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Directed by Matt Eastin

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  1. Piya Botha

    Piya Botha4 uur geleden


  2. Kristian Jerez

    Kristian Jerez14 uur geleden

    y Daniel Platzman que paso con el?

  3. Syakirin57

    Syakirin5722 uur geleden

    damn, reminded me of the old ID

  4. Kacper

    Kacper22 uur geleden

    Im listening to this before my exam ;))

  5. Chico random

    Chico randomDag geleden

    My new favorite song

  6. AlpsAdds Advait&Apurva

    AlpsAdds Advait&ApurvaDag geleden

    This song has crossed the limits of imagination. *Imagine Dragons, your name will be written in golden words and learnt in history after a few decades.*

  7. DaftRipper

    DaftRipper57 minuten geleden

    ever heard of radioactive, your mind will be blown

  8. Cícero Vieira

    Cícero VieiraDag geleden

    Simplesmente, viciei! 😍👏🏻

  9. Chico random

    Chico random2 dagen geleden

    WoW 💞🌈

  10. What is up Danger

    What is up Danger2 dagen geleden

    And in the end it doesn't even matter...

  11. Pierremariejean Ahlstrom

    Pierremariejean Ahlstrom2 dagen geleden

    The savagery of the music... excellent.

  12. SpudHockey 12

    SpudHockey 122 dagen geleden

    Just had some McDonald’s and now I’m motivated to workout thanks guys.

  13. WHAT EVER!

    WHAT EVER!3 dagen geleden


  14. Aida Adia

    Aida Adia3 dagen geleden

    That woman is 40 but she looks for mid twenties, some people just don't age.

  15. Jaqueline Lightwood

    Jaqueline Lightwood4 dagen geleden


  16. Harris Braton

    Harris Braton4 dagen geleden

    Me everytime to my brutal Ankylosing spondlytis pain 1:35

  17. jayayerawn

    jayayerawn5 dagen geleden

    Here's an actually good 'Cutthroat' :

  18. Nattie Draws

    Nattie Draws5 dagen geleden

    This video doesnt match the song in the slightest and doesn't have a coherent story arc to match the song. Who was in charge of that? There could have been a much better video here

  19. Rechel Ramig

    Rechel Ramig5 dagen geleden

    I love Imagine Dragons, but this is a really unlikable song for me. I do like how they branch out into different styles of music, I just find this sounds plain ugly.

  20. Lacelina Arriego

    Lacelina Arriego5 dagen geleden

    The dislikes are from those people who got startled by Dan's voice.

  21. Elyssa Grace

    Elyssa Grace2 dagen geleden

    I usually hate yelling, but I am totally down for Dan doing it!

  22. Jeremy Rubio

    Jeremy Rubio5 dagen geleden

    My wife is right- This should be the theme for March Madness next season. 🏀 🤘

  23. Jenniffer Kresser

    Jenniffer Kresser6 dagen geleden

    That reminds an experience that I had in MVC, i also wanted to explode that place 🤣🤣

  24. ramesh kandpal

    ramesh kandpal6 dagen geleden

    She got her driver liscence last month like they always talk about

  25. Фассбендер магнито

    Фассбендер магнито6 dagen geleden

    Olivia munn❤️❤️❤️❤️

  26. Jeyciane Silva

    Jeyciane Silva7 dagen geleden

    Só tem gringo aqui? Brasileiros, cadê vocês?

  27. тıa яıтa

    тıa яıтa6 dagen geleden

    to aqui ;-;

  28. Tanish Jain

    Tanish Jain7 dagen geleden

    My ears bled after hearing this. What on earth was this


    AX GAMING7 dagen geleden

    Why only 2.9 M.. Wtf guys

  30. Tweemasters

    Tweemasters7 dagen geleden

    This song is seriously underated... I know it's edgy but, come on. it's AWESOME!

  31. YNW Smelly

    YNW Smelly7 dagen geleden

    These nuts across yo face

  32. SlamsyTheSlams💃🥖🕺

    SlamsyTheSlams💃🥖🕺8 dagen geleden

    2:07 THE VOICE CRACK I CAN’T 😭💅🏼

  33. Chris Berry

    Chris Berry8 dagen geleden

    Stop talking about it... You have a family, you have kids... You need to stay alive

  34. Georgeson Gray

    Georgeson Gray8 dagen geleden

    Wowoow...i am incredible voice...this why I love.. imagine dragon ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  35. Scars on Louise

    Scars on Louise8 dagen geleden

    We did a cover of Cutthroat for the Imagine Dragons Cover Contest :) Feel free to check out our version on our channel!

  36. Jeddy John

    Jeddy John9 dagen geleden



    Alpha NDAYISHIMYE9 dagen geleden


  38. 16 Amena Akter Lajuk

    16 Amena Akter Lajuk9 dagen geleden

    Awesome 😎

  39. Rebecca Carlson

    Rebecca Carlson9 dagen geleden

    Another great one directed by Matt Eastin!!

  40. FIT FOLK

    FIT FOLK9 dagen geleden

    Jajaja el cantante principal le copió el estilo al gaspi

  41. Laber Nicht

    Laber Nicht9 dagen geleden

    Olivia Munn is hot!

  42. King Enow

    King Enow10 dagen geleden 🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂🐂

  43. Triangle Wheel

    Triangle Wheel10 dagen geleden

    The girl in the thumbnail gave me the impression that when God came up with her concept art he literally used the letter V as a reference but decided it would be too outlandish so he blended it with a nice curvy U. Just sharing my opinion on this random lil bit

  44. たくたく

    たくたく10 dagen geleden

    so difficult to karaoke

  45. Su Su Hlaing

    Su Su Hlaing11 dagen geleden

    Like this. 💚💚💚

  46. David Westlake

    David Westlake11 dagen geleden

  47. Argya Empire

    Argya Empire11 dagen geleden

    We Will Rock You + Humble

  48. Joy Dip

    Joy Dip11 dagen geleden

    Wait for few months and people will come to NLpush by searching this song 🙂

  49. Xxsway opxX

    Xxsway opxX11 dagen geleden

    Man this is pretty bad expected more out of imagine dragons

  50. Jaxnado

    Jaxnado11 dagen geleden

    Replace Olivia with Napoleon Dynamite and you’ve got yourself the long awaited sequel

  51. Deimante Simkute

    Deimante Simkute11 dagen geleden

    For me this song is as lovable as believer is 🙂

  52. kenji6622

    kenji662212 dagen geleden

    wtf is this

  53. TheHd3468

    TheHd346812 dagen geleden

    Korn vibes :)

  54. RandomNachòś

    RandomNachòś12 dagen geleden

    It’s interesting how every second the scene cuts out into something new

  55. grand theft Ale

    grand theft Ale12 dagen geleden

    1:24 1:39 1:01

  56. MitobeGuy

    MitobeGuy12 dagen geleden

    *Breaks pencil tip during exam* " *I'M SOOOO MISUNDERSTOOD-* "

  57. 12Cris12

    12Cris1212 dagen geleden

    New song huh

  58. Bareilly FRS

    Bareilly FRS12 dagen geleden

    I am here after live performance and that video is better than this video

  59. Vika Talero

    Vika Talero13 dagen geleden

    Solo 5 segundos y movió las fibras en mi!!! Ufs!!!

  60. Imagine dragons biggest fan

    Imagine dragons biggest fan13 dagen geleden

    I just love how they sing great job imagine dragons stay like that !

  61. You Been Plagued

    You Been Plagued13 dagen geleden

    I’m still undecided about how i feel about this song

  62. SlamsyTheSlams💃🥖🕺

    SlamsyTheSlams💃🥖🕺8 dagen geleden

    Same because of the voice crack 😭😩

  63. Triangle Wheel

    Triangle Wheel10 dagen geleden

    @Meredith Mynerose but two or more is socially unacceptable *choose wisely*

  64. J T

    J T10 dagen geleden

    same lol

  65. Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer

    Meredith Mynrose Universal Healer10 dagen geleden

    Its okay not to like one of their songs

  66. EFEXTR

    EFEXTR13 dagen geleden

    Director: how angry do you want this song to be? Dan: YESSS

  67. phantomSV

    phantomSV7 dagen geleden

    Cutthroat? Cut vocal cords!

  68. Vika Farah

    Vika Farah13 dagen geleden


  69. Maxi

    Maxi13 dagen geleden

    this song is horrible

  70. k dulanjaya

    k dulanjaya13 dagen geleden


  71. Luqman Ismail

    Luqman Ismail13 dagen geleden

    Imagine Dragons is going metal or what hahaha

  72. Chelsie Nicholas

    Chelsie Nicholas13 dagen geleden

    How I imagine the world will be when I get my license. 😂

  73. Anna-Richard Pohl

    Anna-Richard Pohl13 dagen geleden

    you go girl!!

  74. Maria Marcia

    Maria Marcia14 dagen geleden

    Imagine Dragons entregando como sempre!

  75. Mr Pig king

    Mr Pig king14 dagen geleden

    Woah this is a little too good

  76. Hello Kitty

    Hello Kitty14 dagen geleden

    So this is called perfection?

  77. andrea gdhs

    andrea gdhs12 dagen geleden


  78. Sad Sia

    Sad Sia14 dagen geleden

    В этом году сдавала на права. Чувствовала тоже самое. )))

  79. Nadine Orlando

    Nadine Orlando14 dagen geleden

    I need the album right now.

  80. Nadine Orlando

    Nadine Orlando14 dagen geleden

    I'm so proud, this video is incredible.

  81. Minh Phan

    Minh Phan14 dagen geleden

    They from Rock ,now be Roll

  82. Viraaj Singh

    Viraaj Singh14 dagen geleden

    Want that good. They have already given so many hits and set a high benchmark. So we expect nice songs

  83. Viraaj Singh

    Viraaj Singh14 dagen geleden

    Imagine Dragons always blowing our minds

  84. sosiscream

    sosiscream14 dagen geleden

    Teriak teariak doank 🇮🇩🇮🇩

  85. Rizal Oktavian

    Rizal Oktavian14 dagen geleden

    Perfect song

  86. Filip Cienciała

    Filip Cienciała15 dagen geleden

    Lubię pom...hlep

  87. Filip Cienciała

    Filip Cienciała15 dagen geleden

    ogólnie to jest git ta piosEnKa

  88. Bobby Wright

    Bobby Wright15 dagen geleden

    Nine inch nails much!!!

  89. Filip Cienciała

    Filip Cienciała15 dagen geleden

    ebać pis

  90. Filip Cienciała

    Filip Cienciała15 dagen geleden


  91. CEBAH !!!

    CEBAH !!!15 dagen geleden

    Смысла в клипе конечно - хоть жопой жуй...

  92. Java Bain

    Java Bain15 dagen geleden

    This beat is ricockulous.

  93. Sαυrαвн

    Sαυrαвн15 dagen geleden

    Noone . Literally Noone . Me in GTA - 2:00 .

  94. Hokuto NoKen

    Hokuto NoKen15 dagen geleden

    That’s their worst song yet, what is that

  95. Mylena Moreira

    Mylena Moreira15 dagen geleden

    O quanto estava ansiosa para volta ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. By Brenda Bruzinga

    By Brenda Bruzinga15 dagen geleden

    Melhor banda dos tempos atuais


    REAGAN JOSEPH15 dagen geleden

    #WHO here got a fright when he started #SINGING...omg lol

  98. Stephen Lallana

    Stephen Lallana15 dagen geleden

    Olivia Munn is absolutely gorgeous.

  99. Heather sandstrom

    Heather sandstrom15 dagen geleden

    I was just at the BMV and boy do I feel cheated...!!!🤣

  100. Candii A.L.

    Candii A.L.15 dagen geleden

    Damn that was good

  101. Vanessa Motha

    Vanessa Motha15 dagen geleden

    Amo e amo

  102. AZ 7 IS DIS-EASED

    AZ 7 IS DIS-EASED16 dagen geleden


  103. Ilias rambo john wick 31

    Ilias rambo john wick 3116 dagen geleden

    Pretty great song by imagine dragons cutthroat

  104. Xena Malik

    Xena Malik16 dagen geleden

    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 wow

  105. Xena Malik

    Xena Malik16 dagen geleden

    🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 wow

  106. Litu Ou

    Litu Ou16 dagen geleden

    The first time I heard this I thought they were describing Donald Trump

  107. DaEggie

    DaEggie16 dagen geleden

    The definition of "they had us in the first half ngl"

  108. Travis Cook

    Travis Cook16 dagen geleden

    Like the hard-core style to this track! Reminds me of hed pe!

  109. Lydia Walton

    Lydia Walton16 dagen geleden

    Maybe it's because I just finished rewatching "Shadow and Bone" for the second time but all I can think about while listening to this song is how great theme song it would be for Kaz Brekker.