Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With AUTISM, Instantly Regret It | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Kids MAKE FUN OF Boy With AUTISM, Instantly Regret It
07:53 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Writer: Dhar Mann and Michelle Do
Idea: Dhar Mann and Michelle Do
Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
Editor: Brian S. Nelson
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Byrrh Bryant
Sound: Noel Palacios
Kyle: Kaido Lee Roberts
Sam: Brendan Schroeder
Damien: Xander J. Simmons
Jordan: Shaun Dixon
Teacher: Farah Merani
Mom: Katherine Norland
Student 1: Natalie Kopyan
Student 2: Ella Silver
Student 3: Kylie Ware
Student 4: Christian Ware
Student 5: Jordan Cramer-Smith
Student 6: Elijah Lopez

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  1. Dhar Mann

    Dhar MannMaand geleden

    HELP ME CHANGE SOMEONE'S LIFE! Click the "DONATE" button on this video to help the Organization For Autism Research give back to individuals with autism and their families! Your one small act of kindness can make a huge difference in someone's life! Thank you for your support ❤️ 🎬 WATCH BTS footage from this video here:

  2. Audria Ortiz

    Audria Ortiz4 dagen geleden

    Hay dhar love the autism 📹 🎥

  3. Cerinia Cobb

    Cerinia Cobb4 dagen geleden

    I love 💕

  4. Kendra White

    Kendra White8 dagen geleden

    Yes never judge some one before you know them😁😁❤️ !!!

  5. Gabriella Delgado Castro

    Gabriella Delgado Castro15 dagen geleden

    Thank you for the video! This means a lot to me, my sister, and my family as a latina on the autism spectrum and trying to navigate life! Thank you Dhar Mann!

  6. Sea Witch Slayer

    Sea Witch Slayer17 dagen geleden

    How about “Dating an autistic boyfriend or girlfriend. Girlfriend or boyfriend teaches bully a lesson”

  7. J T

    J T3 minuten geleden

    I big fan

  8. Gigi's Squad

    Gigi's Squad22 minuten geleden

    Teacher: “COME IN MY CLASSROOM NOW!” Me watching: 👁👄👁 Panera Ad comes on Me: “OH COME ON!”


    LUCILA BASTIDA27 minuten geleden

    hi umm


    LUCILA BASTIDA27 minuten geleden


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  12. Amanda Lonsdale

    Amanda Lonsdale35 minuten geleden

    me and my sister in a nutshell

  13. dfenser

    dfenser44 minuten geleden

    remember this: people with a disability or autism can become rich and successful, while you might be alone in your dirty apartment, even when you dont think they will ever do something good.

  14. Cinthia Marrufo

    Cinthia Marrufo53 minuten geleden

    First of all what kind of name is special needs sam

  15. Hiyoko-Chan

    Hiyoko-Chan58 minuten geleden

    It’s really cool but most autistic people/kids/teens are extremely smart and talented and it amazes me so much

  16. Sergio Rivas

    Sergio RivasUur geleden

    😢🥺😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😓😥 Sad sad sad sad sad

  17. That Fat Hawaiian Guy That NO ONE Invited

    That Fat Hawaiian Guy That NO ONE InvitedUur geleden

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  18. swatiapatel222

    swatiapatel222Uur geleden

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  19. 하인 생활

    하인 생활Uur geleden

    I have an autistic cousin,Kyle used to be me but nicer I was like I was pretty mad that I always had to stay with him but now I now I am more friendly

  20. Judith Tuddao

    Judith TuddaoUur geleden


  21. Judith Tuddao

    Judith TuddaoUur geleden

    Sam is better than Kyle

  22. Makenna Adamson

    Makenna AdamsonUur geleden

    I’m in tears!!! I’ve worked with autistic kids & to be honest? I get along with them more than I do any other kid; they have different ways of showing their emotions but they are still people and their disability does not define who they are! They want to be treated the same way anyone else would wanna be treated.

  23. Judith Tuddao

    Judith TuddaoUur geleden

    Sam is really than Kyle.

  24. michael nofchissey

    michael nofchisseyUur geleden

    this made me cry

  25. DavidtheSharky

    DavidtheSharkyUur geleden

    Nice vid

  26. xiiCutiexii

    xiiCutiexii2 uur geleden

    He’s not just changing lifes, he’s curing my boredom.

  27. Kelsey Sanford

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  28. Kelsey Sanford

    Kelsey Sanford2 uur geleden

    and that eye is blue not grey but looks grey still

  29. Ellith Williams

    Ellith Williams2 uur geleden

    I don't like the way he be mean he is like a devil

  30. Zuri Tai Sanders

    Zuri Tai Sanders2 uur geleden

    omg i i fell so bad for that kid thanks Dhar Mann this is so helping me

  31. Mona Lisa

    Mona Lisa2 uur geleden

    What is autism

  32. Danny 0225

    Danny 02252 uur geleden

    1:22 **Laughs in Autism** Earlier when I was in Kindergarten, I could solve maths of 5th grade already. Everyone I've ever met was impressed by my mental arithmetic. I even got three perfect math tests in a row in 9th grade. The teacher was get bored of this and wanted me to do a B mark or worse 😂. Of course I was the only autistic kid in my earlier school. Thank you for this video Dhar Mann. I didn't actually know if I was having a disability or just a different ability

  33. ashley messenger

    ashley messenger2 uur geleden

    I do not know what I would do if I did not know this channel. So you see maybe I could be there on set but....... I love all of your vidoes

  34. ocean wave

    ocean wave3 uur geleden

    I know the struggle because i also have autism

  35. Sam Manoochehri

    Sam Manoochehri3 uur geleden

    Omg just let himmmmmmmmm plaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!

  36. Amelia Plant

    Amelia Plant3 uur geleden

    Sam cute !

  37. Ian Kelley

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  38. HiroBoy

    HiroBoy3 uur geleden

    Be grounded ha my parents will ground me with the belt

  39. HiroBoy

    HiroBoy4 uur geleden

    They say autistic kid but he looks litterly normal

  40. Riley Jones

    Riley Jones2 uur geleden

    Ok then what does Autism look like?

  41. erin sanders

    erin sanders4 uur geleden

    my little brothers autistic i can tell this is going to make me cry and i just did my makeup WHY I DO DiS To MYSELF

  42. Maddox Taylor

    Maddox Taylor4 uur geleden

    Sam is cute

  43. J T

    J T4 uur geleden

    I big fan

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  45. Nelson Barrios

    Nelson Barrios3 uur geleden

    It’s your decision

  46. Lani Cupcake

    Lani Cupcake4 uur geleden

    My cousin's name is Frankie

  47. Lani Cupcake

    Lani Cupcake4 uur geleden

    Hi my cousin has autism and she is so nice I love her she has a pop toy and she loves them she has one I love Dhar man you Dhar man help me and my family do not care what other people think about you you help me and my cousin sooooo much:)😘☺🥰😋💕💗💖💝💓💞

  48. Lani Cupcake

    Lani Cupcake4 uur geleden

    She has a pop it toy because it is called a pop it

  49. Aolani Snow

    Aolani Snow4 uur geleden

    The witty butter principally rock because kitten internationally reply apropos a angry nurse. trite, mountainous bengal

  50. Karah Narain

    Karah Narain4 uur geleden


  51. MaN UNitED

    MaN UNitED4 uur geleden

    Hi I have autism and anger issues if I got talk to like that I would cry you carnt change if you have autism it's a hole life thing

  52. Paislee Gallinger

    Paislee Gallinger4 uur geleden

    I don’t understand some why kids are so toxic.

  53. Josh

    Josh5 uur geleden

    Horrible actors

  54. R4B1X

    R4B1X5 uur geleden

    This made me cry

  55. SlimedemonMC

    SlimedemonMC5 uur geleden

    i cried watching this..

  56. usenathi manukwana

    usenathi manukwana5 uur geleden

    Autism kids are very clever it's not a disability it's just a different kind of way so inspiring

  57. Elaine Yang

    Elaine Yang5 uur geleden

    That’s called biases

  58. Sybil Blaauw

    Sybil Blaauw5 uur geleden

    Sam too cute. Just have a different ability

  59. Masons TV

    Masons TV5 uur geleden

    They gay boys when he shoots and scored

  60. Nether Man3115

    Nether Man31155 uur geleden

    Ohhhhhh mom threatens to grounded Kyle for a month

  61. Big Floppa

    Big Floppa6 uur geleden

    At least he didn’t call him “spastic Sam”

  62. BigBeastFan

    BigBeastFan6 uur geleden

    Nothing ruins an amazing video like an ad

  63. Izzy B

    Izzy B6 uur geleden

    It makes me so so so sad to see this happen, something good always comes out of it those!

  64. Ariana Grande

    Ariana Grande6 uur geleden

    can someone please answer my question how do the doctors know when’s a child is autistic does it show as soon as they’re born or does it come in later in life??

  65. Riley Jones

    Riley Jones2 uur geleden

    It mostly shows up around early childhood (2-3 years) and this is shown through behavior (I.e special interests, flapping hands, communication issues) Thanks for asking, feel free to ask more questions 💖💗💕💞

  66. madisonkate10

    madisonkate106 uur geleden


  67. Crptic0

    Crptic06 uur geleden

    My brother has autism and I remember him coming home crying when I was about 6 or 7 because he just kept on getting bullied and now he has his own brand

  68. Maria

    Maria6 uur geleden

    Never mess with autistic kids bc their the most smartest out there. When they grow up they will be the most successful in life.

  69. Sara K

    Sara K6 uur geleden

    I am autistic and I love the sentence their mother said, 'autism is not a disability, it's just a different ability'

  70. Dinesh Contractor

    Dinesh Contractor6 uur geleden

    Even in my class there is a boy named Grayson he is also autistic but he is the smartest in the whole 2 and 3 grade area

  71. Stephanie Morales

    Stephanie Morales6 uur geleden

    Omg Sam is so cute 😭

  72. Rainmort004

    Rainmort0047 uur geleden

    I will never forget this 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  73. JJT360 _

    JJT360 _7 uur geleden

    As a 17 year old male with autism, I can confirm this is true.

  74. Sparky802

    Sparky8027 uur geleden

    These story's inspire me so much and shows the true meaning of being a good person. I love watching these story's and I'm also curious on how the story's end.

  75. Muhammad Ahmad

    Muhammad Ahmad7 uur geleden

    I love the stories, you really do change the world

  76. Lexi Hernandez

    Lexi Hernandez8 uur geleden

    Kids with autism are actually really really smart

  77. sofia shamim

    sofia shamim8 uur geleden

    Poor Sam I would let him in

  78. XDrainbow God

    XDrainbow God8 uur geleden

    Shut up goodwill Gordon u bully

  79. Tiger 448

    Tiger 4485 uur geleden

    You know it’s acting

  80. Jayden Labatt

    Jayden Labatt8 uur geleden

    Invested £10,000 and she got my financial status blown to £100,000 within a week

  81. Kwanele Khanye

    Kwanele Khanye8 uur geleden


  82. MR LAMBO

    MR LAMBO8 uur geleden

    Damn this is crazy wow, I experienced the same thing in school since middle school 8th grade and through 10th grade and I transferred to home school for a semester then went to a Private school and im glad I finished everything with Honors and got accepted at a college and university to study what I wanted to do and try out and im finishing this Summer 💯💯☝ 😎 I'm so grateful , family, friends and positive great people that surround me 🙏

  83. a.k.a reg

    a.k.a reg8 uur geleden

    good message, but arent some autistic ppl sensitive to loud noises? im not autistic so i rlly cant say anything but jw

  84. SKarY Zyconnn

    SKarY Zyconnn8 uur geleden

    The funny thing is, it wasn't even checkmate

  85. Assasen

    Assasen8 uur geleden

    the bully looks like he has special needs. and he doesnt look a day over 7

  86. Riley Jones

    Riley Jones2 uur geleden

    @Assasen Well no ones laughing so why waste your life on something that is a serious matter

  87. Assasen

    Assasen2 uur geleden

    @Riley Jones this comment was a joke. get a life. i took 5 seconds to make this

  88. Riley Jones

    Riley Jones2 uur geleden

    Okay then what does special needs look like?

  89. lilias

    lilias9 uur geleden

    Okay this was an amazing video obvs but why are a bunch of kids who are about ten doing college standard algebra??

  90. Xxomeganut42069xX

    Xxomeganut42069xX9 uur geleden

    My autistic ass bouta make the Geneva conventions a checklist

  91. Yally__ Gamer

    Yally__ Gamer9 uur geleden

    What’s Autism? I never learned what was Autism can someone tell me what’s Autism

  92. Nexus Ashley Bennett

    Nexus Ashley Bennett9 uur geleden

    Yo my friend has autism and he doesn’t get bullied or people be mean but he finds things hard and me and my friends are always there for him

  93. Azlan Hussain

    Azlan Hussain9 uur geleden

    Wow this makes no sence

  94. Jack Green

    Jack Green9 uur geleden

    Wow amaizing MAKE MORE I love them

  95. Light skin XXVVXX

    Light skin XXVVXX9 uur geleden

    Autistic kid's bro💪💪✊✊they are some good kids and don't deserve negativity

  96. Light skin XXVVXX

    Light skin XXVVXX9 uur geleden

    Autistic kid's bro💪💪✊✊they are someone good kids and don't deserve negativity

  97. Tiger 448

    Tiger 4485 uur geleden

    Thank you kind person

  98. Ishani Kundu

    Ishani Kundu10 uur geleden

    Sams voice makes me smile, its soo cute! 💕😜

  99. Markia lazar

    Markia lazar10 uur geleden

    whyyyy are they making fun of that kid :(

  100. Yeet Gamer10

    Yeet Gamer1010 uur geleden

    *Stabs kid* I wAs JoKiNg

  101. Louis Flores

    Louis Flores10 uur geleden

    lmao isn't that fat kid Goodwill Gordan why he making fun of the poor kid so sad :(

  102. Aqela is good

    Aqela is good10 uur geleden

    Kylie so rude😠

  103. Muhammad Raffay

    Muhammad Raffay10 uur geleden

    Kayal is so bad

  104. Celine Amer Rinkaby skola Åk 2

    Celine Amer Rinkaby skola Åk 210 uur geleden

    I Would donate but i live in Sweden synd im a kid so i cant😢

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  107. Evy Toledo

    Evy Toledo12 uur geleden

    "Really yes!!" was cute for me

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  111. Ieyma Ahmad

    Ieyma Ahmad12 uur geleden



    MADHU VIMAL12 uur geleden

    The boy is so cute and adorable. He shouldn't scold his brother he is so calm and not a disturbance

  113. Brooke Masters

    Brooke Masters13 uur geleden

    I’m glad that Dhar Mann finally did a video about autism. My brother is autistic and for the amount of people think he is different makes me feel very sad. I know that autism isn’t a disability and it’s just a different ability...Probably one of the best abilities out there. And autistic kids are meant to be the smartest kids (which in my opinion they are) Autism cannot be helped and people shouldn’t be bullied because of it. ThankYou Dhar Mann and I can’t wait to see your next video!

  114. Duulga 12

    Duulga 1213 uur geleden

    why does he sound like tommyinnit? 4:30

  115. Doreen Damali

    Doreen Damali13 uur geleden

    All along he was bullying his brother!!! anyways Sam is adorable

  116. Cathrin Birkén

    Cathrin Birkén14 uur geleden

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  117. AsA Essack

    AsA Essack14 uur geleden

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  118. Mickey and Pooh’s adventures 999

    Mickey and Pooh’s adventures 99914 uur geleden

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  119. Mickey and Pooh’s adventures 999

    Mickey and Pooh’s adventures 99914 uur geleden

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