Lil Durk - Should've Ducked feat. Pooh Shiesty (Official Music Video)

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  1. Lil Durk

    Lil DurkMaand geleden

    yall got me f*cked up

  2. JL

    JL2 dagen geleden

    why didn't duck 🦆

  3. kT Ln

    kT Ln7 dagen geleden

    U seen the Christian comment section madness

  4. SacE Queens NY

    SacE Queens NY8 dagen geleden

    @Nick Buss Durk said he's "High As Duck" and that's probably the reason his brotha got hit(killed) , sad 🤦🏻‍♂️ Durk need to stop mentioning dead opp names on songs(mocking dead rivals on Collabs mostly) enough is enough.He lost so many ppl, is there even anyone else to lose anymore... but himself?

  5. Taay LaShay

    Taay LaShay10 dagen geleden

    He was Spooked win duck & von was alive but nowdays he so shiesty...yeah Ok he eyes was Big... He nothing but a lost SOUL and sellout now!

  6. Dre TooMuch

    Dre TooMuch21 dag geleden

  7. Axe edit 🔫

    Axe edit 🔫30 minuten geleden

    No cap

  8. Naseeer Noofear

    Naseeer Noofear40 minuten geleden

    “He asked me how high do I get I told her high as duck” reffering to the late rapper fbg duck that was from 63rd and was unfortunately gunned down on 5th Avenue. The absolute savagery that dirk puta in his music is astonishing

  9. Shamar Jerrick

    Shamar Jerrick51 minuut geleden

    My lil nigga up 4 souls 😳

  10. Dat Guy Jj

    Dat Guy Jj47 minuten geleden

  11. Whiteboibando

    WhiteboibandoUur geleden

    Duck & Von, next is Durk and Quan

  12. Dat Guy Jj

    Dat Guy Jj47 minuten geleden

  13. Paperkut ĺive

    Paperkut ĺive2 uur geleden

    Poo's fire but just dont understand a word he talm bout 😂

  14. Nathanel Cx

    Nathanel Cx3 uur geleden

    Dead man walking 🥳

  15. Abdul Sadiq

    Abdul Sadiq6 uur geleden


  16. Abdul Sadiq

    Abdul Sadiq6 uur geleden

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  17. Sensei420

    Sensei4206 uur geleden

    Durk really rapping Vin sh!t like it's his.... Smh LLVR 🕊️🕊️🕊️

  18. Jimmie Sosa

    Jimmie Sosa6 uur geleden


  19. D J

    D J7 uur geleden

    RIP Brick RIP Duck 🦆

  20. Rikki mckenzie

    Rikki mckenzie9 uur geleden

    Lil Durk says he survived one to the head but we fucked up his body king von got shot in the head and survived then died from body shots lil Durk really setting up his close ones everyone be dieing around this fool he low-key a opp

  21. Big blllrd

    Big blllrdUur geleden

    Goofy von got shot all 4 times in the back he is talking about wooski

  22. D8 BOYS

    D8 BOYS9 uur geleden

    man wont make another diss song about duck hahahaha

  23. Gjulio Vucaj

    Gjulio Vucaj11 uur geleden

    Only cat I know can move with felons on bond must be a work order or somthing.

  24. Dude eating a burger

    Dude eating a burger14 uur geleden

    Muslim ganster lmao

  25. Carlos Moody

    Carlos Moody14 uur geleden

    Free Pooh Shiesty

  26. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas16 uur geleden

    OTF lets do this 5M subscribers for durk Follow me on ig@Giglawd

  27. Andrew Thomas

    Andrew Thomas16 uur geleden

    Yall need to turn durk subscribers up he should be clocking atlease 5M OTF lovers lets do this

  28. Shawana K

    Shawana K18 uur geleden #LILDURKKINGVON

  29. Fred Auguste

    Fred Auguste19 uur geleden

    This song killed his brother jeeez

  30. Mike hauk

    Mike hauk19 uur geleden

    “She ask me how high do I get I said how high as duck” he really dissed him like that

  31. headie ones forehead

    headie ones forehead4 uur geleden

    @Will_ He fr that’s weird ngl

  32. Will_ He

    Will_ He9 uur geleden

    Why he point at von on his hat tho

  33. super gohan

    super gohan20 uur geleden

    To the people reading this comment God loves enough to allow you to repent in, order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT AND SPREAD THIS MESSAGE !

  34. Imvu Tean

    Imvu Tean21 uur geleden

    The song that got your brother shot.r.i.p Dthang

  35. John Brown

    John Brown22 uur geleden

    Family OTF in Jamaica 🇯🇲💯💯💯💯💯💯💴💴💴💴💴💴💴

  36. DaddyThizz

    DaddyThizz22 uur geleden


  37. Mal Theri

    Mal Theri23 uur geleden

    JhE Rooga-"If we can't find you we gon get someone close to you,so keep on hiding and we gon end up taking alot from you."

  38. Dherm5040

    Dherm50402 uur geleden

    Roogas really on that too! Not that Durks not but Roogas more cliqued up with his gang than Durk is still Edit: imo of course

  39. Mal Theri

    Mal Theri23 uur geleden

    D Thang should've ducked. At the end of the day don't let these rappers fool you into jacking their signs. Duck or Durk cuz they can barely protect themselves and they family die every month.

  40. Addisu Solomon

    Addisu Solomon23 uur geleden

    Stop diss opps

  41. Don't trip

    Don't trip23 uur geleden

    0:55 High as Dthang!!!

  42. Dubem Nwosu

    Dubem NwosuDag geleden

    Poohs lyrics are dirty as fuk

  43. Supreme lyrics

    Supreme lyricsDag geleden

    i going to be listening to this in till i die💯💯💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. steve stiers

    steve stiersDag geleden

    They got our boi in a suicide watch suit wth. Free shiesty 1017

  45. steve stiers

    steve stiersDag geleden

    Work magic get shiesty out bru.

  46. G Millyy

    G MillyyDag geleden

  47. Killa For life

    Killa For lifeDag geleden

    Dis was song that cause his brother death

  48. Ben C

    Ben CDag geleden

    Fuk this GUY rather listen to CALLBOY-ENYB

  49. M3DICI™

    M3DICI™Dag geleden

    Talking shit bout drakeo???

  50. Tyrone Malone

    Tyrone MaloneDag geleden

    This aint yo beef shiesty. You on a song where they diss my nigga Duck. You fair game now. I see u its on sight nigga. Durk knows whats up. He ducking and weaving.......

  51. OTF demon ggg

    OTF demon gggDag geleden

    Free Pooh

  52. Hitman.773x

    Hitman.773xDag geleden

    Ayy, they told me I can't be around no gang members Y'all got me fucked up, nigga I go everywhere with my killers, man DJ Bandz, oh, man Yeah, let's get it Throw that mask on, when you jump out first you better blast V. don't like slow shit, on hits, them switches (frrt) fast (gang) Ain't gon lie, the city haul with strikers, they don't last (turn up) When you poppin' with your killers, you better check your gas We don't party on other blocks, they fuck with other opps (let's get it) Then come 'round like you gang, that got your brother shot (brrah) You say his name inside song, that got your brother hot (let's get it) Then leave him hangin' without a lawyer, that shit dumb as fuck You come outside without your gun, lil' boy, you dumb as fuck (dumb as fuck) Ain't no quick run to the store, they pop out, fire you up (brrah) I told my PO through the gate that I get high as fuck (I get high as fuck) She ask me how high do I get, I told her high as Duck (Tooka) My brother told me get some property, I kept gettin' Glockies (gettin' Glocks) I told him I only drink wocky, he say I'm gettin' cocky (let's get it) All them bitches wanna fuck me, I don't give them money One bitch thought I told her "Yeah", I said "You better block me" He survived one to the head, but it fucked up his body You think he off a eight or red the way that nigga noddin' He don't even know 'bout drugs, he sell lean, Oxycontin You tryna judge him off his looks, that lil' boy actually robbin' Man, he talkin' 'bout gang in this bitch (why he callin', talkin' 'bout gang?) He ain't get back from that one shit, man his gang ain't on shit Fonem posted up outside, Dracos hanging and shit Before he died, his ass a goofy, now he famous and shit (blrrd, blrrd, blrrd) I'm King Draco, got my name off drilling, check the record, bitch The pussy dropped this song about me, he get found without his dick Send off a bag my lil' cousin, they fakin', they'll call the quits They made me mad enough I spin through there myself, say the wrong shit Might still sip when I get low, but I prefer Wock over Tris Fucked up and let me in the door, I went fully on auto sticks I'm Mr. Slime 'Em Out, I caught his backdoor, unlocked on the lick Or Mr. Leave No Evidence, know my criminal book hella thick (on God) You niggas goose, I ain't got no gun You went away, your ass is dummy I'm on my sixth Moncler this winter, I couldn't wait to get some money My lil' nigga up four souls, he caught two dressed up like a junkie They thought I was just rappin' Lately, murder gang, that shit ain't funny (blrrd, blrrd) You know the murder gang, they come through, that shit ain't funny I'm locked in with hunters, from the God, got killers 'round the country I might don't need to slime 'em out, just be yourself and stay 300 We get money Monday through Saturday, pray to Trey Day every Sunday My clique tied up in the field, won't never hear me go out runnin' Post up a pic like I'm in LA, but the whole time I'm with gun (blrrd, blrrd) We ain't tryna keep hearin' 'bout that shit you did, go get active again It's either eat or get ate on my side, I'ma fuck the drops and go and spin Three and O, we skunkin' shit, get one more kill, could seal the win Beef with us, won't never land 'til y'all get hit up with them pens Can't come around unless you get a body, chopper, F&N We caught one of them pussy, drunk, he died before dropped the hint Got 'bout ten whips in my garage and still don't know what to get in Take off the emblems out the 'Cat, tint out the window 'fore I spin Blrrd, tint out the window 'fore I spin Blrrd, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd, blrrd

  53. Drea Hall

    Drea HallDag geleden

    Is it me or when I drive my car in gta I be wipin it all of a sudeen

  54. Dre TooMuch

    Dre TooMuchDag geleden

  55. Brandon Ohara

    Brandon OharaDag geleden


  56. JonathanIdk

    JonathanIdkDag geleden


  57. the dream

    the dreamDag geleden

    You know what fck the bs and inspirational quote bs. If you really rock with this song you know ain't no love getting you anywhere 💯

  58. mjaay

    mjaayDag geleden

    Free the real and keep the ones who told 🤣🤣🤣

  59. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  60. Al3xander4rel

    Al3xander4relDag geleden

    Rip dthang

  61. Al3xander4rel

    Al3xander4relDag geleden

    Pray for durk man he has Ben thru too much man 🕊🙏🏾🕊🙏🏾🕊🙏🏾

  62. Super Hero

    Super HeroDag geleden

    I wonder what Martin Luther King would think about these young black men and these fire ass beats

  63. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  64. Steve Johnson

    Steve JohnsonDag geleden

    Fuck All them durk!! I still ride with you!! #floridaboy#oblock4lyfe

  65. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  66. Just Beein N'ique Nique

    Just Beein N'ique NiqueDag geleden

    Free Shiesty

  67. adekunle king

    adekunle kingDag geleden

    "He survived one to head but f*cked up his body"😳😳😳 Ya'll know who he talking about

  68. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  69. SupremeSouth

    SupremeSouthDag geleden

    When you jump out first you better blast THATS REAL

  70. JonathanIdk

    JonathanIdk2 dagen geleden

    Album together? Please?

  71. Tyler Bray

    Tyler Bray2 dagen geleden

    Free cdai

  72. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  73. Joe Rivas

    Joe Rivas2 dagen geleden


  74. Anonymous

    Anonymous2 dagen geleden

    I was definitely late to the party

  75. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  76. Masterking20 Salty

    Masterking20 Salty2 dagen geleden

    lil durk the bestt

  77. Antonio Ojeda

    Antonio Ojeda2 dagen geleden

    Only real niggas can relate most of y’all don’t even know tf he talkn about lmao

  78. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  79. Marquez Deon Williams

    Marquez Deon Williams2 dagen geleden

    What if he said high as duck was not intentionally dissing him you never know how chi niggas get down they probably wanna showing luv in a way youll never know they move different

  80. LosAngelesWeedSmoker

    LosAngelesWeedSmoker2 dagen geleden

    Who got shot up by a street gang / my big head brother named D thang/ LMFAO

  81. wilD Don

    wilD DonDag geleden

    @Official Xelf

  82. Official Xelf

    Official XelfDag geleden 🔥🔥

  83. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  84. Sammie Lyons

    Sammie Lyons2 dagen geleden

    SAMMIESOSA was here 👇🤫 JoJo 🌎

  85. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  86. Marquise Thomas

    Marquise Thomas2 dagen geleden

    I keep forgetting they nade this video

  87. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  88. Luh_Kyrin

    Luh_Kyrin2 dagen geleden

    Durk kinda sounded like Von in this

  89. Fahim Gafor

    Fahim Gafor2 dagen geleden

    RIP duck and brick. Durk embrace real islam.

  90. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  91. Ej Romero

    Ej Romero2 dagen geleden

    1:01 lil durk u my favorite rapper when I say this don’t even get mad why would u even say those words for what ? Nobody had to know them Joints is real

  92. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  93. geezle g

    geezle g2 dagen geleden


  94. Wan Deal

    Wan Deal2 dagen geleden

    Pooh Shiesty Ft King Von 😭

  95. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  96. ImPlue5

    ImPlue52 dagen geleden

    Dude obviously using king vons lyrics from his unreleased music

  97. Shawana K

    Shawana K2 dagen geleden #Lildurk

  98. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden


    ALEJANDRO ANGEL2 dagen geleden

    pooh shiesty killed the entire track , he has a nice flow

  100. wilD Don

    wilD Don2 dagen geleden

  101. Antoine Boyce

    Antoine Boyce2 dagen geleden

    Y’all gotta listen in allegations Shiesty said “if he get pulled over today y’all might not see him till he old” now he not getting out till age 40

  102. Anonsimulation

    Anonsimulation2 dagen geleden

    Damn, youve lost two DThangs now

  103. Cheena Acharya

    Cheena Acharya2 dagen geleden

    We on his ass where his assistant at

  104. Brucelongmeat

    Brucelongmeat2 dagen geleden

    Bro durk got so many dead homies he got the graveyard in his deck😭😭😭😭

  105. Dualtoaster 4214

    Dualtoaster 42142 dagen geleden

    When you realize he dissing duck and wooski 🤯🤯🤯

  106. Kalimah

    Kalimah2 dagen geleden

    0:52 most disrespectful bar I’ve heard in a minute

  107. Charles Brogan

    Charles Brogan2 dagen geleden

    You set up king von my favorite rapper the f

  108. Tony Guevara

    Tony Guevara2 dagen geleden

    Whooooo Yall Peep Dat Shii Baack at 0.56 when he says how high do I get as high as duck he's pointing at Vroy On he's Hat and its in a whisper he says 'Him To' I rewinded it 100xx ik what my Ears are hearing Proof he did sacrifice 💯 Long.Live.Da.KingOfDaO🙏

  109. Tony Guevara

    Tony Guevara2 dagen geleden

    Must've Not Listen Right IDIOT 🤣😂 REAL RECOGNIZE REAL HOMIEEEE 💯💯

  110. I’m In Chicago

    I’m In Chicago2 dagen geleden

    He said “TOOKA” you dumbazz Fan🤦🏾‍♂️

  111. Brizzybri Midds

    Brizzybri Midds2 dagen geleden

  112. london to cute

    london to cute2 dagen geleden

    me beening ten

  113. JustAbbassy

    JustAbbassy2 dagen geleden

    The repulsive sky numerically move because examination complementarily visit abaft a illegal pin. spectacular, swanky print

  114. Zay300

    Zay3002 dagen geleden

    d thang shouldve ducked mans got a headshot

  115. Denis Londa

    Denis Londa2 dagen geleden

    The lewd karate complimentarily tick because meat pathohistologically fade out a annoyed asia. youthful, horrible needle

  116. Micro Soft

    Micro Soft2 dagen geleden

    This generation sucks so bad.

  117. Micro Soft

    Micro Soft2 dagen geleden

    Should've ducked indeed.

  118. Christopher Sanderson

    Christopher Sanderson2 dagen geleden

    Quando roundo whack as hell he sounds like a stiff

  119. Queen DDO

    Queen DDO2 dagen geleden

    Durk part SUPER TRASH

  120. Don vlogs

    Don vlogs2 dagen geleden

    Mane why the fuck durk go off like that omm💪🏾💪🏾❤️‍🔥😈

  121. gabe webber

    gabe webber2 dagen geleden

    Sheisty murked that shit!

  122. Dinero Peso

    Dinero Peso2 dagen geleden

    He ain’t get back Fa them 2 thangs man his gang ain’t on shii😓

  123. Larry Lakltl

    Larry Lakltl2 dagen geleden

    This man said they didn’t slide like something has to lil Tim

  124. Lil _Alex

    Lil _Alex2 dagen geleden

    He talking about his Chicago opps, not every bar is about Timmy you know

  125. Larry Lakltl

    Larry Lakltl2 dagen geleden

    High as duck 🦆🤧🤧

  126. Monique

    Monique3 dagen geleden

    Fire bro love you

  127. Bobby Digi

    Bobby Digi3 dagen geleden

    First I wanna say no hate involved but lil durk and most of his crew is childish I didn’t even know he was almost 30 I thought they were teenagers him and a lot of his Gang and affiliates need to grow up and realize their is a world outside gangbanging

  128. Shane Davenport

    Shane Davenport3 dagen geleden

    I ain’t sayin to much but supposedly durk got 150k on buddy head that did von and he taking care of his kids but I can not lie I jumped on this song cause of the name of it and what happened to von I may be diggin to deep but the name of the track and what happened to von is a little to close in similarities. Just sayin lil sus but still mean ass track 🔥💯

  129. John Dkoee

    John Dkoee3 dagen geleden

    Why he point at v.roy when he said "I get high ass duck"???🤭🤫🤔

  130. My Channel

    My Channel3 dagen geleden

    DThang should’ve ducked.