I Was Made for Lovin´ You (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

Original by Kiss

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Hi there, my name is Leo and run a studio on the westside of Norway where I do music and video stuff for youtube. I also have a band called Frog Leap, where we do my metal covers live.

For my covers I play everything myself as well as record, mix, master, shoot and edit the music \u0026 videos.


  1. Денис Фёдоров

    Денис ФёдоровUur geleden

    make a cover of russian rock

  2. Bruce Biggs

    Bruce Biggs21 uur geleden

    .......should've worn a shirt dude........


    RICHARD DREDGEDag geleden

    Just spent the evening trawling through your videos thanks to my brother introducing me to your music ! Awesome job ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🇬🇧

  4. Nagy Balázs

    Nagy BalázsDag geleden


  5. Niina Virtanen

    Niina Virtanen2 dagen geleden

    Bon scott, touch too much Sia, unstoppable Pweece ❤️

  6. Thunder978

    Thunder9783 dagen geleden

    You got to admire the hell out of this guy. He’s self-made, works his ass off, puts out solid music and clearly has a blast doing it. I love it when good things happens to good people. He deserves his success - because he earns it.

  7. Blackf350

    Blackf3503 dagen geleden

    Still have Paul Stanley's guitar pick he threw at me during their Hot in the Shade tour.

  8. Wulf-359

    Wulf-3593 dagen geleden

    MOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!! Daddy's playing guitar on the couch again! Be quiet, and keep recording, honey.


    DAVIE GTAJZ3 dagen geleden

    Lets go🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🎸🎸🎸

  10. Александр Булгаков

    Александр Булгаков3 dagen geleden

    во его прет!

  11. Олег Афанасьевич

    Олег Афанасьевич4 dagen geleden


  12. DriftRacer B

    DriftRacer B4 dagen geleden

    Great cover, but the video is a little creepy looking. Kind of a creepy Kiss-clown-pedo vibe. :0)

  13. Marco Lopez

    Marco Lopez6 dagen geleden

    awesome very cool video

  14. Kahm Customs

    Kahm Customs6 dagen geleden

    Come to U.S. I would love to hear this live

  15. Kahm Customs

    Kahm Customs6 dagen geleden

    Lmao...tape the nips...makes it not weird......😜🤪

  16. Kahm Customs

    Kahm Customs6 dagen geleden

    This guy can make any song beast🤟🤘👍


    WALLAROO6 dagen geleden

    I might like KISS, if they had sounded like this.

  18. Erik Peavler

    Erik Peavler6 dagen geleden

    asa huge kiss fan i give this an A+, well done sir

  19. Jonnlemon

    Jonnlemon6 dagen geleden

    so much energy

  20. Artorias The Abysswalker

    Artorias The Abysswalker7 dagen geleden

    Fullversion from this outrosong please this song is awesome ^^

  21. Artorias The Abysswalker

    Artorias The Abysswalker7 dagen geleden

    OMG i have tears in my eyes you looks so great hahahahahaha you are the best ^^

  22. Elizabeth Anderson

    Elizabeth Anderson9 dagen geleden


  23. Splendens Regan

    Splendens Regan9 dagen geleden


  24. mrquirkybastard

    mrquirkybastard9 dagen geleden

    Hey Leo, you guys still got the band together and ready to tour when shit opens up again?

  25. Scott Habshi

    Scott Habshi10 dagen geleden

    Paul Stanley was a killer clown?🤘

  26. Scott Habshi

    Scott Habshi10 dagen geleden

    Kiss my SaltyArmy 🇺🇸🧂

  27. Janis Strauts

    Janis Strauts11 dagen geleden


  28. Janis Strauts

    Janis Strauts11 dagen geleden


  29. ozzman39

    ozzman3911 dagen geleden

    Hey Leo I know the majority of your covers are metal. I would love to hear a Lounge cover of a Devildriver song !!!!

  30. Charlene Alexander

    Charlene Alexander11 dagen geleden


  31. - Anastacia Romanov -

    - Anastacia Romanov -11 dagen geleden


  32. - Anastacia Romanov -

    - Anastacia Romanov -11 dagen geleden

    Just a reminder for me ( best part) 0:19

  33. - Anastacia Romanov -

    - Anastacia Romanov -11 dagen geleden

    Just a reminder for me if I wanna go back 5:07

  34. Bill Brown

    Bill Brown11 dagen geleden

    I agreed with Jake Harvey. Totally understand the hard work that went into pitting this video together to start with but the different members makeup would have put it even more over the top as it is.

  35. Austin Goold

    Austin Goold11 dagen geleden

    I doubt anybody will understand this reference, but the close up mic shots with leos face with the make up makes him look like Art The Clown when he stole the crazy ladys hair and tits in Terrifier lmao

  36. Anastaltik

    Anastaltik11 dagen geleden

    You upgraded the song ….your vocals here are unbelievable!!!!!

  37. some guy that looks like me

    some guy that looks like me12 dagen geleden

    My wife hated this song, the original at least. I wish shed heard/seen this before she died(2/24/2020). She prolly wouldas still hated it, but I think its waaaaay better than, uh. . . . kiss's version. Fuck it! Its BETTER than the KISS version! She woulda liked it Im sure. And even tho she almost 50 she was still my little R&R Princess. Do something off Tattoo You, T n A preff. Love Your Life, bro!!

  38. Sascha W.

    Sascha W.12 dagen geleden

    ★★★★★ great ★★★ great ★★★ great ★★★★★

  39. Tech KiLL

    Tech KiLL12 dagen geleden


  40. UnPlugged Gaming

    UnPlugged Gaming12 dagen geleden

    Dam Leo is ripped!!! Please cover Waiting For A Star To Fall 😊

  41. Raven Redden

    Raven Redden13 dagen geleden

    So good!! Do more kiss covers

  42. sergii gaivoronskyi

    sergii gaivoronskyi14 dagen geleden

    Great video! Some more good video nlpush.info/net/video/pdrW3ZJsaaPalNE

  43. 조만성

    조만성16 dagen geleden

    👍👍👍you're the best!!

  44. Alexander Wagner

    Alexander Wagner16 dagen geleden

    No offense Leo, your covers are awesome, but even you can't make the lamest KISS song ever worth listening to! Not s******g on you I swear, but this was an impossible task lol

  45. Daryl Blasi

    Daryl Blasi7 dagen geleden

    I'm sorry to hear that. I love this version.

  46. Roy Barron

    Roy Barron16 dagen geleden

    Only Yes had a better light show than KISS!

  47. uncle_jessie

    uncle_jessie16 dagen geleden

    I love your stuff man.....but you missed a golden opportunity here.... It's a lot of work, but you should have changed outfit and makeup depending on which member of Kiss you were playing since they all had their own kit.

  48. クロベエたかひろ

    クロベエたかひろ17 dagen geleden


  49. H. Ducky

    H. Ducky17 dagen geleden

    Now let’s see Bloodhound Gang- Bad Touch. Monkey suits doing it like mammals. Yea man

  50. 88Spint

    88Spint17 dagen geleden

    Looking good with the hair m8 :D

  51. Jeffrey O'Dell

    Jeffrey O'Dell17 dagen geleden

    When the cover is so hard the tongue, nipple & eyeball get their own cameos!

  52. Leon Brown

    Leon Brown17 dagen geleden

    Aww hell yeah 🤘🏽

  53. xilix1969

    xilix196917 dagen geleden

    Leo nails it AGAIN!

  54. Zach Davis

    Zach Davis17 dagen geleden

    This is so f****n creepy and cringy. I LOVE IT!!

  55. Kittarix Music

    Kittarix Music18 dagen geleden

    Of course I love this... but it’s to tight... I loved the way KISS were a bit....loose! 😜

  56. Nicole Lendman

    Nicole Lendman18 dagen geleden

    I would have Loved seeing the Rabbit done up like Gene Simmons! ROFLMFAO that would have been so Epic! I Love ALL your videos and songs! and as this song says "I cant get enough of you baby!"

  57. Irum Cayavzki

    Irum Cayavzki18 dagen geleden

    Star Child Leo

  58. Shawn Mitchell

    Shawn Mitchell18 dagen geleden

    Well "Thank you!" for the decency strips. No way KISS would have done those

  59. Mark A

    Mark A18 dagen geleden

    Better than the original

  60. blas mendoza

    blas mendoza19 dagen geleden


  61. Fuddy Mucker

    Fuddy Mucker19 dagen geleden

    Freaking awesome dude😂

  62. Tobias Spydevold Pettersen

    Tobias Spydevold Pettersen19 dagen geleden

    FYI! You are a funny guy, but sometimes. I'm just happy for listening to you! You are talented, in our own way, and I like it. Long live rock, Long Live Leo!!!!

  63. Nick Hartley

    Nick Hartley19 dagen geleden

    What's with the tape? lol

  64. Brand New iCe

    Brand New iCe19 dagen geleden

    Haha! Very very very great one dude! 🎸😎🤘

  65. Joao Carlos Proença Fernandes

    Joao Carlos Proença Fernandes20 dagen geleden


  66. Jacek Widz

    Jacek Widz21 dag geleden

    I imagine how much laughter was there during the makeup for this video :D:D:D

  67. jakal13

    jakal1321 dag geleden

    Kiss did not censor their nipples. But one has to obey to the rules of society. That is Rock today :(

  68. Daryl Blasi

    Daryl Blasi7 dagen geleden

    That's NLpush for you. Actually. :)

  69. Mayela Nieto

    Mayela Nieto21 dag geleden


  70. bradypowers

    bradypowers22 dagen geleden

    Love the metal cover of i was made for loving you by kiss and i always love all of the cover of songs you do i would love to suggest some songs for you to do metal covers of one is gotta be somebody by nickelback the second one is i hate myself for loving you by joan jett and the blackhearts and the third one is wynonas big brown beaver by primus i would love to see you do metal covers of these songs

  71. Nafal Okta Anggara

    Nafal Okta Anggara22 dagen geleden

    Next, please .Panic! At The Disco - High Hopes . 😁

  72. Krzysztof

    Krzysztof22 dagen geleden


  73. Kenneth Sypherd

    Kenneth Sypherd22 dagen geleden

    The day you released this was my birthday. Best birthday present EVER!!!!!!!

  74. S S

    S S23 dagen geleden

    I feel like I'm watching the love child of Ace Frehley and Tim Curry perform this song. Great job Leo!

  75. Mystic Symbiotic

    Mystic Symbiotic23 dagen geleden

    Cranberries ⭐️salvation The Screaming Jets ⭐️October Grey Robert Tepper ⭐️No Easy way out

  76. adb012

    adb01223 dagen geleden

    Dear KISS, credit to you for writing this song. I don't want to listen to your version ever again.

  77. NPDT Process - The Way To Natural Sound

    NPDT Process - The Way To Natural Sound24 dagen geleden

    Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You (High-Quality Audio) nlpush.info/net/video/fs2vqYh_hnuwg5o processed using NPDT Process #kiss #iwasmadeforlovinyou #highquality #npdtprocess

  78. ~Yo Soy Pandy :3~

    ~Yo Soy Pandy :3~24 dagen geleden

    This One is crazy in a good way,i love this song xd

  79. J Young

    J Young24 dagen geleden

    Leo, you are just f**king badass, period. Best metal covers ever. Thank you.

  80. Sacramento Honey

    Sacramento Honey24 dagen geleden

    Sooooooo entertaining. Ohhhhhh and the signing was the bomb too 🤪

  81. Akeem Coit

    Akeem Coit24 dagen geleden

    For the glory of KISSmyanthea!!!!

  82. Tik tok Funny

    Tik tok Funny24 dagen geleden

    Comme a chaque fois...Bel hommage .

  83. Mr Kiyoshi

    Mr Kiyoshi25 dagen geleden

    #FreeAllTheNipples #FuckCensorship :D

  84. jontonio rodriguez

    jontonio rodriguez25 dagen geleden

    Muito show !!! AMEI !!!

  85. SS

    SS25 dagen geleden

    That is my least favorite Kiss song, but I definitely like your version better.

  86. Olaf Scherner

    Olaf Scherner25 dagen geleden


  87. Дима Абалмасов

    Дима Абалмасов26 dagen geleden


  88. Angeluss Blade

    Angeluss Blade26 dagen geleden

    Why did I got a christian ad when I clicked on this???? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  89. Paasjer 001

    Paasjer 00126 dagen geleden

    This is called metal recycling

  90. WinkyWankyWoo

    WinkyWankyWoo26 dagen geleden

    Rocky Horror Show vibes

  91. Len Pickering

    Len Pickering26 dagen geleden

    Wow !!!

  92. MrRock NRoll

    MrRock NRoll26 dagen geleden

    Brilliant, as always!!

  93. Boris B

    Boris B27 dagen geleden

    This wig is even better than this awesome cover! :D

  94. Dave Roberts

    Dave Roberts27 dagen geleden


  95. softtail72

    softtail7227 dagen geleden

    You should do tears are falling by kiss

  96. softtail72

    softtail7227 dagen geleden

    Freaking awesome cover

  97. Orcus, Lord of the Underworld

    Orcus, Lord of the Underworld27 dagen geleden

    This pleases Orcus

  98. AstraZ20LET

    AstraZ20LET28 dagen geleden

    Leo i need the metal version from: Make It Shine - Victoria Justice Can´t get out of my head, but there´s no metal sound hahaha

  99. Matt Stamey

    Matt Stamey28 dagen geleden

    This is sick dude. One of my favorites of yours. Plus the outfit makes it that much better lol

  100. Frost 0l1

    Frost 0l128 dagen geleden

    Dat Outro tho

  101. Destroyer

    Destroyer28 dagen geleden

    П*здато!!! Hello from Russia🤟🏻

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    DonArkadius28 dagen geleden

    11/10 !!!

  103. Nathan & Hayley

    Nathan & Hayley29 dagen geleden

    This is amazing dude absolutely love Kiss 😁