I Opened A FAKE Starbucks

I opened a fake starbucks, previously I opened a fake mcdonalds but now it's starbucks turn.
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    @Funnymonkey 69 kid, stfu.


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    Shib doge hotbitio

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    You are The Koffee-King

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    we need NDL drive through

  9. Chidubem Duruibe

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    Anybody wanna get saved? To go to Heaven you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and you must believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected three days later, forgiving us for our sins if we repent

  10. Katherine H

    Katherine H42 minuten geleden

    "it's safe".... taking the mick.

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    i can see my house from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Oi bruv u wan som cofe ya?

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    Im a little confused

  14. WonderingWaille

    WonderingWaille3 uur geleden

    I like how the security guard stares at the camera dramatically

  15. Doggy FX

    Doggy FX3 uur geleden

    He is such a good youtuber imagine being kicked by such an imporant person i even stopped going to Starbucks.

  16. JbuasBTY

    JbuasBTY3 uur geleden

    Chunks looking slim

  17. Shadow Legend

    Shadow Legend3 uur geleden

    I aktialy walked by the and i tugh you wher screaming at a security guard for doing that

  18. Ross Putman

    Ross Putman4 uur geleden

    I had no idea Charlie Sloth had a black belt...

  19. Rei Zeka

    Rei Zeka4 uur geleden

    This is who you want to be in the future

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    Aaron Murphy4 uur geleden

    2:15 he went to take his hands out of his pocket

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    RIP my teacher

  22. WyattW! [OFFICIAL]

    WyattW! [OFFICIAL]6 uur geleden

    Imagine if one day, you need your car washed and when you go to this one, it gets turned into an elite fake Starbucks.

  23. Kasper Mn

    Kasper Mn6 uur geleden

    Now this is even better then MrBeast

  24. Lauge Hougaard

    Lauge Hougaard6 uur geleden

    8:05 lol why does this guys face look like that "ye-heah bwoiii" dude ? xD

  25. Momina Asif

    Momina Asif6 uur geleden

    Is no one gonna talk about all the milk they wasted? That was the only thing that I didn't like about the video. Otherwise it was just great.

  26. Lyangre_ Zen

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    Let niko in a movieee ... he a great actor

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    its deadline for votes boiis! :p pog

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    These lot violate so bad 😭😭 I’d start crying

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    Chaiwalla is one smart company by letting a NLpushr with millions of subs basically advertise for them

  30. imani tchagodomou

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    Why did i get a starbucks commercial

  31. OscarBeast29

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    Nobody gonna talk about sharky being in that cup for a whole day

  32. KKnotes.

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    Niko on the end I hysteria, during the speech

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    NIKO I have a great message pewdiepie has SHUT YOUR NDL BY MAKING IT MEMBERS ONLY NDL RISE UP

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    all this kind of video is obviously sponsored🤣

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    yeah cmon i did it😂

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    Icl this just wasn’t funny bro nans fully harassing the public

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    Nathan for you did it better

  40. Jayda K

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    I voted for u

  41. Shashank Nimbekar

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    If this was in india you have been died till now

  42. OliDoesGaming

    OliDoesGaming13 uur geleden

    niko: polite drive through also niko: SHUT YO MOUTH

  43. dim sta

    dim sta13 uur geleden

    Man even had beef with the government Starbucks can’t stop him

  44. Ted Pringle

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  45. jonathan evans

    jonathan evans15 uur geleden

    you the real schuck stupid kids

  46. Lonely Burger

    Lonely Burger15 uur geleden

    That "the service is terrible, but the food is great" lives up to its line.

  47. Lonely Burger

    Lonely Burger15 uur geleden

    Howard Schultz Must be pissed.

  48. YDS

    YDS15 uur geleden

    starshmucks is more better than starbucks

  49. Conchur Roddy

    Conchur Roddy17 uur geleden

    Get him this drive thru

  50. F E I FF

    F E I FF17 uur geleden

    When the backbenchers in class start being serious

  51. Shiroyasha

    Shiroyasha19 uur geleden

    The amount of effort is insane

  52. Divinate

    Divinate21 uur geleden

    Deadlines today. Hope this man gets it he will do great things 100%

  53. Quinn Ryan

    Quinn Ryan21 uur geleden

    No credit to Nathan For You?

  54. GodlyDuck

    GodlyDuck23 uur geleden

    Why is this guy so funny

  55. Naama Meadows

    Naama Meadows23 uur geleden

    If this man knew even the basic hebrew swear words...

  56. Forever 77

    Forever 7723 uur geleden

    U guys kinda rude and not funny .. u used to be u also waste food

  57. Aarush Menon

    Aarush MenonDag geleden

    Niko + the two other men: "YELL YELL YELL" The police guard: Niko, this isn't what I signed up for

  58. Declan Hinchliffe

    Declan HinchliffeDag geleden

    Thought he said starsluts lol

  59. Rxrvq

    RxrvqDag geleden

    Starbucks off wish

  60. Byrøn Andujar

    Byrøn AndujarDag geleden

    Bro Chunkz was dieing the entire time

  61. Mr. DyRT

    Mr. DyRTDag geleden

    That wasn’t Howard

  62. Joseph 2

    Joseph 2Dag geleden

    This is my crack

  63. Samci Tube

    Samci TubeDag geleden

    haha first customer walks away happily

  64. Samci Tube

    Samci TubeDag geleden

    these guys have the london😂

  65. K10

    K10Dag geleden

    9:18 when you order Charlie Sloth from wish

  66. MJ_

    MJ_Dag geleden

    this was honestly so hard to watch lmao

  67. Mc Ooferson

    Mc OofersonDag geleden

    Next: I opened A Fake Tim Hortons

  68. justs0li

    justs0liDag geleden

    *No milk was harmed in the making of this video*

  69. Sumaya Akhter

    Sumaya AkhterDag geleden

    Whyy would u waste the milk😫😫

  70. Checkoutmychannel

    CheckoutmychannelDag geleden

    When you mix pewdiepie and Niko

  71. Mohammed Shamil

    Mohammed ShamilDag geleden

    I love your videos, but absolutely hate wasting food, leaving this comment before I close this video, I can't watch this any further because it saddens me when I see food being wasted

  72. some one

    some oneDag geleden

    Chai wala literally means tea in urdu!

  73. Shaun Diz

    Shaun DizDag geleden

    what a weird video

  74. Ingru’s Vlogs

    Ingru’s VlogsDag geleden

    Hmm I will rate this drive thru 5 stars cause it’s completely original. :)

  75. HumaniodCreature

    HumaniodCreatureDag geleden

    Starbucks coffee who? I only drink from the elite Strashmucks. >:D

  76. broom beacon

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  77. Jan Bolland

    Jan BollandDag geleden

    Nathan Fielder did this on comedy central 6 years ago...

  78. Chloe Danagher

    Chloe DanagherDag geleden

    Everybody vote for Nikko!!! Also I would rather get a starshmucks coffee thatln a Starbucks one lmao 😂

  79. Sean Kelly

    Sean KellyDag geleden

    Nathan Fielder already did this though

  80. Maximex10

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  81. Wexzii YT

    Wexzii YTDag geleden

    Saturday night takeaway at its finest 🤣🤣 this was brilliant

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    I saw you at westfield

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  84. LUCAZADE _3

    LUCAZADE _3Dag geleden

    I like how the whole company served food from a tiny trailer

  85. Richy Myat

    Richy MyatDag geleden

    The UK has NDL The US has MrBeast But what do U have? A cookie 🍪 here

  86. ArcAndy

    ArcAndyDag geleden

    this took 2 weeks

  87. Channel 4 Ripoff company

    Channel 4 Ripoff companyDag geleden

    No one gonna mention Nathan For You did this in 2015?

  88. Reverse guy and other stuff

    Reverse guy and other stuffDag geleden

    Tbh Starbucks is disgusting

  89. NDL Karamoko

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  90. Zubair Murshid

    Zubair MurshidDag geleden

    I wouldn’t go to this “Starshmucks” even if you paid me!😂

  91. 六十九褪色

    六十九褪色Dag geleden

    Ja na lavde

  92. Sklide

    SklideDag geleden

    I was so lucky to meet these schmucks 2

  93. Rim Habeshawi Boy

    Rim Habeshawi BoyDag geleden

    no words for you. You are a legend

  94. NAIN Gaming

    NAIN GamingDag geleden

    You guys are wasting food 😑Man there are children dying from hunger . Btw your content Is cringe 😑

  95. AandB Fels

    AandB FelsDag geleden

    YOU are sooooooo cool

  96. Indi Innit

    Indi InnitDag geleden

    I genuinely think that niko is one of the best youtubers

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  98. The Sandman

    The SandmanDag geleden

    The GOAT

  99. Iyasbro

    IyasbroDag geleden

    Niko- What's your name? Stranger -Yusuf Niko-Ok Joseph

  100. Akhil Padmanaban

    Akhil PadmanabanDag geleden

    Its actually great videos and i am a big fan of yours.....but when i saw that MILK IS WASTED....I literally felt bad...lot of people suffer out of poverty..please dont do that

  101. iLikehamburger And sprite

    iLikehamburger And spriteDag geleden

    Please come take over Florida 😭😭😭

  102. R 7

    R 7Dag geleden

    Go to an actual Starbucks and change their cups to yours😂😂

  103. soinu foig

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    How the heck did Niko do this in only 2 weeks!!!??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  104. soinu foig

    soinu foig4 uur geleden

    this man went from 200k to 3mill under 3 years legend

  105. Salami

    SalamiDag geleden

    He should call his fake starbucks shushbucks

  106. Jarrell James

    Jarrell JamesDag geleden

    What if the security guard fly kick niko what he gonna do then😂😂

  107. Slinger Xx

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    Who laughed more at chunks laugh than the joke 🤣🤣🤣

  108. Unseen ghost

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    ‘Oi Neeko’ 😂😂