I Survived 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Hardcore Minecraft...

Hardcore Minecraft is the hardest difficulty so why not try and survive 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Hardcore Minecraft! I Survived 100 Days on ONE BLOCK in Hardcore Minecraft.
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    Hey everyone thank you all for the support! LETS SEE IF WE CAN GET 1 MILLIONS SUBSCRIBERS! That would be amazing. A LOT of you are asking for 600 days and ITS COMING VERY, VERY SOON! Have a great day guys and thank you all for being awesome! Credit to the creator: Map: OneBlock by IJAMinecraft Download: ijaminecraft.com/map/oneblock/

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    Wait what happened to the endless void idea in day 4-


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    Who else was screaming โ€˜USE THE TODEM while he was fighting the dragon

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    Ok so each day is 20 minutes (10 for day and 10 for night), and you battled the ender dragon from days 92 - 98 (7 days). 7 days * 20 minutes per day = 140 minutes battling the Ender Dragon. Did it really take 2 hours and 20 minutes to slay the Ender Dragon?

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