

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    So, burning a candle which produces chlorate and phosphorus is not dangerous and breathable?

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    FYI Raycon are cheap made earbuds sold at premium. You can get the exact same thing, from the same factory for about $10-$15. At least they had the truth in their name Ray-CON.

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    Well what about H2 how they manage it, through electrolysis? discard it? or using somehow?

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    Cant believe the electrolysis is used my 8th grade science fair , i thought people invented new ways for sub marines. 2 things. 1. If you creating pure o2 using electrolysis, we dont breath pure, it need to be mixed with other normal gasses including N2 to be breathable 2. If you do breath pure o2 it will burn your lungs. problem with this electrolysis is we always need pure water.

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    That was honestly really interesting I feel 10 times smarter now

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    I feel smarter today :)

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    Amine is a nasty smelling chemical and leaves a yellow greasy layer on every surface on the boat. I used to leave my uniforms outside for a week before washing them after each patrol, I threw away my t-shirts and under ware because they turned yellow over the 3 months of each patrol.

  90. Thulasidas Thirumalaisamy

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    Hey Destin why can't we use amine gas treating for carbon capture in coal power plants ?

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    @5:45 Finally, something Made in the USA!!!

  93. Great MamboChicken

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    A quick insight on the one part of the amine stripper you said you weren't clear on, and that's the preheating. In my university researcher days, we were designing an amine stripper for bio gas (from dairy cow waste) to make transportation fuel. There's a cool video idea in there somewhere for ya, and feel free to reach out if you're curious about it. The preheating of the amine is done using a heat exchanger as he said. What they're doing is rejecting heat from the hot newly lean amine into the cold rich amine, basically conserving the energy and lowering the heat load needed to boil it. Pretty simple really, he just didn't explain it super well. Typically this is done using a plate heat exchanger, and that appears to be what they're using there as well. So in your animation, between the pump and the tower that pipe would go to a heat exchanger with the pipe on the bottom.

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    Sir you are brilliant, i have no words to say thanks.

  95. Beefheart Vandercrease

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    One would think there could be a way to remove the carbon from the CO2, because there's a whole O2 molecule being wasted pumping it out to sea, and carbon would be more compact to store and dispose of.

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    Long story short: they have machines to make oxygen

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    It's so amazing you are able to get access to such awesome stuff. Must have been alot of work and approvals. Love science.

  98. Dhruve Mital

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    With Amines in particular, there are 3 major types that are used, MEA I believe performs the best, but then there is always DEA, DGA and MDEA. In refineries, the latter is used more often (perhaps due to costs or something else). From my understanding, preheating helps increase the vapor pressure, which when it goes into the boiler, helps the regeneration process. If I am wrong, please do correct me.

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