I pranked BBC News into giving me an interview.
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  1. NDL

    NDLMaand geleden

    the NDL is the greatest movement youtube has ever seen

  2. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith22 uur geleden

    The bbc as part of their legal responsibility to interview every mayoral candidate left multiple attempts to contact the guy who us lying to you all over his social media which he ignored

  3. HeadNap

    HeadNap9 dagen geleden

    You are right!! NDL IS TAKING OVER!

  4. Zac Kyeremateng

    Zac Kyeremateng9 dagen geleden


  5. Robbie edward sayers 2

    Robbie edward sayers 212 dagen geleden

    i think it’s bullshit

  6. The random TV

    The random TV26 dagen geleden

    Yep ndl

  7. Loxbeare 19

    Loxbeare 194 uur geleden

    NDL is more peng than errrr.... shush

  8. carlosbrody

    carlosbrody6 uur geleden

    Count binface running for mayor nice

  9. 2stroketimebomb

    2stroketimebomb7 uur geleden

    A man that can't comb his hair properly..... Quality!!!

  10. UltraThe Beast

    UltraThe Beast8 uur geleden

    he said " they thought there BBC is bigger than mine" LOL

  11. Charlie Allen

    Charlie Allen8 uur geleden

    1 bbc to another 🤣🤣🤣🤣 this had me In stitches 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Aashir Khan

    Aashir Khan8 uur geleden

    BBC (big bright citizens) dont take it negatively guys he aint no joke

  13. Naemah Hegazy

    Naemah Hegazy13 uur geleden

    im in brooklyn and i wish i can vote for niko! ndl stand the fuck up

  14. LaBoss

    LaBoss17 uur geleden

    If you was serious maybe, you could have won bro 😃🤙🏾

  15. suicide gaming

    suicide gaming18 uur geleden

    What if he's actually mayor now and finds out he's just joking around

  16. Rob

    RobDag geleden

    "Shush"- Niko, 2021

  17. koko Bop

    koko BopDag geleden

    biggest prank broooo

  18. TrickZz LaZzer

    TrickZz LaZzerDag geleden

    When will we know how well he placed??

  19. liam fulham

    liam fulhamDag geleden

    The NDL deserves better

  20. Finley Radcliffe

    Finley RadcliffeDag geleden

    Knowledge strength and integrity🤣

  21. TheUnidentified Bighead

    TheUnidentified BigheadDag geleden


  22. Codee Wilson

    Codee WilsonDag geleden

    The other candidate, count bin face made me lose it

  23. MC PRO

    MC PRODag geleden

    Next episode: I made the world believe I am the real queen and queen Elizabeth is an impostor

  24. YES

    YESDag geleden


  25. Haamidah Ahmed

    Haamidah AhmedDag geleden

    Lol I remember seeing it on tv and my dads was like “don’t you watch that person’s videos?”

  26. Zohaib Playz

    Zohaib Playz2 dagen geleden

    i live in canada lol

  27. breckoz

    breckoz2 dagen geleden

    This is stupid, not funny, and a waste of peoples time. I am sure when he grows older he will realize that.

  28. Matt Weiman

    Matt Weiman2 dagen geleden

    "I would do a lot"

  29. Al Du

    Al Du2 dagen geleden

    I would have loved if niko was in my class in school

  30. Nirjhara Kaushik

    Nirjhara Kaushik2 dagen geleden

    This guy is unreal!!

  31. Zezyzhujikop

    Zezyzhujikop2 dagen geleden

    This is epic prank ever

  32. Zezyzhujikop

    Zezyzhujikop2 dagen geleden

    Im lateee

  33. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith2 dagen geleden

    As far as I am aware the bbc tried repeatedly to contact him for an interview, including posting requests on his social media

  34. y a

    y a2 dagen geleden

    "I have more Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity" 😆😆

  35. Jude Johnson

    Jude Johnson2 dagen geleden

    This guy is the modern day Sacha Baron Cohen lol. None stop trolling!

  36. Geoffrey

    Geoffrey2 dagen geleden

    Imagine if everyone who voted for joke campaigns spent that energy and voted for the Green Party.

  37. Lauren Gillespie

    Lauren Gillespie2 dagen geleden


  38. carzy

    carzy2 dagen geleden

    VOTE FOR NIKO,ITS THE BETTER CHOICE :) 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  39. Vipaswi Thapa

    Vipaswi Thapa2 dagen geleden

    More Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity

  40. albula642

    albula6422 dagen geleden

    Dude, if your name is pronounced Neeko, then why the fuck spell it Niko... That's the whole point of letters... EDIT: oops, I got it the wrong way

  41. albula642

    albula6422 dagen geleden

    @Sumaya Oops, thx.

  42. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 dagen geleden

    hes saying it isnt pronounced neeko and thats what the news did wrong


    NURNISHA MAIMUNAH2 dagen geleden

    I will now subscribe 😊✨

  44. Am Pro

    Am Pro3 dagen geleden


  45. Am Pro

    Am Pro3 dagen geleden


  46. Am Pro

    Am Pro3 dagen geleden

    U deserve to be THE (PRESIDENT)!!!!!!! LOL

  47. gum drop

    gum drop3 dagen geleden

    Yo I fuckin hate the news channels great job bro.

  48. iAmDoctor

    iAmDoctor3 dagen geleden

    Why does this fricking legend only have 3.5 mill subs!!??

  49. Bob

    Bob3 dagen geleden

    Thank god he wasn't elected for mayor

  50. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 dagen geleden

    god whats your problem

  51. Ayn Altalibo bedami maqtool be Karbala

    Ayn Altalibo bedami maqtool be Karbala3 dagen geleden

    Hi bro, please do a video in support of the oppressed people of Palestine. Love u bro

  52. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 dagen geleden

    yes please

  53. Macy

    Macy3 dagen geleden

    his glasses look bigger at 12:02

  54. imANGWRYYY

    imANGWRYYY3 dagen geleden

    5:00 ayo thats sus she smirked on you 😏😏

  55. Rock girl

    Rock girl3 dagen geleden

    Man's Guts is on another level

  56. Seri Davies

    Seri Davies3 dagen geleden

    Thus joke man

  57. Jen

    Jen3 dagen geleden

    🤣😂 "I would do a lot"

  58. Rock girl

    Rock girl3 dagen geleden

    You would make a great mayor of the world, king niko, overthrow the cannibal queen and creepy uncle joe

  59. RandomBro5

    RandomBro53 dagen geleden

    'From one BBC to another' Genious hahah

  60. Kazoot

    Kazoot3 dagen geleden

    The best part by far was the "Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity"

  61. Nathan Allen980

    Nathan Allen9803 dagen geleden

    I voted but I didn't see your name wasn't on the ballot paper

  62. L Rossetter

    L Rossetter3 dagen geleden

    What a bellend. Anyone who supports this or takes it seriously has issues lol. The youth of today..... what a joke! Niko running for London Mayor is what's wrong with this country

  63. Oxtail jazz

    Oxtail jazz3 dagen geleden

    Im South African, never been to the UK but my entire village wants to vote for NIKO to be mayor and for Maya Jama to give Chunkz "the same watch that stormzys got"

  64. TrueGD

    TrueGD3 dagen geleden

    12:05 I swear his glasses got bigger

  65. Sumaya

    Sumaya2 dagen geleden

    no its just perspective

  66. Yellow Kid

    Yellow Kid3 dagen geleden

    3:17 Did I just saw “Count Binface” with a picture of a bin like what!??

  67. Winter does Shoutouts

    Winter does Shoutouts3 dagen geleden

    Just letting everyone know I’m ugly :)

  68. Lord Sand Gameing

    Lord Sand Gameing4 dagen geleden

    Niko: am takeing this serious Also Him We’re are my children glasses

  69. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon4 dagen geleden

    If niko becomes mayor that would be one of the biggest thing to happen in 2021

  70. Anita M

    Anita M3 dagen geleden

    he didn’t🤣

  71. Aleesha Hussain

    Aleesha Hussain4 dagen geleden

    the only question I have, is why is there sooo many random famous people commenting random crap ?

  72. YRM

    YRM4 dagen geleden


  73. J B

    J B4 dagen geleden

    This was a pathetic attempt to dilute the vote for Max Fosh.... you should be ashamed

  74. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnon4 dagen geleden

    Love this !! Well done Niko 💗💗💗

  75. Miloshroom🍄

    Miloshroom🍄4 dagen geleden


  76. Bastion Rose

    Bastion Rose4 dagen geleden


  77. Mister ADHD

    Mister ADHD4 dagen geleden

    You would make a great mayor of the world, king niko, overthrow the cannibal queen and creepy uncle joe

  78. Shawnte Ngatai

    Shawnte Ngatai4 dagen geleden

    Cmon 704k likes=704k votes YEA!!

  79. ZYD0N

    ZYD0N4 dagen geleden


  80. eksine

    eksine4 dagen geleden

    Who the hell is Count Binface???!!!

  81. Tyla Keelan-Phillips

    Tyla Keelan-Phillips5 dagen geleden

    "Knowledge, strength and integrity" I'm dead. 😂

  82. Victoria Chard

    Victoria Chard5 dagen geleden


  83. Matty Crowe

    Matty Crowe5 dagen geleden

    Don’t get how you think it’s funny running for mayor when is so much going on in the country and you just taking the piss or so to be honest you getting elected as mayor Just cements the fact that this countrys politics is a load of shit

  84. chucknutbraker

    chucknutbraker5 dagen geleden

    Could of at least said something when interviewed.

  85. vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt5 dagen geleden


  86. Karan Lakhwani

    Karan Lakhwani5 dagen geleden

    3:18 Countbinface

  87. it's_tadiwa

    it's_tadiwa5 dagen geleden

    10:55 💯

  88. rengoku

    rengoku5 dagen geleden

    my HERO

  89. Ella Connors

    Ella Connors6 dagen geleden

    I would vote but I am to young but I love u

  90. PeanutNerd

    PeanutNerd5 dagen geleden

    Lol, he lost with only 2% votes.

  91. Stanley Gibs

    Stanley Gibs6 dagen geleden

    Love this !! Well done Niko 💗💗💗

  92. IdleCylinder573

    IdleCylinder5736 dagen geleden


  93. Josie Xia

    Josie Xia6 dagen geleden

    Imagine boris jhonson watching this beginning to brush his hair 😭😭

  94. Come to Lucy’s playhouse!

    Come to Lucy’s playhouse!6 dagen geleden

    Ldn go go go please pin me your my favourite NLpushr!

  95. Shahina Jasmin

    Shahina Jasmin6 dagen geleden

    Niko for Mayer or else you get

  96. Meph

    Meph6 dagen geleden

    It’s already been decided- he came 5th

  97. Redwood On The Beat ❼

    Redwood On The Beat ❼6 dagen geleden


  98. Kayla-Eve

    Kayla-Eve6 dagen geleden

    Imagine 50 years from now, our grandchildren will be reading about Neeko omilana becoming a Mayor because of youtube and twitter💀

  99. Moxah - Modding, Trolling, Glitches & Tutorials

    Moxah - Modding, Trolling, Glitches & Tutorials7 dagen geleden

    Love this channel!

  100. Anton Karran

    Anton Karran7 dagen geleden


  101. Olu Apampa

    Olu Apampa7 dagen geleden

    What does he mean by "From one BBC to another" ?🤔

  102. RickRollify

    RickRollify7 dagen geleden


  103. Chitalu Ndhlovu

    Chitalu Ndhlovu7 dagen geleden

    Niko Is The Best 😀🤗

  104. Swaggy D

    Swaggy D7 dagen geleden


  105. Pro-Bro

    Pro-Bro3 dagen geleden

    1st comment to a verified person

  106. vee ntc

    vee ntc7 dagen geleden

    Knowledge strength integrity

  107. Murphy -

    Murphy -7 dagen geleden

    This guy should fucking grow up a bit, he probably will when he finally gets a bird

  108. CrzyMonkey Bnana

    CrzyMonkey Bnana7 dagen geleden


  109. L R

    L R8 dagen geleden


  110. Karate 1707

    Karate 17078 dagen geleden

    You were the best candidate there you should’ve won

  111. George Sebastian

    George Sebastian8 dagen geleden

    G O A T

  112. zeeshan Mirza

    zeeshan Mirza8 dagen geleden

    I hope im proud to say in abt 20 years son this was the best mayor of all time

  113. zeeshan Mirza

    zeeshan Mirza8 dagen geleden

    VOTE FOR NDL or u breath stinks

  114. Kevi kazo

    Kevi kazo8 dagen geleden

    Sad no win

  115. Eden Brooke-Alder

    Eden Brooke-Alder8 dagen geleden

    i am going to vote for you

  116. PÆrbÆÆz gooomÆn

    PÆrbÆÆz gooomÆn7 dagen geleden

    He was in 5th place

  117. Liam Fitzsimons

    Liam Fitzsimons8 dagen geleden

    Run for prime minister next

  118. Harry Wills

    Harry Wills8 dagen geleden

    Wat happens if u do become mayor wat r u going to tell them like it’s a prank u said to boris shush lol 🤫

  119. luk3.47b

    luk3.47b8 dagen geleden

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