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Even if Lua isn't your bias, she's your bias


  1. Mimi Smith

    Mimi Smith11 dagen geleden

    The clip of lua falling in the beginning, what video is that from?

  2. Yoojung is cute reincarnation

    Yoojung is cute reincarnationMaand geleden

    lua handsome n pretty at the same time

  3. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Hey bestie where are you?! I miss you

  4. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    @Crescent Moon Lucy oh bet! Take your time I hope you do well in school💕

  5. Crescent Moon Lucy

    Crescent Moon Lucy3 maanden geleden

    took a break due school, but I'm working on something big that i might post soon 😆

  6. ClexAline

    ClexAline3 maanden geleden

    I needed this in my life. Thank you 👍👌


    CAROLINA CORRÊA DA SILVA3 maanden geleden

    what song it´s the first video of her dancing skills?

  8. Lol

    Lol3 maanden geleden

    Oopsy remix they performed it in the dream concert


    CAROLINA CORRÊA DA SILVA3 maanden geleden

    whats the first video of her dancing skills?

  10. Vlary

    Vlary2 maanden geleden

    That is the OPPSY in a special show (i forgot the name lol) was not able to be published so she cheated that post her dance practice on utube for fan 👀👀

  11. bruno silva

    bruno silva4 maanden geleden

    she is so pretty

  12. TrongNguyen Nguyen

    TrongNguyen Nguyen4 maanden geleden

    Her short hair makes me feel alive

  13. fleur h

    fleur h5 maanden geleden

    I'm new to weki meki but I think she might be my bias.

  14. Alexandra Quiroz

    Alexandra Quiroz5 maanden geleden

    Lua 🤝Jimin Being married with the floor

  15. Nayeon Firelord

    Nayeon Firelord5 maanden geleden


  16. Oracle

    Oracle5 maanden geleden

    Can you upload weki meki mafia game with sub, please?

  17. Kanaya Nur Ilyasa

    Kanaya Nur Ilyasa5 maanden geleden

    Whoaaaa finally! Thank you for uploading. Our Lua become more charismatic every day, I can't~😼

  18. KICKS.

    KICKS.5 maanden geleden

    Thank you for posting this, i'm feeling a little stressed out lately :)

  19. KICKS.

    KICKS.5 maanden geleden

    How can i not, lua's my ultimate :DDDD

  20. Crescent Moon Lucy

    Crescent Moon Lucy5 maanden geleden

    I hope you feel better now! 💖💖

  21. Hensem Pipel

    Hensem Pipel5 maanden geleden

    You've got new subs here


    SO TRABALHO COM OS FATOS5 maanden geleden

    Ela caindo Kkkkkkkkkkkkk se fuderr

  23. T.K Basilio

    T.K Basilio5 maanden geleden

    This content is good!🙌🏻 Can't wait for WeMe's Eonni Line's videos to be created and posted too!

  24. Jisoo Unnie

    Jisoo Unnie5 maanden geleden

    Lua is my bias and she is such a crackhead 💀 can’t wait for the yoojung vid !

  25. sycamorery

    sycamorery5 maanden geleden

    my queen!! 🥺 thank you for this video

  26. O E C

    O E C5 maanden geleden


  27. forever ki-lings forever

    forever ki-lings forever5 maanden geleden

    Cutie pie lua😘😘😘😘

  28. cataplexia plex

    cataplexia plex5 maanden geleden

    LUA MAIN DANCER QUEEN❣,, love u for making these vids 👏🏼

  29. Jim Choi

    Jim Choi5 maanden geleden

    I love this 💞

  30. Jim Choi

    Jim Choi5 maanden geleden

    I want more 😍

  31. WJen8

    WJen85 maanden geleden

    😂 She's hilarious, thanks for the content! 💝

  32. Lol

    Lol5 maanden geleden

    She is also an English queen but i guess this is for another time

  33. Lol

    Lol5 maanden geleden

    Amazing as usual you definitely deserve all the subs and much more

  34. Lol

    Lol5 maanden geleden

    Ty for the Lua video

  35. Ruth Dichoso

    Ruth Dichoso5 maanden geleden

    Lua be talking abt Michael Jackson like how we talk abt her o.O Thank you for the LUA VID!!