Inside Troye Sivan's Victorian-Era Melbourne Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today Architectural Digest brings you to Australia to visit Troye Sivan at his beautiful Melbourne home. Unpretentious yet expertly decorated, Troye collaborated with designer David Flack of local firm Flack Studio to bring the vision of his sunny, soulful home to life. An erstwhile brick factory and handball court, the property was transformed into a residence in 1970 by architect John Mockridge, preserving the essence of its Victorian-era origins. Today, it’s an eclectically decorated sanctuary - and a home for Troye’s artistic imagination.

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Akari UF3-Q Lantern:
Surface Mount Disc Orb:
Channeled Copper Velvet Pillow:
SOLVINDEN LED Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp:
Flax Linen Sheet Set:
Earth Fired Clay Herb Pot + Saucer:
Copper Saucepan:
1909 Checkered Black and White 5 x 7 Area Rug Carpet:
White Marble Mortar & Pestle:
Vintage Linen Bed Cover:
Stacking Patio Dining Armchair:
Cristobal Throw:
Callimaco Floor Lamp:
Lucinda Terracotta Stacking Chair:
Cavallo Clay Bisque Tile:
Honey Rattan Vase:
High Atlas Taznakht 3 Rug:
Shimmer Table:
Song Sofa:
Tom Natural Three-Legged Coffee Table:
United Strangers Misses Armchair:
Cantera Planter:

Intercolonial Handball Match.
Author / Creator
Calvert, Samuel, 1828-1913, engraver.
Source: State Library Victoria.

Handball: the intercolonial match.
Reproduction rights owned by the State Library of Victoria.

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Select artwork by @hotelsofnorthkorea.

Artworks by Jahnne Pasco-White, Nell, Tom Polo and Jahnne Pasco-White, courtesy the artists and STATION Australia. Jahnne Pasco-White, becoming with 11, 2019; Nell, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, nell (washed away), 2010; and Nell, The ghost who walks will never die (TALL BLACK), 2019; Tom Polo, no time to be tender, 2017.
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Inside Troye Sivan's Victorian-Era Melbourne Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest


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    Shop Troye Sivan’s home style! Akari UF3-Q Lantern: Surface Mount Disc Orb: Channeled Copper Velvet Pillow: SOLVINDEN LED Solar-Powered Pendant Lamp: Flax Linen Sheet Set: Earth Fired Clay Herb Pot + Saucer: Copper Saucepan: 1909 Checkered Black and White 5 x 7 Area Rug Carpet: White Marble Mortar & Pestle: Vintage Linen Bed Cover: Stacking Patio Dining Armchair: Cristobal Throw: Callimaco Floor Lamp: Lucinda Terracotta Stacking Chair: Cavallo Clay Bisque Tile: Honey Rattan Vase: High Atlas Taznakht 3 Rug: Shimmer Table: Song Sofa: Tom Natural Three-Legged Coffee Table: United Strangers Misses Armchair: Cantera Planter: When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission.

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    @TheCristo68 might be from vola

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    Great book... "Sing Over Me" by Dennis Jernigan.

  5. noam abraham

    noam abraham7 uur geleden

    This is my dream house ong

  6. TY A-6 Biaki

    TY A-6 Biaki12 uur geleden

    I have never seen a house that seemed so warm and full of love than troye's house. I wanna cry. I will work hard and built a house that looks like this .. Not identical.. But sisters

  7. nishtha pal

    nishtha pal17 uur geleden

    Where is this in Carlton? Imma find his house today.

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    why the hell he looks like miley ughhh

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  10. coronaVILUS

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    If I enter this house I wouldn't leave without making out with him for 10 str8 hrs...

  11. sarah kato

    sarah katoDag geleden

    I love seeing big and bold art pieces during these house tours and you just delivered them .beautiful home, comforting colors,functional rooms .dope

  12. Stefan Wang

    Stefan WangDag geleden

    those chairs and sofas.... wow

  13. k a y l e e

    k a y l e eDag geleden

    i absolutely loooove that he intentionally made a space in his home for his sister and was proud he did it and that she loved it and it was hers. that is a lovely, lovely moment that i feel needs to be appreciated.

  14. Grzegorz Nowak

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    6:20 oh yeah you can go insane when they kick off at 4am, wake you up and you can't go back to sleep because of them!

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    no one: Troye: oR wHaTeVaH

  16. Melanie Newhouse

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    At 10 grand that couch better be the most comfortable in the world.

  17. emily

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    In love with inner suburb Melbourne homes 🥺😻

  18. Nimas Crenatta HWS

    Nimas Crenatta HWS2 dagen geleden

    I love so much Troye house, it so homey feels, the colour of the furniture is so contrast.

  19. Jayden Ethan

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    C~r~y~p~t~o~i~n~v~e~s~t~m~e~n~t W~h~a~t~s~A~p~p~N~u~m~b~e~r +19295668490

  20. Rebec Hatzokim

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    He spends a lot of time everywhere around the house 😁 Dream house 😍

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  22. 박지은

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    I like his tastes of art and stuff! Very cool

  23. Nagol Hayze

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    Nice house crap shirt

  24. Shravan George

    Shravan George2 dagen geleden

    What a beautiful house. The material palette and the details are just perfect

  25. Sasha Hera

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    What beautiful combinations of colour; materials, artwork and detail 🍀🌈🙏🎶

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    Why is everything a situation

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    Beautiful cozu homes🥰😍👍🏻!

  28. Kay Antonius Mulyadi

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    2:01 is kinda trippy right? or is it just me?

  29. CoSmic Muse

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    His last home tour was so heartwarming that as soon as this was recommended to me, I clicked at lightening speed. I was not disappointed. He's incredible at showing us around his space. Feels like I'm actually journeying through it.

  30. CoSmic Muse

    CoSmic Muse3 dagen geleden

    When he said, "I want everyone to have a home that's like a place that you think of when you're meditating" *that hit deep*

  31. Channarong Pili

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    What's the intro music ?

  32. Adam Leake

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    the only house on AD that feels like someone lives there

  33. Hameem Shameem

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    Who is he

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    what pants are those?

  35. FF7_FAN

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    Yikes that preview clip thumbnail isnt it 😬

  36. Putri Sigiro

    Putri Sigiro4 dagen geleden

    I love a house with so many direct sunlight that actually have lots of greenery in it. And it's okay to put many plants on your house as long as its have a spacey breathing room and lots of ventilation.

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  39. Stephanie Jereza

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    if Melbourne would be a house, it would look like this

  40. pastelscales

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    I so agree that australian birds are on a different level. I've never heard birds so much in my life other than in Melbourne. I love it!

  41. Jonathan Walther

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    Open Door with Camila Mendes

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    does he need a roomate?

  43. Sher Xiong

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    this is by far, the most beautiful home ive ever seen on AD

  44. xqueenfrostine

    xqueenfrostine4 dagen geleden

    Are bugs not a problem in Australia? I love all of the windows that open in his home, but I keep thinking of all of the mosquitoes that would invade my home if I let that much fresh air in without it being filtered through a screen.

  45. Jasmine Morales

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    The utter basin consequentially whip because susan reciprocally sniff but a green grey grieving den. young, lively sweatshop

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    come back to perth😿

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    The useless share univariably chew because fighter provisionally zip out a thankful sausage. tearful, hurt wrinkle

  48. Monae Baskerville

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    I think I like the windows the most, I mean it’s hard to have a favorite part of the house. His bathroom would be second though

  49. Monae Baskerville

    Monae Baskerville5 dagen geleden

    Sage Sivan or Saige Sivan, either way it’s freaking pretty and flows nicely

  50. Rigwed Thatman

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    I want AD to go Anthony Davis' home. Just to see hey AD replied by hey AD

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    I love the outdoor toilet! It does look like a cool restaurant one like he said haha

  52. briggyjudith

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    I don't know why I was shocked to hear his voice so changed

  53. Surabhi gaikwad

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  54. Rick L

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    Now this is a dream home! 😍

  55. rijwan sarif

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    I just smiling while watching this

  56. Stella Mantikou

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    Wow,AD this is one of the most unique houses you've shown us ever!

  57. tckuni

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    This is a really incredibly cozy house ever! Even the apple tree make the home more natural and feel relax ,, I don't know why but this is so cool >< :)

  58. Alfiya Rahmania

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    This is literally my style!! Love it!

  59. Josefa C.

    Josefa C.7 dagen geleden

    He's so cute, cool and genuine

  60. Hae Ju Kang

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    I love how he tripple drops "so" and manages to be understated and SICK

  61. Greg Poblete

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    so sick

  62. Tj Fryer

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    I know it’s trendy but the shirt tuck is killing me

  63. Madison Munn

    Madison Munn7 dagen geleden

    I love how this was supposed to be a Victorian era house and its not and no one is talking about it

  64. Madison Munn

    Madison Munn4 dagen geleden

    @xqueenfrostine I have a friend that lives in Australia and I think Victorian era is still the same over there I can check and get back to you on it but no I don't think that house is Victoria and I think it was probably just something to catch other people's eyes I don't know who he is or why people are gawking over this person in the comments or like the things that he says I honestly think the house looks mediocre at best but that's just my own perspective but yeah I was like surprised nobody else commented on it I mean I'm sure if someone else did but their comment was lower lower

  65. xqueenfrostine

    xqueenfrostine4 dagen geleden

    I was looking for this comment! I’m so confused! Does Victorian-Era mean something different in Australia?! The house is lovely and modern and not at all what I was expecting from the title. Even the exterior looked like this house was made out of a converted industrial building.

  66. Nayla Mia

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    guess who just got a new obsession with someone 🕺

  67. Alex Mileshin

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    Pleaseeee, what is the sound 1:15??

  68. yayan

    yayan8 dagen geleden

    most cozy house i've seen ♥️ want to have a spot in the house that gives that same "hug" as troye's

  69. Lisa Fuqua

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    Beautiful 😍.

  70. Denise Mary Heatherington

    Denise Mary Heatherington8 dagen geleden

    So cool !

  71. ganbare ganbare

    ganbare ganbare8 dagen geleden

    he has such nice and gentle ? like genuine and kind energy ... and it really shows through his home and even his music . his house is so cozy & comforting 😩

  72. Basti

    Basti8 dagen geleden

    I swear this is my dream house

  73. K singh 0

    K singh 08 dagen geleden

    Let's Hide the fridge but keep utensils visible everywhere in the kitchen...

  74. Bradley Boulton

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  75. Karen Bailon

    Karen Bailon8 dagen geleden

    troye seems like a very sweet, chill, and cool person. and their house is legit beautiful! also very thankful for their work with BTS (Louder Than Bombs). such beautiful work in music! i listen to it constantly. thank you, Troye for collaboratig with BTS! 😊

  76. David Lu

    David Lu8 dagen geleden

    Love courtyards... best decision to get a place with one

  77. David Lu

    David Lu8 dagen geleden

    Insane birds is an understatement

  78. Sinan Parmakerli

    Sinan Parmakerli9 dagen geleden

    Omg love it

  79. s a

    s a9 dagen geleden

    super nice style!

  80. Icoy Rapadas

    Icoy Rapadas9 dagen geleden

    i’m surprised that there’s no trace of him being a songwriter in this home?

  81. simplypace

    simplypace8 dagen geleden

    maybe because this is a new home and most of his work stuff is still in his LA home because he still based there

  82. Manager

    Manager9 dagen geleden

    he is so proud of it.....

  83. Manager

    Manager9 dagen geleden

    I´m happy for youre Troye, I understand how important is a save "cave"

  84. Lutfi A.

    Lutfi A.9 dagen geleden

    So homeeeyyyyyyy.. I would like to stay here forever

  85. James William

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    This is my favorite room, or whatever. Or whatever.

  86. seonona

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    Interesting human indeed 💥

  87. Martin Smith

    Martin Smith9 dagen geleden

    the house is incredible, but it is WAY too easy to identify where he lives. AD should really remove the shots of the outside.

  88. Dave Doblep

    Dave Doblep9 dagen geleden

    i am obsessed with that bedroom... that is an amazing one! a dream bedroom!

  89. Delphiniumxk

    Delphiniumxk9 dagen geleden

    troye Sivan would be the greatest smoking ouid friend

  90. Emma Wilks

    Emma Wilks9 dagen geleden

    this human has impeccable style. i only can hope and imagine my home to look even slightly like this one day

  91. Ana Camera

    Ana Camera10 dagen geleden

    That's the most beautiful house I've ever seen ❤️

  92. jimminy cricket

    jimminy cricket10 dagen geleden

    8:45 Lamp looks like my grandmother's underwear stretched out to dry. But hey, who am I to talk. Everything else was so beautiful and tasteful. Definitely has a great sense of style, that also values comfort.

  93. Kalee Mills

    Kalee Mills10 dagen geleden

    Loved how simple the whole place looked versus some houses that are over the top when it comes to decorating. His home felt and looked more inviting to be in.

  94. Keke Ghislaine

    Keke Ghislaine10 dagen geleden

    Love it

  95. Kirill Selivanov

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  96. slaiyfershin

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    So...if he removed his closet for the tub then where does he store his clothes?

  97. mooby

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  98. Žydrūnas Gira

    Žydrūnas Gira10 dagen geleden

    I love everything about this video except his jeans with that beige strip which looks kind of ambiguous.

  99. Ashley Ann

    Ashley Ann10 dagen geleden

    Say “beer” again please

  100. 랑여

    랑여10 dagen geleden

    아.....Troye is super charming and cute =)

  101. marr

    marr11 dagen geleden

    this is so troye sivan

  102. Ally Nicole Hernandez

    Ally Nicole Hernandez11 dagen geleden

    troye sivan living tHE DREAM but also makes u so damn proud of troye looking how far he is now

  103. Shreya Majumdar

    Shreya Majumdar11 dagen geleden

    after dakota's house this one has to be my favourite

  104. Shreya Majumdar

    Shreya Majumdar11 dagen geleden

    who else spotted at table beside the couch?

  105. Charlotte Bucsila

    Charlotte Bucsila11 dagen geleden

    I'm obsessed

  106. Vision Aries 7

    Vision Aries 711 dagen geleden

    An absolute dreamy home - when can I move in?

  107. Adriana Adka

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    very much my type, I like everything :) congratulations on your taste !! :) :*