how to create 5SOS's "youngblood"

my friend michael clifford from 5sos messaged me about their song youngblood's 3rd anniversary and asked if i wanted to do something with them. we came up with this.
Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. SethEverman

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    hey guys my friend michael clifford from 5sos messaged me about their song youngblood's 3rd anniversary and asked if i wanted to do something with them. we came up with this. i am very sorry. thank you for always supporting my videos even though i upload about twice per year.

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    y k

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    0:15 fat pikachu

  7. A Cup Of Life Lessons

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    The day Seth makes a full version of one of these is the day humanity ascends.

  8. Ajay Ranjan

    Ajay Ranjan6 uur geleden

    why do I love this more than the original.............................

  9. DanielH25

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    absolute ecstasy when the guitar loop comes in at 0:21

  10. Nataša Nataša

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    This video would be fantastic if only Seth would be in it, not filled with bunch of other posers, but thanks to Everman it’s just awesome.

  11. Christopher Tang

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    how to create 5SOS's "youngblood" Step 1: collab with the creators of youngblood, 5SOS

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    0:35 0:35 0:35 0:35 Here its free

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    ash, why are you so fucking handsome

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    yeah, I play SPORTS

  16. Nicholas Chu

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    0:54 ah yes, thank god you translated from australian to english, i wouldn't have understood it otherwise

  17. Captain Ronnie

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    Imagine they change some parts of the original for this one...

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    this brought me to dance at fcking 7am

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    0:07 Now a big bright smile

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    Nice "Bánh Mì" in 0:46, greetings from Vietnam

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    Damn mans got that UCL Football. What club you support though?

  24. Ranadip Saha

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    I just realized that the him (important) at 0:15 is basically fat pikachu

  25. Doomitolo

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    I dont know if that was a real sandwich or that was just a pillow sandwich because im confused

  26. Jason

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    I unironically prefer this over the original

  27. TypetwoAbsolute

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    How to make a band's song Get the band. ..... ????

  28. Tam nguyenchi

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    did 5SOS met Viet Nam ?

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    Youngblood Copyrighted Version

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    For some reason at 0:40 I was expecting Seth's football to hit Calum in the head in the next frame

  31. Ishio Ramo

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    The Bald Guy is back for another wonderful piece haha. The fun looks through the roof

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    I which the actually version sounded like this

  33. Somebodythatiusetoknow

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    Haha nice surprise

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    Baldblood or youngbald?

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    Every father favorite instrument: big metal tube leftover

  39. GamingTrix

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    He made the song so great he got a copyright strike

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    How the fuck is this man able to have so many fans with no effort

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    ''fanstastic'' in australian, let me rest in peace

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    Big GG The Bald Guy

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    Seth even had the actual artists involved in this video and it still got claimed! The struggle is real!

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    why do they all seem so mad.

  45. Riverfox237

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    The sub sandwich! XD This is fantastic and hilarious, I had to do so much pausing to catch all the little micro messages

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    He is back :...)

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    5 Seconds of SethEverman

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    I’ll buy this version if they release it fully. Not gonna lie

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  50. Santia

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    Imagine working with the original artists to recreate their song and you still get copyright claimed lmao

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    No way banhmi vietnam

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    Where Can i buy the sandwich mic?

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    Thanks for the subtitles, I dont speak Australian

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    Ah yee my favorite sound screaming inti the voide

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    Champions league anthem next?

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    Amazing Video, really like it 🖤

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    I love how Seth is just way too tall for his door frame 🤣

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    please do the full song like this!!!!

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    Copy right claimed...

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    "Who's your favourite 5SOS member?" "I really like the Ghost of Calum"

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    What you need to create 5SOS’s Youngblood: - The band itself

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    Sports yeah!!

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    0:15 who saw the words after the Pokemon thing and went woahhh

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    The ‘fantastic in Australian’ cracked me up!

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    I just realized there's ghost of calum

  70. Terrell Littleton

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    thanks for that translation, at first I had no idea what he was saying

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    Ron's such a beeg boi now

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    Imagine being friend with one of 5SOS member.... that would be a heaven

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    LIKE, if you wanted the extended version

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    why you delate the another video???

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    My favorite instrument ....the metal tube

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    Ahh my favorite quote *"fantastic" in Australian*

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    0:28 "Honey what the hell is that sound" "It's our musician neighbour dont worry"

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    Plot twist: he is beating the person in the basement

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    I actually like that song

  81. Tam nguyenchi

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    is that sandwich from Viet Nam ? xin chào nhé ! tôi thấy các anh là số 1 trên thế giới này đấy

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    top 5 videos that will be remembered in history

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    I just realized the pikachu at 0:14 was foreshadowing his latest video/

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    Who needs a huge snare when you have TUBE

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    I'm glad the last bloke got subtitled


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    "fantastic" in Australian 😂😂😂 great translation from Australian to English 😂😂😂

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    0:35 ah yes the best part here

  89. Jared Dato

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    Omg this is so good and welcome back

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    dear god seth! How fucking tall are you O.O dude came in the room like lurch from the adams family lmao If this dude broke into the house the whole damn house would be broken into lol jk but seriously never knew you were that tall !!

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    important? кто это такой ? ком не сложно объясните

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