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  1. onlyjayus

    onlyjayusMaand geleden

    Hey go check out my most recent vlog :)

  2. Amanda Blakely

    Amanda Blakely15 uur geleden

    @Logan Pineda I'm pretty sure she's a girl

  3. Anime Gamer

    Anime GamerDag geleden

    Can You plz Do A Video WITH SIBLINGS?

  4. SGG

    SGGDag geleden

    @JIjen Gg maybe the reason your small* is bc you are to young to spell small***

  5. tinypenguinturtle

    tinypenguinturtle2 dagen geleden

    Warm not hot she really got burnt

  6. Saain Solih

    Saain Solih4 dagen geleden

    Pls make a vid on how u do do Ur hair and why is it looking soo smooth

  7. John Smith

    John Smith2 uur geleden


  8. Korza of Eden

    Korza of Eden2 uur geleden

    I did not expect her to strip

  9. Dalton Alleman

    Dalton Alleman2 uur geleden

    Keep on taking it off in shure you have more pls

  10. Pokémon GO

    Pokémon GO4 uur geleden

    What the f is a dryer

  11. 20 Rajan Bhatia 10D DPSK

    20 Rajan Bhatia 10D DPSK5 uur geleden

    Wait a second do girls also have zips on their pants? Whyyyyyyyy???

  12. Xzavier Noriega

    Xzavier Noriega7 uur geleden

    The febreeze of windex trick aslo work with lysol

  13. Perla Cruz

    Perla Cruz7 uur geleden

    Why did i blushed by the first part of this video? Is my crush so bad really lmao

  14. Quenten Arant

    Quenten Arant7 uur geleden


  15. Xx_apollo_xX :D

    Xx_apollo_xX :D15 uur geleden

    Your supposed to put the spoon in hot water… and it’s only supposed to sting a little… are you ok my guy 0-0

  16. LEGEND

    LEGEND15 uur geleden

    Like we did not see 🩲

  17. Zoey Sammons

    Zoey Sammons16 uur geleden

    Me:watching My sister walks in Me again: oh god

  18. Lazy llama

    Lazy llama18 uur geleden

    For a minute I thought I didn’t click out of onlyjayus’s OF and then I realized she was not completely stripping

  19. Donksly

    Donksly19 uur geleden

    Life hack by belt instead of using old shoe laces it looks better and you only need one!

  20. Panda K

    Panda K20 uur geleden

    Jayus: you stupid f*cking b*tches FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!!! Me: LMAO 😂 😂 😂

  21. Brandon8942

    Brandon894221 uur geleden

    If you have a bug bite just grab your everyday kitchen gun and shoot it then you won't have to deal with itching your bug bite anymore and instead you will have to go to the hospital for a gunshot wound

  22. •GachaAngel•

    •GachaAngel•23 uur geleden

    I used the bug bite one! It worked

  23. fardsoop

    fardsoop23 uur geleden

    Is this the one that did something mad racist or sumthin?

  24. Brooklyn L

    Brooklyn LDag geleden

    You know the spoon 🥄 for the big bite is meant to be in hot water NOT THE STOVE

  25. Kawaii. Strawberry0

    Kawaii. Strawberry0Dag geleden

    Uhm how tf do u have confidence to do that-

  26. Aimie Marsya

    Aimie MarsyaDag geleden

    " fight me like a man" Bug: but I'm women👀

  27. Bag Of Bitcoins

    Bag Of BitcoinsDag geleden

    When she swung the fly swatter why did I flinch

  28. Gianaaaa

    GianaaaaDag geleden

    Excuse me there are kids watching ms.girl

  29. Emma Riccio

    Emma RiccioDag geleden


  30. GamingWithAlexa

    GamingWithAlexaDag geleden

    When Jayus pulled her pants down I was looked away but I peeked and I was like oh it’s fine LOL 😂

  31. Talha Munim

    Talha MunimDag geleden

    The hot spoon is gonna leave a mark there... Cmon seriously 😑

  32. Unknown 146

    Unknown 146Dag geleden

    I am confused I still don’t no what gender she is

  33. Aegon III

    Aegon IIIDag geleden

    So no ones gonna ask why she has a knife strapped to her leg?

  34. Bag Of Bitcoins

    Bag Of BitcoinsDag geleden

    Wow I just noticed

  35. Rage _

    Rage _Dag geleden

    Do you have a bug bite? Me showing 66 misquito bites both of legs and a few on back and a few on my arm

  36. Izaiah Scott

    Izaiah ScottDag geleden

    X files starts to play as she shows us her bug bite

  37. Mr. Woosh Woosh The Thot Slayer

    Mr. Woosh Woosh The Thot SlayerDag geleden

    1 word “shorts”

  38. Namjoons_expinsive_girl

    Namjoons_expinsive_girlDag geleden

    Me in my head: Did she rlly drop her pants? Me realizing that she's wearing boy shorts: Nvm then💀

  39. Blue Toxicity

    Blue ToxicityDag geleden

    "You STUPID F- B-s,come down here and FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN!" Best line

  40. VrHorror

    VrHorrorDag geleden

    Seeing them next to the washer made me remember how tall they really are….

  41. Miraculous ladybug edits

    Miraculous ladybug editsDag geleden

    Are you a guy or a girl

  42. Allyson Snape

    Allyson SnapeDag geleden

    I have 8 bug bite I ain't doing that I am just gonna put something else that I use


    KING JUANDag geleden

    Jayus stripped so normally it was almost like people did it normally in public

  44. Anthony Vela

    Anthony VelaDag geleden

    Lol funny stuff

  45. LaShids

    LaShidsDag geleden

    Jayus has the comfy crackhead vibe

  46. Ayah Nasir

    Ayah Nasir2 dagen geleden

    Casually pulls down pants and wears them again like it's nothing..... But I mean the what most tomboys like me do for some reason....

  47. RamenCandy Studios

    RamenCandy Studios2 dagen geleden

    onlyjayus is slowly turning into onlyfans

  48. Galina van Dam

    Galina van Dam2 dagen geleden

    “Fight me like a man” okay this is strike 3. First telling men to say they are female or nb on official papers, saying the n word, and now this? Tf

  49. Office of Naval Intelligence

    Office of Naval Intelligence2 dagen geleden

    Are you a girl???

  50. Marlee Siebert

    Marlee Siebert2 dagen geleden

    Her: do you have a hug bite right-(pulls down pants) Me: WHAT THE FU-

  51. the police and MGTOW comunity

    the police and MGTOW comunity2 dagen geleden

    The confidence in this one...I think I can love again

  52. madmax 334 reborn

    madmax 334 reborn2 dagen geleden

    Woah Jayus chill

  53. Addi K

    Addi K2 dagen geleden

    Wait why didn't she just where shorts? She choose to do that

  54. Xian Destura

    Xian Destura2 dagen geleden

    She's funny

  55. Life Happy

    Life Happy2 dagen geleden

    Did you know that febreeze can also kill ants.

  56. blood hound

    blood hound2 dagen geleden

    Wow the confidence this lady has

  57. No One Important

    No One Important2 dagen geleden

    You could have worn shorts

  58. AWAAZ 13E

    AWAAZ 13E2 dagen geleden

    First and last time some girl pulled her pants down in front of me.

  59. Soünd Aesthetic

    Soünd Aesthetic2 dagen geleden

    Jayus:pulls down pants Me:uhhhh wat u doing Still me: in shock

  60. Kase The Rat

    Kase The Rat2 dagen geleden

    FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN *aggressively sprays furniture scenting frebreez*

  61. Long Distance

    Long Distance2 dagen geleden

    I've been doing the Fe breeze thing for years I learned if by myself

  62. SpartanIsland99

    SpartanIsland992 dagen geleden

    I think I’ll take my chances with itching

  63. ciaran bromhead

    ciaran bromhead2 dagen geleden

    Nah I just spray them mf with lynx or some other deodorant

  64. Gwen bowker

    Gwen bowker2 dagen geleden

    Me: watching jayus vid Jayus:'PULLS DOWN PANTS' Me'ok so this is how comfortable she is with her viewers No hate to her she has put so much trust into this app

  65. versailles

    versaillesDag geleden

    💘 they, their *

  66. Tyler Cottrell

    Tyler Cottrell2 dagen geleden

    Jayus drops pants: Me: oh dam ok ok Still in shock: Also me: dam that confidence to do that sheesh

  67. Funtime Freddy

    Funtime Freddy2 dagen geleden


  68. Cracker Jack

    Cracker Jack2 dagen geleden

    Shes mad pretty

  69. 8 ball Gaming

    8 ball Gaming2 dagen geleden

    “but it doesn’t itch anymore”- you wouldn’t feel anything after burning off your nerves

  70. •ShadowViølet•

    •ShadowViølet•3 dagen geleden

    Y'all it's supposed to be a warm spoon not hot they said this on her TikTok 😭

  71. Ismael Velasco

    Ismael Velasco3 dagen geleden

    The End Though

  72. Jenmari Scheepers

    Jenmari Scheepers3 dagen geleden


  73. T h o t .・✫・゜・。.

    T h o t .・✫・゜・。.3 dagen geleden

    My grandmother is the God of killing flies with Windex.

  74. Hockey 5

    Hockey 53 dagen geleden

    Her: well now it doesn’t itch anymore. Me: yeah cause you fucking burned it

  75. SummerWaves

    SummerWaves3 dagen geleden

    “Fight me like a man” I wanna punch whoever came up with that phrase

  76. DepressedTato UwU

    DepressedTato UwU3 dagen geleden

    This scalated from 0 to 100 pretty quickly

  77. Niks J

    Niks J3 dagen geleden

    You can heat up the spoon by putting it in the microwave

  78. Arianna Kostopoulos

    Arianna Kostopoulos3 dagen geleden

    I used hair spray to kill an ant I used it to stop it from moving then I squished it with toilet paper

  79. Ghostgirl

    Ghostgirl3 dagen geleden

    Come right me like a woman

  80. Holly & San

    Holly & San3 dagen geleden


  81. that purple rock

    that purple rock3 dagen geleden

    Yes but did anyone notice how she had a knife taped to her leg in the first one?

  82. Katelyn Greer

    Katelyn Greer3 dagen geleden

    Actually you can use a hot spoon to make it go away for a little bit or you can just slap it a few times and you should be good for a little bit

  83. Jade Fales

    Jade Fales3 dagen geleden

    Oh god my gay panic 😳

  84. _Chillix

    _Chillix3 dagen geleden

    Jayus- “Do you have a bugbite” Also Jayus- *pulls pants down* Me- I’m gonna see what people are saying in the comments so I know I’m not the only one that was questioning why their here

  85. Gaxoius

    Gaxoius3 dagen geleden

    I just now realized she had tattoos


    ALICE the GAME LAND3 dagen geleden

    They can't fight like a man. They are flies. Lol

  87. •I am a Malfoy•

    •I am a Malfoy•3 dagen geleden

    👁👄👁 Time to try some new hacks😌

  88. Casual Carlist

    Casual Carlist3 dagen geleden

    I’m gonna save this for research purposes…

  89. Jackson Truax

    Jackson Truax3 dagen geleden

    She should take it all off

  90. mr sadistic

    mr sadistic3 dagen geleden

    Are you a guy or chick ?

  91. The Veltro Gaming

    The Veltro Gaming3 dagen geleden

    Fight me like a mam

  92. Marlene Valencia

    Marlene Valencia3 dagen geleden

    Subtle thirst traps I see

  93. yasfy412 games

    yasfy412 games4 dagen geleden

    It won't itch anymore it will just hurt.

  94. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith4 dagen geleden

    Honestly I'm not sure what's weirder that fact they pull down their trousers/pants or the comments arguing about pronouns.

  95. snufkin just sitting here

    snufkin just sitting here4 dagen geleden

    Hxbskdoy nekoduhwmlw gay

  96. HDTomo

    HDTomo4 dagen geleden

    Jayus trusts her viewers. She recorded a video full blitz in her bed sheets once

  97. GomosBoo

    GomosBoo4 dagen geleden

    Try tea tree oil works wonders at least on fire ants im more allergic to ants than normal and a big bite of 2 centimeters in diameter go's away in 10-15 minutes

  98. GomosBoo

    GomosBoo4 dagen geleden

    Also doesn't hurt and the Itch goes away first within 3-9 minutes 5 minutes being the most common time for me

  99. Lucy Watts

    Lucy Watts4 dagen geleden

    Her: have a big bite?… Me:yes…? Her:strips… Me:keeps watching to see what happens Her:smiles while still striping NLpush:.this is perfectly fine Her: why the- Me:scrolls

  100. Kat

    Kat4 dagen geleden

    Why didn’t she just wear shorts instead of having to pull down her pants 🤦🏼‍♀️? It’s common sense

  101. Purring catzz

    Purring catzz4 dagen geleden

    Sheeesh thanks I have flea bites all over me

  102. little demon

    little demon4 dagen geleden

    "If you're like me and you forget to take the clothes out of the dryer in time" Well my step-bro reminds me everytime

  103. Memes and Idiots!!!!!

    Memes and Idiots!!!!!4 dagen geleden

    The first 2 seconds made me think I was on the wrong website 😂

  104. Dat Boi

    Dat Boi4 dagen geleden

    I think she getting a little to comfortable

  105. Joseph Carter

    Joseph Carter4 dagen geleden

    Bug vs 6'2" girl

  106. Sheldon Lee Cooper

    Sheldon Lee Cooper4 dagen geleden

    Forget the bite, I enjoyed this video

  107. Pants

    Pants4 dagen geleden

    The first one was actually corrected in another video. That was not what you were supposed to do

  108. Peyton Judy

    Peyton Judy4 dagen geleden

    No buy a flame thrower and BURN THE FLY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🚒