Legendary Skills that Happen ONCE in a Lifetime ᴴᴰ

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Amazing Skills & Goals by The Best Players! :D
A compilation of best moments of in 2020-2021 HD
Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more info
Video Produced by: Lorenzo F7
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects CC


  1. Lorenzo F7

    Lorenzo F7Maand geleden

    I hope you enjoyed the video ❤️ It took me so long to gather all the clips, I would truly appreciate it if you could drop a like! It helps the Channel a lot. Love You more than you can imagine...

  2. Tommy Rock Rohnström

    Tommy Rock Rohnström18 dagen geleden

    You´re not gonna get a like from me, you missed Zlatan

  3. Azan Rai

    Azan Rai18 dagen geleden

    ❤️la. Thick. Xa

  4. Allan Bennoch RFC #1

    Allan Bennoch RFC #119 dagen geleden

    She stole off me.👎

  5. gerardo antonio martinez canto

    gerardo antonio martinez canto19 dagen geleden


  6. Chris Pomery

    Chris Pomery20 dagen geleden

    Robson-Kanu, Wales vs Belgium

  7. Юрий Царь

    Юрий Царь15 uur geleden

    Where Terry Anry?!

  8. han cai

    han caiDag geleden

    The ethereal step-brother ideally bake because step-uncle neurobiologically signal absent a imminent sack. dark, knowing fish

  9. Pannalona

    PannalonaDag geleden

    the mix of these old calssic skills and some of the new ones is awesome!! GREAT VIDEO :D

  10. Zac Ward

    Zac Ward2 dagen geleden

    Adel taarabt is possibly the most under rated dribbler of all time hes unreal

  11. LETHE

    LETHE5 dagen geleden

    Ronaldinho her maçta yapıyordu...

  12. Benja Tissera

    Benja Tissera6 dagen geleden


  13. murat b

    murat b9 dagen geleden

    ı guess you dont know the meaning of the word dripling

  14. Đức Trần

    Đức Trần9 dagen geleden

    name music all ?

  15. sutulovich maisha

    sutulovich maisha10 dagen geleden

    quấ tuyệt vời cho trận đấu lớn

  16. Warrior Georges

    Warrior Georges10 dagen geleden


  17. ホスMehdi

    ホスMehdi11 dagen geleden

    Mezu Osil 👍

  18. Benyamin Nazer

    Benyamin Nazer11 dagen geleden

    just Maradona at the end

  19. Dusan M.

    Dusan M.12 dagen geleden

    R9 and Ronaldinho are the kings.But,Messi too.


    ADEYEMI BUKOLA VICTORIA12 dagen geleden

    Its never complete without DB10 and TH14

  21. DieLocke

    DieLocke12 dagen geleden

    RIP MARADONA last clip! And all others

  22. rinijh rak

    rinijh rak13 dagen geleden

    Кто-нибудь слышал пр0 Еn0tGlobal.ru рaботает?

  23. NjA

    NjA13 dagen geleden

    I mean, a lot of these clips are cool, but there a bit too many where the defender just slips (like 04:11) or a simple regular ball between the legs (like 09:59). That happens every other game, not once in a lifetime. The absence of (more than one) Zlatan clips is also noticeable. Other than that, cool video!

  24. Peter Martinaitis

    Peter Martinaitis13 dagen geleden

    If the skill doesn't create or stop a goal then it's pointless........but good entertainment .

  25. Eugen Berzani

    Eugen Berzani13 dagen geleden

    No they dont. Other players will arisr

  26. Andre Araujo

    Andre Araujo14 dagen geleden

    The best

  27. rinijh rak

    rinijh rak14 dagen geleden

    Вы чтo-нибудь слышали о Ен0т глобал?

  28. Marcin Dwojacki

    Marcin Dwojacki14 dagen geleden

    Great compilation mate, I appreciate your work, thanks :)

  29. Para cualquier Cosa

    Para cualquier Cosa14 dagen geleden

    Alguien sabe los nombres de las canciones?

  30. Humberto S

    Humberto S14 dagen geleden

    ronaldinho, messi y ronaldo

  31. rinijh rak

    rinijh rak15 dagen geleden

    Тут в чатах пишут прo Еn0tGlobal, ктo знает чтo за штука?

  32. rinijh rak

    rinijh rak15 dagen geleden

    Былo бы интересн0 п0см0треть выпуск прo пр0движение сaйтoв с En0tGlobal

  33. Farzad Ahmadi

    Farzad Ahmadi15 dagen geleden

    Half of the are from brazil

  34. Edward Apunyu

    Edward Apunyu15 dagen geleden

    Why Thierry Henry is not featured in this video. Only God Know

  35. DCW

    DCW15 dagen geleden

    A moment of silence for all the cameramen trying to guess which way the ball will go.

  36. Omar Anwar

    Omar Anwar15 dagen geleden

    I always love how Kehrer is diving! 🤣

  37. momo dadju

    momo dadju15 dagen geleden

    j'adore RONALDINHO

  38. Chaweki Bellouati

    Chaweki Bellouati15 dagen geleden

    MAHREZ amazing skills

  39. shaighan1

    shaighan115 dagen geleden

    yeah, i liked it a lot! the video is dope! GJ man!!!

  40. Yusuf Yetiş

    Yusuf Yetiş15 dagen geleden

    1:20 ersan gülüm bakkaldan dönerken 2 paket kısa Winstonla bi tane ekmek alıver ☺️

  41. Davi Fernandes

    Davi Fernandes16 dagen geleden

    Dá para fazer um video desse só com Ronaldinho

  42. Jetro

    Jetro16 dagen geleden

    They dancing without the music, music just make looks great

  43. BringMeTheSandwich

    BringMeTheSandwich16 dagen geleden

    lol sneaking that Salah goal in there like it belongs there

  44. Kaweesa Isaac

    Kaweesa Isaac16 dagen geleden

    It was so marvourous to watch ythanks alot for your time to produce such. keep it up.

  45. Emilio Lopardo

    Emilio Lopardo16 dagen geleden

    Maradona al final... Sublime

  46. Trump Ameri

    Trump Ameri17 dagen geleden

    Ronaldinho GOAT position forever


    CASPERA17 dagen geleden

    Man, Hazard could have been some much more

  48. Willian Avelino

    Willian Avelino17 dagen geleden

    Funny how these kind of compilations never show the follow-up for the plays... ...must be because more than half of them never result in anything but a missed pass or cross.

  49. makaveli2989

    makaveli298917 dagen geleden

    OMG. R9 was like an alien!!!!

  50. Stone Cold

    Stone Cold17 dagen geleden

    Once in life time and yet we see again and again Zidane :) (Maybe you can make one like that for Ronaldo too :) The Brazilian ofc.). How many players broke a knee and returned as all time champions? :)

  51. RED

    RED17 dagen geleden

    "Legendary Skills that Happen ONCE in a Lifetime ᴴᴰ" 12:10 Dribbling around a lazy fake attempt at a tackle...

  52. Demir Poyraz

    Demir Poyraz17 dagen geleden

    sjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsj sjsjsjsjsjsj

  53. Jael Israel

    Jael Israel17 dagen geleden

    I did

  54. Sefer Kocyigit

    Sefer Kocyigit17 dagen geleden

    Best skills video i've see on YT

  55. coco alex

    coco alex17 dagen geleden

    bagamias pulan in youtubeul asta sami bag cu reclamele voastre cu tot

  56. Leigh Cook

    Leigh Cook17 dagen geleden

    Why is there more than one scene then? 😂

  57. Javier10Jose x

    Javier10Jose x18 dagen geleden

    0:52 ocurrió tres veces seguidas

  58. juan sebastian norte

    juan sebastian norte18 dagen geleden

    Un solo regate de Maradona ponen ?

  59. Rickerd van de reep

    Rickerd van de reep18 dagen geleden

    I do miss the legendary Cruijff turn in this one.

  60. Izaias ANDRADE

    Izaias ANDRADE18 dagen geleden

    R10 melhor que todossssssss👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿


    KIRITO KHAN18 dagen geleden

    Que buena la de metzu ozil!!!

  62. جرب الوصفة مع راضية

    جرب الوصفة مع راضية18 dagen geleden

    اللهم صل وسلم وبارك عليك يا حبيبي يا رسول الله

  63. Saakib

    Saakib18 dagen geleden

    Ahh the days when we were allowed to breathe without a face nappy 🤐

  64. Luke Herrington

    Luke Herrington18 dagen geleden

    whats the name of the first song? It wasn't in the description

  65. Njabzillah

    Njabzillah18 dagen geleden

    Barely any skill. Just dribbling.

  66. ekin sarp bakmaz

    ekin sarp bakmaz18 dagen geleden

    9:55 ÖZİLLLL

  67. Miguel Urdaci

    Miguel Urdaci18 dagen geleden

    Hay mejores futbolistas que Ronaldinho, tal vez, pero no hay mejor artista futbolista

  68. spidy9237

    spidy923718 dagen geleden

    ball artist...someone train 30y and couldn't do this...

  69. W.G. Lewis

    W.G. Lewis18 dagen geleden

    Once in a lifetime? Don't be silly.

  70. Puello Art

    Puello Art18 dagen geleden

    Faltaron los del mágico Gonzales y muchos más de Ronaldinho.

  71. Samuele Murru

    Samuele Murru19 dagen geleden

    Magic box zola🔥

  72. Jesaja G Angula

    Jesaja G Angula19 dagen geleden

    Incomplete without @Okocha🙏🏽

  73. ruky deez

    ruky deez14 dagen geleden


  74. Sacred Earth

    Sacred Earth19 dagen geleden

    Thankyou for the Maradona tribute at end , the master

  75. Major Dream

    Major Dream19 dagen geleden

    Legendary skills that happens once in a lifetime and Messi was in the video atleast 10 times 😁

  76. Ameer S. Mahdi

    Ameer S. Mahdi19 dagen geleden

    I enjoyed the background songs more then the vid himself lmao

  77. Shawn Johnson

    Shawn Johnson19 dagen geleden

    the roar of crowds... miss that

  78. Paulo Campos

    Paulo Campos19 dagen geleden

    6:34 how in the fat fishes of a phenomenal Fahrvergnügenis is that possible?

  79. Russell Shore

    Russell Shore19 dagen geleden

    Give that all of these happened in my lifetime, I'd say you might want to check your title again. :)

  80. Paulo Campos

    Paulo Campos19 dagen geleden

    4:41 🥵😲

  81. Paul Green

    Paul Green19 dagen geleden

    Thumbs up for the vid but thumbs down for the sounds ha ha.

  82. Christian a

    Christian a19 dagen geleden

    Q titulo tan cabrón y exagerado

  83. Macieq937

    Macieq93719 dagen geleden

    Pozdro z lekcji

  84. Ishh826 Bduhv

    Ishh826 Bduhv19 dagen geleden

    اللهم صلي ع سيدنا محمد

  85. Radu Valorau

    Radu Valorau20 dagen geleden

    Bravo Robinho!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Yomper

    Yomper20 dagen geleden

    Was expecting usual rubbish but it was a decent watch and glad you had zola in it..

  87. nick_2k

    nick_2k20 dagen geleden

    sure those guys have more talent in a single toe than me in my whole body but i really wonder if almost nobody of them got taught to use both of their legs/feet when they started out. it's so sad to see that a lot of those players limit themselves to using only their strong foot

  88. Yusuf Açık

    Yusuf Açık20 dagen geleden

    R9: Lethal Dribling

  89. Blubla lyrics

    Blubla lyrics19 dagen geleden

    Ronaldinho n messi say hi

  90. NowySław

    NowySław20 dagen geleden

    Where is Lewandowski - master of 2020

  91. Doonie602

    Doonie60220 dagen geleden

    the GOAT 2:22

  92. Jeroen Geurtsen

    Jeroen Geurtsen20 dagen geleden

    Nice, but you could throw out some Messi and add the Cruyff-turn and two legendary goals of Dennis Bergkamp.

  93. Ndatenda Pasipamire

    Ndatenda Pasipamire20 dagen geleden

    amazing skill from ronaldinho

  94. Noah Ernst

    Noah Ernst20 dagen geleden

    wtf does he mean with ONCE in a Lifetime this happens all the time

  95. Rrock Cj

    Rrock Cj20 dagen geleden

    12:26 the way that goalkeeper was working his ass off jumping into the stratospehere to catch that ball tells us a lot about the possibilities to score back then

  96. Sabalerito M

    Sabalerito M20 dagen geleden

    whats the name of the song in 7.50

  97. Coco Bongo

    Coco Bongo20 dagen geleden

    I like his skills but I don’t like when it’s against Arsenal.

  98. N Smart Online Services

    N Smart Online Services20 dagen geleden

    ronaldo fans like here

  99. WON R

    WON R20 dagen geleden

    The best skill is Mahrez's Skill

  100. Josè Eduardo Hernàndez Ascencio

    Josè Eduardo Hernàndez Ascencio21 dag geleden

    finally a skills video with good music

  101. Yngwie Raihan

    Yngwie Raihan21 dag geleden

    Taarabt, ben arfa was something else

  102. Ross E. Baum

    Ross E. Baum21 dag geleden

    I would say you forgot Bergkamp, but to him it didn't only happen once a lifetime, but alot.

  103. marivor58

    marivor5821 dag geleden

    There used to be this guy called Best...

  104. atharv chopade

    atharv chopade21 dag geleden

    miss - two nutmegs at a time by bale

  105. Vali John

    Vali John21 dag geleden

    and i miss Ribery too

  106. Vali John

    Vali John21 dag geleden

    i have to try dese skillz

  107. Utku Uzuntaş

    Utku Uzuntaş21 dag geleden