Imola F1: Absolute Max By Peter Windsor

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A brilliant Max Verstappen was dominant in both the wet and dry conditions at Imola, his Red Bull RB16B-Honda proving to be both reliable and driveable as the track changed from the wet to the semi-wet and then the dry. Lewis Hamilton salvaged a massive P2 for Mercedes after sliding off into the boonies; and Lando Norris finished a stunning P3 for McLaren-Mercedes. Add a massive, high-speed shunt from which both Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) and George Russell (Williams-Mercedes) escaped unharmed and you have an Emilia Romagna Grand Prix to remember, as Peter Windsor reports.
With thanks to Red Bull, AMG Mercedes, McLaren F1 and Scuderia Ferrari.
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  1. Filmer

    Filmer20 dagen geleden

    Why does he say Max Vershtappen? He wouldn't say Shterling Moss, would he?

  2. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui21 dag geleden

    Love the Miami Beach Promo. 👍

  3. Steve Ness

    Steve Ness21 dag geleden

    Stroll -5 / Vettel -0

  4. Curtizz Larsen

    Curtizz Larsen21 dag geleden

    I am so Fed UP with this MaxTalkHeis a master>F1.driver...He has now been driving F1 for about 5years, and have is it 10 victorys??? How many wins had LH after 5years???30 or 40???

  5. Rock girl

    Rock girl20 dagen geleden

    with a bit of a laugh that Hamilton got his lap back but nothing else. Kind of fukked up

  6. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt22 dagen geleden

    Not sure if you realized peter, Hamilton was a lap down when safety was thrown. So second was not going to be even remotely on the cards if not for the red flag

  7. bcvbb hyui

    bcvbb hyui21 dag geleden

    with a bit of a laugh that Hamilton got his lap back but nothing else. Kind of fukked up

  8. Clubber Lang

    Clubber Lang23 dagen geleden

    Is it that hard to pronounce ‘Verstappen’ right as a non-Dutch speaker?

  9. Rock girl

    Rock girl20 dagen geleden

    Peter , this is another great video

  10. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi23 dagen geleden

    Ohhh yes......what a race! And RedBull killed it with that old one but still...they are the only ones that do these kinds of videos!

  11. Niels4354

    Niels435424 dagen geleden

    Interestingly Max during an interview with Coulthard and his father Jos tells he drove a GT3 car for the first time and generally applied 40 bar less brake pressure than what the engineers initially wanted him to apply. However, his braking zones were shorter and faster than everybody else, because he 'did not activate the ABS' and according to himself 'being on the edge of ABS had more car control'...

  12. Jon Eric Fountain

    Jon Eric Fountain24 dagen geleden

    This is interesting. Thank you for this comment.

  13. Thom

    Thom24 dagen geleden

    Lewis is a great driver nobody will deny that however racing is racing and than everybody makes mistakes. Last few years lewis car wash so superior that he could stay within a safety margin now he needs to push it he will see cars trying to overtake ( thats racing) and he will need to push and than only human he will make mistakes. But I am sure Lewis will enjoy this much more than the last few years starting first and drive away in the distance!

  14. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi23 dagen geleden

    Le Clerec the ever gentleman.

  15. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo24 dagen geleden

    Lewis the luckiest driver in F1 history. Crazy good luck for that safety car to come out when it did.

  16. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt22 dagen geleden

    Max Vershtappen? 🤣

  17. ceerw buty

    ceerw buty25 dagen geleden

    I get the sense Hamilton is going to push Max into places he never knew even existed.

  18. Rock girl

    Rock girl22 dagen geleden

    i wonder and so did some commentators on the pit lane channel, if reversing onto/on the track is allowed? not very safe for the poor rearward vision for one thing?

  19. Feline Prime

    Feline Prime25 dagen geleden

    I believe the "close competition" that Lewis claims to want is open to interpretation. If a RBR car gets close and he's still able to pull off the win that's close enough for him. To think he would accept George (after what we witnessed in Sahkir) as a teammate is laughable. George may get his Mercedes seat when lewis moves on. For now, as long as Bottas doesn't put the Mercedes WCC in danger, I think he'll get to stay because that's what lewis wants. So, IMO, Lewis isn't looking for a blood and guts fight every single weekend with his own teammate; not unless the #2 driver at Merc gets slowed down somehow. These days I'd imagine there are 100 different ways to make sure the #44 car is dominant w/o raising anyone's eyebrows.

  20. Rock girl

    Rock girl22 dagen geleden

    Max Vershtappen? 🤣

  21. MoonInSun108

    MoonInSun10825 dagen geleden

    Now, that's a Grand Prix I would watch live: Supermoto Formula One race with a beach sector 😄

  22. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo24 dagen geleden

    Nice plant

  23. kolim jone

    kolim jone26 dagen geleden

    Ohhh yes......what a race! And RedBull killed it with that old one but still...they are the only ones that do these kinds of videos!


    RYAN MURPHY26 dagen geleden

    Serious question... seeing that Red Bull driving on Miami beach, I think it would be a great race and spectacle (with passing!) To see F1 race on a dirt oval. Not joking. Nascar did it this year and it was great fun and I'm not a follower of dirt racing. These cars could do it maybe... just dial back the available throttle (the team engineers can find a good pedal for the drivers so they have some power when they want it but not too much where you just light em up too much. I think put a different wing on there that doesnt fall about at slightest touch (maybe just have a nose with no wing). What F1 fan wouldn't watch that 1st F1 dirt race with great anticipation?! My 2 cents.

  25. Franklin Cain

    Franklin Cain26 dagen geleden

    Verstappen The new Hamilton or Schumacher - wish he had Merc's equipment, money, team and influence- he would dominate.

  26. Michael Thompson

    Michael Thompson26 dagen geleden

    I get the sense Hamilton is going to push Max into places he never knew even existed.

  27. sjonhigh

    sjonhigh26 dagen geleden

    That sound at the end, damn I miss that..... I know the power of today's engine's are insane... but I rather see the cars drive 1-2 seconds slower and give me that old sound back than modern day hybrid drama.

  28. kontinnuum

    kontinnuum26 dagen geleden

    Peter , this is another great video

  29. Al Terego

    Al Terego26 dagen geleden

    What happened to the 44 going a lap down while he struggled to get out of the gravel? How did he regain that lap during the red flag? They briefly mentioned it on the broadcast with a bit of a laugh that Hamilton got his lap back but nothing else. Kind of fukked up

  30. Rock girl

    Rock girl27 dagen geleden

    Love the Miami Beach Promo. 👍

  31. Paul Lenarts

    Paul Lenarts27 dagen geleden

    sorry, but just before the red flag .........he was a lap down to max ...... But anyway, the King defeated the knight.

  32. San

    San27 dagen geleden

    Max Vershtappen? 🤣

  33. crabsodyinblue

    crabsodyinblue27 dagen geleden

    i wonder and so did some commentators on the pit lane channel, if reversing onto/on the track is allowed? not very safe for the poor rearward vision for one thing?

  34. pat newway

    pat newway25 dagen geleden

    lewis came back on the wet part outside , cars were going inside , thats why it was save enough

  35. Liam

    Liam27 dagen geleden

    Le Clerec the ever gentleman.

  36. Chucky Finster

    Chucky Finster27 dagen geleden

    Miami people are going to be disappointed when the v6 instead of v8 turns up

  37. C F

    C F27 dagen geleden

    Ohhh yes......what a race! And RedBull killed it with that old one but still...they are the only ones that do these kinds of videos!

  38. Boris B

    Boris B28 dagen geleden

    Nice plant

  39. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty28 dagen geleden

    Woo hoo! F1 is coming to Florida. Welcome! "When you wish upon a star, you're dreams...come... truuuue." : )

  40. D Harper

    D Harper28 dagen geleden

    Leclerc should have passed Max when he was off track,very surprised he did not

  41. Pedro Ferrr

    Pedro Ferrr26 dagen geleden

    Yes, maybe he thought that the rules didn´t let him do that.

  42. y1521t21b5

    y1521t21b528 dagen geleden

    HAM's first error was not pulling out in time when it became apparent he would wind up on the sausage kerbs. Lucky he didn't damage his car more. As for the rest of his race, the _P2_ was a gift of the red flag, absent which he likely would have finished no higher than 7th. VER is looking good for the 2021 _WDC!_

  43. Jon Eric Fountain

    Jon Eric Fountain24 dagen geleden

    P2 wasnt a gift of red flag. The gift was stop and restart which allowed him to be in 9th. His driving 9-2 was all him and all skill. The red flag didnt overtake anyone.

  44. frdml01

    frdml0128 dagen geleden

    Lewis seems to have that bit of luck that champions seem to have. Not only was he lucky to get out of the gravel, but also with getting the lap back after the red flag. Also while Bottas could not overtake without DRS in the wet, Lewis had DRS to overtake when he needed it most. Schumacher also often used to have just that bit of luck that a champion needs and get.

  45. truth4reel

    truth4reel28 dagen geleden

    Max deserved the win from the perfect start he had and the race he drove. But nah Peter Max was being pulled in by lewis towards end of the 1st stint, the gap went down to 1.9 s at one point. Can't really use the traffic argument b/c they both hit the same traffic. If Lewis had lifted and followed max around the first chicane he could've won the race. Lewis is faster in the rain period. When it's dry his tyre management makes him faster than max at end of a stint. As a case in point Max was in the free air the second stint while lewis was fighting back up to second on the same tire, yet he bagged fastest lap 3 laps before the end of the race. Max had time to respond but couldn't.

  46. Pedro Ferrr

    Pedro Ferrr26 dagen geleden

    The fastest lap was with a big DRS help, Max, himself, said he could never win 0.4 sec, without the help of DRS.

  47. freak777power

    freak777power28 dagen geleden

    Max would lose this race if it wasn't for Lewis mistake. Mercedes had much better race pace than Red Bull.

  48. freak777power

    freak777power28 dagen geleden

    @Dennis Bakker Hamilton was on his ass < 2 seconds right before he made a mistake. I don't think you people even watched a race. One thing is to escape Lando and one Hamilton.

  49. Dennis Bakker

    Dennis Bakker28 dagen geleden

    Pulled a gap a couple of times. He didn't push the last 15 Laps.. no need

  50. Ralph e

    Ralph e28 dagen geleden

    I blame Bottas what is he doing being being passed by a Williams he should have just moved over if he's that slow. Bottas jerk over just a little like a road rage jerk not really moving over just enough to startle the passing driver and I think it was a kind of deliberate road rage move as he know his Mercedes career is done!

  51. Rafiki

    Rafiki28 dagen geleden

    Leclerc slowing down and not taking the lead when Max went off is actually not a good job if you ask me.

  52. Matthew Sinclair

    Matthew Sinclair29 dagen geleden

    Incredible race

  53. Po Larit

    Po Larit29 dagen geleden

    Conditions like the weekend are usually decided on the smallest of mistakes and luck. Lewis actually looked like having a better pace than Max at that midpoint of the race on the soft tyre and his fastest lap even after running behind traffic showed that. In theory, his tyes should've been done.... In those conditions, Lewis quite often feels his way into them and just grows as the race progresses. A mixture of the Mercedes team having that poor pitstop and un-characteristically forcing an overtake on a backmarker try to make up that ground he knew he had on a slow Verstappen threw away the win. However...... Reversing out of the gravel was a genius move....... working his way through the pack after showed as well how good Hamilton is compared to the car when seen in relation to Bottas. Max drove a great race, especially the start. He made a mistake similar to Lewis overtaking Russel but just got away with it much like Hamilton got the luck with the red flags.

  54. Snow Rabbit

    Snow Rabbit29 dagen geleden

    (Sir)Hamilton got saved by Micheal Masi.. yet again..

  55. Taynara Fagundes

    Taynara Fagundes29 dagen geleden

    Max is nr 1

  56. Chris LaKous

    Chris LaKous29 dagen geleden

    Fingers crossed we get a close battle all season long 🙏

  57. Peter Southern Boy

    Peter Southern Boy29 dagen geleden

    Love the Miami Beach Promo. 👍

  58. Erik de Jong

    Erik de Jong29 dagen geleden

    Lewis driver of the day? Great drive? Are you kidding me? After big mistake and red flag luck. This is hilarious

  59. Jon Eric Fountain

    Jon Eric Fountain24 dagen geleden

    Thats why it is great. Damaged front wing (his own mistake) off the road (his own mistake) gets a red flag (luck) and still finished P2. Meanwhile in that same time checo went from p4 to p12 and Norris went from P2 to P3.

  60. #PuraLeña

    #PuraLeña29 dagen geleden

    Do the cars still have a mechanical reverse? Or do they use electrical power, which would be a great functionality. Selecting a torque limited ´gravel´ mode. As this could help to avoid race stops.

  61. #PuraLeña

    #PuraLeña29 dagen geleden

    @David Pearce Thanks fot the response.

  62. David Pearce

    David Pearce29 dagen geleden

    Yes ..... most, if not ALL F1 cars now can engage reverse by pressing the neutral button on the steering wheel, and the holding down the 'N' button for several seconds, and reverse should then be engaged. I know these systems occasionally fail because they are hardly ever tested in anger (so to speak) plus they never used to be very robust because they designers would 'almost' see these systems as dead weight, and were made as light as possible.


    STEPHAN FEIBISH29 dagen geleden

    Lewis Hamilton is the perfect gentleman. A true champion.

  64. Dennis Bakker

    Dennis Bakker28 dagen geleden

    I would be to with all the camera's.. He loves the cam

  65. luckyno888

    luckyno88829 dagen geleden

    Bottas trying to stay on the dry line. Russel was too aggressive in passing.

  66. Meine Postma

    Meine Postma29 dagen geleden

    Yeah, if there was fault it was Russell's. His prima donna behaviour does not help the situation.

  67. F1 analyst44

    F1 analyst4429 dagen geleden

    Mercedes had the car to win.


    CARLOS PEREZ29 dagen geleden

    I think Lewis was given 2nd place by letting lapped car complete their lap before safety car headed out. I think the spirit of the rule was stretched way beyond its intension. Letting lapped cars pass safety car while on out lap is OK, but getting a free lap before safety car starts out lap. Am I wrong for thinking this was unfair.

  69. Silence Dogood

    Silence Dogood29 dagen geleden

    0:23 “Charles Leclerc did a very nice job of not taking the lead from him” Me: 😂 Agreed

  70. PhinixflyHD

    PhinixflyHD29 dagen geleden

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  71. Pat Quakernaat

    Pat Quakernaat29 dagen geleden

    Maybe time to change the antique red flag bonus for drivers who are lapped. Norris got hard done by, he actually lapped LH. But because LH got a lap for free he made it to 2nd. 15 points bonus. Not fair for Lando and Charles .....

  72. Pat Quakernaat

    Pat Quakernaat27 dagen geleden

    @Karim Hrichi Well those rules also clearly state drivers have to do their utmost to stay within the racelines (being the white lines) 29x Bahrein. I'm not bitching, but F1 clearly is inconsistent. And some rules need changing Such as the unlap rule.

  73. Karim Hrichi

    Karim Hrichi28 dagen geleden

    A not fair for Max, he would be leading the championship with 15 points on Lewis. But rules are rules, if it happend to Lando, Charles or Max then it also not fair. I hope that this rule will be removed next season (probably not)

  74. Roy Drinkwater

    Roy Drinkwater29 dagen geleden

    I loved the end clip of Red Bull in Miami. The beach scene reminded me of Daytona NASCAR racing in the 50’s and the headlights were super. Too bad they can’t race like that today. p.s. I felt bad for the rear jackman in the pit stop eating so much sand...

  75. Ryan Dalziel

    Ryan Dalziel29 dagen geleden

    I wonder if Max will get some plot armor some day...

  76. Rock girl

    Rock girl27 dagen geleden

    Woo hoo! F1 is coming to Florida. Welcome! "When you wish upon a star, you're dreams...come... truuuue." : )

  77. Mark Meima

    Mark Meima29 dagen geleden

    Lewis was great showed off his experience after he's shunt, but it sure seemed like he needed that race stop to get his head back together. Great race hope the seasons continues like this

  78. jussayin mipeece

    jussayin mipeece29 dagen geleden

    Honda; we made mistake Youki san. Engine now winning Youki San. OOOPS!!

  79. jussayin mipeece

    jussayin mipeece29 dagen geleden

    is it just me or does Hamilton always seem very happy after one of those near disasters where he has to come from behind. I mean he was grinning from ear to ear in second place.

  80. F1 analyst44

    F1 analyst4429 dagen geleden

    @Robbie NL ofcourse he didnt look happy, he lost the race that he should have won.

  81. jussayin mipeece

    jussayin mipeece29 dagen geleden

    @Robbie NL He had a big grin on his face and was effusive about his drive, SAID he enjoyed having to drive and overtake so it just sound to me like you are just not a Hamilton fan and are looking for something to criticize. I get it but i am going to take his word for it..

  82. Robbie NL

    Robbie NL29 dagen geleden

    He didnt look happy

  83. MagicAyrtonforever

    MagicAyrtonforever29 dagen geleden

    He loves driving and yes was glad he saved face in the end that’s why he’s such a treasure it’ll be boring when he leaves f1

  84. Yerrie

    Yerrie29 dagen geleden

    good thing is that after a long time that people see that Lewis his world class teammate who he has been beating for the WDC is simply a very very average driver.

  85. Moos

    Moos29 dagen geleden

    thats why leclere will never be WC he is to much of a nice guy i whould have taken the lead. Lewis making a schoolboy error too bad the moment i saw the backmarkers it thought its not going to end well. But great recovery.

  86. Robbie NL

    Robbie NL29 dagen geleden

    Lewis not better than leclerc i think, if you have the best car you win, unless youre name is Max i guess.

  87. Dutch Gerbie

    Dutch Gerbie29 dagen geleden

    Runner up for HAM was not a deserved result, it was pure luck. Had there not been code red, HAM already more than a lap behind NOR and LEC would have needed to pit to replace the front, and come back on track a good lap and a half behind podium. Yes is was a good come back, but he would have not had any chance to finish on the podium without code red. NOR and LEC fully deserved to finish 2nd and 3rd.

  88. Leon Montfrooij

    Leon Montfrooij29 dagen geleden

    Lewis got a free lap! No way was he driver of the day.

  89. Yerrie

    Yerrie29 dagen geleden

    You like most didn’t do your homework, I did, I watched all overtakes from Lewis on Charles, Carlos and Lando in the same situation, and then it’s already dry, those 3 come to the right at the end of the white pitlane line, Bottas at the beginning, Bottas just simply doesn’t expect George to come out of DRS and pass right (and thats typical for Bottas), you see Bottas steering to the left once he notices but then it’s already to late. But people who explain things should at least do some homework. Hamilton crashing and still turning it in to a masterclass is simply hideous, 2 big mistakes, one going off and 2nd brake the wing misjudging his angle, red flag, passes in DRS a couple of cars and again it’s masterclass for peter, even with these mistakes, it’s getting more and more of joke these analysis

  90. Mark Zaal

    Mark Zaal29 dagen geleden

    Love Russel but today he was the lessur man.

  91. Henno Appel

    Henno Appel29 dagen geleden

    The rule to unlap yourself during red flags or safety car is originally meant for slow cars who were lapped because of their speed, not for a p1/2/3 car who was lapped because of a fault. The rule should be that only cars who were lapped because of their slow laptimes are allowed to unlap themselves. This did cost Leclerc a podium and Max not on p1 for the championship.

  92. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man29 dagen geleden

    Where are the _George is mature beyond his age_ brigade. tehehehe

  93. Salty Showers

    Salty Showers29 dagen geleden

    Finally we have the old Lewis back: Real pressure, real mistakes.

  94. John Brown

    John Brown29 dagen geleden

    😂🤣dumb statement

  95. MagicAyrtonforever

    MagicAyrtonforever29 dagen geleden

    He usually goes up a whole new gear after a big mistake.. Watch out!!!

  96. Gerrit TjaardA Marinus

    Gerrit TjaardA Marinus29 dagen geleden

    Welcome to Miami !!!

  97. Lapwings

    Lapwings29 dagen geleden

    I think you forget that Lewis only passed the Ferrari s when they didn't have DRS. So Sainz was no different to Leclerc being overtaken by Lewis. Leclerc just had DRS, and when he didn't he lost 3rd place immediately. I think if Lando had kept the Ferrari close to him.. Lewis would have finished 4th

  98. insAneTunA

    insAneTunA29 dagen geleden

    Without the red flag at that exact moment Lewis would have been lapped by every car in the field and he would have ended with zero or maybe 1 point for fastest lap.

  99. insAneTunA

    insAneTunA29 dagen geleden

    @Andrew Metcalfe All together Lewis was lucky during the previous race for not being punished for crossing the white line in turn 4 at least 29 times, and now he was lucky with the red flag situation.

  100. Andrew Metcalfe

    Andrew Metcalfe29 dagen geleden

    Yeah, nah. Without the red flag Max would have lapped everyone up to about Norris-LeClerc and Hamilton would have caught and passed the rest. So, without the red flag is was racing for 5th or 6th, plus fastest lap.

  101. Seamus Carroll

    Seamus Carroll29 dagen geleden

    Such a great channel absolutely love these videos

  102. red is the color FA

    red is the color FA29 dagen geleden

    Alonso finished few tenths behind Ocon so i cant say it was a bad race. bur as he also said he is still learning these cars,

  103. 86 Billion Neurons

    86 Billion Neurons29 dagen geleden

    Great entertaining race, just what I want every race.

  104. Jackson bermingham

    Jackson bermingham29 dagen geleden

    id be dropping bottas .. sooner it happen's the better for mercedes to compete for championship.. championships are the game really

  105. Jackson bermingham

    Jackson bermingham29 dagen geleden

    max did his job a boring race.. Hamilton did a max

  106. Robert VanZant

    Robert VanZant29 dagen geleden

    How much luck has Hamilton ? Makes you wonder ?? Sill Max was unbeatable the fia done there best for Mercedes and Hamilton .

  107. D Hawk

    D Hawk29 dagen geleden

    I'm not buying the Merc is slower narrative just yet. That car flies on race day. It's clearly better on degradation, which is part of what makes a car quick.

  108. rakesh shetty

    rakesh shetty29 dagen geleden

    I think Kimi got penalty so alosno finished in 10th

  109. avantman_

    avantman_29 dagen geleden

    Lewis for driver of the day. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 can it be even more pathetic, Mr. Windsor? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  110. Timothy Davey

    Timothy Davey29 dagen geleden

    LH took time to take CL because CL repeatedly had DRS at the same time.

  111. Chris-Oy

    Chris-Oy29 dagen geleden

    Russell make it difficult for both Mercedes drivers and was definitely Redbull best driver for the day.

  112. Jon Nerheim

    Jon Nerheim29 dagen geleden

    Uh... great drive by Norris, but he got 26 seconds with the safety car/red flag. Hamilton wouldn’t be anywhere without the red flag and unlapping. Strange that you didn’t mention that. Great drive by Max, Charles was going for second place (or at least a podium). Sainz was lapping a lot quicker than most, and was up from 11. Pretty good I would say... strangely biased on this one.

  113. Pedro Ferrr

    Pedro Ferrr26 dagen geleden

    @MrMilli He is total biased with respect to Ham. But i like is analyse, otherwise I will not comment here.

  114. MrMilli

    MrMilli29 dagen geleden

    I came to the comment section to write the same. While I wouldn't call Peter biased but he certainly has tunnel vision towards Lewis. All his reviews are from the perceptive of Lewis, like he's the only thing that matters in F1. As you say, Lewis not only got a free pit stop but was also allowed to unlap himself. Leclerc lost his podium. Peter should instead of not even mentioning the unlapping, focus on it and explain it.

  115. Read Review

    Read Review29 dagen geleden

    Amazing contents but I think click bait could be better

  116. Michel

    Michel29 dagen geleden

    Lewis being insanely good and insanely lucky as usual.

  117. Filmer

    Filmer20 dagen geleden

    @Michel And by the way: I feel blessed that I'm not a mega-zillionaire and that I'm not adored by millions.

  118. Filmer

    Filmer20 dagen geleden

    @Michel The question in my opinion is: is it luck or is it an outcome of all of his previous choices and actions in life. If it was luck, it could have happened to either one of us.

  119. Michel

    Michel20 dagen geleden

    @Filmer Well he did become a mega-zillionaire, 7 times WC, adored by millions, apparently while being constantly institutionally discriminated against by all the white man racism. Or something along those lines. I would call that lucky.

  120. Filmer

    Filmer20 dagen geleden

    If you are lucky so many times, it's not luck. Luck is something that changes, that's the definition of it. And in the long term anyone gets the same amount of it. Or you can say luck doesn't exist. But one person can't be lucky all the time.

  121. ramon_21

    ramon_2127 dagen geleden

    Rosberg said it: if you want to win to Lewis you just have to break his emotional equilibrium. Once out of Turn 1 Lewis couldn’t reach Max. He did recovered after the red flag and raced a lil better the second half to overcome his error, but even with the front wing fixed he never got enough pace to close the gap with Max, that gap just kept growing... 22 sec. If Max keeps putting pressure on him the way he did at Imola, he have a chance for the title.

  122. Channel Z

    Channel Z29 dagen geleden

    GO MAX!!!!

  123. Edwin Rutten

    Edwin Rutten29 dagen geleden

    As a max fan I would say just finish 2nd would feel like a lost, but now due to the incident coming back from 9th to second this 2nd place feels like a win. Pity that is was not a dent in Mercedes confidence , but god what a brilliant drive from Hamilton and the earned extra point. Post interview why Max did not went for the Extra point he said "he had a massive tow and DRS, no way i could make up those 0.4 sec", best season start ever!

  124. micahvdw

    micahvdw27 dagen geleden

    @Dennis Bakker lewis was essentially just as quick but mercedes weren't generally faster than redbull max was saying he couldn't take the fastest lap without a tow it's not that crazy

  125. Dennis Bakker

    Dennis Bakker28 dagen geleden

    Merc way faster and a lap given as a present.. i dont agree

  126. Pamela Fearnley

    Pamela Fearnley29 dagen geleden

    Max claimed that he did not know he had touched and damaged LH's car in the 1st corner of the 1st lap when he was asked in the post race driver interviews. MV DID know he had damaged and touched LH car by pushing him off the track- Horner and Macko would have radioed MV with this info ! MV is such a bull****er and a dirty cheating driver. Max V was not voted the best driver if the day - the public fans were right not to vote him in for this! LH and Merc will definately win the 2021 championship this year because they are a much better team. Bottas, needs to pull his socks up or be replaced during this year!

  127. afe nijmeijer

    afe nijmeijer29 dagen geleden

    Reversing on to the track. In the past that was instant disqualification. What gives?

  128. TheCrumb74

    TheCrumb7429 dagen geleden

    You're thinking of reversing in the pitlane. Perfectly fine to do it on track.

  129. afe nijmeijer

    afe nijmeijer29 dagen geleden

    Max outdrove Hamilton in this race. Hamilton was very very lucky that the red flag came out.

  130. D Hawk

    D Hawk29 dagen geleden

    Yeah they gifted him a lap! Very lucky indeed. Outclassed by Max at the start, then felt the pressure (finally)

  131. Stuart Anderson

    Stuart Anderson29 dagen geleden

    Congratulations Peter on being the one of the unbiased commentaries on the race. Very difficult to hear Sky totally bashing Bottas for the crash with Russell. Actually claiming VB moved right to make contact. Then GR reaction post crash slapping VB halo petulantly. OK just had a huge crash but this shows when the pressure is high he will lash out!!?? Toto will have taken note.

  132. Jon Nerheim

    Jon Nerheim29 dagen geleden

    As a non-Brit I disagree. Great drives from Norris and Hamilton, but failing to mention a 26 second gap to Leclerc for Norris and a free unlapping/nose change for Hamilton is biased in my opinion. Norris would have been third. Lewis would be about 6-7 maybe. Sainz was up from 11th and was among the four quickest for a long time in the race. Anyway; it will be a great season with Red Bull/Merc and Ferrari/McLaren fighting for 1/2 and 3/4. Cheers

  133. Garrod Hutchison

    Garrod Hutchison29 dagen geleden

    How come a Williams was even attempting to overtake a Mercedes? What was Bottas doing?

  134. michael welch

    michael welch29 dagen geleden

    Max clip in Miami, fantastic production. Went there for Indy, could be international draw, especially if cheap flights, etc. Perez, even, UK.

  135. José Lerebours

    José Lerebours29 dagen geleden

    "It took lewis 5 good laps to get past him (norris)... it took lewis about 4 laps to get past charles lecrerc, has to be said, whereas carlos sainz he brushed aside in about 1 lap... anyway getting back to the point..." 🤦🏾‍♂️ Really peter be more imparcial man. To be exact it took hamilton 2 attemps, two laps to overtake Sainz, who was without DRS, what is your point on saying that??, whereas Charles had DRS with norris, which was the only thing that helped him stay infront of lewis for 4 laps. Great merit to Norris for keeping him behind for 5 laps without DRS, but the straight speed of the mclaren is a lot different than the ferraris for the moment, so what is your point. Stop hating sainz and putting him like he is a Mehh driver. He is ajusting himself to that car, give the time and thr respect.

  136. C Mosca

    C Mosca29 dagen geleden


  137. Račko Uroš Pfaifar

    Račko Uroš Pfaifar29 dagen geleden

    Lewis had a hag but Mercedes is going to have to do a better job in the pits if they want to win the 8th title in a row it seems like every race they have to fight they f up the pit stops it is happening to often specially for a team like that

  138. Sumit Shines

    Sumit Shines29 dagen geleden

    Max destroyed Hamilton lets agree in a car surely slower than Mercedes.....which toto agreed

  139. Lyndon Gibson

    Lyndon Gibson29 dagen geleden

    No he didn't and stop trolling and talking crap! its was a great race and obviously things turned out better on this occasion for Verstappen👏🏽👏🏽 give credit where credit is due. I each 20 more to go, let the battle commence.

  140. Bruce MacKenzie

    Bruce MacKenzie29 dagen geleden

    Great race by Max and team, Lewis very good despite his error. Bottas has to be a huge disappointment and costing team points. Vettle, Ricciardo and Alonso looked tired old pros.

  141. José Lerebours

    José Lerebours24 dagen geleden

    @Jon Eric Fountain nice no pro, your welcome, thanks as well for the good chat 👌🏾, always nice to have a friendly f1 talk with diferent opinions. In terms of my top 7 of the year it goes like this. 1. Ham 2. Vert 3. Perez 4. Bottas 5. Ricc 6. Lecrerc 7. Norris But i see more caos from 5th to 10th, that can go in so many ways man thats the beauty of it jeje. Norris is doing so much better than i can see him even in 4th as you said and yet ricc will come back strong sooner than later, ten lecrerc is a mighty driver and then you have sainz who might do well as well. I dont know i ll juat ait back an enjoy, i wouldnt even mine if verstappen wins the champ jjekjjej if all thia goes till the end of the year

  142. Jon Eric Fountain

    Jon Eric Fountain24 dagen geleden

    @José Lerebours thanks again for your insight. I like talking to passionate fans. I agree with yiur analysis of him to Sainz. Last year was by far his best year ever and he would of done even better if it were not for his team costing him 2x and him missing two weeks from covid as you also said. I look forward to chatting as the season goes on. Blessings mate.

  143. José Lerebours

    José Lerebours24 dagen geleden

    @Jon Eric Fountain for me he is not a great driver but he is togeather with sainz in terms of a driver that is not great but is above the good ones. Why a say that? Cause they are reliable finishing races in points, thy wont always do the impreaive race but they mostly finish in the points and they both have shown a lot growth seens a couple of years ago. Ill give you the not great driver and not a dynamic as other drivers but if he is something is that he is consistent. He did 10 podiums and 9 of them where in a midfield team seconds away from the top 3 teams of those years. Last year he did more to that team than the team did for themself in terms of results, cause as a team they had a better car than they manage to control, perez lost two races by covid and two others, where he was in the podium and the team fail in strategie and 2 other where the engine blow, and delivered to get 4th in the championship. I could keep saying other things but dont get my words i have my opinion and you yours and thats fine. In my case he is one of my favorites togeather with hamilton, alonso, ricciardo an sainz. So just lets see how he does in redbull this year, i think he ll do good enough and beat at least bottas to 3th place.

  144. Jon Eric Fountain

    Jon Eric Fountain24 dagen geleden

    @José Lerebours not that i am right but i think it’s a good analysis by you. My top 7 for the season will go like this 1. Ham 2. VER 3. Bottas 4. Norris 5. Perez (Perez only 5 cause his csr is better than Ferrari) no reason not to be top 4. 6. Leclerc 7. Ricciardo 8. Sainz

  145. Jon Eric Fountain

    Jon Eric Fountain24 dagen geleden

    @José Lerebours thank u for taking time to write back and make your position known. I like checo and i think he is a good driver. But - that’s about it. Not great. Not dynamic. Not consistent. In 9 years of racing he only has 10 podiums and finished one season in top 5. The rest of the time he averages between p7-p10. He has a great car so there is no excuse for him not to get top 4 in the season I just don’t think there is enough history that shows he can elevate a car and be consistent.

  146. mark

    mark29 dagen geleden

    that merceedes has a superior car too every one else thats why he got 2nd place

  147. Anshuman Roy

    Anshuman Roy29 dagen geleden

    How did Charles "pull away" from Carlos at the end of the race? I know you are a massive Charles fanboy. But what you said was definitely utter BS. Out of all the drivers changed team Carlos has adapted the most quickly

  148. Juan Ignacio Amado Regueiro

    Juan Ignacio Amado Regueiro28 dagen geleden

    It´s not that he likes Leclerc. It´s that he doesn´t like Sainz. Look at the "abismal" comments and about how it only took Norris 1 lap to pass Sainz and 4 to pass Leclerc. Instead he prefers to ignore that Norris had to pass Sainz due to the fact that Sainz was IN FRONT OF Norris despite the fact that Sainz started 11th, and Norris 7th, that is two rows ahead. So, yes, BS, but nothing we haven´t seen before.

  149. Dennis Bakker

    Dennis Bakker28 dagen geleden

    Carlos had a couple months practice in maranello in older ferrari

  150. Rahul Allam

    Rahul Allam29 dagen geleden

    Yes, what Windsor said was wrong. Charles did not pull away. That being said, he had a horrible 1st half with all his mistakes. Without the red flag, Leclerc would have been P2 and Carlos may be in top 10.

  151. Gary Speed

    Gary Speed29 dagen geleden

    bit tough on Dan,,, he obviously is still getting to grips with the car... very different conditions to last race and consummate team man... no childish blocking of team mate... no drama... perfect insurance policy for Lando's risk taking... any of which could have taken out 2 in front of Dan.. judge Dan at the end of the season,, he didn't do a Perez yesterday

  152. Andrew Metcalfe

    Andrew Metcalfe29 dagen geleden

    What Peter doesn’t seem to appreciate is that yesterday Daniel didn’t make mistakes yesterday - contrary to the vast majority of the field. Perez and Sainz are learning their cars limits by putting them into the wall or gravel. Ditto the other drivers in new cars. Ricciardo on the other hand is chipping away and steadily closing the gap to Lando. He’s in the same phase of learning as he was in the first half of 2019 with Renault - but without the frustration (which is understandable given just how good this year’s McLaren is, and how much potential it has). He’s going about the task in a totally Ricciardo way: good. I’m going to be very interested in how Ricciardo is travelling by Monaco and Spa, but I don’t expect him to be on par with Lando until about the British GP.


    COSMOS TREKMaand geleden

    bottas should be suspend he moved over a 195 just like rosberg did to hamilton at spain

  154. José Lerebours

    José LereboursMaand geleden

    Man this peter guy doesnt like Sainz very much jajajaj. This video says volumes. When ever he can dig in carlos he does, with a smile in his face, right before saying how Norris could hold hamilton for 4 laps and sainz couldnt hold him more than 1 lap. Its so funny. But joke aside, Norris was brilliant no doubt about it but to compare what sainz did in a new ferrari in his second race against Norris, is out of proportion. In terms of all the new comers Sainz has shown better pace this race than Ricciardo, Alonso, Vettel and Perez compared to their respective team mates, so to just say he did an abysmal performance is getting short and basic in the analysis, to say the list. He did like 4 mistakes in the 3rd sector and a big one in turn 6, that is right but he did as well a good start and lovely overtakes to stroll and gasly twice (before and after his mistakes) and ricc, in the 1st and 2nd sectors where he was doing great, BUILDING HIS KNOWLEDGE OF A NEW CAR, which you seam to forget. After that he was caching your belove Norris with a strong pace just as fast as the all mighty Lecrerc. The truth is sainz is closer to lecrerc than i myself espected. And it seams to me your hate to this guy doesnt allow you to see it. At least you gave Perez the respect he deserves and said the good things he did in this race, in terms of pace, qualy, etc, even though he did as many mistakes as Sainz did (PERHAPS BECAUSE THEY ARE AJUSTING THEMSELFS TO NEW TEAMS🤨, WHICH IS NORMAL), but just finished 12 when verstappen won the race. I think you should hate less and respect more what Carlos Sainz has become, cause he isnt a Verstappen yet, but he beat Norris 2 times in points, in same cars, also matching him plenty of times in qualy, which is one of his weaknesses (even though i think norris is better than him still, sainz is close enough and did beat him anyway), and in two races he did plenty of mistakes, in a rain circuit, with a new car and team and still he managed to do the same pace lecrerc did as many times as Perez also did, just as you kinly mention it only in his case. Also he ended the race 1.6 seconds behind his team mate. Who is by far one of the greats of the present and future of F1 (having the 3 year advantage he has in Ferrari over Sainz). So, even though i guess you wont read this, you should give him the respect he deserves just as much as Perez deserves it as well.

  155. José Lerebours

    José Lerebours29 dagen geleden

    @Mountain Man im not saying otherwise, i m not trying to overhype him at all. Perez is an averege driver, that doesnt meah you have desrespect him, and yet they both are showing growth a lot more than a Bottas or a today Vettel. They are both getting slowly with work to Ricciardos level of performance and that has to be respected as much as how better a Hamilton, a Lecrerc, a Verstappen or a Norris is. I mean in terms of drivers this year we have to admit ham, verst, lecr, Ricc, Russell and Norris, who has shown another level this year, are the GREAT drivers of f1, then you have the old GREAT's (with some question marks in the present) in Alonso, Kimi and Vettel and right after them you have Perez and Sainz, very close to them, which are today above a Bottas, an Ocon, a Stroll, a Giov, a Gasly , a Ksunoda (for the moment), a latifi, etc.

  156. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man29 dagen geleden

    Let's be frank, Sainz is an average driver