Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut

We asked moms to determine if strangers are under the influence of marijuana. Here are the results.
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Moms Guess Who's High | Lineup | Cut
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  1. 𝕂𝔸𝕋𝔼

    𝕂𝔸𝕋𝔼22 minuten geleden

    “I try to only put air in my lungs” that’s a smart idea

  2. Raeley Croy

    Raeley CroyUur geleden

    "that weed did some damage" dude WHAT?? She said that right in front of him. What an actual asshole. He's just a happy guy, let him live.

  3. MadameLucario

    MadameLucario2 uur geleden

    Am I the only one that possibly thought Dante's voice and way of speaking was very similar to Seth Rogan's? Because I've been trying to dig through the comments section and I didn't see anyone point that out and now I'm wondering if I'm the only one or if others noticed as well. Lmao

  4. gothgf

    gothgf5 uur geleden

    I knew immediately Amalia was high because I've never seen her so chill LOL

  5. saphxre

    saphxre5 uur geleden


  6. Nilson Semedo

    Nilson Semedo5 uur geleden

    in my honest dutch opinion weed is basically cheap therapy/medicine, and free tax and money out of the hands of criminals if legalized. this does not apply for users that abuse it ! and its gdamn hard to abuse

  7. Ivie Ebakole-Ukhun

    Ivie Ebakole-Ukhun6 uur geleden

    the black mom is doing too much, df she mean "if you have money to buy weed, you have enough money to pay bills" girl you signed up to be a parent, its YOUR job to pay them bills

  8. Tori Minnigh

    Tori Minnigh9 uur geleden

    The old dude cracks me up i loved his energy!

  9. Keith Redacted

    Keith Redacted10 uur geleden

    The cheetah was actually so nice in her solo video! They edited her so wrong here. I feel so bad!!!

  10. Char Treussee

    Char Treussee10 uur geleden

    Suit Guy sounds like Seth Rogan lol ❤️

  11. Malina Bombela

    Malina Bombela14 uur geleden

    “Youre quick on your feet” “because I don’t smoke”, fattest misconception. So judgey

  12. MsJupiter

    MsJupiter18 uur geleden

    Haha my mom was an open stoner my entire childhood, and it actually made me not see smoking weed as anything special or exciting. Didn't even try it until college.

  13. tobiwahnkenobi mogediemachtmitdirsein

    tobiwahnkenobi mogediemachtmitdirsein22 uur geleden

    Informative !

  14. stanrodguez

    stanrodguez23 uur geleden

    Ugh that woman with the cheetah sweater, what a horrible person. I feel sorry for her kids.

  15. Zara Mariie

    Zara MariieDag geleden

    The old man made my day and made me happ, God bless him❤️

  16. Bikini bottom

    Bikini bottomDag geleden

    Me ↕️↕️

  17. Bikini bottom

    Bikini bottomDag geleden

    Girl guessing seeing the moms eyeliner from 7 feet away or w

  18. Bikini bottom

    Bikini bottomDag geleden

    “Are you drunk” I’m fucking drunk” “Are you high” “I’m fucking high” “Are you bu” “I’m fucking bu”

  19. Amanda Franhan

    Amanda FranhanDag geleden

    So, apparently having ADHD is pretty similar to being High? Oh man I wish it was as good as being High....

  20. Carts Hky

    Carts HkyDag geleden

    Dante was the black seth rogen Lol

  21. Rachael

    RachaelDag geleden


  22. Leave me alone

    Leave me aloneDag geleden

    Dante sounds like the guy from step Brothers

  23. Pug Snugs

    Pug SnugsDag geleden

    Dude they were so judgey

  24. Muffin Manzz

    Muffin ManzzDag geleden

    “Vibe” Never say it around her lmfaooo

  25. Lazyretard

    LazyretardDag geleden

    u should have a high person guess if someone is high

  26. Bethy Unicorn

    Bethy UnicornDag geleden

    Hold up. Did the dude in all black say that his doctor recommended SMOKING to him????

  27. Jennifer Lawson

    Jennifer LawsonDag geleden

    These moms think they are in the CIA or something but they are really just super judgemental

  28. kuromi’s sucker

    kuromi’s suckerDag geleden

    how do you know their high? *the Doritos are missing.*

  29. Apple Jacks

    Apple JacksDag geleden

    Blue shirt girl has the entitlement of a Karen she really be out here like I know everything she got some harmful stereotypes she need to work on, that comment if you can pay for weed you can pay for bills just sounds like if you could pay for antidepressants you could pay for rent

  30. sharksfood

    sharksfoodDag geleden

    i too eat 8 satsuma oranges for lunch sometimes....

  31. Purple Doom

    Purple Doom2 dagen geleden

    they all seem like karens

  32. Zia Baddie

    Zia Baddie2 dagen geleden

    No ones pointing out that this is the calmest Amalia’s ever been in a video 😂

  33. Nahja Ross

    Nahja Ross2 dagen geleden

    CURTIS ! CURTIS ! CURTIS ! curtis! curtis....... my man....... you funny i love you.........

  34. Lisha Marie

    Lisha Marie2 dagen geleden

    Some of their mindsets are so toxic . “If you have enough money to smoke weed , you have enough money to pay a bill” like what?

  35. Princess Dessi

    Princess Dessi2 dagen geleden


  36. Kono De Amerika - Gameplays / Music

    Kono De Amerika - Gameplays / Music2 dagen geleden

    that wasn´t an orange, it was a tangerine

  37. s0nam

    s0nam2 dagen geleden

    7:31 shiii my bad, I'll do it right now

  38. Haethre Saphire

    Haethre Saphire2 dagen geleden

    O.o i woulda seriously said.. all those moms are high as a kite lol.. they been exposed to it somehow n every single one is high lol


    SDDRDZE2 dagen geleden

    Dude that cheetah mom is high af. She knows more about weed than anyone.


    SDDRDZE2 dagen geleden


  41. Chamar Jimmerson

    Chamar Jimmerson2 dagen geleden

    Herbal essences 😎

  42. white person

    white person2 dagen geleden

    This guy rob has ADHD and doesn't know it @ 7:40

  43. Robert Lu

    Robert Lu2 dagen geleden

    Rob is such a mood LMAO

  44. Xanadur

    Xanadur2 dagen geleden

    Wait, she drug tested her kids so they can pay bills?! Wtf

  45. Monique van Wyk

    Monique van Wyk2 dagen geleden

    That man with the MJ hair sounds just like Seth Rogen when he talks and laughs omf

  46. Alexander Bourgeois

    Alexander Bourgeois2 dagen geleden

    I think everyone needs a Dontai in their life people like him are the best to smoke with

  47. Riley Small

    Riley Small2 dagen geleden

    you takeAdderal everyday? say hello to permanent personality/brain changes.

  48. Osmi

    Osmi2 dagen geleden

    5:37 lmao she just yells

  49. FMGOffice

    FMGOffice3 dagen geleden

    dude the older guy at at 5:52 is fucking hilarious.

  50. Alizay

    Alizay3 dagen geleden

    and then they went home to drink........lmao jk but i feel like people who drink alcohol judge so hard on stoners

  51. Binz Baby

    Binz Baby3 dagen geleden

    You think that someone who experiences judgement based on skin color wouldnt be so... idk judge mental

  52. Binz Baby

    Binz Baby3 dagen geleden

    Like clearly in America it’s something that happens everyday, and she probably knows how it feels. Why transfer that feeling in different ways?


    HOOPCONFIRMED3 dagen geleden

    8:10 👀

  54. zarawr

    zarawr3 dagen geleden

    good vibes only emily is prbly crying rn

  55. Terrell C

    Terrell C3 dagen geleden

    That guy sounds like Seth Rogers

  56. Sidney Williams

    Sidney Williams3 dagen geleden

    Is it me or does that one guy remind you of Seth Rogen , laugh and all

  57. Dependant Director

    Dependant Director3 dagen geleden

    Weed is garbage, now try who off pain pills

  58. taija hanson

    taija hanson3 dagen geleden

    the cheetah mom was v rude like for what?

  59. elka.

    elka.3 dagen geleden

    Moms always think we are high

  60. Audrey Oddity

    Audrey Oddity3 dagen geleden

    i love rob

  61. Brxan

    Brxan3 dagen geleden

    I nearly punched my wall when the bitchy lady wearing the cheetah print top told that old guy that the weed "did some permanent damage" I'd already had enough of her by that point but when she said that I got really annoyed. Like, how fucking rude can you be. The guy is just naturally happy & you say some ignorant shit like that?? For fucks sake. Also, That white lady with the short brown hair seemed nice, def wasn't expecting her to be that way.

  62. Frosty 13

    Frosty 133 dagen geleden


  63. Timothy Melton

    Timothy Melton3 dagen geleden


  64. Amber Phillips

    Amber Phillips3 dagen geleden

    Lmfaooo I love Dante

  65. Kevin Lew

    Kevin Lew3 dagen geleden

    Who else thinks the first judge looks like Queen Latifa?

  66. serxinn c:

    serxinn c:4 dagen geleden

    this video made me really mad for some reason?

  67. Chloe Maslansky

    Chloe Maslansky4 dagen geleden

    not the moms being nicer to the one's who aren't high lol

  68. Anne Wahl

    Anne Wahl4 dagen geleden

    The meaty cheese compatibly discover because rose naively snow a a shocking brother-in-law. wholesale, crazy cellar

  69. InfectedVoice

    InfectedVoice4 dagen geleden

    Oh man I thought the mum with the AC/DC shirt was gonna be cool, she was a party pooper.

  70. Emma Lachman

    Emma Lachman4 dagen geleden

    That blue shirt mom is a PRICK, making fun of weed smokers, acting like she better, telling a super nice seeming guy "that weed did some permanent damage" DRUG TESTING HER KIDS EVERY MONTH?!?! "if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to pay bills." Someone call CPS cause that kind of shit is what abusive moms do, take it from me.

  71. Aaron D

    Aaron D4 dagen geleden

    6:38 - My man is still high from 28 years ago!

  72. Samantha Dotson

    Samantha Dotson4 dagen geleden

    in love with the first guy

  73. Meadow

    Meadow4 dagen geleden

    8:50 *Cardi B Entered The Chat*

  74. Kitty Cochran

    Kitty Cochran4 dagen geleden

    these mums are rude asfk like calm down these kids did nothin'

  75. Felix Otto Lang

    Felix Otto Lang5 dagen geleden

    I love Curtis! :D

  76. Em See

    Em See5 dagen geleden

    That old man is adorable

  77. J

    J5 dagen geleden

    Lol Lord please never let me turn into a soul crushing weed policing mother.

  78. Faith Maru

    Faith Maru5 dagen geleden

    I haven't got enough of Sav We need more!!!

  79. Paola Delguys

    Paola Delguys5 dagen geleden

    Bro my mom knows 😔

  80. Griselda Besares

    Griselda Besares6 dagen geleden

    that mom with the cheetah print was annoying asf 💀💀

  81. KeepingUpWithParis

    KeepingUpWithParis6 dagen geleden

    “ I know a high person when I c me one” lmaooo

  82. Dovid

    Dovid6 dagen geleden

    i love the cheetah print mom

  83. ok alorah

    ok alorah6 dagen geleden

    the lady who said if you have enough to smoke weed you have enough to pay bills is the real slow one. cuz first of all, how old are your kids? if they’re under 18, they should not be paying bills cuz they are YOUR kids, you are the provider. second off, i’m not really sure where she got her info from but weed is not that expensive. at most it’s $30 (at least from what i’ve seen kids spend on weed) and that’s if you’re getting a large amount and most kids get an eighth. and in my experience the only time i’ve paid for weed was edibles and that was $10-$15, other than that i’d smoke with other people cuz that’s usually how it goes. and it’s really not that hard to get $10-$15 or find people that’ll let you smoke with em. cuz if your kids are smoking 9x/10 they’re hanging out with people who smoke so sometimes they don’t even be paying for shit. but she’s only smoked a few times so she wouldn’t know none of that lmaoo

  84. Jaspeir

    Jaspeir6 dagen geleden

    that weed did some permanent damage.

  85. Tommy

    Tommy7 dagen geleden

    Cheetah shirt mum needs to get a grip, I smoke all the time and I'm at a top UK uni studying an integrated masters course in theoretical physics

  86. BIGroman13

    BIGroman137 dagen geleden

    The cheetah shirt mom has the lamest evidence to see if they are high and thinks they are all high

  87. Calixta୨୧

    Calixta୨୧7 dagen geleden

    “Mari Juana” 💀😭

  88. Dirk halbertsma

    Dirk halbertsma7 dagen geleden

    Man we need that man on the show again

  89. Mr. Pow

    Mr. Pow7 dagen geleden

    Aye I like the old black man that’s how imma be ong I love weed and cid

  90. chy

    chy7 dagen geleden

    Watching this while high makes this 10 x more funnier 😂🤣🤣🤣😭

  91. Natalie

    Natalie8 dagen geleden

    Here’s your reminder that white people smoke weed, black people smoke weed, rich people smoke weed, broke people smoke weed, criminals smoke weed, law abiding people smoke weed, young people smoke weed, old people spoke weed. Healthy smoke weed, and unhealthy people smoke weed

  92. imapersonwhowatchesminecraft

    imapersonwhowatchesminecraft8 dagen geleden

    Why did I laugh at the #weed also just to mention I put like instead of laugh originally I changed it 😂

  93. rakulsmakul

    rakulsmakul8 dagen geleden

    Dante is like a bootleg Seth Rogen

  94. Bubblegum Bih

    Bubblegum Bih8 dagen geleden

    If someone is on adderall they’re def not high lol u can’t take adderall then smoke weed it literally cancels out the effect. Some ppl smoke when comming down cuz there is like a crash but usually doctors limit marijuana use & with the extended release version it’s less of a crash so a lot of providers require random drug testing now

  95. dally

    dally8 dagen geleden

    mr happy man, if you see this i love you with my whole heart you made my day

  96. TalynCo

    TalynCo8 dagen geleden

    I hope these women got a sensitivity course right after this, some of this is the most rude judgemental shit ever.

  97. Yousef Flaha

    Yousef Flaha8 dagen geleden

    7:13 when he said vibe😂😂😂

  98. Tiga Wu

    Tiga Wu9 dagen geleden

    i love that old man so much

  99. Finlay Pilcher

    Finlay Pilcher9 dagen geleden

    Dantay kinda like Seth Rogan

  100. lol lol

    lol lol9 dagen geleden

    Why is this old man not my grandpa😭😭😭😭😭

  101. Christine Mohr

    Christine Mohr9 dagen geleden

    I wanna be friends with the cheetah print mom.

  102. Astrid 975

    Astrid 9759 dagen geleden

    My mans Dante reminds me of Seth Rogan with the laugh and when he’s about to laugh 🤣😂awesome!