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Migos "Why Not" Lyrics:

[Intro: Quavo]

[Chorus: Quavo]
Get money, why not (cash)
I’ll sell a brick on your block (brick)
You think shit sweet, but you know now (sweet)
I’ll fuck your bitch in your spot (whoa)
Young nigga runnin’ around too hot
Young nigga burnt out burnt out (burnt)
12 pullin’ up so we burned out (skrrt)
Sweet lil’ bitch, now she turnt out (soo)

[Verse: Quavo]
Remember that time, that lil’ great lil’ Audi with the rubberband tires
Remember that time, in the bando, in the house with the boards on the sides (uhh)
Aint even have no fire, gettin’ beat, gettin’ stomped til’ a nigga (stomped)
Everybody talking that cap (whoo), til a nigga get papped (whoo), I know a nigga lyin’ (uh)
Nigga ain’t flexing, nigga I’m outside, nigga your bitch just pressin’ (bitch)
When I bought the presi, I put the big boy nuggets in the big boy necklace (soo, soo, soo)
Look at my section (section), nun’ but them playa’s, it’s a big boy blessing (playa’s)
Freak sum little bitch sexy (sexy), she don’t go yet, she ready (she ready)
I drive the coup like Andretti’s, nigga gon’ spin, gon’ spray no confetti (spin)
The bankroll way too heavy, walk with a wop, with a wop, no fetty (walk)
Handing out a gifts like Oprah, he gets some P’s and she gets a Birkin (you get a Birkin)
Turn me a fuck nigga over
Washing my hands with bleach and detergent (go)
Washing my hands with bleach and detergent (whoo)
In the Maybach, with the new curtains (curtains)
Flipping them bands, the one that we working (Bands)
Built her from scratch, and now she too perfect (scratch)
Whoa what was that (whoa)
All these bitches ass fat (fat)
And they naked and they bad (bad)
For that pussy, it’s a tax
Oh no no, goin out sad (no)
I just ordered up a bag (no, no)
Sellin’ drip (drip), fuck a swag (drip)
I put diamonds on my glass (glass)

[Chorus: Quavo]
Get money, why not (cash)
I’ll sell a brick on your block (Brick)
You think shit sweet, but you know now (sweet)
I’ll fuck your bitch in your spot (who)
Young nigga runnin’ around too hot
Young nigga burnt out burnt out (burnt)
12 pullin’ up so we burned out (skrrt)
Sweet lil’ bitch, now she turnt out (soo)

[Verse: Takeoff]
Free them niggas I’ma still sending green dots (free)
Fuck all the ops, they get red dots (fuck em’)
No need to buy
That’s a waste of money on the vest, cause my nigga takin’ head shots
I’m in the skies
Fuck a coolant on the stick ‘cause the shells hot
I got the vibes
Know I got drugs, they call me the med doc (Takeoff)
Niggas be hoe’s (hoes)
Call him baby boy, cause he got put in a headlock (ha)
Breaking that bowl (whippin’)
Got head from your thot and a red dot (damn)
Brand new strap, they dead stock
Talk to a bitch like Red Fox (bitch)
I spent a two on a factory watch
Thought a nigga with no money said something
I’m high and they pray on my downfall
I’m geeking, I’m staring at walls
Forgot I had mixed the ‘Perky with the Adderall
Got the soda for me and Chris Paul
Clean, drank
Maybach, why not, these niggas cap, lemme find out (cap)
Young niggas ready to wild out (spend)
They get too much money, timeout (hold on)

[Chorus: Quavo & Takeoff}
Get money, why not (get it)
I’ll sell a brick on your block (brick, brick)
You think shit sweet but you know now (pussy)
I’ll fuck your bitch in your spot (whoa)
Young nigga runnin’ around too hot
Young nigga burnt out burnt out (burnt)
12 pullin’ up so we burned out (skrrt)
Sweet lil’ bitch, now she turnt out (Set)

(Offset Verse)
Lick for a lick (lick), walk with a stick (go)
Wish they'd come up, Rollie’ come off his wrist (whoa)
Adopting the choppa’s I make them my kids (adopting the choppa’s)
Givin’ the purse and I’m givin’ her dick
Crocodile Prada, this belt cost a fit (Crocodile)
He got a bag out his stomach, the shit (euh)
He a fuck nigga, fuck on his bitch (fuck nigga)
When they shoot when they aim they don’t miss (pa, pew)
Fire, hot
We on the boat with the thots, fire (thots)
Ice in the blick, then somebody gon’ cry (blicks)
Lift up my wrist, put the sun in the sky
That niggas sweet, that nigga pie (he sweet)
He seen a demon, just look in his eyes (demons)
Like my demeanor, she fuckin’ right now (right now)
I let it ring and they duckin’ right now (right now)
Dropped outta school, turned to a criminal
Fuck all the rules, run up the regiment (run up the racks)
7-6-2, played and I’m sendin’ em’ (sendin’ em’)
50 a drum, I call it cinnamon (50)
Steppin’ (hey), for the name in the game, what you reppin’? (what gang?)
Gotta’ move in the street with a weapon
Put the guettes’ on the face of the bezel (guettes’)
Drop the pin, we’ll spin on whoever

[Chorus: Quavo]

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